A new Anthology of American Literature Ideas for a Table of Contents

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A New Anthology of American Literature
Ideas for a Table of Contents
Consolidated from merging the complete contents of:
The Norton Anthology of American Literature (8th ed. in 5 vols.), eds. Nina Baym and Robert S. Levine

The Norton Anthology of African American Literature (2nd ed.), eds. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Nellie Y. McKay

The Heath Anthology of American Literature (5th ed.), Paul Lauter, General Editor

Norman Foerster, American Poetry and Prose (1947 ed.)

With additonal suggestions taken from scholarship by Sterling Brown, Jean Wagner, Joan Sherman, and the editors


N1 - The Norton Anthology of American Literature (8th ed. in 5 vols.), eds. Nina Baym and Robert S. Levine

N2 - The Norton Anthology of African American Literature (2nd ed.), eds. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Nellie Y. McKay

H -The Heath Anthology of American Literature (5th ed.), Paul Lauter, General Editor

F – Norman Foerster, American Poetry and Prose (1947 ed.)

Questions: Which texts need to be added to make this an integrated anthology? (Please just add into the text, in chronological order under date of birth of author.) Which texts should be omitted? (Please use strikethrough in text.) What kinds of introductions and headnotes would be needed?

Authors & Works
Question: What would be a strong set of texts that could open a new anthology?

From Letter to Luis de Santangel Regarding the First Voyage (February 15, 1493) [N1]

from Journal of the First Voyage to America, 1492-1493 [H]
from Narrative of the Third Voyage, 1498-1500 [H]

From Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella Regarding the Fourth Voyage (July 7, 1503) [N1]

The Very Brief Relation of the Devastation of the Indies

From Hispaniola

From The Coast of Pearls, Paria, and the Island of Trinidad

Historia de las Indias III, ch. 129 (Las Casas proposes African slave trade to save Indians)
ÁLVAR NÚÑEZ CABEZA DE VACA (c. 1490–1558) [N1, H]

The Relation of Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca [N1, H]

Prologue [H]

[Dedication] [N1]

[The Malhado Way of Life] [N1]

[Our Life among the Avavares and Arbadaos] [N1]

[Pushing On] [N1]

[Customs of That Region] [N1]

[The First Confrontation] [N1]

[The Falling-Out with Our Countrymen] [N1]

from Chapter VII, The Character of the Country [H]
from Chapter VIII, We Go from Aute [H]
from Chapter X, The Assault from the Indians [H]
from Chapter XI, Of What Befel Lope de Oviedo with the Indians [H]
from Chapter XXI, Our Cure of Some of the Afflicted [H]
from Chapter XXIV,. Customs of the Indians of That Country [H]
from Chapter XXVII, We Moved Away and Were Well Received [H]
from Chapter XXXII, The Indians Give Us the Hearts of Deer [H]
from Chapter XXXIII, We See Traces of Christians [H]
from Chapter XXXIV, Of Sending for the Christians [H]
Fray Marcos de Niza (1495?-1542) [H]

from A Relation of the Reverend Father Fray Marcos de Niza, Touching His

Discovery of the Kingdom of Ceuola or Cibola...

Pedro de Casteñeda (1510?-1570?) [H]

from The Narrative of the Expedition of Coronado

Chapter XXI,Of how the army returned to Tiguex and the general reached

Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá (1555-1620) [H]

from The History of New Mexico

from CantoI, Which sets forth the outline of the history
Canto XIV, How the River of the North was discovered and the trials that were borne in discovering it....
Canto XXX, How the new General...went to take leave of Luzcoija, and the battle he had with the Spaniards
The Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1531 [H]

from The History of the Miraculous Apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1531, 1649
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (1648-1695) [H]

48, In Reply to a Gentleman from Peru, Who Sent Her Clay Vessels While Suggesting She Would Better Be a Man

94, Which Reveals the Honorable Ancestry of a High-Born Drunkard

317, Villancico VI, from "Santa Catarina," 1691

Don Antonio de Otermín (fl. 1680) [H]

Letter on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680

The Coming of the Spanish and the Pueblo Revolt (Hopi) [H]

The Coming of the Spanish and the Pueblo Revolt (Hopi)

