A new Anthology of American Literature Ideas for a Table of Contents

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359 [328] [A Bird came down the Walk - ] [N1, H]

365 [338] [I know that He exists] [N1, H]

372 [341] [After great pain, a formal feeling comes - ] [N1, H]

373 [501] [This World is not conclusion] [N1, H]

381 [326] [I cannot dance upon my Toes - ] [N1]

395 [336] [The face I carry with me - last - ] [N1]

407 [670] [One need not be a Chamber - to be Haunted - ] [N1, H]

409 [303] [The Soul selects her own Society - ] [H]

[The Soul’s Superior instands] [H]

[I send Two Sunsets [H]

411 [528] [Mine - by the Right of the White Election!] [N1]

446 [448] [This was a Poet - ] [N1, H]

448 [449] [I died for Beauty - but was scarce] [N1]

466 [657] [I dwell in Possibility - ] [N1, H]

475 [488] [Myself was formed – a Carpenter - ] [N1]

477 [315] [He fumbles at your Soul] [N1]

479 [712] [Because I could not stop for Death - ] [N1, H]

519 [441] [This is my letter to the World] [N1, H]

576 [305] [The difference between Despair] [N1]

588 [536] [The Heart asks Pleasure – first - ] [N1]

591 [465] [I heard a Fly buzz - when I died - ] [N1, H]

598 [632] [The Brain - is wider than the Sky - ] [N1]

600 [312] [Her - last Poems - ] [N1]

620 [435] [Much Madness is divinest Sense - ] [N1, H]

627 [593] [I think I was enchanted] [N1]

648 [547] [I’ve seen a Dying Eye] [N1]

656 [520] [I started Early - Took my Dog - ] [N1, H]

675 [401] [What Soft – Cherubic Creatures - ] [N1, H]

706 [640] [I cannot live without You] [N1, H]

760 [650] [Pain - has an Element of Blank - ] [N1]

764 [754] [My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun - ] [N1, H]

788 [709] [Publication - is the Auction] [N1, H]

817 [822] [This Consciousness that is aware] [N1]

857 [732] [She rose to His Requirement - dropt] [N1, H]

935 [1540] [As imperceptibly as Grief] [N1]

1096 [986] [A narrow Fellow in the Grass] [N1, H]

1108 [1078] [The Bustle in a House] [N1, H]

1163 [1138] [A Spider sewed at Night] [N1]

1243 [1126] [Shall I take thee, the Poet said] [N1]

1263 [1129] [Tell all the Truth but tell it slant - ] [N1, H]

1353 [1247] [To pile like Thunder to it’s close] [N1]

1454 [1397] [It sounded as if the Streets were running] [N1]

1489 [1463] [A Route of Evanescence] [N1, H]

1577 [1545] [The Bible is an antique Volume - ] [N1, H]

1593 [1587] [He ate and drank the precious Words - ] [N1]

1665 [1581] [The farthest Thunder that I heard] [N1]

1668 [1624] [Apparently with no surprise] [N1]

1675 [1601] [Of God we ask one favor, that we may be forgiven - ] [N1]

1715 [1651] [A word made Flesh is seldom] [N1]

1773 [1732] [My life closed twice before it’s close] [N1]

----------- [It sifts form Leaden Sievers] [H]
----------- [There came a Day at Summer's full] [H]
----------- [God is a distantstately Lover] [H]
----------- [Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat? [H]
----------- [I tie my HatI crease my Shawl] [H]
----------- [I showed her Hights she never saw] [H]
----------- [Her sweet Weight on my Heart a Night] [H]
----------- [One Crucifixion is recordedonly] [H]
----------- [I reckonwhen I count at all] [H]
----------- [I had been hungry, all the Years] [H]
----------- [Empty my Heart, of Thee] [H]
----------- [They shut me up in Prose] [H]
----------- [Ourselves were wed one summerdear] [H]
----------- [The Brainis wider than the Sky] [H]
----------- [Essential Oilsare wrung] [H]
----------- [They say that "Time Assuages"] [H]
----------- [Presentimentis that long Shadowon the Lawn] [H]
----------- [This Consciousness that is aware] [H]
----------- [The Poets light but Lamps] [H]
----------- [The Missing All, prevented Me] [H]
----------- [A narrow Fellow in the Grass] [H]
----------- [Perception of an object costs] [H]
----------- [Revolution is the Pod] [H]
----------- [He preached upon "Breadth" till it argued him narrow][H]
----------- [Not with a Club, the Heart is broken] [H]
----------- [What mystery pervades a well!] [H]
----------- [A Counterfeita Plated Person] [H]
----------- ["Heavenly Father"take to thee] [H]
----------- [Volcanoes be in Sicilty] [H]
----------- [Rearrange a "Wife's" affection!] [H]
----------- [To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee] [H]

Letters [N1, H]

To Abiah Root (January 29, 1850) [H]
----------- To Austin Dickinson (October 17, 1851) [H]

Letter Exchange with Susan Gilbert [N1, H]

April 1852 [H]

June 27, 1852 [H]

about 1870 [H]

About 1878 [H]

Early October 1883 [H]

About 1884 [H]

To Samuel Bowles (about February 1861) [H]
-----------To recipient unknown (about 1861) [H]

Letters to T. W. Higginson [N1, H]

April 15, 1862 [N1, H]

April 25, 1862 [N1, H]

June 7, 1862 [H]

July 1862 [H]

1876 [H]

To Otis P. Lord [rough draft] (about 1878) [H]

To Mrs. J. G. Holland (early May 1866) [H]

Dickinson on Poem 124 [216] [N1]


Life in the Iron-Mills

HENRY C. WORK (1832-1884) [Brown: political minstrel song]

Wake Nicodemus

Kingdom Coming

Babylon is Fallen

LOUISA MAY ALCOTT (1832–1888) [N1, H]

My Contraband [N1, H]

From Little Women [N1]

The Squatter and the Don

Chapter V. The Don in His Broad Acres
MARK TWAIN (Samuel L. Clemens) (1835–1910) [N1, H]

Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog [H]

The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County [N1

Roughing It [N1, H]

Chapter 23 [N1]

Chapter 48 [H]

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [N1, H]

Notice and Explanatory [H]

From Pudd’nhead Wilson

A True Story [H]

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg [H]

The Autobiography of Mark Twain [H]

Chapter 4

As Regards Patriotism

Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offences [N1]

The War Prayer [N1, H]

Letters from the Earth [N1]

Satan’s Letter

Letter II

Letter IV

Letter VI

Letter to the Earth

Harriet Prescott Spofford (1835-1921) [H]


BRET HARTE (1836–1902) [N1]

The Luck of Roaring Camp


Tennessee’s Partner

Sarah M. B. Piatt (1836-1894) [H]

Giving Back the Flower

Shapes of a Soul
The Palace-Burner
We Two
His Mother's Way

A Parting Hymn


From Journal One

From Journal Three
WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS (1837–1920) [N1, H]

“The Pilot’s Story” (poem)

from An Imperative Duty (novel)

Editha [N1, H]

from Criticism and Fiction [H]
Editor's Easy Chair [H]

from The Editor’s Study [H]

Letters to the Editor of the New York Tribune [H]

Mary E. Wilkin’s Short Stories [H]

Paul Laurence Dunbar [H]

Mr. Charles W. Chesnutt’s Stories [H]

From Henry James, Jr. [N1]

From Novel-Writing and Novel Reading: An Impersonal Explanation [N1]
HENRY ADAMS (1838–1918) [N1, H]

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres [H]

Chapter VI. The Virgin of Chartres

The Education of Henry Adams [N1, H]

Editor’s Preface [N1]

Preface [N1]

Chapter XXV. The Dynamo and the Virgin [N1, H]
ALBION TOURGÉE (1838-1905)

From A Fool’s Errand

From Bricks without Straw (chapter on ex-slaves’ naming)

Brief in Plessy v. Ferguson

Constance Fenimore Woolson (1840-1894) [H]

Miss Grief

AMBROSE BIERCE (1842–1914?) [N1, H]

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge [N1]

Chickamauga [N1, H]

Native American Oratory [N1]

Smohalla: Comments to Major MacMurray [N1]

Charlot: [He has filled graves with our bones] [N1]

HENRY JAMES (1843–1916) [N1, H]

Daisy Miller: A Study [N1]

The Art Fiction [N1, H]

The Jolly Corner [H]

The Real Thing [N1]

The Beast in the Jungle [N1]

George Washington Cable (1844-1925) [H]

'Tite Poulette

from The Grandissimes

from The Freedman’s Case in Equity

“Attalie Brouillard” (from Strange True Stories of Louisiana)

Letters to Charles W. Chesnutt

SARAH WINNEMUCCA (c. 1844–1891) [N1, H]

Life Among the Piutes [N1, H]

From Chapter I. First Meeting of Piutes and Whites [N1, H]

From Chapter II. Domestic and Social Moralities [N1]

From Chapter VIII. The Yakima Affair [N1]
JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS (1848–1908) [N1, H]

from Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings [N1, H]

Uncle Remus Initiates the Little Boy

The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story

How Mr. Rabbit Was Too Sharp for Mr. Fox

from Free Joe, and Other Georgian Sketches [H]
-----------Free Joe and the Rest of the World

EMMA LAZARUS (1849–1887) [N1]

In the Jewish Synagogue at Newport


The New Colossus
SARAH ORNE JEWETT (1849–1909) [N1, H]

A White Heron [N1, H]

Martha’s Lady [H]

The Foreigner [N1]

Valentine McGillycuddy (1849) [N1]

From McGillycuddy’s Statement
KATE CHOPIN (1850–1904) [N1, H]

Desiree’s Baby [N1, H]

The Story of an Hour [N1]

The Storm [N1]

  • The Awakening [N1, H]

The Western Association of Writers [H]
Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919) [H]

Goddess of Liberty, Answer


Tobe’s Dream [Sterling Brown: best dialect poem before Dunbar]

MARY E. WILKINS FREEMAN (1852–1930) [N1, H]

A New England Nun [N1, H]

The Revolt of “Mother” [N1, H]

Love and the Witches [H]

Grace King (1852-1932) [H]

The Little Convent Girl

José Martí (1853-1895) [N1, H]

Our America

IRWIN RUSSELL (1853-1879)

Christmas-Night in the Quarters

“Marse Chan” From: In Ole Virginia; or, Marse Chan and Other Stories

BOOKER T. WASHINGTON (1856–1915) [N1, N2, H]

Up from Slavery [N1, N2, H]

Chapter I. A Slave among Slaves [N1, N2, H]

