We do, however, strongly encourage all students enrolled in the ap program take at least one ap exam

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It is the goal of the AP program at Grady High School for every student to take the AP exam for every AP course in which they are enrolled. However, we acknowledge that the financial burden of paying for multiple AP exams may be significant for some families.
In the past, the State of Georgia paid for one exam for all students and the federal Title I program paid for all exams for students who qualified for free or reduced price lunch. This year the state support has been eliminated completely and Title I will only pay for one exam for qualifying students.
Because of this increased financial burden, Grady will not require any student to take an AP exam in 2011. No student will lose the “10 points” as a result of not taking an AP exam. We do, however, strongly encourage all students enrolled in the AP program take at least one AP exam.
Please note that all students will be expected to continue in their AP courses as if they were taking the exam. AP teachers will have the same expectations for all students, regardless of which ones are taking the exam. All students will be required to complete AP exam preparation and take practice exams at the teacher’s discretion.
Vincent D. Murray


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