Don Diego de Vargas (?-1704) [H]

from Letter on The Reconquest of New Mexico, 1692
René Goulaine de Laudonnière (fl. 1562-1582) [H]

from A Notable Historie Containing Foure Voyages Made by Certaine French Captaines unto Florida
Samuel de Champlain (1570?-1635) [N1, H]

from The Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, 1604-1618
from The Voyages to the Great River St. Lawrence, 1608-1612
from The Voyages of 1615

The Iroquois [N1]

The Jesuit Relations [H]

from The Relation of 1647, by Father Jerome Lalemant
Thomas Harriot (1560-1621) [H]

from A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia

Edward Maria Wingfield (1560?-1613?) [H]

from A Discourse of Virginia
JOHN SMITH (1580–1631) [N1, H]

The General History of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles [N1, H]

The Third Book. [N1, H]

Chapter 2. [Smith as captive at the curt of Powhatan in 1608] [H]

From Chapter 2. What Happened till the First Supply [N1]

Chapter 8 [Smith’s journey to Pamaunkee] [H]

The Fourth Book [Smith’s Farewell to Virginia] [N1]

A Description of New England [N1, H]

From New England’s Trials [1]

from Advertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New-England, or Anywhere, Or the Path-way to Experience to Erect a Plantation [Review of the colonies planted in New England and Virginia] [H]
John Wilson (c. 1588-1667)

Anagram made by mr John Willson of Boston upon the Death of Mrs.Abigaill Tompson, And sent to her husband in virginia, while he was sent to preach the gospell yr

WILLIAM BRADFORD (1590–1657) [N1, H]

Of Plymouth Plantation [N1, H]

Book I [N1, H]

From Chapter I [The English Reformation] [N1, H]

Chapter IV. Showing the Reasons and the Causes of Their Removal [N1]

From Chapter VII. Of Their Departure from Leyden [N1]

Chapter IX. Of Their Voyage, and How They Passed the Sea; and of Their Safe Arrival at Cape Cod [N1, H]

Chapter X. Showing How They Sought Out a Place of Habitation; and What Befell Them Thereabout [N1]

Book II [N1, H]

Chapter XI. The Remainder of the Anno 1620 [N1, H]

[Difficult Beginnings] [N1]

[Dealings with the Natives] [N1]

[The Mayflower Compact, The Starving Time, Indian Relations] [H]

Chapter XIV. Anno Domini 1623 [H]

[End of the “Common Course and Condition]

Chapter XII. Anno 1621 [N1]

[The First Thanksgiving]

Chapter XIX. Anno 1628 [N1, H]

[Mr. Morton of Merrymount]

Chapter XXIII. Anno 1632 [N1, H]

[Prosperity Weakens Community]

Chapter XXV. Anno 1634 [N1]

[Troubles to the West]

Chapter XXVII. Anno 1636 [N1]

[War Threats]

Chapter XXVIII. Anno 1637 [N1, H]

[War with the Pequots]

Chapter XXXII. Anno 1642 [N1, H]

[Wickedness Breaks Forth] [H]

[A Horrible Truth] [N1]

[A Horrible Case of Beastiality] [H]

Chapter XXXIII, Anno 1643 [H]

[The Life and Death of Elder Brewster]

Chapter XXXIV. Anno 1644 [N1, H]

[Proposed Removal to Nauset]

THOMAS MORTON (c. 1579–1647) [N1, H]

New English Canaan [N1, H]

from Book I, Containing the originall of the Natives, their manners & Customes, with their tractable nature and love towards the English [H]

from Chapter IV, Of their Houses and Habitations
from Chapter VI, Of the Indians apparell
Chapter VIII, Of their Reverence, and respect to age
Chapter XVI, Of their acknowledgment of the Creation, and immortality of the Soule
from Chapter XX, That the Salvages live a contended life.

The Third Book [N1, H]

From Chapter I, Of a great League made with the Plimmouth [H]

From Chapter V, Of a Massacre made upon the Salvages at Wessaguscus [H]

from Chapter VII, Of Thomas Mortons entertainement at Plimmouth, and castinge away upon an Island [H]

[The Incident at Merry Mount] [N1]

Chapter XIV. Of the Revels of New Canaan [N1, H]

Chapter XV. Of a Great Monster Supposed to Be at Ma-re Mount [N1, H]

Chapter XVI. How the Nine Worthies Put Mine Host of Ma-re Mount into the Enchanted Castle [N1, H]
JOHN WINTHROP (1588–1649) [N1, H]