Chapter II. Boyhood Days [N1, N2]

Chapter III. The Struggle for an Education [N1, H]

Chapter VI. Black Race and Red Race [H]

Chapter XIII. Two Thousand Miles for a Five-Minute Speech [H]

Chapter XIV. The Atlanta Exposition Address [N1, N2, H]

Alice Brown (1857-1948) [H]

Review of Sarah Orne Jewett's Country of the Pointed Firs

CHARLES W. CHESNUTT (1858–1932) [N1, N2, H]

What Is a White Man? [H]

The Goophered Grapevine [N1, N2, H]

Dave’s Neckliss

Mars Jeems Nightmare

The Wife of His Youth [N1, N2, H]

Her Virginia Mammy

The Passing of Grandison [N1, N2, H]

The Sheriff’s Children

The Doll

A Defamer of His Race [N2]

What is a White Man

From The Journals of Charles W. Chesnutt [N2, H]

One novel (The Marrow of Tradition)
ANNA JULIA COOPER (1858?–1964) [N2]

Womanhood a Vital Element in the Regeneration and Progress of a Race

Charles Alexander Eastman (Sioux) (1858-1939) [N1, H]

from The Soul of the Indian [H]
----------- Chapter I, The Great Mystery [H]
from From the Deep Woods to Civilization [N1, H]
----------- Chapter VII, The Ghost Dance War [H]
PAULINE HOPKINS (1859–1930) [N1, N2, H]

Preface for Contending Forces [H]

Talma Gordon [N2]

Famous Men of the Negro Race [N2]

Booker T. Washington

Famous Women of the Negro Race [N2]

V. Literary Workers (Concluded)

Letter from Cordelia A. Condict and Pauline Hopkin’s Reply (March 1903) [N2]

A Dash for Liberty [N1]

from Contending Forces [H]

Chapter VIII, The Sewing Circle

Chapter XIV, Luke Sawyer Speaks to the League

HAMLIN GARLAND (1860–1940) [N1, H]

Under the Lion’s Paw [N1]

Up the Coulé: A Story of Wisconsin [H]
ABRAHAM CAHAN (1860–1951) [N1, H]

The Imported Bridegroom [N1]

from Yekl [H]

Chapter 4, The Meeting
-----------Chapter 9, The Parting
-----------Chapter 10, A Defeated Victor

The Yellow Wall-paper [N1, H]

Why I Wrote “The Yellow Wall-paper”? [N1]

Turned [H]

To the Indifferent Women [N1]

She Walketh Veiled and Sleeping Turned [N1]

E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake) (1861-1913) [H]

The Camper

The Corn Husker
The Indian Corn Planter
EDITH WHARTON (1862–1937) [N1, H]

The Other Two [N1, H]

Roman Fever [N1, H]

The Valley of Childish Things [H]

Souls Belated [H]
The Life Apart (L'âme close) [H]
The Eyes [H]
IDA B. WELLS-BARNETT (1862–1931) [N1, N2]

From Mob Rule in New Orleans [N1]

A Red Record [N2]

Chapter I. The Case Stated

Chapter X. The Remedy

Elaine Goodale Eastman (1863-1953) [H]

The Wood-Chopper to His Ax

The Cross and the Pagan
BLACK ELK (1863–1950) and JOHN G. NEIHARDT (1881–1973) [N1]

Black Elk Speaks

III. The Great Vision
SUI SIN FAR (Edith Maud Eaton) (1865–1914) [N1, H]

Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian [H]

Mrs. Spring Fragrance [N1, H]

In the Land of the Free [H]

Finley Peter Dunne (1867-1936) [H]

The Wanderers

The Popularity of Firemen
The Piano in the Parlor
JAMES EDWIN CAMPBELL (1867-1896) [Sterling Brown]

De Cunjah Man

When Ol’ Sis Judy Pray [gets something of the hard realism missing in Dunbar]
MARY HUNTER AUSTIN (1868–1934) [N1, H]

The Land of Little Rain [N1]

The Scavengers [N1]

from Earth Horizon [H]

Chapter III
EDGAR LEE MASTERS (1868–1950) [N1, H]

Trainor, the Druggist [N1]

Margaret Fuller Slack [N1]

Abel Melveny [N1]

Lucinda Matlock [N]

from Spoon River Anthology [H]
----------- Petit, the Poet
----------- Seth Compton
----------- Lucinda Matlock
----------- The Village Atheist
from The New Spoon River [H]
----------- Cleanthus Trilling
from Lichee Nuts [H]
----------- Ascetics and Drunkards
----------- Great Audiences and Great Poets
from The Harmony of Deeper Music [H]
----------- Not to See Sandridge Again

from Toward the Gulf

-----------Dear Old Dick [Brown: racial clichés!]
W. E. B. DU BOIS (1868–1963) [N1, N2, H]

A Litany of Atlanta [N2]

The Riddle of the Sphinx [Brown]

The Song of the Smoke [N2, H]

The Souls of Black Folk [N1, N2, H]

The Forethought [N1, N2]

I. Of Our Spiritual Strivings [N1, N2, H]

III. Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others [N1, N2, H]

IV. Of the Meaning of Progress [N2]

V. Of the Wings of Atalanta [N2]

VI. Of the Training of Black Men [N2]

X. Of the Faith of the Fathers [N2]

XI. Of the Passing of the First-Born [N2]

XII. Of Alexander Crummell [N2]

XIII. Of the Coming of John [N2]

XIV. The Sorrow Songs [N2, H]

The After-Thought [N2]

The Damnation of Women [N2]

Criteria of Negro Art [N2]

Two Novels [N2]

JAMES D. CORROTHERS (1869–1917) [N2]

The Snapping of the Bow

Me ’n’ Dunbar

Paul Laurence Dunbar

At the Closed Gate of Justice

An Indignation Dinner


The Clerks [H]

Aunt Imogen [H]

Momus [H]

Eros Turannos [H]

The Tree in Pamela’s Garden [H]

Luke Havergal [N1]

Richard Cory [N1]

Miniver Cheevy [N1]

Mr. Flood’s Party [N1, H]

Toussaint L’Ouverture [Brown]
FRANK NORRIS (1870–1902) [N1]

Fantaisie Printanière

Zola as a Romantic Writer

A Plea for Romantic Fiction

From The Octopus (opening perhaps?)
THEODORE DREISER (1871–1945) [N1, H]

Sister Carrie [N1]

Chapter I

Chapter III

The Second Choice [H]

True Art Speaks Plainly [N1]

STEPHEN CRANE (1871–1900) [N1, H]

A Mystery of Heroism [H]

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets [N1]

The Open Boat [N1, H]

The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky [H]

The Black Riders [N1, H]

VI [N1]


God Lay Dead in Heaven [H]

From War Is Kind [N1, H]

----------- Do Not Weep, Maiden, for War Is Kind [H]

----------- The Impact of a Dollar upon the Heart [H]
----------- A Man Said to the Universe [H]
----------- A Newspaper Is a Collection of Half-Injustices [H]
----------- There Was a Man with Tongue of Wood [H]
from Uncollected Poems [H]
----------- Chant You Loud of Punishments
JAMES WELDON JOHNSON (1871–1938) [N1, N2, H]

Sence You Went Away [N2, Brown: JWJ later attacked poem for triteness]

Lift Every Voice and Sing [N1, N2, H]

O Black and Unknown Bards [N2, H]

Fifty Years [N2]

Brothers [N2, Brown]

The Black Mammy [Brown]

The Creation [N2, H]

My City [N2]

Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man [N1, N2, H]

Chapter X [N1, H]

The Book of American Negro Poetry [N2]

Lola Ridge (1871-1941) [H]

Stone Face

JOHN WESLEY WORK (1871-1925)

From Folk Songs of the American Negro (1915) [Sterling Brown]

PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR (1872–1906) [N1, N2, H]

Mr. Cornelius Johnson, Office-Seeker [H]

Ode to Ethiopia [N2]

Worn Out [N2]

A Negro Love Song [N2]

The Colored Soldiers [N2]

An Ante-Bellum Sermon [N2]

Ere Sleep Comes Down to Soothe the Weary Eyes [N2]

Not They Who Soar [N2]

When Malindy Sings [N1, N2, H]

An Ante-Bellum Sermon [N1, H]

We Wear the Mask [N1, N2, H]

Little Brown Baby [N2]

Her Thought and His [N2]

A Cabin Tale [N2]

Sympathy [N1, N2, H]

Dinah Kneading Dough [N2]

The Haunted Oak [N2]

Harriet Beecher Stowe [N1]

Douglass [N2] (*not sure if “Douglass” and “Frederick Douglass” are the same poem.)

Frederick Douglass [N1, H]

Philosophy [N2]

Black Samson of Brandywine [N2]

The Poet [N2]

The Fourth of July and Race Outrages [N2]
SUTTON E. GRIGGS (1872–1933) [N2]

The Hindered Hand; or, The Reign of the Repressionist

Chapter XIX. The Fugitives Flee Again

Chapter XX. The Blaze

W.C. HANDY (1873-1958)

St. Louis Blues

WILLA CATHER (1873–1947) [N1, H]

My Ántonia [N1]

*The Sculptor’s Funeral [N1]

A Wagner Matinée [H]

from The Novel Démeublé
Ellen Glasgow (1873-1945) [H]

The Professional Instinct

Alexander Lawrence Posey (1873-1908) [H]

Ode to Sequoyah

Hotgun on the Death of Yadeka Harjo
Fus Fixico's Letter Number 44
AMY LOWELL (1874–1925) [N1, H]

The Captured Goddess [N1]

Venus Transiens [N1, H]

Madonna of the Evening Flowers [N1, H]

September, 1918 [N1]

St. Louis [N1]

New Heavens for Old [N1]

A Lady [H]

Patterns [H]
The Letter [H]
Summer Rain [H]
Opal [H]
Wakefulness [H]
Grotesque [H]
The Sisters [H]
GERTRUDE STEIN (1874–1946) [N1, H]

The Making of Americans [N1, H]


Melanctha (1909)

Tender Buttons [N1]

Objects [N1]

Susie Asado [H]

Preciosilla [H]
Ladies' Voices [H]
from Composition as Explanation [H]
from The Geographical History of America or the Relation of Human Nature to the Human Mind [H]
from The Mother of Us All [H]

from The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas [N1]
ARTHUR A. SCHOMBURG (1874–1938) [N2]

The Negro Digs Up His Past

RIDGELY TORRENCE (1874-1950) [Brown]

Blackbird [Brown; one of the most memorable poems]

