Forgive us our trespasses

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My children, in your prayer you have heard the words, “Forgive us our trespasses”. So much is depending on this forgiveness now and in the future. So much has to be asked in forgiveness for half the children of this earth plane. These children of The Father who have trespassed, who are not satisfied with that which The Father has given to each, the freedom of living, the gift to receive the knowledge of that which The Father can do for you, and yet they must go beyond the boundaries of The Father’s love.

To seek, yes, to seek is good. To seek that which is righteous, to seek that which shall be beneficial to every one of The Father’s children. In which way will this journey to the moon help the children? Is it not sufficient that you rest in The Father’s peace? Is it not sufficient that you seek The Father in your trials and your tribulations so that you may receive the benefits of your earth? To the children of this earth it is only disaster that must come to you through trying to seek that which is of no use, only to say that, “I have gone so far into the air”.
Had The Father desired you to know of this before, you would have been given this knowledge without all the expense of making all the equipment to go on each long journey. My children, let us ask forgiveness for trespassing on The Father’s own secrets. There is much that we can bring to you; there is much that can be brought to you to help your humanity. But do we bring it to you now? No! It shall not be given. Much can be given to you if you would only approach The Father instead of approaching the mind of man. To bring you, too, so much knowledge to help you to build a good nation. It could also bring you much power. Then, my children, there would be no competition, for each and every nation would receive the same knowledge.
So it is that, in this life, you must live upon that which will be of benefit to you. For it is The Father who rules the world. It is The Father who has laid down His laws and which you are taught at school. It is the promises of The Father that have been given to you, aeons of time back, promises which He never breaks. But promises which you, His children, will not permit Him to bring into force so that you may benefit. You do not give Him the opportunity, you do not open the door for Him. You shut it and you make it fast. So now, my children, if you accept this as your life, you will not be able to go forward. There will always be the little complications, the little drawbacks that will prevent you from succeeding. But, if you had consulted The Father and you had accepted Him as a partner to whom you could turn when you desired to accomplish something, then you would be able to succeed far beyond your own dreams.

Your world is heading for destruction and this you know. I do not have to remind you. And only because there are those who must be more perfect than the other and that one must rule the world. You say, “But, Padre, why does The Father not interfere and prevent this?” No, my children, you must learn the right path on which to walk. You must learn to climb up and not down. You think it is that they are climbing up now, so far, yes, but they will fall and come down. You say that it is the mind of man that has become so powerful, so masterful. But I say to you “Is it to the mind that you have to look for existence, for Spirit? Or is it The Father?”

In your world today The Father is forgotten. Not by the few such as in this and other Sanctuaries. But it is not just for one day, it is for a life that you must remember that, as you continue to accept the truth that I and my Father are one, and you accept that you are the living temple in which The Father abides, the Spirit within, you are to try to build up that temple, to cleanse it and to purify it, to make it good for The Father to abide in, to develop that Spirit in the way He has taught you, so that it may expand and come up and in the coming up it is radiating out into your atmosphere, in the vibration, in the light.
But, so long as you neglect this living temple, my children, you must remember that the Spirit does not die, it never dies, and it is the continuation of life into Spirit. It is a trust. Because it is crammed into so small a place it cannot expand. And, because it cannot expand, it can do no good. It has to remain and wait for the day when it is released. And on the day when it is released, if you do not accept nor do you take ear to the truth of The Father, it is like the Spirit that is blind, it cannot see. And, therefore it is not developed.
That is why I say to you each time to start now. Do not wait until it is too late. Much has to be built up within you in that knowledge and acceptance, expansion and progress. And I still say to you that time is short. You see all this, as you call it, advancement. But where is it going to lead you? To destruction. So, although to you it is something that is very wonderful, this which you have seen, that man has advanced so far, we see further. We see much further than that which is taking place when man goes to the moon. It is good that he cannot go to the sun!! But they will try too, to do that. But even so, neither will be successful.
My children, you must try to bear in mind that all this activity that is going on around you is only for destruction in the end. Rather be it that you remain in peace and tranquility, humbleness and faith fullness, in the knowledge of the love of The Father and what it can do for you. For He loves His children, everyone of them. But, to the children it means nothing. Where do they expect to go without the love of The Father, His guidance and protection? Where do they go? They go nowhere. Pure negativeness, no foundation, no positiveness, no knowledge, nothing. An empty shell, full of negativeness. Trying to walk in darkness.

