Julie Doxsee, Phd instructor of English

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Julie Doxsee, PhD

Instructor of English

Curriculum Vitae

College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Koç University

Rumeli Feneri Yolu

34450 Sariyer


Teaching Interests

Developmental writing, basic and advanced composition, service learning, ESL/EFL, expository writing, research methods, writing for the social sciences and humanities, cultural literacy, creative writing, literature, writing about literature, multimodal learning, technology in the classroom.

Courses in composition and literature explore gender issues from multiple social angles—from media images to historical formations to cultural constructions of femininity/masculinity—leading to questions about identity formation, public presentation, and social (in)equality.

PhD English & Creative Writing 2007

University of Denver, Denver, CO

MFA Writing 2002

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

BA English 1994

St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN


Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey

Instructor, College of Social Sciences & Humanities, Academic Writing Program

Fall 2007-present

“English 500” Intensive Graduate Writing

“Heroes and Zeros: Studies in Television and Media” Composition 104 Writing for the Social Sciences

“Issues for the Entrepreneur” Composition 103 Writing for Business Administration

“Rants, Slants, and Pants: Activating the Public with Art” Composition 101

“Fashioning the Self: Clothing, Culture, and Identity” Composition 101

“Outsiders” Composition 105 – Advanced Writing for the Humanities

“The Politics of Style” Composition 102

“Feminity: Culture, Myth, and the Body” Composition 102

“The New Symposium – Exploring Human Relationships” Composition 101

“Language Communities & the Dynamics of Difference” Composition 101

“Creative Memoir” Advanced Creative Writing

“Order & Chaos” Advanced Creative Writing

“The Real & The Unreal” Creative Writing

“Borders of the Secret” Creative Writing

“Myth, Creation, and the Arts” Creative Writing, Visual Art, & Performance

Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey

Instructor, College of Social Sciences & Humanities, English & Comparitive Literature Department

Spring 2008-present

“The Other in 20th Century Short Fiction” Intro to Literature

“1900-1950: Rebuilding the Poetic Home” Special Topics in American Literature

“The Other in 20th Century Short Fiction” Special Topics Seminar

“4 Wars” Lit 105: Literature and the Social World

“Other Worlds” Lit 104: Intro to Literature

“Demythologyzing the Angel in the House” Lit 105: Studies in 20th C. Fiction
University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Instructor, English Department

Fall 2004-Spring 2007

“Ghosts & Madness: Recognizing the Hero” Composition 103—Reading & Writing about Literature

“Beginnings: Education Reform in the U.S.” Composition 102—Argument & Research with Service

Learning Component

“A Meeting of Minds” Composition 101—Critical Reading & Writing

“Paradise: Inventing a Place of Arrival – Milton, Dickinson, & Stevens” Honors Literature

“Mutability & the Cultural Moment” Intro to Creative Writing

“Unlikely Origins: The Everyday & The Extraordinary” Intro to Creative Writing

Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois

Adjunct Instructor, English Department

Fall 2003-Spring 2004

“Urban Ethnography” Advanced English Composition

“To Question Cultural Borders” Advanced English Composition

Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois

Adjunct Instructor, English Department

Fall 2002-Spring 2004

“The Soul of the Machine” Intro to Literature

“From Outsider to Expert” Composition II (with Ethnographic Research Component)

“Discovering Voice, Place, & Self” Composition I

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Liberal Arts Department

Fall 2000-Spring 2002

“The Demiurge” Undergraduate Creative Writing Workshop

“The Art of Crossing the Street” First Year Writing & Community Service (Instructional Assistant)

Visual Studies Seminar (Instructional Assistant to George Roeder & James Elkins)

Administrative Positions & Committee Seats
Academic Writing 103 Committee, Koç University, 2015-present

Academic Writing 101 Committee, Koç University, 2007-2008, 2013-present (Chair)

Writing for the Humanities Committee, Academic Writing Program, Koç University, Fall 2011

Co-Coordinator, Communication Program, Koç University, Fall 2008-Spring 2010

Recruitment Committee, Koç University, Fall 2008-Spring 2010 (Co-chair), -present (Seat)

Plagiarism Committee, Koç University, Fall 2008-present

Newcomer’s Committee (Chair), Koç University, 2007-2008

Comm 102 Committee, Koç University, 2007-2010

Writing Center Committee, Koç University, 2007-2008

Assistant to the Graduate Director, English Department, University of Denver, 2006-2007

Public Good/Civic Engagement Committee, University of Denver, 2006-2007

Burton Feldman Travel Fund Committee, University of Denver, 2006-2007

Advisory Committee, Poetry Center of Chicago, 2000-2001
Works Published

What Replaces Us When We Go (forthcoming Spring 2016). Poetry Collection.