JOHN M. OSKISON (1874–1947) [N1, H]

The Problem of Old Harjo

ROBERT FROST (1874–1963) [N1, H]

The Pasture [N1, H]

Mowing [N1]

Mending Wall

The Death of the Hired Man [N1]

Home Burial [N1]

After Apple-Picking [N1]

The Wood-Pile [N1]

The Road Not Taken [N1, H]

An Old Man’s Winter Night [H]

The Oven Bird [N1, H]

Birches [N1]

“Out, Out—” [N1, H]

The Line-Gang [N1, H]

The Ax-Helve [N1, H]

Fire and Ice [N1]

Nothing Gold Can Stay [N1]

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening [N1, H]

Desert Places [N1, H]

Once by the Pacific [H]

Design [N1, H]

Neither Out Far Nor In Deep [N1]

Provide, Provide [N1, H]

The Gift Outright [N1]

Directive [N1, H]

The Figure a Poem Makes [N1]

J. MORD [Junius Mordecai] ALLEN (1875-??) [Sterling Brown, Jean Wagner]

From Rhymes, Tales, and Rhymed Tales (1906)

The Devil and Sis Viney [Brown]

When the Fish Begin to Bite [Brown]

Shine On, Mr. Sun [Brown]

The Squeak of the Fiddle [Wagner]

Eureka [Wagner]

His Race’s Benefactor [Wagner]


Violets [N2]

I Sit and Sew [N2, H]

You! Inez! [H]

The Proletariat Speaks [H]

April Is on the Way [N2]

Violets [N2]

Sista Josepha [H]

Onoto Watanna (Winifred Eaton) (1875-1954) [H]

A Half Caste

Ghost Dance Song [H]

Ghost Dance Songs

JACK LONDON (1876–1916) [N1, H]

The Law of Life [N1]

To Build a Fire [N1]

The Mexican [N1]

The House of Pride [N1]

South of the Slot [H]

From What Life Means to Me [N1]
WILLIAM ELLERY LEONARD (1876-1944) [Brown]

The Lynching Bee [Brown: fierce attack upon mob violence]

ZITKALA SÂ (Gertrude Simmons Bonnin) (1876–1938) [N1, H]

Impressions of an Indian Childhood [N1]

I. My Mother

II. The Legends

IV. The Coffee-Making

VII. The Big Red Apples

The School Days of an Indian Girl [N1, H]

I. The Land of Red Apples [N1, H]

II. The Cutting of My Long Hair [N1, H]

III. The Snow Episode [H]

V. Iron Routine [N1]

VI. Four Strange Summers [N1, H]

VII. Incurring My Mother’s Displeasure [N1, H]

An Indian Teacher among Indians [N1]

I. My First Day

III. My Mother’s Curse upon White Settlers

IV. Retrospection

The Soft-Hearted Sioux [N1]

Why I Am a Pagan [N1, H]
Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn (1876-1959) [H]

Behold the Lillies

SUSAN GLASPELL (1876–1948) [N1, H]

SHERWOOD ANDERSON (1876–1941) [N1, H]

Winesburg, Ohio [N1]

Hands [N1, H]

Death in the Woods [H]

Mother [N1]

Adventure [N1]

From Dark Laughter
WILLIAM STANLEY BRAITHWAITE (1878–1962) [N2] [link w/ Amy Lowell/POETRY]

The Watchers

The House of Falling Leaves

Sic Vita

Turn Me to My Yellow Leaves

Quiet Has a Hidden Sound

UPTON SINCLAIR (1878–1968) [N1, H]

The Jungle [N1, H]

Chapter 2 [H]

Chapter 9 [N1, H]

Chapter 11 [H]

Chapter 12 [H]

Chapter 14 [H]
The Ghost Dance and Wounded Knee [N1]

Ghost Dance Songs

Algonquin Spirit

Moki’s Song
CARL SANDBURG (1878–1967) [N1]

From The American Songbag [Brown]



Cool Tombs


Singing Nigger: Your bony head, Jazbo, O dock walloper [Brown]
VACHEL LINDSAY (1879-1931) [Brown]

The Congo [Brown]

Simon Legree [Brown]

John Brown [Brown]

Poems about cinema [WS]
WALLACE STEVENS (1879–1955) [N1, H]

The Snow Man [N1, H]

A High-Toned Old Christian Woman [N1, H]

The Emperor of Ice-Cream [N1]

Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock [N1]

Sunday Morning [N1, H]

Anecdote of the Jar [N1, H]

Peter Quince at the Clavier [N1, H]

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird [N1]

The Idea of Order at Key West [N1]

Of Modern Poetry [N1, H]

Of Mere Being [H]

The Plain Sense of Things [N1]

The Course of a Particular [H]


A Winter Twilight

The Black Finger

When the Green Lies over the Earth

LESLEY PINCKNEY HILL (1880-1960) [Brown]

From Toussaint L’Ouverture [Brown: ambitious verse drama]
H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) [H]

The Sahara of the Bozarts

Other selections
CARL VAN VECHTEN (1880-1967)

From Nigger Heaven (1926) [chapters w/ Hughes’ poetry, discussion of Chesnutt story]

“The Blues,” Vanity Fair (August 1925) [Sterling Brown]

Portfolio of photographs

Mary Antin (1881-1949) [H]

from The Promised Land
----------- from Chapter IX
Elizabeth Madox Roberts (1881-1941) [H]

Death at Bearwallow

Anzia Yezierska (1881?-1970) [H]

America and I

ANNE SPENCER (1882–1975) [N2, H]

Before the Feast of Shushan [N2]

Dunbar [N2]

At the Carnival [N2]

The Wife-Woman [N2]

Lines to a Nasturtium [H]

Substitution [H]
For Jim, Easter Eve [H]
MINA LOY (1882–1966) [N1]


Brancusi’s Golden Bird

Lunar Baedeker

Feminist Manifesto

Danse Russe [H]

The Young Housewife [N1, H]

Portrait of a Lady [N1, H]

Queen-Anne’s-Lace [N1]

The Widow’s Lament in Springtime [N1]

Spring and All [N1, H]

The Pot of Flowers [H]

The Rose [H]

To Elsie [N1, H]

The Red Wheelbarrow [N1, H]

Young Sycamore [H]

The Flower [H]

The Poor [H]

The Dead Baby [N1]

This Is Just to Say [N1]

A Sort of a Song [N1]

The Dance (“In Brueghel’s great picture, The Kermess”) [N1]

Burning the Christmas Greens [N1, H]

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus [N1, H]

The Descent [H]

The Pink Locust [H]

The Great Figure [H]
JESSIE REDMON FAUSET (c. 1884–1961) [N1, N2]

Plum Bun: A Novel without a Moral [N2]


Chapter I [Black Philadelphia]

Chapter II [Sundays]

From There is Confusion [N1]
SINCLAIR LEWIS (1885-1951)

From Kingsblood Royal

and another selection

EZRA POUND (1885–1972) [N1, H]

To Whistler, American [N1]

Portrait d’une Femme [N1]

A Virginal [N1, H]

A Pact [N1, H]

In a Station of the Metro [N1, H]

L’art 1910 [H]

A Retrospect [N1, H]

The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter [N1]

Villanelle: The Psychological Hour [N1]

Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (Life and Contacts) [N1, H]

-E.P. Ode pour L'electionde Son Sepulchre

----------- Yeux Glauques
----------- Siena mi fe'; Disfecemi Maremma
----------- Brennbaum
----------- Mr. Nixon
----------- Envoi (1919)

The Cantos [N1, H]

I (“And then went down to the ship”) [N1, H]

XIII (“Kung walked”) [H]

XVII (“So that the vines burst from my fingers”) [N1]

XLV (“With Usura”) [N1, H]

LXXXI [Yet/Ere the season died a-cold] [H]
CXX [I have tried to write Paradise] [H]

Harlem [Brown]

Randolph Bourne (1886-1918) [H]

Trans-National America

ALAIN LOCKE (1886–1954) [N2, H]

The New Negro


The Heart of a Woman


Lost Illusions

I Want to Die While You Love Me
H. D. (HILDA DOOLITTLE) (1886–1961) [N1, H]

Sea Rose [H]

The Helmsman [H]

Mid-day [N1]

Oread [N1, H]

Leda [N1]

Fragment 113 [N1]

Helen [N1, H]

From The Walls Do Not Fall [43] [N1]

From Tribute to the Anges [8, 12, 19, 20, 23, 43] [H]
Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962) [H]

Rock and Hawk

The Purse-Seine
Self-Criticism in February
The Bloody Sire
The Excesses of God
The Beauty of Things
Carmel Point
MARIANNE MOORE (1887–1972) [N1, H]

England [H]

To a Chameleon [H]

An Egyptian Pulled Glass Bottle in the Shape of a Fish [H]

The Pangolin [H]

Poetry [N1, H]

To a Snail [N1]

What Are Years? [N1, H]

Nevertheless [H]

The Paper Nautilus [N1]

The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing [N1, H]

In Distrust of Merits [N1]

MARCUS GARVEY (1887–1940) [N2]

Africa for the Africans

The Future as I See It
T. S. ELIOT (1888–1965) [N1, H]

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock [N1, H]

Preludes [H]

Sweeney among the Nightingales [N1, H]

From Tradition and the Individual Talent [N1, H]

Gerontion [N1]

The Waste Land [N1, H]

The Hollow Men [N1]

Journey of the Magi [N1]

Four Quartets [N1]

Burnt Norton [N1]

The Dry Salvages [N1, H]

Mourning Dove (Okanogan) (1888-1936) [H]

from Coyote Stories
----------- Preface
----------- The Spirit Chief Names the Animal People
FENTON JOHNSON (1888–1958) [N2]

Singing Hallelujah

Song of the Whirlwind

My God in Heaven Said to Me

The Lonely Mother


The Scarlet Woman
EUGENE O’NEILL (1888–1953) [N1, H]

The Emperor Jones (1920)

All God’s Chillun Got Wings (1924)

Long Day’s Journey into Night [N1]

The Hairy Ape [H]
John Crowe Ransom (1888-1974) [H]

Here Lies a Lady

Piazza Piece
The Equilibrists
WALDO FRANK (1889-1967)

From Our America (1919, manifesto)

From Holiday (novel, 1923)

Letters to Jean Toomer

FANNIE HURST (1889-1968)

From Imitation of Life (1933)

Memoir of Zora Neale Hurston
CLAUDE McKAY (1889–1948) [N1, N2, H]

The Harlem Dancer [N1, H]

