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This outline is designed to help you during the season as you embark on the journey of becoming part of The 2011 East Cobb 45’s. The handbook will be updated periodically throughout the 2011 season as different situations arise. We hope that you have thought long and hard about the commitment and sacrifice that you have agreed to make by accepting the invitation to join this team. This is an “Elite Majors” team that expects to play and compete at the highest level possible. We are here to help you every step of the way and are excited about the challenges and triumphs to come.


Prepare a group of talented young men for the next level of competitive baseball by teaching the fundamentals of the game in a positive, competitive, high energy, high intensity environment with top quality coaching complimented by professional instruction.


  • To teach and instruct the fundamentals of baseball

  • Recognize and develop each players strengths and athletic abilities

  • Create and maintain a positive but highly competitive environment

  • Instill a respect and love for the game

  • Develop an attitude of respect for ones teammates and coaches

  • Carry no more than 13 players in order to maximize playing time

  • Field the most competitive team possible but never at the expense of an individual player’s self esteem or confidence

  • Create and foster a hard working, intelligent approach to practice

  • Develop overall winning character on and off the field

Team Mandates

  • Finish every drill, every practice and every game

  • Win, lose or draw always compete with dignity and respect for your opponent

  • Be a supportive teammate on and off the field

  • Be a leader by setting good examples for others to follow

  • Be accountable to your teammates and coaches; MAKE ADJUSTMENTS NOT EXCUSES

2011 Professional Instructors

In addition to the two volunteer coaches, Pat Reardigan and Stan Conway, the 2011 East Cobb 45s will have four professional instructors on staff for coaching, hitting, pitching and speed and agility training. They are Wes Fields, Shawn Kimberly, CJ Stewart and Frank Adams.

Wes Fields – Resume to follow Wes is on staff at East Cobb and also coaches the EC 17U Astros. In addition he assisted with the 12U White Sox this year. Next year will be a full time assistant with The 45s starting in Sept and wrapping up in May when his players return from high school ball.

Shawn Kimberley – Resume to Follow Shawn also coaches the EC 17U Astros but will be full time with The 45s next year starting in September and running through the end of the season.

CJ Stewart - CJ played successfully with the Chicago Cubs before founding Diamond Directors (www.diamonddirectors.com) a successful hitting academy located in Marietta. He has many clients playing in the big leagues today including Dexter Fowler of the Colorado Rockies and Jason Heyward of the Atlanta Braves. In addition he founded LEAD’s (www.lead2legacy.org) a nonprofit committed to having a significant impact on the number of inner city teens ages 14-18 playing competitive baseball in high school to prepare them to compete for college baseball scholarships.

Frank Adams - Frank is the owner of Xcelerate Sports Development. Originally from Gastonia, North Carolina, Frank was a standout athlete in football and track at Ashbrook High School. He was an all area quarterback who took his Greenwaves to the state semi-finals. In his junior year Frank won the state championship in the 60 meter dash and took 5th place in the National High School Meet at Yale University.

Frank’s high school heroics landed him a four year scholarship at the University of South Carolina, where he lettered at running back his red shirt freshman year, before becoming a starter at defensive back for 3 years. In his junior year he was a second team All SEC candidate and won team defensive and special team MVP. Frank ended a stellar college career with a free agent opportunity from the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he spent a year. He finished his professional career with a stint in Canada as part of the Toronto Argonauts and then with the former Connecticut Coyotes of the Arena Football League.

With heart and determination to make it to the highest level in his sport, Frank has overcome an athlete’s greatest obstacle with a height of 5’ 9”. Along with over 15 years of playing and training experience, he brings drive, knowledge and motivation to be the best to the table in every training session.

Some of Frank’s most notable clients are Kyle Bissinger, linebacker New England Patriots, Tony Douglas, point guard New York Knicks, Bret Gravitt, shooting guard Norwegian Basketball League, Dan Burkes running back Cincinnati Bengals and Harry Douglas, receiver for the Atlanta Falcons.

Frank Adams is a Certified Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Tennis Conditioning Specialist through the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA). He is also a certified specialist in Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) through National Endurance & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). Frank is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and his additional certifications include Stretch Therapy and a Functional Training Certification. He currently holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Psychology from the University of South Carolina.


Now the fun begins. We will be practicing 2-3 days per week with scrimmages and tournaments beginning in late February. We expect to play 70 plus games culminating with a season ending tournament out of town. Most of the tournaments will be played within a 50 mile radius of Atlanta but if things are going really well we may travel overnight to Savannah and/or Knoxville in order to find new competition.


We expect players to be at practice 15 minutes early for warm-ups. Late arrival negatively impacts the entire team. We also expect players to be properly nourished so they can maximize the practice effort. Players should always wear the designated practice uniform with proper shoes. Indoor training requires baseball turf shoes or tennis shoes. In order to prevent injury please do not wear skater shoes or other types of sneakers with smooth bottoms. Practice schedules will be posted on the website at least 1 week in advance. Rainouts will be communicated via email.

We will likely use the following practice facilities this year;

  • ECB Fields and Batting Cages located in north Cobb County

  • Marietta Indoor Sports located in Marietta (indoor)

  • Diamond Directors located in Marietta

  • Aviation Field


Please note we expect all players to be at the field 1.5 hours prior to all games. Between games players will be asked to remain in the purview of the coaches so their activities can be managed. We want to avoid situations where players unnecessarily wear themselves down in the heat playing pickup games etc. Tournament schedules and game times will be posted on the web site as will directions and other important weekend information. Uniforms for the weekend will also be posted on the website. Unless directed otherwise by one of the coaches arrive completely dressed in a clean uniform and tennis shoes. Players should have clean cleats in their equipment bags. Hydrate before, during and after games and practices (sports drinks to replace vital fluids). Drinking adequate amounts of water and sports drinks that replenish vital minerals is important to perform at your best.


Our proforma budget this year is $4,363/player for the spring. This includes tournament fees, uniforms, equipment, ECB registration, Speed and Agility, private instructors, indoor facility cost 9See attached budget) but excludes any overnight travel expenses. A detailed budget will be provided to each family. Please note the actual expense for each family will be $1,200 with the remainder being paid for by the coaches and sponsors.


Each player is required to maintain a journal as a means of reflection. This helps us understand and improve each player’s mental side of the game. The journal is part of the player’s equipment and shall be present at every game, practice or team function so he can write down important information or thoughts. The coaches will be reviewing the journals weekly; however please note the information will be kept confidential between coach and player. Writing in the journals is Mandatory.


  • No coaching from stands.

  • Parents are expected to encourage and cheer from the stands in a positive manner

  • Please stay out of dugout

  • Respect the other teams and umpires.

  • No food in the dugout

  • Do not admonish your child during or between games

  • Please follow “24 hour” rule before discussing any concerns with the coach

  • Communicate any vital health or injury situation to the coach immediately

  • Have fun and enjoy the experience of playing competitive baseball!

Parent Signature;


  • I will be expected to govern myself to a high standard of conduct, academic/athletic performance and character

  • I will embrace my team members as my extended family and help to foster an atmosphere of esprit de corps

  • I understand that I am a representative of ECB even when I am not participating in ECB activities

  • I understand that there are rewards/awards for good behavior and there are negative consequences for bad behavior

  • I understand that my participation on this team depends on my attitude and my actions

  • I understand that I will be placed on probation and subsequently released from the program if I exhibit behavior contrary to the mission of the team.

Player Signature;

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