The Next Monsters Black Ocean (Summer 2013). Prose Poetry Collection.

Objects for a Fog Death Black Ocean (Winter 2010). Poetry Collection.

Undersleep Octopus Books (Summer 2008). Poetry Collection.
Chapbooks & Portfolios

Oh Oh Oh Verse Print Edition Portfolio Series (Winter 2014).

N. Basso & The Continuum of the Bay Free Poetry Press (January 2011). Poetry Chapbook.

New Body a Seafloor Body Seeing Eye Books (December 2007). Poetry Chapbook.

You Will Build a City Out of Rags Whole Coconut Chapbook Series (Fall 2007). Poetry Chapbook.

Fog Quartets horse less press (June 2007). Poetry Chapbook.

The Knife-Grasses Octopus Books (Winter 2006). Poetry Chapbook.
Print Journals

“Poetry Istanbul” Lungfull (Winter 2014).

“Black Sea” and “Wild Ducts & The Owl Bang” Handsome (Winter 2013).

“Pink Umbrella,” “Package,” and “Question” Phoebe Literary Magazine (Winter 2012).

“Vapor” The Associative Press (Winter 2011).

“Cabin” (prose in 5 parts) Denver Quarterly (Fall/Winter 2010).

“The Evil Water in My Dreams” Black Warrior Review (Fall/Winter 2010).

“Girls on the Run,” “Summary of a Moon Film,” “Blue Kill,” and “Lightning” Sleepingfish 8 (Winter 2010).

Excerpt from “In Search of Faces in the Dead of Night” Rooms Outlast Us (Winter 2009).

“Interiorize” and “Blush” CAB/NET (Spring 2008).

“Dear River,” “Dear Woodwork,” “River Tour,” “Woodwork Tour” Copper Nickel (Winter 2008).

“Smog,” “Red Movie,” and “Misery Dictionary” Saltgrass (Spring 2007).

“Dear Era,” “Dear Ear,” “Era Tour,” “Ear Tour” Handsome (Spring 2007).

“Unfold” & “Perhaps You Can Sketch a Piece of Fire” Cranky Literary Journal (Spring 2007).

“The Knife-Grasses” (excerpt) & “Knit” (excerpt) CutBank (Spring 2007).

“Dear Rabbit Costume,” “Dear Alaska,” “Rabbit Costume Tour,” & “Alaska Tour” Effing Magazine

(Spring 2007).

“Sleep In With Still Life” Good Foot (Winter 2006).

“Release of Underground Gray” & “Landscape” LIT Magazine (Fall 2006).

“To be Opened After My Death” (excerpt) Aufgabe (Fall 2006).

“Perimeter A,” Perimeter B,” “Gate C,” “Euclidian Drown” & “Euclidian Mute” Spork Magazine (Fall


“Figures” & “Onyx” Conduit (Summer 2006).

“Your Dry-Eye Curse” Fourteen Hills, 12.2 (Spring 2006).

“Portable Sigh Turned Up” Colorado Review (Spring/Summer 2002)

“My Mother Was a Mirror,” “This Sharing Her Foyer,” & “Where She Keeps Her Feet” Denver

Quarterly (Fall/Winter 2002).

“Water Language” Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review (Winter 2002).

Electronic Journals

“Knit” Everyday Geniıus featured poet (June 2014).

“Vertigo & Bone Room” (chapbook-length poem) Octopus Magazine (Fall 2010).

“Offering,” “Instructions for a Pageant,” “Magnets, Please,” “At First a Kind of Steering,” “Dewpoint” So and

So Magazine #5 (Fall 2010).

“Monsterless” and “Ganges Spirit” The Offending Adam (July 2010).

“Mansion,” “Flightplan,” “A Carcass, A Carcass, and a Dancing Carcass,” “How Beautiful the Horses Will Be

When They Turn into Real Horses,” Glitterpony (Spring 2010).

“This is the Sugar,” “Cocoons,” “Me” 751 Magazine (Spring 2009).