Harlem Shadows [N1, N2, H]

I Shall Return [H]

The Lynching [N1, H]

If We Must Die [N1, N2, H]

Africa [N1, N2]

America [N1, N2, H]

In Bondage [H]

Flame-Heart [H]

Flower of Love [H]

The Red Flower [H]

My Mother [N2]

Enslaved [N2]

The White House [N2]

Outcast [N2]

St. Isaac’s Church, Petrograd [N2]

Home to Harlem [N2]

Chapter XVII. He Also Loved

Harlem Runs Wild [N2]


Flowering Judas [N1, H]

Pale Horse, Pale Rider [N1]

The Jilting of Granny Weatherall [H]

ZORA NEALE HURSTON (1891–1960) [N1, N2, H]

The Eatonville Anthology [N1]

The Back Room

Sweat [N2, H]


The Gilded Six-Bits [N1, N2, H]

How It Feels to Be Colored Me [N1, N2]

Characteristics of Negro Expression [N2]

Sermon from Jonah’s Gourd Vine

How to Write a Letter [H]

Mules and Men [N2]

[Negro Folklore]

Their Eyes Were Watching God [N2]

Chapter 1 [The Return]

Chapter 2 [Pear Tree]

Dust Tracks on a Road [N2]

Chapter X. Research

NELLA LARSEN (1891?–1964) [N1, N2, H]

Quicksand [N1, N2]

from Passing [H]


MAXWELL BODENHEIM (1892-1954) [Brown praises him]

An old Negro Asleep

The Cotton Pickers

Jazz Kaleidoscope [Brown]

Gray Rivers [Brown finds it a striking militant poem]

Djuna Barnes (1892-1982) [H]

EDNA ST. VINCENT MILLAY (1892–1950) [N1, H]

Spring [H]

The Spring and the Fall [H]

[Euclid alone has looked on Beauty bare] [H]
Dirge Without Music [H]
[Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink] [H]
The Return [H]
[Here lies, and none to mourn him but the sea] [H]
[His stalk the dark delphinium] [H]
Sonnet xli [H]
Sonnet xcv [H]
Justice Denied in Massachusetts [H]

Recuerdo [N1]

I Think I Should Have Loved You [N1]

Presently [N1]

[I, being born a woman] [N1]

Apostrophe to Man [N1]

I Too beneath Your Moon, Almighty Sex [N1]

I Forgot for a Moment [N1]

Michael Gold (1893-1967) [H]

from Jews Without Money
---------- The Soul of a Landlord

[excerpt with friend nicknamed “nigger”]

Genevieve Taggard (1894-1948) [H]

Up State-Depression Summer

To the Negro People
Ode in Time of Crisis
To the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

E. E. CUMMINGS (1894–1962) [N1, H]

Thy fingers make early flowers of [N1]

in Just- [N1]

O sweet spontaneous [N1

Buffalo Bill’s [N1, H]

into the strenuous briefness [H]

the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls [N1, H]

i like my body when it is with you [H]

my sweet old etcetera [H]

since feeling is first [H]

“next to of course god america i [N1]

i sing of Olaf glad and big [N1, H]

Picasso [H]

anyone lived in a pretty how town [N1, H]

plato told [H]

what if a much of a which of a wind [H]

pity this busy monster, manunkind [N1, H]

somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond [N1]

my father moved through dooms of love [N1]

From The Enormous Room [N1]
Charles Reznikoff (1894-1976) [H]

After Rain

[Among the heaps of brick and plaster lies]

[How shall we mourn you who are killed and wasted]

Aphrodite Vrania
[The shoemaker sat in the cellars dusk beside his bench]
[In steel clouds]
[About an excavation]
The English in Virginia, April 1607
from Testimony
----------- I
----------- II
JEAN TOOMER (1894–1967) [N1, N2, H]

Cane [N1, N2, H] the entire text

Karintha [N2, H]

Reapers [N2]

November Cotton Flower [N2]

Becky [N2]

Face [N2]

Cotton Song [N2]

Carma [N2]

Song of the Son [N2, H]

Georgia Dusk [N1, N2]

Fern [N1, N2]

Nullo [N2]

Evening Song [N2]

Esther [N2]

Conversion [N2]

Portrait in Georgia [N1, N2]

Seventh Street [N1, N2]

Blood-Burning Moon [N1, N2, H]

Rhobert [N2]

Avey [N2]

Beehive [N2]

Storm Ending [N2]

Theater [N2]

Her Lips Are Copper Wire [N2]

Calling Jesus [N2]

Box Seat [N2, H]

Prayer [N2]

Harvest Song [N2]

Bona and Paul [N2]

Seventh Streeth [H]

John Joseph Mathews (Osage) (1894-1979) [H]

from Sundown
----------- I
----------- II

The Negro-Art Hokum [N1, H]

Our Greatest Gift to America [H]
F. SCOTT FITZGERALD (1896–1940) [N1, H]

Winter Dreams [N1]

Babylon Revisited [N1]

May Day [H]

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz [H]
JOHN DOS PASSOS (1896–1970) [N1, H]

U.S.A. [N1, H]

The Body of an America [H]

The Bitter Drink [H]

The Big Money [N1]

Newsreel LXVIII [N1]

The Camera Eye (51) [N1]
Louise Bogan (1897-1970) [H]

The Sleeping Fury

Roman Fountain
After the Persian
The Dragonfly

RUDOLPH FISHER (1897–1934) [N2]

The City of Refuge

The Caucasian Storms Harlem

WILLIAM FAULKNER (1897–1962) [N1, H]

One full novel: The Sound and the Fury or Light in August or Absalom, Absalom! or Go Down Moses

As I Lay Dying [N1]

Barn Burning [N1]

*A Rose for Emily [N1]

A Courtship [H]

Delta Autumn [H]
Barn Burning [H]

Nobel Prize acceptance speech

Letters about desegregation
LILLIAN SMITH (1897-1966)

From Strange Fruit (1944)

“When I Was a Child” (from Killers of the Dream)
STEPHEN VINCENT BENÈT (1898-1943) [Brown]

From John Brown’s Body [Brown: section on Jubilee; and “"O, black-skinned epic, epic with the long black spear, I cannot sing you now, having too white a heart." These lines inspired Robert Hayden]

MARITA BONNER (1899–1971) [N2]

On Being Young—a Woman—and Colored

The Purple Flower (play)
HART CRANE (1899–1932) [N1, H]

Black Tambourine [H]

Chaplinesque [N1, H]

At Melville’s Tomb [N1, H]

The Bridge [N1, H]

To Brooklyn Bridge [N1, H]

The River [H]

From II. Powhatan’s Daughter [N1]

VII. The Tunnel [N1]

The Broken Tower [H]
ERNEST HEMINGWAY (1899–1961) [N1, H]

The Snows of Kilimanjaro [N1]

Hills Like White Elephants [H]

Letter of August 18, 1918, to His Parents [N1]

MEZZ MEZZROW (1899-1972)

From Really the Blues (Hip dictionary)
Allen Tate (1899-1979) [H]

Ode to the Confederate Dead


From Gone with the Wind

THOMAS WOLFE (1900–1938) [N1]

The Lost Boy

Meridel LeSueur (1900-1996) [H]

Women on the Breadlines

MELVIN B. TOLSON (1900?–1966) [N2]

An Ex-Judge at the Bar

Dark Symphony

Rendezvous with America

A Legend of Versailles

From Libretto for the Republic of Liberia

The Birth of John Henry

STERLING A. BROWN (1901–1989) [N1, N2, H]

Mister Samuel and Sam [N1]

He Was a Man [N1]

Master and Man [N1]

Break of Day [N1]

Bitter Fruit of the Tree [N1]

Odyssey of Big Boy [N2]

Long Gone [N2]

Southern Road [N2]

Strong Men [N2, H]

Memphis Blues [N2]

Slim Greer [N2]

Tin Roof Blues [N2]

Ma Rainey [N2, H]

Slim in Hell [D]

Remembering Nat Turner [H]

Song of Triumph [H]

Cabaret [N2]

Sporting Beasley [N2]

Sam Smiley [N2]

Old Lem [N2]

When de Saints Go Ma’ching Home [H]

GWENDOLYN B. BENNETT (1902–1981) [N2, H]

Heritage [N2, H]

To Usward [H]

To a Dark Girl [N2]

Sonnet—2 [N2]

Hatred [N2]

Advice [H]

Lines Written at the Grave of Alexandre Dumas [H]

Kenneth Fearing (1902-1961) [H]


WALLACE THURMAN (1902–1934) [N2]

Infants of the Spring

Chapter XXI [Harlem Salon]
ARNA BONTEMPS (1902–1973) [N2]

A Black Man Talks of Reaping

Nocturne at Bethesda

Southern Mansion


A Summer Tragedy

From Black Thunder
LANGSTON HUGHES (1902–1967) [N1, N2, H]

The Negro Speaks of Rivers [N1, N2, H]

Mother to Son [N1, N2]

Danse Africaine [N2]

Jazzonia [N2]

When Sue Wears Red [N2]

Dream Variations [N2, H]

Thank You, M’am [H]

Drum [H]

Freedom Train [H]

I, Too [N1, N2, H]

Negro [H]

The Weary Blues [N1, N2, H]

Jazz Band in a Parisian Cabaret [N2]

Homesick Blues [N2]

Po’ Boy Blues [N2]

Mulatto [N1, N2]

Red Silk Stockings [N2]

Song for a Dark Girl [N1, N2]

Gal’s Cry for a Dying Lover [N2]

Dear Lovely Death [N2]

Afro-American Fragment [N2]

Negro Servant [N2]

Christ in Alabama [N2]

Letter to the Academy [N2]

Bad Luck Card [H]

Ballad of the Landlord [N2]

Merry-Go-Round [N2]

Madam an the Rent Man [N2]

Trumpet Player [N2]

Madam and the Phone Bill [N2]

Song for Billie Holiday [N2]

Juke Box Love Song [N2]

Dream Boogie [N2]

Harlem [N2, H]

Motto [N2]

Not What Was [N2]

The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain [N1, N2, H]

The Blues I’m Playing [N2]

Genius Child [N1]

Visitors to the Black Belt [N1]

Note on Commercial Theatre [N1]

Big Meeting [H]

The Same [H]

Vagabonds [N1]

Words Like Freedom [N1]

Madam and Her Madam [N1]

Freedom [1] [N1]

Madam’s Calling Cards [N1]

Silhouette [N1]

Theme for English B [N1, N2]

Goodbye Christ [H]

Air Raid over Harlem [H]