A Model of Christian Charity

From The Journal of John Winthrop

Letters [F]


“The Preface” by John Cotton [H]

Psalm 1 [H]

Psalm 2 [“Why rage the Heathen furiously?”] [N1]

Psalm 6 [H]

Psalm 8 [H]

Psalm 19 [“The heavens do declare”] [N1, H]

Psalm 23 [“The Lord to me a shepherd is”] [N1, H]

Psalm 24 [“The earth Jehovah’s is”] [N1]

Psalm 100 [“Make ye a joyful sounding noise”] [N1]

Psalm 120 [“Unto the Lord, in my distress”] [N1]

Psalm 137 [H]

NATHANIEL WARD (1578-1652)

From The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam [F]
ROGER WILLIAMS (c. 1603–1683) [N1, H]

A Key into the Language of America [N1, H]

[Preface]: To My Dear and Well-Beloved Friends and Countrymen, in Old and New England [N1, H]

Directions for the Use of Language [N1]

An Help to the Native Language [N1]

From Chapter I. Of Salvation [N1]

From Chapter II. Of Eating and Entertainment [N1]

From Chapter VI. Of the Family and Business of the House [N1]

From Chapter XI. Of Travel [N1, H]

From Chapter XVIII. Of the Sea [N1]

From XXI. Of Religion, the Soul, etc. [N1, H]

Chapter XXII, Of their government and Justice [H]

Poem [“Two sorts of men shall naked stand”] [N1]

From Chapter XXX. Of Their Paintings [N1]

From The Bloody Tenet of Persecution [N1]

A Letter to the Town of Providence [N1, H]

Thomas Shepard (1605-1649) [H]


John Josselyn (c. 1610-post 1692) [H]

Verses made sometime since upon the Picture of a young and handsome Gypsie, not improperly transferred upon the Indian Squa

The Poem
[And the bitter storm augments]

ANNE BRADSTREET (c. 1612–1672) [N1, H]

The Prologue [N1, H]

A Dialogue between Old England and New; Concerning Their Present Troubles, Anno 1642 [WS]

In Honor of that High and Mighty Princess Queen Elizabeth of Happy Memory [N1, H]

To the Memory of My Dear and Ever Honored Father Thomas Dudley Esq. [N1]

To Her Father with Some Verses [N1, H]

Contemplations [N1]

The Flesh and the Spirit [N1, H]

The Author to Her Book [N1, H]

Before the Birth of One of Her Children [N1, H]

An Epitaph to My Dear and Ever Honoured Mother [F]

To My Dear and Loving Husband [N1, H]

A Letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment [N1, H]

Another [Letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment] [N1]

In Reference to Her Children, 23 June 1659 [N1]

In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet [N1, H]

In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Anne Bradstreet [N1]

On My Dear Grandchild Simon Bradstreet [N1, H]

For Deliverance from a Fever [N]

Here Follows Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House [N1, H]

As Weary Pilgrim [N1]

To My Dear Children [N1, H]
Richard Frethorne (fl. 1623) [H]

from Richard Frethorne, to His Parents (Virginia, 1623)
John Saffin (1626-1710) [H]

[Sweetly (my Dearest) I left thee asleep]

A Brief and Candid Answer to a late Printed Sheet, The Selling of Joseph [Saffin’s reply to Sewall; should be set with Sewall and with Sewall’s reply to Saffin]

The Negroes Character


From The Day of Doom [N1, F]

From The Diary of Michael Wigglesworth [H]

A Song of Emptiness [H]

John Locke (1632-1704) [H]

from Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Chapter I, Of Ideas in general, and their Original

From Concerning Civil Government, Second Essay

Chapter II

Chapter VII
George Alsop (1636?-1673?) [H]

Trafique is Earth's Great Atlas

MARY ROWLANDSON (c. 1636–1711) [N1, H]

A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

Sarah Whipple Goodhue (1641-1681) [H]

Lines to Her Family

EDWARD TAYLOR (c. 1642–1729) [N1, H]

Harvard poem on rhetorical figures

Psalm Two (First Version) [N1]

Preparatory Meditations [N1, H]

Prologue [N1, H]

Meditation 6 (First Series) [H]

Meditation 8 (First Series) [N1, H]

Meditation 16 (First Series) [N1]

Meditation 22 (First Series) [N1]

Meditation 38 (First Series) [N1]

