Draw in/label the following features on your map. Water Features

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Physical Features List (Students will be responsible for identifying/locating the following physical features.)
Draw in/label the following features on your map.

Water Features

Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Gulf of Mexico

Lake Superior

Lake Michigan

Lake Huron

Lake Erie

Lake Ontario

Great Salt Lake

Connecticut River

Mississippi River

Rio Grande River

Ohio River

Missouri River

Platte River

Colorado River

Snake River

St. Lawrence River

Arkansas River

Red River

Hudson River

Tennessee River

Columbia River

Chesapeake Bay

Merrimack River

Susquehanna River

Pecos River


Rocky Mountains

Sierra Nevada (mountains)

Appalachian Mountains

Cascade Range (mountains)

Ozark Plateau

Cumberland Plateau

Great Basin

Gulf Coastal Plain (low)

Great Plains (high)

Central Plains/lowlands

Atlantic Coastal Plain (low)

Mojave Desert

Florida Keys

Delmarva Peninsula

Continental Divide (draw red)


Key (Use colored pencil only / lightly shade)
Blue - Water features

Brown - Mountain Ranges, Plateaus

Green – Low plains

Yellow – High plains

Orange – Deserts, Basins
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