580. What countries were allies in World War I?

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580. What countries were allies in World War I?

A. United States, France, Austria-Hungary, and Great Britain B. Great Britain, France, United States, and Russia

C. Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary D. Germany, Japan, and Russia
581. What was the “final blow” that led President Woodrow Wilson to ask Congress to declare war against the Central Powers in World War I?

A. anti-German propaganda in the United States B. attacks on American merchant ships

C. sinking of the Lusitania D. Zimmermann telegram
582. At which Georgia military installation did infantry train in World War I?

A. Camp Augusta B. Camp Benning C. Camp Gordon D. Camp McPherson

583. What event is celebrated on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year?

A. the founding of the state of Georgia B. armistice that ended World War I

C. sinking of the Lusitania D. sinking of the Titanic
584. Which is NOT associated with World War I?

A. victory gardens B. American Red Cross C. sinking of the Titanic D. General John Pershing

585. What Georgian was the first African American combat pilot?

A. Eugene Jacques Bullard B. Alonzo Herndon C. John Hope D. Charles Yeager

586. Which was NOT a World War I training camp located in Georgia?

A. Camp Benning B. Camp Gordon C. Fort Campbell D. Fort McPherson

587. Which was NOT a way that Georgians supported World War I?

A. growing food B. attending school C. making uniforms D. transporting arms and soldiers

588. The information used by the Allied nations to promote their cause and entice the United

States to enter World War I was called

A. libel. B. slander. C. propaganda. D. yellow journalism.

589. What country did Germany urge to attack the United States in the Zimmermann telegram?

A. Canada B. Italy C. Japan D.Mexico

590. Which was the immediate cause of World War II?

A. German invasion of Poland B. German invasion of the Rhineland

C. German invasion of Czechoslovakia D. German invasion of the Soviet Union
591. The United States entered World War II when Japan attacked

A. China. B. Manchuria. C. Midway. D. Pearl Harbor.

592. What country was a member of the Axis Powers in World War II?

A. Great Britain B. Italy C. Soviet Union D. United States

593. What country was a member of the Allied Powers in World War II?

A. Germany B. Italy C. Japan D. Soviet Union

594. Which statement BEST describes the involvement of the United States in World War II before the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

A. The United States provided lend-lease aid to Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

B. The United States maintained strict neutrality with no favoritism.

C. The United States provided advisory troops to aid Great Britain.

D. The United States secretly sank German submarines.

595. Which did the United States NOT do to protest Japanese expansion in Asia?

A. refuse to export airplanes and aircraft parts to Japan B. refuse to provide or sell aircraft gasoline to Japan

C. seize Japanese property in the United States D. attack Japanese military installations
596. Before the United States entered World War II, what assistance did it NOT give to Great Britain?

A. sale and lease of ships, arms, and supplies B. escort of British warships in the Atlantic Ocean

C. construction of air bases in Greenland and Iceland D. escort of British merchant ships in the Atlantic Ocean
597. Why did the United States start a lend-lease system of war equipment?

A. Its allies ran out of money with which to purchase the equipment.

B. It would get the materials back at the end of the war.

C. It could charge interest and make more money.

D. Their allies preferred to lease the equipment.
598. Before the United States entered World War II, Italy had conquered

A. Albania. B. Czechoslovakia. C. Romania. D. Yugoslavia.

599. “Nazi” was the name given to the followers of

A. Hirohito. B. Hitler. C. Mussolini. D. Stalin.

600. What policy did France and Great Britain follow when they let Hitler take the Sudetenland?

A. appeasement B. internationalism C. isolationism D. neutrality

601. Before the United States entered World War II, Japan had seized the coastal area of

A. Vietnam. B. Thailand. C. Korea. D. China.

602. Which area had NOT been taken by Hitler prior to the United States’s entry into World War II?

A. Denmark B. France C. Poland D. Rhineland

603. The Holocaust was a method of

A. getting rid of the bodies of those who died or were killed in World War II.

B. exterminating six million Jews and other “undesirables.”

C. frightening those who opposed Adolph Hitler.

D. eliminating war prisoners.
604. Who was the world leader who instigated the Holocaust?

A. Emperor Hirohito B. Adolf Hitler C. Benito Mussolini D. Joseph Stalin

605. Which was NOT a concentration camp during World War II?

A. Andersonville B. Auschwitz C. Dachau D. Treblinka

606. Which was NOT a cause of death for prisoners in concentration camps?

A. medical experimentation B. military combat C. starvation D. disease

607. Who was the first black president of Atlanta Baptist College?

A. Frederick Douglass B. W. E. B. DuBois C. John Hope D. Booker T. Washington

608. Which college is NOT predominantly black?

A. Emory and Henry B. Morehouse C. Morris Brown D. Spelman

609. To what did Atlanta Baptist College change its name?

A. Atlanta University B. Morehouse C. Morris Brown D. Spelman

610. Where is Tuskegee Institute, founded by Booker T. Washington, located?

A. Alabama B. Arkansas C. Georgia D. Mississippi

611. What position was NOT supported by Booker T. Washington?

A. Vocational education was essential for African Americans who sought equality.

B. Truth and knowledge would cause different races to understand and accept each other.

C. Economic equality was much more important than social equality for African Americans.

D. Political and social equality for African Americans would come from economic independence.
612. What racial issue did Booker T. Washington support?