Meditation 22 (Second Series) ! Cor. 5.7 (with “slave” reference)

Meditation 26 (Second Series) [N1]

Meditation 1 (Second Series) [H]

Meditation 26 (Second Series) [H]

Meditation 50 (Second Series) [H]

Meditation 115 (Second Series) [H]

God’s Determinations [N1, H]

The Preface [N1, H]

The Soul’s Groan to Christ for Succor [N1, H]

Christ’s Reply [N1, H]

The Joy of Church Fellowship rightly attended [H]

The Ebb and Flow [F]

The Reflection [F]

Occasional Poems [N1, H]

Huswifery [H]

Upon Wedlock, and Death of Children [N1, H]

Upon a Wasp Chilled with Cold Huswifery [N1]

From A Valediction to all the World preparatory for Death 3d of the 11m 1720 Version I [N1, H]

Cant. 3, Valediction, to the Terraqueous Globe [H]

A Fig for Thee, Oh! Death [N1, H]

From Logbook of Taylor’s transatlantic crossing
Benjamin Tompson (1642-1714) [H]

Chelmsford's Fate

A Supplement
Richard Steere (1643?-1721) [H]

On a Sea-Storm nigh the Coast

JOHN WILLIAMS (1644-1729) [H]

From The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion
Nathaniel Bacon (1647-1676) [H]

Nathaniel Bacon Esq'r his Manifesto Concerning the Present Troubles in Virginia

James Revel (1640s?-?) [H]

The Poor, Unhappy Transported Felon

Anna Tompson Hayden (1648-1720) [H]

Upon the Death of Elizabeth Tompson


Germantown Protest Against Slavery (1688)

From Bee-Hive
SAMUEL SEWALL (1652–1730) [N1, H]

From The Diary of Samuel Sewall [N1, H]

A Trip to Europe [F]

Courtship of Madam Winthrop [F]

The Selling of Joseph: A Memorial [N1, H]

Whether for Negroes, i.e., carrying them out of their own Country into perpetual Slavery, be in itself Unlawful, and especially contrary to the great Law of CHRISTIANITY (1704) [Sewall’s reply to Saffin’s response to The Selling of Joseph—should be set together]

My Verses upon the New Century [Jan. 1, 1701] [H]
Elizabeth Sowle Bradford (1663?-1731) [H]

To the Reader, in Vindication of this Book

COTTON MATHER (1663–1728) [N1, H]

The Wonders of the Invisible World [N1, H]

[A People of God in the Devil’s Territories] [N1]

[The Trial of Martha Carrier] [N1, H]

Magnalia Christi Americana [N1, H]

From A General Introduction [H]

Galeacius Secundus: The Life of William Bradford Esq., Governor of Plymouth Colony [N1, H]

From Decennium Luctuosum: An History of Remarkable Occurences in the Long [Indian] War [H]

A Notable Exploit: Dux Faemina Facti Bonifacius [N1, H]

Nehemias Americanus: The Life of John Winthrop, Esq., Governor of the Massachusetts Colony [N1]

The Negro Christianized: An Essay to Excite and Assist that Good Work, the Instruction of Negro-Servants in Christianity (1706) [H] Full text

From Essays to Do Good [N1, H]

The Duties of Schoolmasters [F]

Manuductio: Poetry and Style [F]

From Diaries (relating to Onesimus)
SARAH KEMBLE KNIGHT (1666–1727) [N1, H]

The Journal of Madam Knight [H]

The Private Journal of a Journey from Boston to New York [N1]

Tuesday, October the Third

Friday, October the Sixth

Saturday, October the Seventh

December the Sixth

January the Sixth

Louis Armand de Lom d'Arce, Baron de Lahontan (1666-1715) [H]

from New Voyages to North-America...from 1683 to 1694, in Two Volumes
from Volume I, A Discourse of the Interest of the French, and of the English, in North-America
from Volume II, New Voyages to America, Giving an Account of the Customs, Commerce, Religion and Strange Opinions of the Savages of that Country
from A Short View of the Humors and Customs of the Savages
from An Account of the Amours and Marriages of the Savages
Ebenezer Cook (1667-1733) [H]

The Sot-weed Factor; or, a Voyage to Maryland,

WILLIAM BYRD (1674–1744) [N1, H]

From The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover, 1710-1712 [N1, H]

(libertine passages!)

