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Expression Advertising
Monetise customer data with advertising

Convert customer data into new revenue streams through Mobile Advertising

Operators around the world are looking for new sources of revenue to supplement declining voice and messaging revenues.

They need to look no further than the customer database they have built over time. This database contains highly qualified information about customers spanning demographics to brand preferences that take out any guesswork in targeting mobile ads.

Lumata’s Expression Advertising product, backed by years of experience in working with operator data and running a successful mobile ad network, is designed to help operators convert this data into new revenue streams.

Data-Driven Advertising

Data-driven targeting yields better CPM for the operator while also reducing cost for advertisers.

In the absence of reliable data for targeting, advertisers are left with basic and often unverified variables such as age, gender, city and device. This leads to a high degree of wastage.

Telcos have an important role to play because telco data provides highly valued verified data and spans a broad set of customer behaviours.

Telcos can provide verified demographic and technographic profile without much additional investment. This can be further enhanced with inferred Preferences and Interests to create rich audience profiles.

In return for more granular targeting variables, advertisers are willing to pay a premium on the CPM because it pays for itself with higher clickthrough rates and lower wastage. Operators can therefore build a revenue stream that captures a share of this uplift in CPM.

Lumata Value Proposition

Lumata uniquely provides an end-to-end offering to monetise customer data through advertising.

Lumata brings years of expertise working with operators managing large volumes of subscriber data for real-time marketing and integrating with the operator systems estate. Further, Lumata has also been part of the mobile advertising ecosystem running a successful mobile ad network and a media-buying agency.

Lumata has developed Expression Advertising, a set of mobile advertising tools for enriching customer data and leveraging it in targeted data-driven advertising. Expression Advertising includes two modules:

  • Expression Target: Self-service tool for advertisers to push ads to anonymised segments of the operator customer base.

  • Expression Enrich: An ad enrichment platform that can be linked to ad networks, exchanges and supply-side platforms to enrich ad requests for targeted advertising.

Targeted Push Advertising

Mobile has fundamentally changed how customers connect, interact and transact with brands. Instrumental to this is mobile messaging, which now allows advertisers to acquire customers like never before. Mobile messaging offers a direct channel to deliver personalised and interactive messages to customers who can access them anywhere and at any time. Through SMS and in-app push notifications, advertisers can reach the operator customer base with highly targeted messages, product announcements, promotions and coupons.

Lumata Value Proposition

Expression Target is a self-service multi-channel advertising tool for advertisers to schedule and manage mobile advertising campaigns delivered on various operator-owned inventory such as SMS and in-app push notifications into operator-branded apps.

This creates a win-win-win proposition for telcos, advertisers and subscribers:

  • Telcos: New revenue stream by selling inventory to advertisers.

  • Advertisers: Access to verified, highly segmented and profiled audiences.

  • Subscribers: Contextually relevant ads and offers.

Real-time Ad Enrichment and Data Exchange

Expression Enrich delivers pre-built (anonymised) audiences to support highly targeted mobile display advertising. Using the audience builder, operators can also create dynamic audience segments based on historical information such as sites visited, impression history and ad performance, as well as inferred attributes such as interests and preferences.

With the help of flexible real-time open APIs, Expression Enrich links operator audience profiles to ad networks, exchanges and supply-side platforms to enrich ad requests.

Data Anonymisation

Expression Enrich protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) while enabling monetisation of non-PII data.

Expression Enrich
In order not to disclose customer identity to any third party, Expression Enrich anonymises customer data by generating temporary user session identifiers at the beginning of an end user session. These session identifiers are stored in a cache and later used to reconcile when an ad request comes in for enrichment, without ever exposing customer identity in the process. The cache mechanism also improves real-time performance.

Conversion Tracking

Expression Enrich does not stop at enrichment of an ad request but tracks the entire lifecycle of the ad through to click and conversion. Impression, click and conversion tracking information from ad servers or publishers are reconciled using session identifiers to uniquely attribute ad performance data at an individual subscriber level.

Reporting and Settlement

Owing to accurate conversion tracking, reports provide visibility into performance of various audience profiles and enable campaign optimisation.
Further, reporting across the entire ad lifecycle enables easy settlement based on different business models such as CPM and revenue share across the various stakeholders such as Publishers, Advertisers, Ad Networks and the Operator.

DnA – More than a DMP

Expression Advertising is powered by DnA – a Big Data platform to profile customers based on every interaction in a customer lifecycle.
Built on top of Expression’s patented technology, the DnA Data Model is highly extensible and is capable of collecting, processing and storage of large volumes of anonymised subscriber data and a wide variety of data sources including structured and unstructured data from the operator, ecosystem partners and 3rd party data providers.
Due to the feedback loop from Expression Enrich, DnA goes beyond traditional DMPs by recording impressions, clicks and conversions to infer interests and brand preferences.

Advanced Analytics

DnA provides the rich data repository to perform advanced analytics. Our industry-leading machine learning models build and continuously enhance attributes such as Interests (e.g. Fashion, Sports), Preferences (e.g. Top 5 brand preferences, Top 5 sites) and Audience segments (e.g. Frequent Travellers, High Spending Techies).

Lumata is uniquely positioned to build rich profiles based on the various interactions a subscriber has with the operator ranging from content downloads, data usage, prize redemptions in loyalty programmes to browsing history, ad clicks and conversions.

About Lumata

With a global footprint and over 10 years of experience, Lumata is a software and services company delivering highly effective mobile relationship management solutions to major operators and blue chip brands worldwide. Lumata is backed by Francisco Partners, a leading technology focused private equity firm with over $7Bn under management.

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T: +44(0)20 7613 8900

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