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3rd 9 weeks benchmark study guide


Georgia Performance Standard


SS8H7a. Evaluate the impact of the Bourbon Triumvirate, Henry Grady, International Cotton Exposition, Tom Watson and the Populists, Rebecca Latimer Felton, the 1906 Atlanta Race Riot, the Leo Frank Case, and the county unit system on Georgia between 1877 and 1918.

1. Who were the 3 members of the Bourbon Triumvirate?

Joseph E. Brown, Alfred Colquitt, John Gordon

2. List 3 accomplishments of the Bourbon Triumvirate.

a.lowered state taxes

b. expand business & industry

c. reduced war debts

3. Who came up with the phrase the “New South?”Henry Grady

4. What was the idea behind the “New South?” we have raw materials and workers. What we lack for financial stability is industry

5. What postal program exists because of legislation written by Tom Watson? Rural free delivery

6. Give 4 facts about Rebecca Latimer Felton.

a. member of progressive movement

b. opponent of convict lease system

c. 1st US Congresswoman

d. supporter of suffrage movement and temperance movement

7. What were the reasons behind the Atlanta Race Riot?

Racial fear fueled by untrue newspaper articles; anger of poor whites concerning the success of some blacks like Alonzo Herndon; segregation and unfairness w/protection of law

8. Who was convicted of killing Mary Phagan?

Leo Frank

9. What happened to the person convicted of the murder? killed/hung

10. Who did the KKK call itself when it reformed in 1915?

Knights of Mary Phagan

11. What was the purpose of the County Unit System in GA elections during the 19th and 20th centuries? To lessen the power of urban areas and increase the rural areas (politically) What happened to system? replaced

SS8H7b: Analyze how rights were denied to African-Americans through Jim Crow laws, Plessy v. Ferguson, disenfranchisement, and racial violence.

1. Why were Jim Crow laws established? To maintain control of blacks and their exercised rights (replaced slave and black codes)
2. What did the Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson mean for public facilties? If public facilities were provided for both races then they could be legally separate
3. Give 4 ways blacks were disenfranchised.

a. grandfather clause

b. poll tax

c. literacy test

d. KKK intimidation white primary

SS8 H7c. Explain the roles of Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. DuBois, John and Lugenia Burns Hope, and Alonzo Herndon.

1. Summarize what was stated by Booker T. Washington in his Atlanta Compromise speech.

Blacks should participate in vocational trainings, purchase land, and practice good character, eventually blacks would earn equal civil rights

2. Explain WEB DuBois’ Talented Tenth philosophy.

The top ten % are the future leaders. They should be nurtured and equipped to success. Some college nurses, teachers. Others will be vocationally trained. Others will be unskilled labor (majority). Note the triangle

3. Give 3 accomplishments of John and Lugenia Burns Hope.

a. organized Neighborhood Union (AU Center)

b. worked closely with YMCA

c. advocates improve public neighborhood needs in black communities (roads, lights, trash pick up)

d. John Hope - •President of the National Association of Teachers of Colored Schools

4. Summarize Alonzo Herndon’s rise from slavery to becoming one of Atlanta’s first black millionaires.

Born as a slave in Social Circle >sharecropping> vocationally trained as a barber in south Atl> Atl opened a barbershop (white clients only)> $ invest and begun 1st black insurance company (Atlanta Life Insurance Co.)

SS8H7d. Give reasons for World War I and describe Georgia's contributions.

1. What 2 events propelled the US into World War I?

a. sinking of Luistiania

b. Zimmerman telegram

2. Give the purpose of each World War I military facility:
Ft. McPherson – prison camp for German submarine soldiers & swear in new draftees

Camp Benning – training facility

Fort Oglethorpe – training facility including horse calvary

Camp Gordon – training facility

3. How many Georgians died during World War I? 3,000

SSH8a. Describe the impact of the boll weevil and drought on Georgia.

1. Describe how a boll weevil destroyed a cotton plant.

Eats the cotton (meat) bulb portion of the plant

2. What economic impact did the boll weevil have on cotton?

Destroyed the majority of cotton crops > the price dropped .17 to .05 lb.

3. What positive impact did the drought have for farmers?

Killed boll weevil

SS8H8b: Explain economic factors that resulted in the Great Depression.

  1. How did Laissez-faire policies contribute to the Great Depression?

The hands-off policy allows manipulation and a total lack of control. No one is held responsible. No consequences.

  1. What were the main causes of the Great Depression?

Laissez-faire policy, over extended credit, over production, spend more than affordable

SS8H8c: Discuss the impact of the political career of Eugene Talmadge.

  1. What major issue(s) did Eugene Talmadge support? Better prices for hogs/farmers, county unit system, segregation,

SS8H8d. Discuss the effect of the New Deal in terms of the impact of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Agricultural Adjustment Act, rural electrification, and Social Security.

  1. What types of projects were undertaken by the CCC?

Planting trees, terracing fields, prevent soil erosion, dams, mosquito control projects

  1. How was the rural Electrification Authority (REA) created? ‘recognized the outrageous cost of electricity in rural areas from Little White House (1st bill,)

  1. How did REA benefit farmers? By supplementing costs of electrical power is extended to rural areas (milking cows, electric lights, refrigerators, air condition

  2. What was the purpose of the New Deal? Stimulate/invest in the economy to bring the US out of the Great Depression. *(Reduce, Reform, Recovery)

SS8H9a. Describe the impact of events leading up to American involvement in World War II; include Lend-Lease and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

1. What was the Lend-Lease Act?

Provide supplies/arms for the allies (lease)

2. What event caused the U.S. to start fighting in World War II? Bombing of Pearl Harbor
3. What were the countries that the U.S. lend/leased to?

Allies- Great Britain, France

SS8H9b. Evaluate the importance of Bell Aircraft, military bases, the Savannah and Brunswick shipyards, Richard Russell, and Carl Vinson.

1. What facility manufactured the B-29 during World War II?


2.The Brunswick and Savannah shipyards manufactured the Liberty ships (ships for the navy)
3. Name 3 political accomplishments of Richard Russell.

a. supporter of military bases in GA

b. tons of federal money into GA

c. Senator for 38 yrs.

4. Carl Vinson was known as the Father of the 2 sided Ocean Navy

SS8H9c. Explain the impact of the Holocaust on Georgians.

1. How did Georgians respond to the Holocaust? Send $ to Poland, create a memorial, attempt to retrieve loved ones from Europe

SS8H9d. Discuss the ties to Georgia that President Roosevelt had and his impact on the state.

  1. Where in Georgia did Franklin Roosevelt come to visit and why? Warm Springs; Polio-therapy in pools at Warm Springs

  1. Explain the circumstances surrounding FDR’s death in 1945. Suffered a stroke and died

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