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The ONLY Canadian supplier who sells NOTHING BUT Coleco ADAM computer supplies, software & hard to find hardware items for the ADAM computer. I offer in country supply and pricing as well as to other countries.

I am trying to keep available everything an ADAM owner might reasonably require. I have ADAM printer ribbons, & refill pancakes that fit the Diablo cartridges. I have new factory sealed data packs. I can supply blank double-density discs in both the 5.25" and 3.5" format; I still have some stock of printwheels; and many of the original Coleco programs (CP/M, AdamCalc, SmartLogo, SmartLetters&Forms, RecipeFiler- some never opened, some lacking cellophane but unused. ASK for what you want. I also have some turnover of stock on used equipment.

Floppy disks 5 1/4" (360k or 1.2m) $3.50/box of 10

Floppy disks 3 1/2" (720k or 1.44m) $8.75/box of 25

Diablo HyType 1 printer ribbons(in cases) $4.75 each

Pancake ribbons to refill above cases $1.50 each

Commented Disassemblies of SmartBASIC $10.00

(by G Cousineau)

MIDIMITE software SEQUEL $33.00

Eyezod Graphics YuleTools - 5 ¼”" disk $19.00

Eyezod Graphics Bold Glory – 5 ¼”disk $19.00

Eyezod Graphics Chromantics - 5 ¼”disk $18.00

Memory expander 64k $22.50

The following items are currently stocked on DATAPACKS at prices:
ADAMbomb v1.1 $25.00 ADAMlink II $13.00

Graphix Painter w/docs $24.00 AutoWriter w/ docs $19.00

BasicAIDE v2.0 $12.50 BrainStorm $22.00

Dinosaur Dig $22.00 Easy as ABC & 123 $17.00

Electronic Game Pack w/docs $22.50 El Espanol $20.00

Games for Thinkers $25.00 More Thinker Games $25.00

GraphixPic v1 w/docs $19.00 Groovy Graphics $19.00

Kids Trivia Pack w/docs $16.50 Gustbuster w/docs $16.00

M&M Jeopardy Question Pack $20.00 Math Mentor $20.00

MegaFiler w/docs $19.00 Mind over ADAM $16.00

Mr T Library $14.50 Mr T Search w/docs $17.50

Mr T Search Gamepack 1 $12.50 Addtn'l Thinker Games $25.00

P.A.L. by Hexace Software $13.50 Robo Thief $24.95

PhrasePack2(for PhraseCraze) $10.00 School Daze (64k req'd $22.00

Quest for Quintana Roo $16.00 Showoff 2 (64k req'd) $22.00

Smart Games Pack w/docs $13.00 Smiley Face w/docs $13.00

SpeedyWrite2 w/docs-64k req'd $48.00 SpeedyWrite Spell $33.00

Stock Market $20.00 Trivia Wordsearch

Zoran III $15.00 for Mr T Search $13.00
Programs from Walters Software, noted for their ability to meet the technical challenges of the ADAM before they became well known. All come in sealed envelopes and in disc form w/data pack backup. Many require a 64k memory expander. Packing & postage costs are extra in addition to any software costs.

ADAM's Post-it note program $13.50

Borders Plus - aid in creating graphics for ADAM $10.00

Family Feud Question Pack (for Family Feud-pd program) $10.00

Family Feud Question Pack Writer $10.00

Label Works - for making labels for programs $25.00

Librarian - makes filing better than SmartFiler $10.00

Media Aid Plus - for manipulating graphics $13.50

The Print Works - graphics aid package $25.00

RAMdisk - memory management tool $13.50

SmartDisk I - use dot matrix printer w/all features

and sets up the memory card as a ramdisk $13.50

SmartDisk II - sets up a ramdisk using memory expander

for use w/Calc, Basic, Flashcard Maker as drive # 2 $13.50

RamBoot - copy programs to ram and then boot them $20.00

SmartWriter Elite - adds 2nd disk drive and more $20.00

SmartDSK cart - runs SmartDSK utilities from cartridge $33.00

The following titles are normal stock on 160k DISKS at prices:

Adult Graq Bag $10.00 Michiana Jones text game $13.00

PaintAIDE w/Swift Fonts $21.00 Personal Calendar Utility $22.50

Phrase Craze game w/docs $22.50 Phrase Craze Pak 2 $10.00

Chess Champ 64k© protect $20.00 Pity(Sorry-type game) $22.00

PowerPaint w/docs, 64k req'd $37.00 PowerTools for PowerPaint $16.00

Disk Doctor for corrupt disks $10.00 ShowOff I (graphics) $24.00

Dragon (Mah Jongg Game) $22.50 ShowOff II (SmartWriter) $22.00

SmartBASIC 1.X (IMPROVED!)$31.00 SmartWriter Helper $12.50

File Indexer w/docs $10.00 EOS Directory Sort w/docs $10.00

Font Powerw/docs $19.00 Formax adds more drives $12.50

Stage Fright text game w/docs $17.00 Super Parrot w/docs $17.00

Swift Label Print Shop w/docs $22.50 U-Match-Em game w/docs $18.00

Mage Quest fantasy game, docs $17.00 Mage Quest ConstructionSet$14.00

EDIX by Hexace Software $12.50 Lab Mouse w/docs $14.00

Signs for use w/Signshop $ 7.00 Zoran III - ADAMzap game $15.00
In addition to the commercial items above, we also offer a large number of FORMER commercial items now in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. These range from PD collections (NIAD; gHAUG; ADAM Connection) ADAMagic programs, club collections, Coleco prototype games, MIDI file collections, ADAM computer systems, misc ADAM parts, ColecoVision game units and parts, some ADAM books and MORE!!! We can restore all tapes that have suffered "bit" rot and provide tips on some problems. Other parts and miscellaneous system pieces are also available.
Disk-based programs can usually be supplied on 320k disks at no extra charge, or 720k disks at a charge of $1 each. Programs not listed may be available used or have been released as freeware; ask us about any programs you need. With a few exceptions, we can supply datapack versions of disk-based programs for an additional $3 each AT THE TIME OF ORDER ONLY!

Beyond these U.S dollar specials I also have available just about anything common to all ADAM dealer catalogues, but since the excess costs of importing them into Canada (as explained earlier, have been paid, and exchange rates are unpredictable, I must ask you inquire for individual quotes.

E-mail me at A.D.A.M. Services email: admin@carnuts.ca


A.D.A.M SERVICES in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE! Some quantities may be limited!

Please feel free to contact Richard
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