from The History of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina and The Secret History of the Line [H, F]

from A Progress in the Mines: Social Manners in Virginia [F]
Letter to Mrs. Jane Pratt Taylor (October 10, 1735) [H]

Letter to Charles Boyle July 5, 1726 (feeling like a biblical Patriarch among his bondsmen)

William Byrd to Earl of Egmont, 12 July 1736, cited in "Colonel William Byrd on Slavery," American Historical Review 1 (1895-96): 88-89

Commonplace book excerpt with 1736 critique of slavery

Andrew Hamilton (1676-1741) [H]

Closing Argument in the Libel Trial of John Peter Zenger

Roger Wolcott (1679-1767) [H]

from A Brief Account of the Agency of the Honorable John Winthrop, Esq; In the Court of King Charles the Second, Anno Dom. 1662 When he    Obtained for the Colony of Connecticut His Majesty's Gracious Charter

Mary French (1687?-?) [H]

from A Poem Written by a Captive Damsel

Volume A: Colonial Period to 1800

Part 2: Eighteenth Century
Alexander Pope (1688-1744) [H]

from Essay on Man, Epistle I

I [Say first, of God above or Man below]
VII [Far as creation's ample range extends]
X [Cease, then, nor Order imperfection name]


Alphabet [N1, H]

The Dutiful Child’s Promises [H]

Verses [H]

The Death of John Rogers [H]
Susanna Wright (1697-1784) [H]

To Eliza Norris-at Fairhill

Anna Boylens Letter to King Henry the 8th
On the Benefit of Labour
My Own Birth Day.-August 4th 1761
Richard Lewis (1700?-1734) [H]

A Journey from Patapsko to Annapolis, April 4, 1730

JONATHAN EDWARDS (1703–1758) [N1, H]

Personal Narrative [N1, H]

On Sarah Pierpont [N1, H]

Sarah Edwards’s Narrative [N1]

From A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God [H]

A Divine and Supernatural Light [N1]

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God [N1, H]

From Treatise Concerning Religious Affections [H]

Conclusion to The Freedom of the Will [F]
William Dawson (1704-1752) [H]

The Wager. A Tale

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706–1790) [N1, H]

The Way to Wealth [N1, H]

Polly Baker [N1, H]

A Witch Trial At Mount Holly [H]

The Edict by the King of Prussia [H]

The Ephemera, an Emblem of Human Life [H, F]

Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One [N1, F]

Information to Those Who Would Remove to America [N1, F]

Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America [N1]

On the Slave-Trade, Federal Gazette (March 25, 1790) [H]

from The Autobiography [N1, H]

Part One [Twyford, at the Bishop of St. Asaph's, 1771]

Part Two: Continuation of the Account of My Life Begun at Passy, 1784
Part Three [Philadelphia, 1788]

From The Silence Dogood Papers

VII: Funeral Elegies [F]

On Liberty and Necessity:

Man in the Newtonian Universe [F]

A Proposal for Promoting Useful Knowledge [F]

The Way to Wealth [F]

The Sale of the Hessians [F]

The Whistle [F]

Proposed New Version of the Bible [F]

The Handsome and Deformed Leg [F]

Information to Those Who Would Remove to America [F]

9 Letters [F]
Jane Colman Turell (1708-1735) [N1, H]

Psalm CXXXVII. Paraphras'd August 5th, 1725 [H]

To My Muse, December 29, 1726 [N1]

[Lines on Childbirth] [N1, H]

On Reading the Warning By Mrs. Singer
To My Muse
JUPITER HAMMON (1711–1790/1806) [N2, H]

An Evening Thought (December 25, 1760)

An Address to Miss Phillis Wheatly
Elizabeth Ashbridge (1713-1755) [H]

from Some Account of the Fore Part of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge,...Written by her own Hand many years ago

JOHN WOOLMAN (1720–1772) [N1, H]

The Journal of John Woolman [N1, H]

[Early Life and Vocation]

[A Journey to the South] [F]

[A Plain way of Living] [F]

[At a Yearly Meeting] [F]

Some Considerations on the Keeping of Negroes [H]

James Grainger (1721?-1766) [H]

from The Sugar-Cane. A Poem. In Four Books

from Book IV, The Genius of Africa
Samson Occom (Mohegan) (1723-1792) [N1, H]

A Short Narrative of My Life [N1, H]

A Sermon Preached by Samson Occom [H]

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