They do not even trouble to find the light which will lead them to a better understanding. It is sad, my children, that The Father should be so neglected and only man must progress. On what foundation? The foundation to master, to possess? Even in His love The Father does not demand possession. He gives you the free will to accept Him or to turn away from Him. Whichever you do, you answer for that action. But The Father remains and He waits and He watches and He sees, and too, He understands. For His love is understanding. He does not condemn nor does He criticise, nor does He push you to one side. Even those who do not want Him, who scorn Him, who criticise Him, even to those will He hold out His hand and say, “Come unto Me and I will forgive”.

Do you realise the value of this love? Can you understand it? For this is the love which should rule you may be able to receive something from it. As you would plant grass from a little seed and you tend it, you care for it, you watch it grow and it brings you the reward, the rich reward. So it is, my children, with the love of The Father. The rich reward that you may desire whatever you wish and it shall be granted. “Ask and ye shall receive”. What more do you want? Open the door that He may come within. And leave the door open that He, too, may come out. Neither shut Him out nor shut Him in. Let Him have free way. Let Him, too, have free will. Do not restrict Him as you are doing now. You do not even know where to find Him. You ask the question, “Where can I find The Father?” And what will you be told? “The Father is here in Heaven”. Where is Heaven, my children? It is within. The Spirit of The Father is within and it is within that you must seek. Make your own house in order before you can find The Father.
Bring this into the order of regulated thinking, positive thinking, and make it perfect. And when you do this you will find that, within yourself, the peace has come, harmonising with all that you do. You will realise this as the power which has been given to you. It brings forth that understanding, that upliftment, to always look up. As I have said before and I say again, and you will bear with, that those who do not understand will come to you and attempt to make fun of The Father. Perhaps they will have a cross word with you but you must look above them, not down on them, look above them. With your knowledge you can look above that and you can see a better understanding there.
There are so many ways to meet all the difficulties of the day in your life. So many ways and they are all made by The Father. “Forgive us out trespasses, “ that we may know and understand that The Father and The Father alone is the truth. The staff on which we may lean, the light spark by which we may be guided, the love which will protect us. Pray for the peace that your world is so much in need of. Pray for the light that shall shine brightly to dispense the clouds that are so low, so low to you and so dark.

Are there any questions?

Bill : Is it true that they (the Astronauts) have landed on the moon?
Padre: They are on the moon.
Bill : And the Atlantians – they are on the moon?
Padre: Yes, they are. On the far side.
Bill : In Spirit form?
Padre: Yes.
Bill : Will they (the Astronauts) find any material things as we know it, from
these Atlantians?
Padre: No. They will not find that.
Bill : The understanding is, that there is no life whatsoever on the moon?
Padre: No. Not of the material. There can never be. They can never exist.
Bill : No plant life, no animal life?
Padre: No. Remember that there are two sides to the moon. There is the dark

side and there is the light side. On the light side there is a little

vegetation, but there is nothing much. On the dark side there is nothing.

And it is very cold.

Bill : Why are the spirits of the Atlantians on that side. For what reason?
Padre: It is simply because that is the side they have chosen.
Bill : And when Atlantis rises once again, when this world goes into its new

position, will they come back?

Padre: Yes. They will again inhabit Atlantis. For it shall rise again. It is even in

your day at the bottom of your ocean, your sea.

Bill : One reads now of the scientists drifting across the sea with the object of

trying to trace the route of the ancient Egyptians to the Americas.

Obviously with the land of Atlantis there was no need for a sea crossing

of that kind?

Padre: No, my son. There was no need for that. For you see they had So much

knowledge. They were, too, very clever people. But again they

disturbed the atmosphere, the vibrations. Again it was a case of greed.

They were not contented with that which they had. They were not

contented with the knowledge that was given to them. And no more

knowledge was given to them than to the peoples of today.

