Call to order a meeting of the go team for

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  1. Call to order

A meeting of the GO Team for L.O. Kimberly Elementary School was held at Kimberly Elementary School (Media Center) on Tuesday, May 17, 2017, 6:00pm.

  1. Meeting Protocols

  1. Attendance

GO Team Members Present.

Keisha Sewell

Rosa McKnight

Jennifer Saunders

Theodore Lee

Joseph Salley

G. Brady Stringer

Community Observers

Quorum present: Yes or No (Quorum present at 6:40pm)

Members not in attendance included.

Donny Gray

Odalis Whatley

Faye Hammonds

Kelley Young

  1. Approve Meeting Agenda

    1. Tabled

  2. Approve 011717 Meeting Minutes

    1. Tabled

    2. Changes will be sent to Mrs. Saunders via email

  1. Public comment

  1. No public comment

  1. Action Items

    No action items

  2. Information Items

Principal’s Report

  • Austerity cuts (see Appendix I)

  • Preliminary GA Milestone results shared. There was evidence of some growth. There is opportunity for continued growth. There is improvement in math performance. More than half of the school’s 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are still not performing on grade level.

  • Question by Mr. Lee: Is there a community program to help student academic achievement during the summer months? Answer: AFPL (Atlanta-Fulton Public Library) has summer programs. A representative was at the school to share with students. Chipotle summer reading program is encouraged. Cascade UMC is developing a program to support students.

  • All teaching positions at the school are currently filled for FY 17-18.

  • 5th grade promotional ceremony – May 24 @6pm @ Therrell High School.

  • Summer school will take place at Cascade Elementary School

Parent University

  • Still in development with Ms. McKnight. She will work closely with the new Communities in Schools liaison – Ms. Jasmine Moore.

IV. Announcements

Agenda Items for Next Meeting

  • GO Team Satisfactory Survey Results

  • Set dates for FY 18-18 GO Team meetings

  • Outline goals for meetings/revisit orientation

  • Discuss frequency of meetings

  • Develop committees for work/sub committee formation

  • Set student expectations for participation/qualifications for activity participation (i.e. Rock Eagle Scholarship recipient expectation)

  • Parental/Community Involvement

  • August/September: Pre-Balanced Scorecard/Schoolwide Plan preparation

Other Information

  • LOVE Atlanta scheduled to paint murals (tentative)

  • Girls on the Run to begin

  • UStream Live Announcements

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 | 6pm @ Kimberly ES Media Center

Jennifer Saunders


Date of approval

Appendix I

Subject: Austerity Cuts Restored
Go Team Members / Instructional Leadership Team Members / Better Seeking Team Members
I wanted to share some additional information with each of you regarding my recommendations for the use of the restored Austerity Cuts.
Our Austerity Cuts for SY17-18 were:  $46,827
I have proposed that one of the three positions that I had to cut be restored, but used in a different capacity.  I have submitted a request to use the funds in the following way:

  • $39,497 – Instructional Para (Restored Position)

  • $3,500 – Student Admission (Rock Eagle Trip – 5th Grade Students)

  • $3,830 – Instructional Materials and Supplies

The restored para position would be used in the Computer Lab to support student access to technology and upkeep of the computer lab.  They would work under the direction of the classroom teacher to support students with Extended/Constructed Response Writing; Use of IXL; Administration of STAR Reading/Math and general 21st Century Technology Skills.

The funds allocated for Student Admission would be supplement the already allocated funds for Student Admission and Transportation to allow for up to 90 5th Grade students to participate in an overnight Extended Learning Experience (Rock Eagle) -  Having the funds available for the students would ensure that ALL 5th grade students are able to attend and eliminate any financial hardship for families.
If you have any questions about the use of these funds, or would like any additional information on the original budget proposal, please respond to this email.  GoTeam Members will need to vote on the use of these Austerity Funds (Restored) at our next GoTeam meeting so that out budget can be finalized.
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