A. I. U. S. American internet user survey Consumers accessed the Internet in record numbers in 1997. More than 23 million expressed interest in signing up for the Internet in 1998

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A.I.U.S. American internet user survey
Consumers accessed the Internet in record numbers in 1997. More than 23 million expressed interest in signing up for the Internet in 1998. With such explosive growth, the ability to accurately identify and understand Internet users is now critical for every business.

The American Internet User Survey offers detailed insight into the behavior and essential characteristics of the Internet consumer through a series of in-depth interviews with Internet users and prospective users. Now in its fourth year in the field, the AIUS offers historical data for precise trend tracking and forecasting capabilities. AIUS tracks the trends and key issues of the four central user segments -- personal, business, home and mobile.

Methodology: The largest random digit dialed survey of Internet users and non-users, AIUS is fielded in the second and fourth quarter of every year. Cyber Dialogue conducts approximately 13,000 screener interviews to identify 1,000 current online users and 1,000 non-users. AIUS asks 150+ questions enabling more comprehensive and in-depth topical coverage. This yields an expansive data set ideal for developing segmentation models and extensive customized cross-tabbing. Data is carefully weighted for response bias by age, gender, income and geographic region. Annual subscribers have input into the design of the survey questionnaire.

Deliverables: The AIUS may be purchased as a standalone survey, complete with topline data and a management report, or as a Continuous Advisory Service (CAS). The CAS offers the following deliverables based on the AIUS data set:

Inquiry Service: Direct access to analysts for help with data interpretation, trends and daily marketing needs.

Desktop Reporting Tools: Browser-based access to survey data. Enables desktop data manipulation and cross tab capabilities with an easy to use proprietary interface.

Strategic Market Reports: In-depth quarterly studies analyzing trends, consumer behavior, emerging Internet software and hardware, competitive strategies major market developments and forecasts.

Industry Briefs: Delivered every two weeks, Briefs provide analysts?insight into the probable impact of industry events and trends.

Interactive Consumers, Topical Data Reports: This monthly newsletter offers multiple data cuts of a specific topic from the AIUS.

On-Site Briefing: Annual in person visit from one of our senior analysts to help define specific company needs and strategy.

American Internet User Survey finds more than 41.5 million U.S. adults are actively using the Internet (New York - January 27, 1998)New York, January 27, 1998 -- 21% of U.S. adults are now using the Internet, an increase of one-third from the 2nd quarter of 1997.

"The number of adults online continued to grow dramatically in the second half of the year, confirming a growing dependency on the Internet," according to Thomas E. Miller, vice president of Cyber Dialogue and developer of the American Internet User Survey. "However, the prospects for future growth become more complicated when you consider non-user interest in using the Internet and user churn," Miller stated.

The survey found that 15.9 million U.S. adults tried the Internet in the past 12 months and for whatever reason are no longer users. "We first noticed this trend in the 2nd Quarter of 1997 and realized that by not taking into account user attrition, some surveys were providing inflated Internet user numbers," Miller said.
The survey also found that 23.8 million adults expressed interest in signing up for Internet access within the next 12 months, an increase of more than 2 million users who expressed the same interest in the 2nd quarter of 1997.
"Internet usage will continue to grow for the next fives years, but the market will become much more segmented as the medium becomes more mainstream and user preferences become more divergent," Miller stated.
Additional data points of interest include: 58% of current adult Internet users are male; 42% are female

51% of Web users use the Web on a daily basis

87% of Internet users agree with the statement: "The Internet provides more efficient access to info I need every day."

77% of adults who use the Internet predominately for work agree that: "Online services have made me more productive at my job."

The American Internet User Survey user survey is a comprehensive overview of Internet users and potential users. Updated twice a year, the survey covers such topics as business vs. personal use, online commerce, ISP trends, content preferences and in-depth user demographics. Sponsorship information can be obtained by e-mailing Mr. Dana Simmons at dsimmons@cyberdialogue.com, or by calling 800-965-4636.
Cyber Dialogue was founded in 1993 to help marketing professionals identify, segment and target online consumers. The company develops both custom and syndicated research. Examples of Cyber Dialogue's primary research include: The American Internet User Survey, The Small Business Internet Survey and Cybercitizen Finance: Online Banking and Interactive Financial Services.


In 1993 Cyber Dialogue became the first market research company to conduct research online, and, since that time, we have conducted thousands of projects for our clients. This area of our Web Site is designed to provide current and future Panel Members with all the information they might need about being a member of the world's first, and finest, Online Research Consumer Panel. If you have questions, you should be able to find the answers here. Payment: How do I get paid?

Privacy: What happens to my personal information?