As I have told you, much can be given to you. Very much. To do and to make big things. The answer to your cancer can be given to you. But, no! You ask why? Because that which can be given to you would be in such power that it could be used against other people. Like the power which has been given to you in many ways. You have used it to fight, to kill, to make big bombs. And again this power will be given and it will be accepted and put to use, only to destroy. To destroy. Because it is something that is powerful. It is a radiation. But it will not be given to you because of the use that will be made of it. The Father, in His love for His children, will not permit it. The use of all ideas which you have, by which you exist, is the idea to be master. That my country shall have more than that one. Just like little children at school when one has one more sweets than the other. This is childish.
But your mind has not yet developed sufficiently to rule countries. You can never rule by force, nor by greed, nor by jealousy, nor by hatred. All this is negative and has no foundation. This is why you have these troubles in your world today, where life means nothing. It is because not one little grain of love is shown to the neighbour. It matters not what it is you do but “I” must be master. This is your situation. So long as this goes on, with the fruits of the aftermath will come destruction. As you know, nothing can be ruled or receive reward through negativeness. And your negative emotions are greed and jealousy, hatred, anger, criticism and what you call, vindictiveness.
These are negative conditions. They do not even belong to The Father. He does not know these things. He knows only that which is perfect in love, purification in love, a pure love, an understanding one. And only if this vibration is worked upon can there ever be a good, solid foundation built for the nations of your world. He has given you the one law. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Can this love be given? No! And why? Because the children of this earth plane think only of “Me”. They build up everything for themselves only. They do not think of anyone else who lives close to them. They do not worry about them. You may be very rich, you may be very fortunate, you may think you are lucky. But there is no such condition. You are very clever, you have, what you call, something good. Yes, it is good. You must look after yourself, The Father does not say otherwise. But, remember, there are others beside you. Take this one next to you, perhaps in the next house. Is there anything you can do to help? You may say, “Padre, I will take all my money and give it to him”. No, my children. Rather show him a little understanding, a little human love. Do not shut yourselves away from your neighbours. For each must have the other.

The Father has decreed this. But you have decided to have a law of your own. So, how do you stand? Until this love is circulated and accepted and is working amongst the people of this plane you will have nothing but trouble and sickness, disease, hardships. Because you want to go on your own. You have the one mistaken idea, you think to yourself. “Oh, I know. I want to do this, I want to do that for the people next door”. No, it is not so. It is not worked like this. It is only a little thought, a little consideration, a little sympathy, a little love for the next people. But brother to brother, sister to sister, they may live so in harmony and peace.

They say you must have opposition, you must have the bad with the good. It is not necessary, my children. You do not have that in Spirit. You do not have the fighting in Spirit. They live in peace, they live in love and harmony. They have a big understanding of each other. Why cannot the children here do this? It is only because it is “self” emotion. You must forget yourself, my children, and think of others. And only when you have been able to accomplish this can you have any success in your life. Break down that wall which you build around yourself. Break it down that someone else may be able to come through and speak to you. That you may understand another. To understand each other is a big understanding. It is a big upliftment and it is a positive foundation between the people of this earth. My children, I know you understand what has been told you. I know, too, how difficult it is for you to put it into practice. I know. But I say to you, my children, try a little, just a little. And gradually it will grow bigger until you have expanded. And everyone you meet will feel that
Spirit that you are bringing out. If they are a bit on the clairvoyant side and could see, they would see you in a beautiful light. A beautiful light because you are shining, you are sending out light for all. If they do not wish to receive it you must not let this worry you. Just know that you are giving out and you are sowing the little seed of knowledge – The Father’s way of working – so beautiful, so peaceful and so precious. For this love, my children, is a precious jewel because it is so perfect and it sends out many lights, many colours, many vibrations.
I say to you, my children, “Go in peace. Go your way, go The Father’s way. Take Him with you wherever you go. Bless Him for all that He has given to you, no matter what it may be, something big, something small. Think Him for that love which He bears for each and everyone and ask The Father that that love may shine from you to glorify His world, to glorify His name.“ Bless you, my children.


©Alfred Reynolds, Durban, South Africa

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