Johannesburg Mines [H]

The English [H]

Radioactive Red Caps [H]

The Big Sea [N2, H]

When the Negro Was in Vogue [N2, H]

Harlem Literati [N2]

Downtown [N2]

The Sweet Flypaper of Life [with Roy DeCarava photographs]

Essay on Pudd’nhead Wilson


JOHN STEINBECK (1902–1968) [N1, H]

The Leader of the People [N1]

The Chrysanthemums [H]

from The Grapes of Wrath [H]
----------- Chapter One
----------- Chapter Five
Kay Boyle (1903-1993) [H]

A Communication to Nancy Cunard

Home (story about a Black GI who is nice to a German kid)
COUNTEE CULLEN (1903–1946) [N1, N2, H]

Yet Do I Marvel [N1, N2 H]

Pagan Prayer [H]

Tableau [N2]

Incident [N1, N2, H]

From the Dark Tower [H]

Simon the Cyrenian Speaks [H]

Saturday’s Child [N2]

The Shroud of Color [N2]

Heritage [N1, N2, H]

Scottsboro, Too, Is Worth Its Song [H]

To John Keats, Poet, at Spring Time [N2]

From the Dark Tower [N1, N2]

Uncle Jim [N1]

Younghill Kang (1903-1972) [H]

from East Goes West
----------- Part One, Book Three
D'Arcy McNickle (1904-1977)[H]

Hard Riding

Lillian Hellman (1905-1984) [H]

from Scoundrel Time
STANLEY KUNITZ (1905–2006) [N1]

Father and Son

After the Last Dynasty


The Wellfleet Whale

From Barrio Boy

ROBERT PENN WARREN (1905–1989) [N1, H]

Bearded Oaks [N1]

Audubon [N1]

I. Was Not the Lost Dauphin

VI. Love and Knowledge

VII. Tell Me a Story

American Portrait: Old Style [N1]

Mortal Limit [N1]

Founding Fathers, Early-Nineteenth-Century Style, Southeast U.S.A. [H]
Infant Boy at Midcentury [H]
The Leaf [H]
Evening Hawk [H]
Heart of Autumn [H]
Amazing Grace in the Back Country [H]
Fear and Trembling [H]

From Band of Angels

From Desegregation: The Inner Conflict of the South
WARING CUNEY (1906-1976)

The Death Bed

No Images

Hard Time Blues [three poems by an unfortunately forgotten black poet]
Joseph Kalar (1906-1972) [H]


Clifford Odets (1906-1963) [H]

Waiting for Lefty

Saunders Redding (1906-1988) [H]

from No Day of Triumph
----------- Chapter One, Troubled in Mind
HELENE JOHNSON (1907–1995) [N2]


Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem

Remember Not

DOROTHY WEST (1907–1998) [N2]

The Living Is Easy

Part One

Chapter 1 [Cleo]

Chapter 2 [Cleo’s High Jinks]

Chapter 3 [Cleo Goes North]

RICHARD WRIGHT (1908–1960) [N1, N2, H]

The Man Who Was Almost a Man [N1]

Blueprint for Negro Writing [N2]

The Ethics of Living Jim Crow, an Autobiographical Sketch [N2]

Long Black Song [N2]

The Man Who Lived Underground [N2]

Bright and Morning Star [H]
Between the World and Me [H]

From Native Son

Black Boy [N2]

Chapter XIII [Booklist]

Chapter XVI [Chicago]

From White Man Listen!

Albert Maltz (1908-1985) [H]

The Happiest Man on Earth

THEODORE ROETHKE (1908–1963) [N1, H]

Cuttings [N1]

Cuttings (later) [N1]

Root Cellar [N1, H]

Big Wind [N1, H]

Weed Puller [N1]

Frau Bauman, Frau Schmidt, and Frau Schwartze [N1, H]

Child on Top of a Greenhouse [N1]

My Papa’s Waltz [N1]

Dolor [N1]

Night Crow [N1]

The Lost Son [N1, H]

The Flight [H]

The Return [H]

It was beginning winter [H]

The Waking [N1]

Elegy for Jane [N1]

I Knew a Woman [N1]

Wish for a Young Wife [N1]

In a Dark Time [N1]

Elegy [H]

My Papa’s Waltz [H]

CHESTER B. HIMES (1909–1984) [N2]

To What Red Hell

From Cotton Comes to Harlem

From The Quality of Hurt

Edwin Rolfe (1909-1954) [H]

Season of Death

First Love
EUDORA WELTY (1909–2001) [N1, H]

Petrified Man [N1]

The Wide Net [H]
CHARLES OLSON (1910–1970) [N1, H]

The Maximus Poems [N1, H]

I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You [N1, H]

Maximus, to Himself [N1, H]

[When do poppies bloom] [N1]

Celestial Evening, October 1967 [N1]

The Kingfishers [H]

For Sappho, Back [H]

From Projective Verse [N1]
PIETRO di DONATO (1911–1992) [N1, H]

Christ in Concrete

ELIZABETH BISHOP (1911–1979) [N1, H]

The Man-Moth [N1, H]

The Fish [N1, H]

At the Fishhouses [H]

Filling Station [H]

Over 2,000 Illustrations and a Complete Concordance [N1]

The Bight [N1]

At the Fishhouses [N1]

Questions of Travel [N1]

The Armadillo [N1]

Sestina [N1]

In the Waiting Room [N1]

The Moose [N1]

One Art [N1]

from Letter to Robert Lowell, March 21, 1972 [N1]
Alfred Hayes (1911-1985) [H]

In a Coffee Pot

ANN PETRY (1911–1997) [N2, H]

Like a Winding Sheet [N2]

The Street [N2]

Chapter I [The Apartment]

The Witness [H]

The Narrows
TENNESSEE WILLIAMS (1911–1983) [N1, H]

A Streetcar Named Desire [N1]

The Glass Menagerie

Portrait of a Madonna [H]

JOHN CHEEVER (1912–1982) [N1]

The Swimmer

Mary McCarthy (1912-1989) [H]

From The Group

from Memories of a Catholic Girlhood
---------- - Names
Carlos Bulosan (1913-1956) [H]

from America Is in the Heart
----------- from Chapter XIII
----------- from Chapter XIV
ROBERT HAYDEN (1913–1980) [N1, N2, H]

The Diver [N2]

Middle Passage [N1, N2]

Homage to the Empress of the Blues [N1, N2]

Those Winter Sundays [N1, N2, H]

Free Fantasia: Tiger Flowers [N1]

O Daedalus, Fly Away Home [N2]

Runagate Runagate [N2]

Frederick Douglass [N2]

A Ballad of Remembrance [N2]

Mourning Poem for the Queen of Sunday [N2, H]

Soledad [N2]

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz [N2]

A Letter from Phillis Wheatley [N2]

Tour 5 [H]

Summertime and the Living [H]

The Peacock

Belsen, Day of Liberation

Tillie Lerner Olsen (b. 1913) [H]

I Want You Women Up North to Know

Tell Me a Riddle
Muriel Rukeyser (1913-1980) [H]

The Minotaur

The Poem as Mask
Martin Luther King, Malcolm X
How We Did It

From Willard Gibbs [section on Amistad]

RANDALL JARRELL (1914–1965) [N1]

90 North

The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner

Second Air Force

Next Day

Well Water

Thinking of the Lost World
JOHN BERRYMAN (1914–1972) [N1]

From Homage to Mistress Bradstreet

The Dream Songs

1 (“Huffy Henry hid the day”)

14 (“Life, friends, is boring. We must not say so”)

29 (“There sat down, once, a thing on Henry’s heart”)

40 (“I’m scared a lonely. Never see my son”)

45 (“He stared at ruin. Ruin stared straight back”)

384 (“The marker slants, flowerless, day’s almost done”)

BERNARD MALAMUD (1914–1986) [N1, H]

The Magic Barrel

Black is My Favorite Color

The Angel Levine

RALPH ELLISON (1914–1994) [N1, N2, H]

Richard Wright’s Blues [N2]

Invisible Man [N1, N2] entire text

Prologue [N1, N2]

Chapter I [Battle Royal] [N1, N2]

Epilogue [N2]

Change the Joke and Slip the Yoke [N2]

The World and the Jug [N2]

Remembering Richard Wright [N2]

Letter to Stanley Edgar Hyman [N2]

A Party Down at the Square [H]
Flying Home [H]
Brave Words for a Startling Occasion [H]

[Dialogues with Irving Howe, Robert Penn Warren]

Daddy Hickman’s Sermon in Juneteenth
Thomas S. Whitecloud (Chippewa) (1914-1972) [H]

Blue Winds Dancing

SAUL BELLOW (1915–2005) [N1, H]

The Adventures of Augie March [N1]

Chapter One

Looking for Mr. Green [H]

From Mr. Sammler’s Planet (black character on bus)
ARTHUR MILLER (1915–2005) [N1, H]

Death of a Salesman [N1]

Crucible [H]
MARGARET WALKER (1915–1998) [N2, H]

For My People [N2]

Poppa Chicken [N2]

For Malcolm X [N2]

Prophets for a New Day [N2]

from Jubilee [H]
----------- 7. Cook in the Big House
----------- 8. Randall Ware
Southern Song [H]
For My People [H]
Ballad of the Hoppy-Toad [H]
Solace [H]
The Crystal Palace [H]

ALBERT MURRAY (b. 1916) [N2]

Train Whistle Guitar

[History Lessons]

from South to a Very Old Place
ROBERT LOWELL (1917–1977) [N1, H]

Colloquy in Black Rock [N1]

The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket [N1]

Mr. Edwards and the Spider [N1]

My Last Afternoon with Uncle Devereux Winslow [N1]

Home After Three Months Away [N1]

Memories of West Street and Lepke [N1, H]

Skunk Hour [N1, H]

Night Sweat [N1]

For the Union Dead [N1, H]

For Theodore Roethke [H]

Near the Ocean [H]

GWENDOLYN BROOKS (1917–2000) [N1, N2, H]

A Street In Bronzeville [N1]

kitchenette building [N1, N2]

the mother [N1, N2, H]

a song in the front yard [N1, N2]

Sadie and Maud [N2]

The Vacant Lot [N2]

the preacher: ruminates behind the sermon [N2]

The Sundays of Satin-Legs Smith [N2, H]

Maxie Allen [N2]

The Rites of Cousin Vit [N2]

The White Troops Had Their Orders But the Negroes Looked Like Men [N1]

The Womanhood [N1]

The Children of the Poor [N2]

The Children of the Poor (II) [N1]

The Lovers of the Poor [N2]

We Real Cool [N1, N2, H]

The Chicago Defender Sends a Man to Little Rock [N2]

A Lovely Love [N2]

Malcolm X [N2]

Two Dedications [N2]

Riot [N2]

The Third Sermon on the Warpland [N2]

Young Heroes [N2]

when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story [N2]

Maud Martha [N2]

The Bean Eaters [N1]

A Bronzeville Mother Loiters in Mississippi. Meanwhile a Mississippi Mother Burns Bacon [N1, H]

The Last Quatrain of the Ballad of Emmett Till [N1, H]

The Blackstone Rangers [N1]

To the Diaspora [N1]

Ulysses [H]

ROBERT DUNCAN (1919–1988) [N1]

Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow

A Poem Beginning with a Line by Pindar

Interrupted Forms

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (b. 1919) [H]

I Am Waiting

Dove Sta Amore . . .