“Sanctuaries Uproot According to Silence,” “Theories of a Dropped Planetarium,” “View From a Black Fort,”

“What Replaces Us When We Go,” “Roof” Left-Facing Bird (Srping 2008).

“We Fly Balloons,” “Disfigures,” and “Activity for Two” Octopus Magazine (Spring 2008).

“The Ataraxians: Mme.,” “The Ataraxians: Monsieur,” and “Barefoot” Fou Journal (Spring 2008).

“Dear Sparrow,” “Dear Fountain,” “Sparrow Tour,” “Fountain Tour” Unpleasant Event Schedule (Winter


“Dear Xylem,” “Dear Halo,” & “Xylem Tour,” RealPoetik (Spring 2007).

“New Body a Seafloor Body,” (excerpt) Pilot Poetry (Spring 2007).

“Dear Poet,” “Dear Sky,” “Poet Tour,” “Sky Tour,” “Dear Phenomenon,” “Dear Metal,” “Phenomenon Tour,”

&“Metal Tour” Sawbuck Poetry (Spring 2007).

“To Look at no Man Steering,” “An After-Angel Undercover,” & “Roped-Off Gravity” Tarpaulin Sky

(Summer 2006).

“Some Souls Are Made for Swimming” & “Inside the Shallows” La Petite Zine (Fall 2006).

“My Winter Film” H_NGM_N, 6 (Fall 2006).

“Synonym,” “Cactus Man,” “Orchard,” “Or a Watermark on the Previous Air,” “Garden Theatre” &

“Yard Garnish” Action, Yes, 3 (Fall 2006).

“She Piles One Long Morning on Her Belly,” “You Wouldn’t Flush Your Skull,” “You Will

Brighten in a Smaller Village with a Question” & “Women Had Gouged the Smell of the

Entire Crowd” Word/For Word, 10 (Fall 2006).

“Halo’s Edge,” “Things for Your Shift,” “Even Before When the Light Filleth,” “Tea, Black, and Your Skeleton Fact,”

“On Yesterday’s Statue,” “Limited to Outlying Visions,” “History Suggests a Squall,” “Pond,”

“Façade” & “Observance” The Bedazzler—featured poet (Summer 2006).

“Nudge Up to a Little Patch of Brick,” “Images That Appear During Struggle for Translation” & “And

Then I Used Their Roots” Slope, 23 (Spring 2006).

“Euclidian Piano” Weird Deer (Spring 2006).

“Pleasing the Omen,” “They Are Hungry for Dry Airs” & “One Half Shed as Though in

Front” 42opus (Spring 2006).

“Erosions I,” “Erosions II” & “Erosions III,” Shampoo Poetry, 27 (Spring 2006).

“A Name for the Part of You Still Unconscious,” “What Happened to the Legs of the Ghost,” “Leave

Architecture to Its Body” & “Gods Warn Against the Ingestion of Bricks

and Angels” Coconut Poetry, 4 (Spring 2006).

“Continuum” & “Materialique” Eratio Postmodern Poetry, 7 (Spring 2006).

“The One Who Swallowed Falcons” TYPO, 8 (Spring 2006).

“Soft Truths in An Orchard,” “Gardens were Considerations” & “The Woman Loved Her

Woman Tornado” Retort Magazine (Winter 2006).

“The Royal Chimes Colliding” & “Worming the Soul from Enclosure to Honor” Elimae,

10th Anniversary Issue (Winter 2006).

“But A Flood of Town,” Welded From Narrow Height,” “Matching Pillow to the Back,” “The Dull Perfume of Noon,” “A Single Crack on the Map of Sleep” & “Space a Hardness In” Can We Have Our Ball Back? (Winter 2006).

“Estrangement as Spilled Wet” Versal, 3 (Spring 2005).

Book Review of Martha Ronk’s In a Landscape of Having to Repeat, Double Room, 5. (Winter 2005).

“Meridian | Jerusalem” GutCult, 6 (Winter 2005).

Selected Poetry & Prose: crudeoils—visiting writer. (Fall 2002).


“Sonnet 80” The Sonnets: Rewriting Shakespeare. Telephone Books, 2012.

“Myth & Permission”Poets on Teaching, ed. Joshua Marie Wilkinson. University of Iowa Press, 2010.
Interviews & Blog Appearances

“Split Apart and Doubled” Poor Claudia – 10 Sources (September 2014).

“Interview with Eddie Rathke” Monkey Bicycle (Summer 2014).

“Interview with Joshua Marie Wilkinson” The Conversant (September 2013).