Selection: How do I get selected for projects?

If you can't find the answers to your questions here, or on other pages in this section of our site, you can e-mail us at mbsolomon@cyberdialogue.com.

Want to become a Panel Member?

If you are thinking of joining the Panel, please take a few minutes to look around and find out more about who we are, what we do, and for whom we work. As a member of our Panel, you'll have a say in the design and content of some of the most famous sites on the Web -- probably some of your own favorites. You will have the chance to be heard by some of the world's leading-edge interactive companies... and be paid for your opinions. There is no cost to you to be part of the Cyber Dialogue Panel.We also have an international Consumer Panel, but remember to change the country selection when you sign up!

Profiting from the interactive opportunity is a complex, often frustrating, experience, with markets growing almost exponentially and user demographics shifting almost daily. How do you recognize your most valuable customers? How do you market to them? And, perhaps most importantly, how do you keep them coming back for more?

Cyber Dialogue provides solutions that enable our clients to build strong, valuable, sustainable relationships with individuals. During the early stages of their development of an interactive initiative our clients come to us for the syndicated studies that provide them with a fundamental understanding of the online medium and the attitudes and values that drive Cybercitizen behavior.

Over time we provide these same clients with increasingly sophisticated solutions (from custom research involving site intercepts to software that enables "real-time," intelligent interaction between corporation and customer). Cyber Dialogue's solutions grow along with your Web site and Internet strategy to provide you with the actionable market data you need to optimize the return on your interactive investment.
Cyber Dialogue's marketing solutions can be loosely grouped under three categories (publishing, research, and software)but if you are uncertain about which, or which combination, of solutions might be right for you? Then take our client questionnaire to narrow down the options.


Cyber Dialogue's published work includes our syndicated studies, based on primary demographic and market research, such as the Cyber Dialogue/Booz Allen & Hamilton Cybercitizen Finance study, the American Internet User Survey, and the Interactive Consumer newsletter.

Our custom research incorporates the tailor-made Focus Groups and Competitive Studies that help you understand your Web site's customers. Cyber Dialogue has conducted custom studies for clients such as Lycos and ESPNSportsZone to help them maintain their competitive edge. Come see what our research can do for you.


And software is the section for Cyber Dialogue's advanced questionnaire-writing, real-time customer segmentation, and data analysis tools that can put you in full command of your Web site strategy. Our sophisticated software puts advanced marketing tools in the hands of your marketing department -- right on their desktop.


Internet technologies are driving fundamental change in consumer behavior. In turn, the way we all do business is changing. In such a dynamic environment, market leaders must have the best and most in-depth marketing intelligence.

Sound strategic decisions require up to date knowledge of the external market environment, growth, purchase trends, consumer requirements and behavioral and attitudinal changes. These data underpin and build your business plans.
The Internet Strategies Group offer primary research reports, briefs and consulting services in consumer and small business demand for digital content, products and services. Our surveys and user databases are the most in-depth in the new media field. Hard facts and analytic insight drive our recommendations.
Since 1994, we have conducted more than 75,000 interviews to develop in-depth profiles of U.S. individuals and households regarding their use and interest in using the Internet and other new media. Our products include: Newsletter and Topical Data Reports

Adoption surveys and Forecasts

Internet User Reports

General behavioral and attitudinal

Financial Services


Small Business


And more...

Desktop data and analyst inquiry


Cyber Dialogue零 Internet Strategies Group has unique points of difference that add significant value to clients: The first consumer Internet surveys, trended over time since 1994

Other firms?research is broad and generic (often spanning offline & online or technology in general), Cyber Dialogue focuses on high detail, industry-specific, rich, actionable, Internet-focused primary data

We regularly overlay trended Yankelovich Monitor data


Dialogue Response 1.0 enables you launch your own onsite market research surveys off your web site overnight.

Soon to be released Dialogue Response 2.0 consists of a Questionnaire editor for compiling multiple customized survey questions with flexible response options (e.g. randomized attributes, multiple point scales, adaptive logic), a Random Intercept server, and back-end data compilation and management tools that enable automatic collection and aggregation of clean data in a format ready to export to other statistical packages, or for immediate analysis through Excel, etc.
Dialogue Response is ideal for anyone who currently uses forms or other mechanisms for soliciting customer feedback from their web sites.
Because Dialogue Response was developed in partnership with clients, and by experienced market researchers, the product includes many critical features that are not found elsewhere: A database of normative questions relating to customer satisfaction and importance of web site features with benchmarked Internet indices

The ability to randomly rotate questions and attributes

The ability to develop logical 連kip patterns?/TD>

Links to marketing-centric Telescope reporting tools

Unique tools for managing response data
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