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We are selling movie passes that are valid all across Canada at all Famous Players Theatres including SilverCity Theatres, Cineplex Odeon and Galaxy Cinemas. They are NOT VALID at

Alliance Atlantis Cinemas.
***All proceeds go into the general CPAC funds that benefit all the Champlain Heights Students***

DISCOUNT PRICE: (Have increased slightly due to a recent increase in our cost to purchase the discount tickets)
Admit one pass Purchase = $9.50 each

Cineplex Child’s Night out pass purchase = $11.50 (Includes: Admission and a kid’s tray combo (popcorn, drink and treat). Approx retail price is $16.44

Payment: Cash or Cheque made out to C.P.A.C.

At the theatre the cost of admission is:

General (14-64) $12.50

Child (3-13) $9.50

  • The expiry date is for 1 or 2 years from date of purchase

  • This will be an ongoing fundraiser with an order placed at the end of every month with a delivery time of 2-3 weeks post order date.

How to order:

Thanks for your support- CPAC



Number of Admit one passes requested: ______________ x $9.50 each

Number of Childs Night Out passes requested: ______________ x $11.50 each
Payment enclosed $ _________________ cash / Cheque (to CPAC) (circle one)

Send my order home with my child _________________in Div________or Teacher_____________

Phone Number: __________________

Download 11.29 Kb.

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