“Interview with Genevieve Kohlhardt” We Are Champion (Summer 2010).

“Julie Doxsee’s Favorite Object Combinations And Favorite Objects To Leave By Themselves”

HTMLGIANT feature (Summer 2010).
Selected Fellowships & Awards
Octopus Books Open Reading 2009, 2010, 2013

Finalist for The Next Monsters, Finalist for What Replaces Us When We Go

Cleveland State University Poetry Center Prizes – Open Competition 2010

First Runner-up for What Replaces Us When We Go, finalist for The Next Monsters.

Cleveland State University Poetry Center Prizes – Open Competition 2009

Finalist for manuscripts Of Unsuspended Suns & What Replaces Us When We Go

University of Michigan Press – Green Rose Prize 2009

Finalist for Manuscript What Replaces Us When We Go

Cleveland State University Poetry Center Prizes – Open Competition 2008

Finalist for manuscript Of Unsuspended Suns

Saturnalia Books Poetry Contest 2007

Semi-Finalist for manuscript Objects for a Fog Death

Colorado Prize for Poetry 2007

Finalist for poetry manuscripts Objects for a Fog Death & A Twilight I Know (Paul Hoover judge).

Switchback Books 2006 Gatewood Prize

Finalist for poetry manuscript Of Unsuspended Suns (Arielle Greenberg judge) 2007.

Best of the Net” Anthology Competition Nominee

Sundress Press (nominated by the editors of 42opus) 2006.

Best New Poets National Competition Nominee

University of Virginia Press (nominated by University of Denver Creative Writing Department) 2006.

Colorado Prize for Poetry 2006

Finalist for poetry manuscripts Undersleep & She Thinks Up Radii…(Lyn Hejinian judge) 2006.

Action Books December Prize

Finalist for poetry manuscript Undersleep (Joyelle McSweeney & Johannes Goransson judge) 2006.

Colorado Fellowship 2004-2005.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Graduate Fellowship (Finalist) 2002.
Selected Appearances & Exhibitions
Reading: The Poetic Research Bureau, Los Angeles, CA (August 2013).

Reading: Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Minneapolis, MN (July 2013).

Reading: Counterpath Books, Denver, CO (July 2013).

Reading: School of the Art Institute of Chicago: AWP Chicago (February 2012).

Reading: Possess Nothing: AWP Washington, DC (February 2011).

Reading: Boise State University MFA Reading Series, Boise, ID (January 2011).

Reading: Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Minneapolis, MN (September 2010).

Reading: Black Ocean Salon, Chicago, IL (September 2010).

Reading: So & So Reading Series, Raleigh, NC (September 2010).

Reading: Chop Suey Books, Richmond, VA (September 2010).

Reading: New Philadelphia Poets Series, Philadelphia, PA (September 2010).

Reading: Corcoran College of Art & Design, Washington, DC (September 2010).

Skype Lecture: with Zachary Schomburg’s Advanced Poetry Workshop, Hendrix College (Fall 2010).

Skype Lecture: with Genevieve Kohlhardt’s Intro to Poetry students, University of Idaho (Fall 2010).

Reading: Greymatter Books, Hadley, MA (August 2010).

Reading: Outpost 186, Boston, MA (August 2010).

Reading: Stain Series, Brooklyn, New York (August 2010).

Reading: Istanbul Salon Reading Series, Istanbul, TR (April 2010).

Reading: AWP Off-Site Event: Plus Gallery, Denver CO (April 2010).

Reading: Shakepeare & Sons, Prague, CZ, (December 2008).

Reading: English Book Shop, Amsterdam, NL (December 2008).

Reading: Istanbul Salon Reading Series, Istanbul, TR (December 2008).

Reading: Riot Act Series, Minneapolis, MN, August 2008.

Reading: Brookline Booksmith, Boston, MA, August 2008.

Reading: Amherst Books, Amherst, MA, August 2008

Reading: Ada Books, Providence, RI, August 2008

Reading: Washington Literary Salon, Washington D.C., August 2008

Reading: Robins Book Store, Philadelphia, PA, August, 2008.

Reading: Southern Rail, Carrboro, NC, August 2008

Reading: Chop Suey Books, Richmond, VA, August 2008

Reading: Melville House Books, New York City, NY, August 2008

Reading: AWP Off-Site Event, New York City, NY, January 2008.

Reading: The New Lakes Reading Series, Missoula, MT, June 2007.

