List of features removed in Windows 8

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List of features removed in Windows 8
Windows 8 is the successor to Windows 7 in Microsoft's Windows line of operating systems. Several features which were present in Windows 7 are no longer present in Windows 8.


  • The Start button has been removed, although it is still accessible as a hotspot in the lower left corner of the screen, via the Windows key, and on the charms menu.[1]

  • Aero Flip 3D has been removed. Win+Tab now activates an app switcher only for Metro-style apps.

  • The Start menu has been removed in favour of a full screen interface called the Start screen.[2]

    • Start screen lacks the global "Recent Documents" menu.[3]

    • Start screen lacks the automatically filling by usage tracking "Most Frequently Used" (MFU) programs list, each with its "Recent Documents" menu.[3][4]

  • The Aero Glass theme, which has been featured in Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been removed from Windows 8 in favour of a Metro-style theme.[5][6]

  • Windows Desktop Gadgets which has been featured in Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been removed from Windows 8. [7]

  • The User Log on/Log off sounds have been removed. The startup sound remains but is disabled by default.

File Explorer


  • Games such as Chess Titans have been removed. However some of them are now available on the Windows Store.


  • For dial-up connection (DUN), some of the options under Redialing options such as "Redial attempts" and "Redial if line is dropped" is no longer available. Although dial-up using PSTN telephone line is becoming increasingly rare, this could affect users that still use DUN to connect to 2G/3G/3.5G mobile network and also DSL subscribers that use Windows' PPPoE dialer.[9]

  • The Manage wireless networks under Network and Sharing Center is no longer available, although a similar function is still available through netsh command (netsh wlan).

  • Similarly, creating an ad-hoc wireless connection ("Set up a new connection or network" > "Set up a wireless ad hoc") is no longer available through the GUI; users need to use the same netsh command or third-party utility such as Connectify.

Media features

  • Windows Media Center will no longer be included by default in any version of Windows 8, but is available as a free add-on for Windows 8 Pro until 31 January 2013.[10][11]

  • Windows Media Player will no longer include codecs to play DVDs,[12] but DVDs will be playable if the Windows Media Center add-on is installed.[10]

  • Windows Media Center cannot run on start up or on top of other windows because of “new Windows OS requirements and behaviors”.[13][14]

  • Windows DVD Maker has been removed.

Standards compliance

  • The POSIX subsystem, SUA, has been deprecated and will be removed from the next release of Windows.[15]


  • Backup and Restore has been renamed Windows 7 File Recovery in favor of the new feature called File History.[16]

  • The Blue Screen of Death no longer shows as much technical information about the error that caused the computer to stop.[17]

  • Windows CardSpace has been removed in favor of the new feature U-Prove.[18]

  • The Parental Controls feature present in earlier versions of Windows has been removed and replaced by the Family Safety feature.[19]

  • Chkdsk only shows a percentage when running at start up. [20]

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