The Old Italians Dying

RICHARD WILBUR (b. 1921) [N1]

The Beautiful Changes

The Death of a Toad

“A World without Objects Is a Sensible Emptiness”

Love Calls Us to the Things of This World

The Mind-Reader

Hisaye Yamamoto (b. 1921) [H]

Seventeen Syllables

JACK KEROUAC (1922–1969) [N1]

From On the Road

Big Sur

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14
KURT VONNEGUT (1922–2007) [N1]


Chapter One

The D.P. [story about a black child in postwar Germany]

GRACE PALEY (b. 1922) [N1, H]

A Conversation with My Father [N1]

Here [N1]

The Expensive Moment [H]

JAMES DICKEY (1923–1997) [N1]

Drowning with Others

The Heaven of Animals

DENISE LEVERTOV (1923–1997) [N1, H]

To the Snake [N1]

The Jacob’s Ladder [N1]

In Mind [N1]

Souvenir d’amitié [N1]

What Were They Like? [N1]

Caedmon [N1]

Illustrious Ancestors [H]
A Solitude [H]
Making Peace [H]
A Woman Alone [H]
The May Mornings [H]
MARI EVANS (b. 1923) [N2]

Status Symbol

I Am a Black Woman
HOYT FULLER (1923–1981) [N2]

Towards a Black Aesthetic

Norman Mailer (1923-2007) [H]

from The Armies of the Night

“The White Negro”

John Okada (1923-1971) [H]

from No-No Boy
----------- Chapter 6
JAMES BALDWIN (1924–1987) [N1, N2, H]

Giovanni’s Room

Everybody’s Protest Novel [N2]

Going to Meet the Man [N1, N2]

Stranger in the Village [N2]

Notes of a Native Son [N2]

Sonny’s Blues [N2, H]

Black Boy looks at White Boy

The Fire Next Time

From “The Threshing Floor” in Go Tell It on the Mountain

From Another Country (first 90 pages)

BOB KAUFMAN (1925–1986) [N2]

Walking Parker Home

Grandfather Was Queer, Too

Jail Poems

Abomunist Manifesto
FLANNERY O’CONNOR (1925–1964) [N1, H]

The Life You Save May Be Your Own [N1]

The Artificial Nigger

Good Country People [N1]

A Good Man Is Hard to Find [H]
A Sheaf of Poetry and Prose from the Beat Movement [H]
WILLIAM STYRON (1925-2006)

From The Confessions of Nat Turner (1967)


The Autobiography of Malcolm X [N2, H]

Chapter Eleven. Saved [N2]

Chapter 19, 1965 [H]

The Ballot or the Bullet
JOHN A. WILLIAMS (b. 1925) [N2]

The Man Who Cried I Am

1 [In an Outdoor Café]

2 [Memories, Margrit, Morphine]

3 [Picture of the Writer]
A. R. AMMONS (1926–2001) [N1]

So I Said I Am Ezra

Corsons Inlet

Easter Morning

Singling & Doubling Together

From Garbage

From A Poem Is a Walk
Robert Bly (b. 1926) [H]

Counting Small-Boned Bodies

The Teeth Mother Naked at Last
JAMES MERRILL (1926–1995) [N1]

An Urban Convalescence

The Broken Home

Dead Center

Family Week at Oracle Ranch
ROBERT CREELEY (1926–2005) [N1, H]

Kore [N1]

I Know a Man [N1, H]

For Love [N1, H]

Words [H]

Hart Crane [H]

The Messengers [N1]

The Birds [N1]

Fathers [N1]

America [H]

ALLEN GINSBERG (1926–1997) [N1, H]

Howl [N1, H]

Footnote to Howl [N1]

A Supermarket in California [N1, H]

Sunflower Sutra [N1]

To Aunt Rose [N1]

On Burroughs’ Work [N1]

Ego Confession [N1]

America [H]
FRANK O’HARA (1926–1966) [N1, H]

My Heart [H]

To the Harbormaster [N1]

Why I Am Not a Painter [N1, H]

Poem [H]

A Step Away from Them [N1]

The Day Lady Died [N1, H]

A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island [N1]

From Personism: A Manifesto [N1]
GALWAY KINNELL (b. 1927) [N1]

The Porcupine

Blackberry Eating

After Making Love We Hear Footsteps

Cemetery Angels


JOHN ASHBERY (b. 1927) [N1, H]

Illustration [N1]

Soonest Mended [N1]

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror [N1]

Myrtle [N1]
The Instruction Manual [H]
Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape [H]
As You Came from the Holy Land [H]

W. S. MERWIN (b. 1927) [N1]

The Drunk in the Furnace

For the Anniversary of My Death

For a Coming Extinction

Losing a Language

Lament for the Makers

Ceremony after an Amputation

JAMES WRIGHT (1927–1980) [N1]

Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio

To the Evening Star: Central Minnesota

A Blessing

A Centenary Ode: Inscribed to Little Crow, Leader of the Sioux

Rebellion in Minnesota, 1862

With the Shell of a Hermit Crab
Edward Albee (b. 1928) [H]

The Sand Box

The Zoo Story
Cynthia Ozick (b. 1928) [H]

The Shawl

MAYA ANGELOU (b. 1928) [N2]

Still I Rise

My Arkansas

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Chapter 15 [Mrs. Flowers]

Chapter 16 [“Mam”]
PHILIP LEVINE (b. 1928) [N1]

Animals Are Passing from Our Lives

Detroit Grease Shop Poem


Fear and Fame

The Simple Truth

PIRI THOMAS (1928-2011)

From Down these Mean Streets

ANNE SEXTON (1928–1974) [N1, H]

Her Kind [H]

Housewife [H]
Young [H]
Somewhere in Africa [H]

The Truth the Dead Know [N1]

The Starry Night [N1]

Sylvia’s Death [N1]

Little Girl, My String Bean, My Lovely Woman [N1]

The Death of the Fathers [N1]

How We Danced

The Boat

Rolando Hinojosa-Smith (b. 1929) [H]

Sometimes It Just Happens That Way; That's All

MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. (1929–1968) [N1, N2, H]

Letter from Birmingham Jail [N2]

I Have a Dream [N1, N2, H]

I’ve Been to the Mountaintop [N2]

PAULE MARSHALL (b. 1929) [N2, H]

Reena [N2]

To Da-Duh, in Memoriam [N2, H]

The Making of a Writer: From the Poets in the Kitchen [N2]

ADRIENNE RICH (1929-2012) [N1, H]

Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law [N1]

“I Am in Danger—Sir—” [N1]

A Valediction Forbidding Mourning [N1]

Diving into the Wreck [N1, H]

Power [N1, H]

Coast to Coast [H]

Frame [H]

Not Somewhere Else, but Here [H]

From a Suriver [H]

Transcendental Etude [N1]

Shattered Head [N1[

Five O’clock, January 2003 [N1]

Wait [N1]

URSULA K. LE GUIN (b. 1929) [N1]

Schrödinger’s Cat

She Unnames Them
John Barth (b. 1930) [H]

Lost in the Funhouse


A Raisin in the Sun

The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window
SAM GREENLEE (b. 1930)

From The Spook Who Sat by the Door

GARY SNYDER (b. 1930) [N1, H]

Milton by Firelight [N1]

Riprap [N1, H]

August on Sourdough, A Visit from Dick Brewer [N1]

Beneath My Hand and Eye the Distant Hills. Your Body [N1]

Straight-Creek—Great Burn [N1]

Ripples on the Surface [N1]

Falling from a Height, Holding Hands [N1]

Oil [H]

Facts [H]

Vapor Trails [H]

Wave [H]

It Was When [H]

From The Star Apple Kingdom

Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
DONALD BARTHELME (1931–1989) [N1, H]

The Balloon [N1]

At the End of the Mechanical Age [H]

Funnyhouse of a Negro

The Owl Answers

A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White

ETHERIDGE KNIGHT (1931–1985) [N2, H]

The Idea of Ancestry [N2, H]

Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane [N2]

For Black Poets Who Think of Suicide [N2]

The Violent Space (or when your sister sleeps around for money) [H]
Ilu, the Talking Drum [H]
A Poem for Myself (or Blues for a Mississippi Black Boy) [H]

TONI MORRISON (b. 1931) [N1, N2, H]

Recitatif [N1, H]

Song of Solomon (entire text, if possible)

Part II[N2]

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Rootedness: The Ancestor as Foundation [N2]

The Site of Memory [N2]

Unspeakable Things Unspoken: The Afro-American

Presence in American Literature [N2]

From MA thesis on Faulkner and Virginia Woolf [if we get permission]

ADDISON GAYLE JR. (1932–1991) [N2]

The Black Aesthetic

SYLVIA PLATH (1932–1963) [N1, H]

Morning Song [N1]

Lady Lazarus [N1, H]

For a Fatherless Son [H]

Ariel [N1]

Daddy [N1, H]

Words [N1]

Stings [H]

Fever 103 [H]

Blackberrying [N1]

Purdah [N1]

The Applicant [N1]

Child [N1]
JOHN UPDIKE (1932–2009) [N1, H]

Separating [N1]

Trust Me [H]

From Brazil (1994)

ERNEST J. GAINES (b. 1933) [N2, H]

The Sky Is Gray

PHILIP ROTH (b. 1933) [N1]

From Good-bye Columbus

Defender of the Faith

From The Human Stain


From Memoirs of a Beatnik

N. SCOTT MOMADAY (b. 1934) [N1, H]

The Way to Rainy Mountain [N1, H]

Headwaters [N1, H]

Prologue [H]

Introduction [N1, H]

IV [N1, H]



XVII [N1, H]

XXIV [N1, H]

Epilogue s[N1, H]