A. economic equality B. political equality C. religious equality D. social equality

613. What racial issue, opposed by Booker T. Washington, did W. E. B. DuBois


A. economic equality B. political equality C. religious equality D. social equality

614. Which is NOT associated with John Hope?

A. president of the National Association of Teachers of Colored Schools

B. first black president of Atlantic Baptist College (Morehouse)

C. supported the views of Booker T. Washington

D. attended Brown University
615. What organization was founded by Lugenia Burns Hope?

A. D.E.C.C.A. B. Girl Scouts C. Neighborhood Union D. Y.W.C.A.

616. Which activity was NOT offered by the organization founded by Lugenia Burns Hope?

A. remedial education classes B. financial aid for the needy

C. clubs for boys and girls D. vocational classes
617. What business made Alonzo Herndon a successful businessman?

A. Atlanta Mutual Insurance Company B. Coca-Cola

C. Georgia Pacific D. Western and Atlantic Railroad
618. Carl Vinson served as chairman of the House Naval Affairs Committee and Armed Services Committee for more than twenty-nine years. In this position, he oversaw the passage of the Vinson-Trammel Act, which authorized the manufacture of ninety-two major warships. He also launched the U.S. Navy’s first nuclear-powered submarine and guided the establishment of a separate air academy. He has been credited with making

the U.S. Navy a two-ocean navy. In referring to his active involvement with military advancements, he once said, “I devoutly hope that the casting of every gun and the building of every ship will be done with a prayer for the peace of America. I have at heart no sectional nor political interest, but only the Republic’s safety.” Which statement best

describes the meaning of Carl Vinson’s statement?

A. Peace is better than war.

B. War may be necessary to protect our country.

C. The United States needs a strong military to defend itself.

D. The United States needs to manufacture guns and build ships to keep up with other nations.
619. Which is NOT an accomplishment of Governor Richard Russell, Jr.?

A. consolidating state offices

B. establishing a seven-month school year

C. running state government like a successful business

D. establishing the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
620. Because of Senator Richard Russell’s sponsorship of a program for school children, what nickname did he earn?

A. Father of the graded school B. Father of the unified curriculum

C. Father of the county school system D. Father of the school lunch program
621. Which military base was NOT located in Georgia during World War II?

A. Fort Benning B. Fort Campbell C. Fort McPherson D. Fort Stewart

622. Which Georgia military base did NOT also serve as a prisoner of war camp?

A. Fort Benning B. Fort Campbell C. Fort Gordon D. Fort Stewart

623. Where in Georgia were Liberty ships built during World War II?

A. Atlanta and Augusta B. Brunswick and Jekyll Island

C. Brunswick and Savannah D. St. Simons Island and Augusta
624. Which was NOT a major military installation in Georgia during World War II?

A. Camp Gordon B. Fort Benning C. Kings Bay Nuclear Sub Base D.Warner Robbins Air Base

625. Near what Georgia location did a German submarine sink two ships, the S.S.Oklahoma and the Baton Rouge?

A. Jekyll Island B. Savannah Harbor C. St. Marys D. St. Simons Island

626. What Georgian is known as the “father of the two-ocean navy?”

A. Ben Epps B. Walter F. George C. Richard B. Russell, Jr. D. Carl Vinson

627. What statement about the Bell Aircraft Company is FALSE?

A. It was located in Marietta. B. It produced B-29 aircraft.

C. It closed before World War II ended. D. It was the largest facility of its kind in the Deep South.
628. What happened to the Bell Aircraft Company?

A. It has continued to operate continuously since the war. B. It closed down before World War II ended.

C. It is part of Lockheed Martin today. D. It is part of Hartsfield Airport today.
629. Fort Oglethorpe supported the war effort by serving as a training center for

A. naval aviators. B. combat soldiers. C. military intelligence. D. women in the WAAC.

630. Which was NOT associated with Carl Vinson?

A. recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom B. served on House Armed Services Committee

C. nuclear aircraft carrier bears his name D. served as governor of Georgia
631. Which legislation, supported by Carl Vinson, most directly benefited Georgia?

A. law to ease labor restrictions in the shipbuilding industry

B. law to increase the military readiness of the United States

C. law to expand the naval aviation system to 10,000 planes

D. law to provide military supplies to our World War II allies
632. What role did Fort McPherson play in World War II?

A. It was a detainment center for American citizens of Japanese descent.

B. It was a training center for women in the armed forces.

C. It was an induction center for newly drafted soldiers.

D. It was a training center for soldiers fighting in Europe.
633. Why did Franklin Roosevelt spend so much time in Georgia?

