A plan for Cultural and Economic Development in Broward County

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CreativeBROWARD 2020

A Plan for Cultural and Economic Development in Broward County

September 2010

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 7

A Cultural Vision for Broward 13

The Plan 16

Overview 16

The Context for Planning 18

Goals and Recommendations 23

Goal 1: Collaboration and Self-reliance 24

Goal 2. Sustainability and Resources 42

Goal 3: Inclusion and Celebration 55

Creative Economy Component Plan 77

Cultural Tourism Component Plan 115

Public Art & Design Component Plan 129

Implementation 146

Multi-County Comparative Study 163

Evaluation and Benchmarks 165

Regionalism 171

Policy and Legislation 172

Attachments 174

Planning Process 174

Planning Participants 176

Research Appendix 180

Broward County Board of Commissioners

Ilene Lieberman, District 1

Kristin D. Jacobs, District 2

Stacy Ritter, District 3

Ken Keechl, District 4

Lois Wexler, District 5

Sue Gunzburger, District 6

John E. Rodstrom, Jr., District 7

Diana Wasserman-Rubin, District 8

Albert C. Jones, District 9
Bertha Henry, County Administrator Pam Madison, Interim Deputy County Administrator

Estelle Loewenstein, Chair

Arthur Crispino, 1st Vice Chair

Deborah Kerr, 2nd Vice Chair

Dr. Claire Crawford, Member at Large

Amy Ostrau, Member at Large

Janet Erlick, Cultural Executives Committee Chair

Edith Gooden-Thompson, Immediate Past Chair

Anthony Abbate

Margaret Mitchell Armand

Bonnie Barnett

Michael Bassichis

Darrin Blake

Rose Marie A. Cossick

Patrick J. Flynn

Sharon Fyffe, Commissioner

Sue Gunzburger, Vice Mayor

Linda Houston Jones

Roslyn “Robbie” S. Kurland

Georgia D.N. Robinson, Esq.

Alice Zendel Simon

Bill Stanton, TDC Appointee

Diane Weinbrum

Benjamin J. Williams, School Board Representative

Steering Committee

Jarett Levan, Chair

Anthony Abbate, Vice Chair

Josie Bacallao, Alternate Chair

Wayne Alexander

Germaine Baugh

Gale Butler

Mario Cartaya

Linda Carter

Karen Mitchell Curran

Marie Darmanian

Janet Erlick

Doug Evans

Roland Foulkes

George Gadson

Hope Gary

William Gary

Edith Gooden-Thompson

Mike Greene

Robert Judd

Deborah Kerr

Sarrah Khan

Estelle Lowenstein

Wilhelmina Mack

Patrice Moore

Curt Nichols

Peggy Nordeen

Beth Ravitz

Kelley Shanley

Mindy Shrago

Charlotte Sundquist

Teen Woon, AIA

Roberta Young

Creative Economy Task Force

Mark Budwig, Chair

Earl Hall, Vice Chair

Elizabeth Wentworth, Alternate Chair

Keachia Bowers

Michael Caldwell

Judith Carney

James Carras

Janet Erlick

Donald Giancoli

Jan Goodheart

Alexandra Handago

Patrick Harris

Yvette Holt

Belvit Jordan

Vindhya Khare

Melinda Lee

Peter Ludescher

Kathleen Margoles

Vanessa Pacquette

Peter Palin

Ellen Schulman

Terrie Temkin

Laura Sue Wilansky

Cultural Tourism Task Force

George Platt, Co-Chair

Bill Stanton, Co-Chair

Karen Beard, Alternate Chair

Carmen Ackerman

Kelly Jones Armstead

Devin Avery

Jolanda Blanchard

Todd Bothel

Joan Cartwright

Ralph Dearden

Hope Gary

Nicki Grossman

Neal Hecker

Ralph Johnson

Linda Houston Jones

Mark Kukulski

Irvin Lippman

Nestor Martin

Andy Mitchell

Patrice Moore

Andrea Nelson

Alice Zendel Simon

Candy Sims

Albert Tucker

Patricia Zeiler

Public Art and Design Task Force

Dr. Jaap Vos, Chair

Alan Levy, Vice Chair

Aron Temkin, Alternate Chair

Bonnie Barnett

Francie Bishop Good

Keith Douglas

Carl Hildebrand

Jeffrey Harris

Alan Hooper

Eddy Jean-Baptiste

Charles Ladd

Nelli Levental

Kathleen Margoles

Doug McCraw

Mimi Mileguir

Gary Moore

Margi Nothard

Mariavelia Savino

Magi Schwartz

Kristin Snyder

Chris Wren

Broward Cultural Division Staff

Mary A. Becht, Director

Jody Horne-Leshinsky, Community Development Director

Grace Kewl-Durfey, Community Development/Arts Education

James Shermer, Grants Administrator

The Cultural+Planning Group, Lead Consultants

David Plettner-Saunders

Jerry Allen, Public Art and Design

SABÉR Institute, Creative Economy

Steven Nivin, PhD

PLACES, Cultural Tourism

Gary Esolen

Wakeling, Inc., Community Outreach and Project Coordination

Linda Flynn

POWERi Technologies, Inc., Community Outreach and Technology

David Andrade

Marlow Group/LevineMarketResearch, Public Opinion Telephone Survey

Steve Marlow

Alan Levine

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