Rainy Mountain Cemetery [N1, H]

AUDRE LORDE (1934–1992) [N1, N2, H]

Power [H]
Walking Our Boundaries [H]
Never Take Fire from a Woman [H]
The Art of Response [H]
Stations [H]
The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House [H]

Equinox [N2]

Coal [N1, N2]

Now That I Am Forever with Child [N2]

A Litany for Survival [N2]

The Woman Thing [N1]

Black Mother Woman [N1]

Poetry is Not a Luxury [N1, N2]

Zami: A New Spelling of My Name [N2]

From 3

From 11

From 31

AMIRI BARAKA/LeRoi Jones (b. 1934) [N2, H]

Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note [N2]

In Memory of Radio [N2]

A Poem for Black Hearts [N2]

A Poem for Willie Best

I don’t love you [N2]

Three Movements and a Coda [N2]

SOS [N2]

Black Art [N2]

The Invention of Comics [N2]

Wailers [N2]

Dutchman [N2, H]

The Revolutionary Theatre [N2]

An Agony. As now. [H]

Ka 'Ba [H]
Black People: This Is Our Destiny [H]
A Poem Some People Will Have to Understand [H]
Numbers, Letters [H]
Joyce Johnson (b. 1934) [H]

from Door Wide Open
from Minor Characters
SONIA SANCHEZ (b. 1934) [N2, H]

Homecoming [N2]

poem at thirty [N2]

for our lady [N2]

Summer Words of a Sistuh Addict [N2]

A Blues Book for Blue Black Magical Women [N2]

From Part Three

to blk/record/buyers [H]

Masks [H]
Just Don't Never Give Up on Love [H]
A Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King [H]
Father and Daughter [H]

ED BULLINS (b. 1935) [N2]

Goin’a Buffalo: A Tragifantasy

Soul on Ice

The Primeval Mitosis
Tomas Rivera (1935-1984) [H]
----------- from . . . y no se lo tragó la tierra/And the Earth Did Not Devour Him
A.B. SPELLMAN (b. 1935) [N2]

Did John’s Music Kill Him?

CHARLES WRIGHT (b. 1935) [N1]


Two Stories

A Journal of the Year of the Ox

12 December 1985

Poem Half in the Manner of Li Ho

Star Turn II

North American Bear

MARY OLIVER (b. 1935) [N1]

The Black Snake

In Blackwater Woods

Wild Geese


Hummingbird Pauses at the Trumpet Vine

JUNE JORDAN (1936–2002) [N2, H]

In Memoriam: Martin Luther King, Jr. [N2]

Poem about My Rights [N2, H]

Poem for Guatemala [N2]

Intifada [N2]

From Civil Wars: Observations from the Front Lines of America [N2]

From Soldier: A Poet’s Childhood [N2]

To Free Nelson Mandela [H]

Moving Towards Home [H]
LUCILLE CLIFTON (b. 1936) [N1, N2, H]

miss rosie [N1]

the lost baby poem [N1, N2]

malcolm [N2]

homage to my hips [N1, N2]

wild blessings [N1]

wishes for sons [N1, N2]

blessing the boats [N1]

the mississippi river empties into the gulf [N1]

moonchild [N1]

[oh antic god] [N1]

move [N2]

the thirty eighth year [H]
i am accused of tending to the past [H]
at the cemetery, walnut grove plantation, south carolina, 1989 [H]
reply [H]
in white America [H]
JAYNE CORTEZ (b. 1936) [N2]

How Long Has Trane Been Gone

STEPHEN DIXON (b. 1936) [N1]

CLARENCE MAJOR (b. 1936) [N2]

Swallow the Lake

Round Midnight

On Watching a Caterpillar Become a Butterfly

Chicago Heat

LARRY NEAL (1937–1981) [N2]

The Black Arts Movement

RUDOLFO A. ANAYA (b. 1937) [N1, H]

Bless Me, Ultima [N1, H]

Dos [N1]

Dieciocho [H]

LEON FORREST (1937–1997) [N2]

There Is a Tree More Ancient Than Eden

The Epistle of Sweetie Reed
THOMAS PYNCHON (b. 1937) [N1, H]


From Gravity’s Rainbow
RAYMOND CARVER (1938–1988) [N1, H]

Cathedral [N1, H]

A Small Good Thing [H]
ISHMAEL REED (b. 1938) [N1, N2, H]

The Last Days of Louisiana Red [N1]

Chapter 36 [Mary Dalton’s Dream]

I am a cowboy in the boat of Ra [N2, H]

Flight to Canada [H]

Railroad Bill, a Conjure Man [N2]

Dualism [N2]

Chattanooga [N2]

Neo-HooDoo Manifesto [N1, N2]

From Mumbo Jumbo [N2]
CHARLES SIMIC (b. 1938) [N1]



The Devils

A Book Full of Pictures

Arriving Celebrities

In the Street

Late September

MICHAEL S. HARPER (b. 1938) [N1, N2, H]

Dear John, Dear Coltrane [N1, N2]

Deathwatch [N2]

Br’er Sterling and the Rocker [N2]

Grandfather [N2]

American History [N1]

Martin’s Blues [N1]

Bird Lives”: Charles Parker in St. Louis [N1]

Nightmare Begins Responsibility [N1]

Song: I Want a Witness [H]

Nightmare Begins Responsibility [H]
Here Where Coltrane Is [H]
A Narrative of the Life and Times of John Coltrane: Played by Himself [H]
Camp Story [H]
Nicholasa Mohr (b. 1938) [H]

from Rituals of Survival
Lawson Fusao Inada (b. 1938) [H]

Instructions to All Persons

Two Variations on a Theme by Thelonius Monk as Inspired by Mal Waldron
----------- Introduction: Monk's Prosody
----------- I. Blue Monk (linear)
----------- II. Blue Monk (percussive)
Kicking the Habit
On Being Asian American
Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938) [H]

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

TONI CADE BAMBARA (1939–1995) [N1, N2, H]

Medley [N1]

Raymond’s Run [N2]

The Lesson [H]

Brenda (Bonnie) Frazer (b. 1939) [H]

from Troia: Mexican Memoirs
THOMAS McGUANE (b. 1939) [N1]

Gallatin Canyon

Frank Chin (b. 1940) [H]

Railroad Standard Time


The Woman Warrior [N1]

No Name Woman [N1, H]
Michael Herr (b. 1940) [H]

from Dispatches
FANNY HOWE (b. 1940) [N1]

[I’d speak if I wasn’t afraid of inhaling]

The Nursery

[The baby / was made in a cell]


[After this girl was grown]

One Crossed Out

[Nobody wants crossed-out girls around]

[We moved to be happy]

[When I was a child]

Some Day

[Come back]

From Bewilderment
Bobbie Ann Mason (b. 1940) [H]

Bharati Mukherjee (b. 1940) [H]

A Wife's Story
ROBERT PINSKY (b. 1940) [N1]

The Figured Wheel

The Street

The Want Bone


At Pleasure Bay

James Welch (Blackfeet-Gros Ventre) (b. 1940) [H]

from Winter in the Blood
BILLY COLLINS (b. 1941) [N1]


Osso Buco

Tuesday, June 4, 1991

I Chop Some Parsley While Listening to Art Blakey’s Version of “Three Blind Mice”

The Night House


ROBERT HAAS (b. 1941) [N1]

Meditation at Lagunitas


Faint Music

Dragonflies Mating

MAULANA KARENGA (b. 1941) [N2]

Black Art: Mute Matter Given Force and Function
SIMON J. ORTIZ (b. 1941) [N1, H]

Passing through Little Rock [N1]

Earth and Rain, the Plants & Sun [N1]

Vision Shadows [N1]

Poems from the Veterans Hospital [N1]

Travelling [N1]

From Sand Creek [N1, H]

Convocación de palabras

From Scene from the Movie GIANT
JOHN EDGAR WIDEMAN (b. 1941) [N2, H]

Brothers and Keepers [N2]

[Robby’s Version]

Damballah [N2]

Valaida [H]
GLORIA ANZALDÚA (1942–2004) [N1, H]

Entering into the Serpent [H]

La conciencia de la mestiza/Towards a New Consciousness [N1, H]

How to Tame a Wild Tongue [N1]

El sonavabitche [N1]
SAMUEL R. DELANY (b. 1942) [N2]

From Atlantis: Model 1924

From The Motion of the Light in Water

HAKI R. MADHUBUTI (b. 1942) [N2]

Back Again, Home

Introduction [to Think Black]

The Long Reality

Malcolm Spoke / who listened?

a poem to complement other poems

Janice Mirikitani (b. 1942) [H]

For My Father

Desert Flowers
Breaking Tradition
Pat Mora (b. 1942) [H]

Border Town: 1938

Unnatural Speech
University Avenue
SHARON OLDS (b. 1942) [N1]

Sex Without Love

I Go Back to May 1937

Little Things

My Father Speaks to Me from the Dead


The Talkers

First Weeks

The Unswept
Kathy Boudin (b. 1943) [H]

The Call
Our Skirt

A Trilogy of Journeys
NIKKI GIOVANNI (b. 1943) [N2]

For Saundra

Beautiful Black Men


Knoxville, Tennessee

From a Logical Point of View


From Martin Dressler

JAMES ALAN McPHERSON (b. 1943) [N2, H]

A Solo Song: For Doc

From Hue and Cry
SAM SHEPARD (b. 1943) [N1]

True West

LOUISE GLÜCK (b. 1943) [N1]

The Drowned Children

Descending Figure

2 The Sick Child

3 For My Sister



QUINCY TROUPE (b. 1943) [N2]

In Texas Grass

Conversation Overheard

Impressions / of Chicago; For Howlin’ Wolf
Leonard Peltier (b. 1944) [H]

from Prison Writings
Pedro Pietri (1944-2004) [H]

Puerto Rican Obituary

Traffic Violations
Lee Smith (b. 1944) [H]

The Bubba Stories

Richard Rodriguez (b. 1944) [H]

from The Hunger of Memory

The Peacock Poems: 1

I Want Aretha to Set This to Music

Tell Martha Not to Moan

ALICE WALKER (b. 1944) [N1, N2, H]

Women [N2]

Outcast [N2]

On Stripping Bark from Myself [N2]

“Good Night, Willie Lee, I’ll See You in the Morning” [N2]

In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens [N2]

Everyday Use [N1, N2]

Laurel [H]

Advancing Luna—and Ida B. Wells [N2]

The Color Purple [N2]

[God Love All Them Feelings]
AUGUST WILSON (1945–2005) [N1, N2]