Reading: Graduate Reading Series, University of Denver, Denver, CO, May 2007.

Reading: Imaginary Press Reading Series, Minneapolis, MN, April 2007.

Reading: AWP off-site event, Apache Café, Atlanta, GA, March 3, 2007.

Reading: The Clean Part Reading Series, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, February 2007.

Reading: Colorado State University, Hatton Gallery, Fort Collins, CO, February 2007.

Reading: Fourteen Hills, 12.2 Release Event, Varnish Gallery, San Francisco, CA, May 2006.

Reading: ELL Conference, University of Denver, Denver, CO, April 2006.

Reading: Exchanges on Light, Jacques Roubaud, trans. Eleni Sikelianos (role of William H.)

with Eleni Sikelianos, Lydia Davis, Laird Hunt, Robert Gluck, Erik Anderson, Danielle Dutton

ELL Conference, University of Denver, Denver, CO, April 2006.

Reading: Denver Zine Library, Denver, CO, April 2006.

Reading: Graduate Reading Series, University of Denver, Denver, CO, January 2005.

Reading: Black Box Theatre, SAIC MFA reading series, Chicago, IL., May 2002.

Group Show: Roger Brown Gallery and 1926 Exhibition Space, Chicago, IL, November 2001.
Selected Presentations
Observable Poetics: Rachel Blau Du Plessis’ Dark Matter & Susan Howe’s Elastic Page”

PCA/ACA National Conference, Boston Marriot Copley Place, Boston, MA, April 2007.

Socrates Meets the Modern Nomad: Technology, Self-Restraint, & the Poetics of the Probable”

Works in Progress Event, University of Denver, April 2007 (accepted).

Undone Futures: The Fetus in T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’”

American Literature Association Conference, Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA, May 2006.

The Rock as Poetic Anchor: Wallace Stevens on the Perimeter of Arrival”

Anchoring Attention Panel, U of Denver Attention/Inattention Conference, Denver, CO, October 2005.

Anchoring Attention Panel (Chair)

U of Denver Attention/Inattention Conference, Denver, CO, October 2005.

Susan Howe’s Singularities: Considering Bounds and the Knowable Home”

Philosophy & Theory Panel, EGSA Conference, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, February 2005.

Ongoing Projects



SUPERPLEX—Prose manuscript.

Of Unsuspended Suns—Poetry Manuscript (under consideration).

A Twilight I Know—Poetry Manuscript.

She Thinks Up Radii to Harmonize All Towns & Yards—Poetry Manuscript (3 long poems).

Umbilical—Poetry Manuscript.

When I Pulled Apart the Pillow a Little Mansion Fell Out—Poetry Manuscript w/ Joshua Marie


I’m From the StormCollaborative Poetry Manuscript w/Mathias Svalina

The Invention of glass—Translation of Emmanuel Hocquard’s L’Invention du verre
Scholarly Essays

“Undone Futures: The Fetus in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land

“Imagining Rebirth: Modernist Consciousness & the Maximum Effect of the Stevensian Unreal”

“Finding Ourself: Toward an Intimate Misreading of Emily Dickinson’s Omitted Center”

“The Loser & the Fractured Hero: Epic Tradition in Post-Generic Discourse”

“The Rhetorical Concern for Survival: Impressions of Consequence in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and

Ford’s “‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore

“The Passive Swallow: Appetite and the Diminutive Body in Bronte’s Villette

“Another Sort of Nature: Containment & The Second Self in Post-Platonic Poetics”

“Attachable Phalli: Barthesian Erotics & The Influence of Female Masculinity in Claude McKay’s Banjo

“Relativity Meets Observable Poetics: Rachel Blau DuPlessis’ Dark Matter & Susan Howe’s Elastic Page”

Other Positions & Memberships
Research Assistant, University Writing Program, University of Denver, Spring 2007

T.S. Eliot Society, 2006-present

Emily Dickinson International Society, 2005-present

Wallace Stevens Society, 2005- present

English Graduate Student Association, University of Denver, 2004-2007

Association of Writers and Writing Programs, 2004-present

Modern Language Association, 2004-2008

Tutor, The Write Place, University of Denver, 2004-2005

Freelance Editor, Goi Peace Foundation, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 2002-2003

Student Assistant to the Dean of Faculty, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2000-2002

Student Employee, Curator, & Audio Archivist, Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Library, 2000-2001
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