A. Roosevelt used the warm mineral waters of Warm Springs to ease his polio.

B. Roosevelt was a native of Augusta and traveled widely across the state.

C. Roosevelt had originally been a farmer and he loved farm life.

D. Roosevelt’s wife was a native of Calhoun and visited relatives.
634. What New Deal program resulted from President Franklin Roosevelt’s view of rural Georgia while sitting on his porch in the evening?


635. Where did President Franklin Roosevelt die while sitting for a portrait?

A. Camp David, Maryland B. Hyde Park, New York C. LaGrange, Georgia D. Warm Springs, Georgia

636. How did Franklin Roosevelt’s time spent in Georgia bring about the establishment of the Rural Electrification Agency?

A. He made a campaign promise to provide electricity to rural Georgia.

B. He wanted to reduce the cost of electricity for the poor.

C. He owned rural land and wanted to have electricity.

D. He noticed that his neighbors did not have electricity.
637. What was the most important crop in Georgia before World War II?

A. blueberries B. cotton C. peanuts D. soybeans

638. After World War II, one of Georgia’s most important agricultural products was

A. sheep. B. goats. C. cattle. D. poultry.

639. Which statement does NOT describe a major impact on agriculture in Georgia since World War II?

A. Technology has resulted in new crops. B. Technology has changed the way farming is done.

C. Technology has converted more land to farmland. D. Technology has brought about a reduction of farmland.
640. Which is NOT a result of the consolidation of farmland in Georgia?

A. Fewer products are produced by the smaller number of farmers.

B. More land has been used for residential or commercial ventures.

C. International markets for Georgia’s farm products have been expanded.

D. The number of related farm businesses, i.e. fertilizer producers, has decreased.
641. Why is horticulture a major part of Georgia’s agricultural sector today?

A. It has been found in Georgia since the colonization period.

B. It has become more important due to the housing boom.

C. It has become more important since people eat less meat.

D. It has been heavily subsidized by the federal government.
642. What factor MOST DIRECTLY determines which crops can be grown in a certain part of Georgia?

A. soil B. market C. labor supply D. climate

643. What job is LEAST associated with Georgia’s agriculture today?

A. agricultural economists B. landscape engineers C. subsistence farmers D. entomologists

644. Approximately how many Georgians were employed in international facilities in thestate in 2001?

A. just over 50,000 B. just over 125,000 C. just over 150,000 D. just over 200,000

645. Which factor has NOT contributed to the growth in Georgia’s population since the 1980s?

A. mild climate B. state income tax C. non-unionized work force D. diverse transportation system

646. What is a key reason for the migration of people into Georgia since the 1960s?

A. successful school reform programs B. diversified economy

C. city infrastructure D. abundant airports
647. Which development had little effect on Georgia’s population growth?

A. new sources of revenue B. new job creation in cities

C. balanced political power D. expanding highway construction
648. Which statement does NOT reflect a growing conflict between urban and rural sections of Georgia?

A. Population growth in cities and suburbs provides more jobs and more taxes for those areas.

B. As populations expand in urban areas, more highway construction is needed in those areas.

C. Urban areas draw more water from the state’s rivers to supply their growing populations.

D. Lottery technology funds have linked libraries and resources throughout the state.

649. What percentage of Georgia’s population today lives in the Metropolitan Atlanta area?

A. just over 30 percent B. just over 50 percent C. just over 75 percent D. just over 95 percent

650. What percentage of Georgia’s population today lives in “urban” areas?

A. just over 30 percent B. just over 50 percent C. just over 70 percent D. just over 90 percent

651. Which development does NOT describe an effort to unify rural and urban Georgia into one prosperous state?

A. development of Rural Development Council Programs to help rural areas compete for new business and industry

B. expending of state funds to attract tourists and conventions to Georgia’s World Congress Complex

C. expansion of highway systems linking rural and urban areas throughout the state

D. expansion of University System facilities and access
652. Which is NOT a current conflict between the rural and urban “two Georgias?”

A. equity in educational resources from funding formulas between state and local taxes

B. equity in water resources from the use and pollution of lakes, rivers, and streams

C. equity in employment opportunities from business and industry

D. equity in recreational resources from state parks
653. Which term is used to describe the residential area immediately around cities?

A. rural B. suburban C. urban decay D. bedroom communities

654. To be classified as metropolitan, a central city must have a population of at least

A. 2,500. B. 50,000. C. 75,000. D. 100,000.

655. Which statement BEST reflects the negative impact of suburban communities on cities?

A. Cities have more industries. B. Suburbs have more restaurants.

C. Cities have a declining tax base. D. Suburbs have larger residential lots.
656. Which definition does NOT describe “urban sprawl”?

A. declining city tax base B. unplanned growth surrounding cities

C. inadequate infrastructure around cities D. inadequate building codes and guidelines
657. Which problem was created by commuting from the suburbs?

A. car pool lanes B. dwindling city parks

C. increased air pollution D. failing public transportation systems

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