Fences [N1]

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone [N1, N2]
ANNIE DILLARD (b. 1945) [N1]

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

CAROLYN M. RODGERS (b. 1945) [N2]

Jesus Was Crucified

It Is Deep

For Sistuhs Wearin’ Straight Hair

KAY RYAN (b. 1945) [N1]

Say Uncle

Star Block

The Material

Carrying a Ladder

The Failure, 2

Lighthouse Keeper

The Niagara River

Home to Roost

Things Shouldn’t Be So Hard

MIGUEL PIÑERO (1946-1988)

Short Eyes (entire play)

Selected poems
MICHELLE CLIFF (b. 1946) [N2]

Within the Veil

Tim O'Brien (b. 1946) [H]

In the Field

ANN BEATTIE (b. 1947) [N1]

OCTAVIA BUTLER (b. 1947) [N2]

DAVID MAMET (b. 1947) [N1]

Glengarry Glen Ross

YUSEF KOMUNYAKAA (b. 1947) [N1, N2, H]

February in Sydney [N2]

Facing It [N1, N2]

Sunday Afternoons [N2]

Banking Potatoes [N2]

Birds on a Powerline [N2]

My Father’s Love Letters [N1]

Slam, Dunk, & Hook [N1]

Song for My Father [N1]

[Sometimes you could be] [N1]

When Dusk Weighs Daybreak [N1]

Jasmine [N1]

Tu Do Street [H]
Prisoners [H]
Thanks [H]
Facing It [H]
Fog Galleon [H]

Falso Brilhante

Song of the Andoumboulou: 8

Djbot Baghostus’s Run

CHARLES JOHNSON (b. 1948) [N2]

The Education of Mingo

From Oxherding Tale (first few chapters and Almuseri section)

“The End of the Black American Narrative”
NTOZAKE SHANGE (b. 1948) [N2]

From for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf

Nappy Edges

Bocas: A Daughter’s Geography
Wendy Rose (Hopi) (b. 1948) [H]

Throat Song: The Rotating Earth

To the Hopi in Richmond (Santa Fe Indian Village)
If I Am Too Brown or Too White for You
Story Keeper

Sandra Maria Esteves (b. 1948) and Luz María Umpierre (b. 1947): A Poetry Exchange [H]

A la Mujer Borrinqueña (Esteves)

In Response (Umpierre)
So Your Name Isn't María Cristina (Esteves)
Music d'Orsay (Umpierre)

ART SPIEGELMAN (b. 1948) [N1]

From Maus
 Jessica Hagedorn (b. 1949) [H]

The Blossoming of BongBong

The Death of Anna May Wong
Filipino Boogie
Vulva Operetta
Dorothy Allison (b. 1949) [N1, H]

Don't Tell Me You Don't Know

From Stubbon Girls and Mean Stories
Victor Hernandez Cruz (b. 1949) [H]

urban dream

Mountain Building
Table of Contents
Carolyn Forché (b. 1950) [H]

from The Country Between Us
----------- The Colonel
Because One Is Always Forgotten
As Children Together
from The Recording Angel
GAYL JONES (b. 1949) [N2]

From Corregidora
JAMAICA KINCAID (b. 1949) [N1, N2]

A Small Place (entire text)

A Little Revenge from the Periphery (entire essay)

Annie John [N2]

Chapter Two. The Circling Hand

From At the Bottom of the River [N1]
Judee Norton (b. 1949) [H]

Norton #59900

JULIA ALVAREZ (b. 1950) [N1]


The Mother
DAVID BRADLEY (b. 1950) [N2]

The Chaneysville Incident

[Old Jack]
JORIE GRAHAM (b. 1950) [N1]

The Geese

At Luca Signorelli’s Resurrection of the Body

The Dream of the Unified Field

JOY HARJO (b. 1951) [N1, H]

Call It Fear [N1]

White Bear [N1]

Summer Night [N1]

The Flood [N1]

When the World As We Knew It Ended— [N1]

The Woman Hanging from the Thirteenth Floor Window[H]
New Orleans [H]
Remember [H]
Vision [H]
Anchorage [H]
Deer Dancer [H]
We Must Call a Meeting [H]
Garrett Kaoru Hongo (b. 1951) [H]

Yellow Light

Off from Swing Shift
Who Among You Knows the Essence of Garlic?
And Your Soul Shall Dance
The Unreal Dwelling: My Years in Volcano
Paula Vogel (b. 1951) [H]

How I Learned to Drive

Edward P. Jones (b. 1951)

From The Known World

Karen Tei Yamashita (b. 1951) [H]

from Tropic of Orange
----------- 2. Benefits - Koreatown
Tato LavIera (b. 1951) [H]


Latero Story
Jimmy Santiago Baca (b. 1952) [H]

I've Taken Risks

I Put on My Jacket
Ghost Reading in Sacramento
RITA DOVE (b. 1952) [N1, N2, H]

David Walker [N2]

Geometry [N1]

Adolescence—I [N1]

Adolescence—II [N1]

Adolescence—III [N1]

Parsley [N1, N2]

Receiving the Stigmata [N2]

Thomas And Beulah [N1, N2]

The Event [N1, N2]

Motherhood [N2]

Daystar [N2, H]

The Oriental Ballerina [N2, H]

Pastoral [N2]

Mother Love [N2]

Statistic: The Witness

Mother Love

Demeter Mourning


Demeter’s Prayer to Hades

The Zeppelin Factory [N1]

Dusting [N1]

Poem in Which I Refuse Contemplation [N1]

Missing [N1]

Rosa [N1]

Fox Trot Fridays [N1]

Kentucky, 1833 [H]
Ö [H]
Judith Ortiz Cofer (b. 1952) [H]

The Woman Who Was Left at the Altar

My Father in the Navy: A Childhood Memory
En Mis Ojos No Hay Días
Latin Women Pray
WALTER MOSLEY (b. 1952) [N2]

Equal Opportunity

Naomi Shihab Nye (b. 1952) [H]

Different Ways to Pray

My Father and the Figtree
Where the Soft Air Lives
ALBERTO RÍOS (b. 1952) [N1]

Wet Camp

Taking Away the Name of a Nephew


Refugio’s Hair

The Chair She Sits In

Gary Soto (b. 1952) [H]

Braly Street

The Cellar
Mexicans Begin Jogging
Black Hair
Kearney Park
AMY TAN (b. 1952) [N1]

The Joy Luck Club

Two Kinds
Rane Arroyo (b. 1953) [H]

My Transvestite Uncle Is Missing

Caribbean Braille
Write What You Know
That Flag

Muse & Drudge

[Sapphire’s lyre styles]

[country clothes hung on her all and sundry]

[odds meeting on a bus]

[why these blues come from us]

[go on sister sing your song]

[tomboy girl with cowboy boots]

[sauce squandering sassy cook]

[marry at a hotel, annul ’em]

[precious cargo up crooked alleys]

[with all that rope they gave us]

[the royal yellow sovereign]

[tom-tom can’t catch]

[massa had a yeller]

[cough drops prick thick]

[ain’t cut drylongso]

[soulless divaism]

[moon, whoever knew you]
SANDRA CISNEROS (b. 1954) [N1, H]

Woman Hollering Creek [N1]

Eleven [H]
LOUISE ERDRICH (b. 1954) [N1, H]

Dear John Wayne [N1]

I Was Sleeping Where the Black Oaks Move [N1]

Grief [N1]

Fleur [N1]

from Love Medicine [H]
----------- Saint Marie (1934)

Uncle’s First Rabbit [N1]

For Virginia Chavez [N1]

Visions of Mexico While at a Writing Symposium in Port Townsend, Washington [N1]

The Body as Braille [N1]

Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway [H]

Poem for the Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, an Intelligent, Read Person Could Believe in the War Between Races [H]
Macho [H]
Bananas [H]
Helena María Viramontes (b. 1954) [H]

The Cariboo Café

Aurora Levins Morales (b. 1954) [H]

Child of the Americas

Heart of My Heart, Bone of My Bone

Gish Jen (b. 1955) [H]

In the American Society

From Mona in the Promised Land
Kimiko Hahn (b. 1955) [H]

Strands [H]

Resistance: A Poem on Ikat Cloth [H]
Cuttings [H]
CATHY SONG (b. 1955) [N1]

The White Porch

Beauty and Sadness

Lost Sister

ESSEX HEMPHILL (1957–1995) [N2]




LI-YOUNG LEE (b. 1957) [N1, H]

The Gift [N1]

Persimmons [N1]

Eating Alone [N1]

Eating Together [N1]

This Room and Everything in It [N1, H]

Nativity [N1]
I Ask My Mother to Sing[H]
My Father, in Heaven, Is Reading Out Loud [H]
With Ruins [H]


From The Echo Maker [N1]

From The Time of Our Singing

CARYL PHILLIPS (b. 1958) [N2]

From Cambridge or The Nature of Blood

Crossing the River

II. West

Essay about not going to Oprah Winfrey Show

From Freedom

Barack Obama (*1961)

Excerpt from Dreams from My Father

David Foster Wallace (b. 1962) [H]

The Devil is a Busy Man

Paul Beatty (*1962)

The White Boy Shuffle

Trey Ellis (*1962)

“The New Black Aesthetic”

From Platitudes

Suzan-Lori Parks (*1963)


Fucking A

In the Blood

Getting Mother’s Body
Lynn NOTTAGE (*1964)

Fabulation, or the Re-Education of Undine

Chang-Rae Lee (b.1965) [H]

Coming Home Again

SHERMAN ALEXIE (b. 1966) [N1, H]

At Navajo Monument Valley Tribal School [N1]

Pawn Shop [N1]

Sister Fire, Brother Smoke [N1]

Tourists [N1]

3. Marilyn Monroe

The Exaggeration of Despair [N1]

Crow Testament [N1]

This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona [N1]

Survivorman [N1]

Because My Father Always Said He Was the Only Indian Who Saw Jimi
Hendrix Play "The Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock [H]

JHUMPA LAHIRI (b. 1967) [N1]

JUNOT DÍAZ (b. 1968) [N1]


From The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007)
EDWIDGE DANTICAT (b. 1969) [N1, N2, H]

New York Day Women [H]

From Brother, I’m Dying [N1]

Essay from Writing Dangerously


From The Intuitionist

John Henry Days



Minh Duc Nguyen [H]

Tale of Apricot
DAVE EGGERS (b. 1970)

From What is the What? (2011)

Terrance Hayes (b. 1971)

From Lighthead (2010)

“The Avocado”

From The Wind Done Gone

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