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Scott Killeen


bachelor of computing (honors, Software Design)

Queen's University


Currently a third year computing student in the software design stream at Queen's University. Looking for summer internships as well as 12-16 month internships.


Software Dev At Maxxor Business Solutions, Cape Town, South Africa

May 2015 – August 2015

Worked in an Agile/Scrum development environment and helped design android applications as well as writing automated testing scripts.


FuelE.co is a windows app I am developing with a friend for the 2016 Microsoft Imagine Cup. It connects to a car’s OBD via Bluetooth, and will give you real time feedback on your driving. The aim of the app is to promote eco-friendly driving and help make the user a more efficient driver.

Snake planet

An Android app I built in my own time for fun to help better learn android development. The app contains a database of different snakes where basic information for each snake can be found. Snake profiles can be searched by name, or by location.



Java, Windows Dev, Android Dev, Python, C, C#, BASH, HTML, SQL, Automated Scripting, JavaScript


Queen's University orientation leader

I was an orientation leader for the Computing orientation week. I helped run parts of orientation week and made sure the new students adjusted well to their new environment.

Code the Change

Code the Change was a one day event in which we worked in a team of 4. We worked 12 hours straight on a website for a non-profit organization.

Poverty Hackathon

I took part in a full weekend hackathon in Toronto based on developing a SMS based application to provide solutions in rural Kenya. Our project was a finalist and I am still working with it now as it will be implemented in Kenya this year.

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