Cacc director’s council may 24-25 2010 12 noon caesar’s, Atlantic City, nj

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May 24-25 2010 12 NOON

Caesar’s, Atlantic City, NJ
Sheila Wooten (Bloomfield) Tom Shirley (Philadelphia U)

Mark Corino, Linda Cimino (Caldwell) Anthony Fallacaro (Post)

Lynn Tubman (Chestnut Hill) Bob Morgan, Paul Klimitas (USP)

Joe Clinton, Kelly-Ann Di Giulio (Dominican) Frank Aiello (Wilmington)

Ben DiNallo (Felician) Ivan Marquez, Kathy Laotaris (Concordia)

Laura Liesman, Chris McKibben (Georgian Court) Dan Mara (CACC Office)

Jen Carlton (Goldey-Beacom) Kirk Reed (CACC Office)

Sandy Michael (Holy Family) Stacy Kelly (CACC Office)

Keith Davie (Nyack)

  1. Meeting called to order at 12:17 pm.

    1. Opened with a moment of silence for Wilmington Student-Athlete Brandon Savage who is hospitalized because of a shooting.

  1. Conference Office Update

    1. Commissioner Mara updated the group on the relocation process of the conference office.

      1. Presidents granted permission to sign a new 5 year lease at the new location.

      2. New location will yield a savings in rent of approx. $200-$300 a month.

  1. Minutes of March 29, 2010 Directors Council Meeting (Supplement # 1) –

    1. Motion from Frank Aiello to approve the minutes as presented, second by Laura Liesman.

      1. Approved unanimously.

  1. Report of Presidents Meeting of April 29, 2010– Tom Shirley, Sandy Michael – (Supplement #2)

    1. NCAA signed TV contract with CBS

    2. Presidents extended their agreement to stay together through 2013.

    3. Group discussed the AD proposal taking the CACC non-championship policy forward to search for a co-sponsor for the 2011 Legislative slate. Agreed on the concept and looks forward to hearing the progress.

    4. Presidents approved $2000 membership fee increase after considering the future budget predictions of the conference with new member fees dwindling. Membership fee will be $20,000 for 2010-2011.

    5. President Spinelli is working on low risks investments to better optimize the conference funds that are not utilized for operating costs.

    6. The group continued to emphasize the need for full involvement in decision making from all institutions and attendance at all functions.

    7. The discussion on eliminating the transfer exemption for intra-conference transfers was discussed.

    8. Next meeting is Nov 8th at Nyack, April 4th USP

    9. Ethics committee update led to a discussion about conference exploring a prof. development program for coaches.

      1. AD’s agreed to setting an August 8th meeting for all coaches (all sports, head coaches) at Georgian Court.

        1. Possible itinerary:

          1. Sport meeting

          2. Lunch

          3. AD presentation

          4. Speaker

          5. Ath. Trainer presentation about concussion management

        2. Possible speakers: Janet Judge or Jill Wilson

  1. Report of FAR Meeting of April 9, 2009 – Dan Mara – (Supplement #3)

    1. FAR’s elected new officers, added a vice chair position:

      1. New chair – Patrick Sime, Caldwell

      2. Clint Robertson, Wilm U, Vice Chair

    1. FARA Fall Forum – Clint Robertson and Art Grugan will be nominated

  1. Report of SAAC Meeting of April 16, 2009 – Stacy Kelly-(Supplement #4)

    1. New officers:

      1. President: Aimee Drabyn, Holy Family University

      2. Vice President: Alisha Smith, Nyack College

      3. Secretary: Brooke Culver, Georgian Court University

    1. Make-A-Wish forms were sent out by the NCAA last week, we will re-send them out to everyone. Please send us a copy of your totals. Judging by the updates at our meeting, we have had a fairly good year. Not all schools were able to update us on their totals.

    2. Students have been very happy with the championships enhancements, watches and new t-shirts have been a big hit.

    3. Last half of the meeting was with Attorney Janet Judge of Sports Law Associates. She spoke to the students about social networking and the impact it can have on their future.

  1. Report of SWA Meeting of April 16, 2009 – Laura Liesman, Sheila Wooten -(Supplement #5) –

    1. First half of the meeting was with Attorney Janet Judge. She spoke to the SWA’s about diversity and hiring practices as well as an overview of her social networking presentation for the student-athletes

      1. Laura Liesman – Point of emphasis from Judge was to remind the coaches that if they are friends with students and something is posted on their page, they could be held liable if anything were illegal or questionable and the coach had a way of knowing it was going on.

