First Week of Practice (Jan-14 through Jan-19)

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VHHS Boys’ Track and Field


First Week of Practice (Jan-14 through Jan-19)

Refer to training groups (next page) for the first week of practice. These groups will be revised and refined as the week progresses. You must be registered and have a current physical on file in order to practice this week. If you have not been to the Athletic Office to get registered, you must do so right after today’s meeting.

Practice is optional on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week due to exams. If you will be out of town over the holiday weekend (and unable to practice on Friday, Saturday, or Monday), you must notify Coach Whitney in advance.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Following the team meeting, all eligible athletes may do a brief workout, as follows:

Distance Runners

  • If you have trained all winter, averaging at least 30-40miles per week; run 7-8 miles, [E] easy pace

  • If you have trained intermittently, averaging 20-30 miles per week; run 5-6 miles, [E] easy pace

  • If you are averaging less than 20 miles per week; run 3-4 miles, [E] easy pace

  • If you have not run at all; go out to the stadium path, walk for 5-min then 10 x (1-min run, 1-min walk), walk for 5-min

Meet back in the VHHS lobby for a post-workout stretch. Check-out with Coach Whitney.


Meet with Coaches Bunning, Cotton, and Marquardt for today’s workout.


Pick up a weight room card from Coach Whitney. Go to weight room and begin recording your maximum lifts. Weight room is open until 4:30 PM. Check-out with Coach Whitney in the VHHS lobby.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 – Saturday, January 19, 2013

Training groups will meet as follows for the rest of the week. If your practice is scheduled for a 1:30 pm start, try to eat a mid-morning snack.





Lobby 1:30 PM

FH 3:30 PM

WR 2:30 PM


Lobby 1:30 PM

FH 3:30 PM

WR 1:30 PM


FH 1:30 PM

FH 1:30 PM

FH 1:30 PM


Lobby 8:30 AM

FH 6:00 PM

WR 3:30 PM


FH 8:00 AM

FH 8:00 AM

FH 8:00 AM

* Team meeting before practice

Training Groups for First Week of Practice



Distance Runners



Baer, Chris

Abbas, Ali

Day, Daniel

Carlson, Keith

Agnew, Noah

Fasbinder, Ryan

Castellanos, Bryan

Babin, Oleg

Kim, Shawn T

Dantes, Kenny

Baines, Dekean

Montoya, Karl

Geier, Alex

Campbell, Mitch

Nabat, Jordan

Ju, Caleb

Chang, Ty

Randall, Drake

Laneman, Sam

Cho, Philip

Lannon, Chris

Lichtenstein, Morgan

Cielianski, Ryan

Martin, Jordan

Cotton, Gabe

Mohrdieck, Ben

Coty, Brandon

Moyers, Trevor

Federovich, Ilya

Rappaport, Ben

Foley, Nick

Smith, Tyler

Galinovskiy, Daniel

Tiwari, Yogi

Hayibor, Michael

Webber, Nick

Kasten, Sam

Whitney, Kyle

Kucharz, David

Williams, Rob

Lee, Don

Martinez, Juan

Munro, Alec

Nabat, Jake

Salazar, Andres

Saraina, Armaandip

Slovak, Eric

Tinoco, Eric

Yang, Alex

* If your name is not listed in one of the above groups. Please see Coach Whitney.

Note: some athletes may not be available due to a winter sport.

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