    2. SWA’s discussed the new legislation from January

  1. Report of Athletic Trainers Meeting 5/11/10- Sandy Michael, (Supplement #6)

    1. AT’s continue to grow in their effectiveness at the meeting, felt like this was the best meeting yet.

    2. K2 discussion – K2 is a synthetic version of marijuana that has not be banned in many states yet.

    3. Concussion evaluation software- IMPACT

      1. Reinforced the need for a solid, consistent policy on return to play.

      2. Discussed the possibility of including money for IMPACT software in conference grant.

    4. Group heard a presentation from Henry Shein vendor – free shipping, prices seem to be very competitive

      1. 3% back to the conference

    5. NATA convention is in Philly – June 20th. - Conference will be paying for a lunch at the convention, Janet will contact trainers with specifics.

    6. Drug Testing policy

    7. CEU’s at the next meeting in January at Holy Family again.

  1. Management Council Report – Sandy Michael

    1. Phase II of bylaw 17

    2. Concussion evaluation software – IMPACT

      1. Dan – did discuss with the AT’s to look at requesting grant funding

        1. Sandy – has a speaker from concussion center

    1. Committee representation –

      1. Dan Mara– membership committee,

      2. Tom Shirley- basketball rules committee

      3. Dean Johnson – Legislation committee

    2. Discussion are being had about expanding the opportunities for official visits – still one per institution, but no limit on the overall number a student would be able to take.

    3. ISSG – re-design for two parts to limit the repetitiveness of the form and make it easier to complete.

  1. DII ADA Report – please continue to fill out surveys you receive, they really help advance our knowledge

    1. Laura is going on the conference grant to NACDA

    2. Those of you going, we would appreciate your attendance at all DII ADA functions. It goes a long way to help promote the conference.

  1. Championship Committee Report- Mark Corino – (Supplement #7A-C)

    1. Championship site discussion – proposal for tournament seeding/site

      1. Championship Committee prefers to maintain the current bid selection process

        1. Would welcome of discussing the cross over play in divisional sports.

      1. 2010-2011 Site Selection

        1. Soccer – Georgian Court University

        2. Volleyball – Georgian Court University

        3. Cross Country – Belmont Plateau – Phila U and USP – move to Sunday, November 7th

        4. Women’s Tennis – Chestnut Hill

        5. Basketball – Holy Family University

        6. Baseball - Wilmington

        7. Softball – Georgian Court Univ.

        8. Women’s Lacrosse – Georgian Court Univ.

    1. Basketball and Volleyball proposal, if accepted would go into effect for 2011-2012. (*See supplement 7A-C).

    2. Motion by Tom (second by Sandy) to move the start of the tournament to the second Saturday prior to Selection Sunday – volleyball and basketball effective 2011-2012

      1. Start with 1-4 seeds from each division cross over play in round one then hard bracket from that point out.

        1. Motion passed with an 11 – 3 vote with 1 abstention.

    3. Motion by Tom (second by Sandy) for the following criteria for site selection for the 2011-2012 volleyball and basketball championships:

      1. Site would be determined as highest remaining seed after Saturday’s Quarterfinal round, if a tie, head to head competition.

        1. Proposal failed with a 5, 8, 1 vote.

    4. Motion by Mark (2nd by Joe Clinton) to discuss relocating the baseball tournament to the traditional pattern of the week prior to the NCAA regional tournament. The approved schedule included an error that placed the tournament a week earlier, at the same time as the softball tournament. The schedule was approved based on sending teams home earlier for the summer, but many want to discuss if this is a disservice to the teams who do advance in that it leaves them with unplayable time between the two tournaments.

      1. Motion passes in a 10, 2, 2 vote.

    5. Motion by Tom (second by Ben) to move the play in game for baseball from Tuesday, May 10th to Saturday, May 7th, setting up a Saturday, Thursday-Saturday tournament schedule.

      1. Motion passes in 12, 1, 1 vote.

    6. Tom moves (seconded by Keith) to accept the championships site selection and tournament format recommendations with the exception of tennis.

      1. Motion passes 14-0

    7. Lynn moves that the tennis championships for 2010-2011 tennis championships change to Tuesday semi-final at highest seed, final on Saturday at Chestnut Hill for 2010-2011. Seconded by Tom. Motion passes 11, 0, 3.

  1. NCAA RAC for 2010-11 – (Supplement #8A-B) –

    1. Men’s Basketball - Joe Clinton (DC) will replace Alfred Johnson (HFU)

    2. Golf – Ben DiNallo (FC) replaces Joe Clinton (DC)

    3. Mtennis – Steph Spada (PU) replaced Marty Gilbert (PU)

    4. WTennis – Add Kela Simunyola (Conc.)– Sara Punderson (PU)

    5. Softball – add Dean Johnson (CC), Kelly-Anne DiGuilio (DC)

    6. VB – remains Meg Hrbek(CC) and Sheila Wooten (BC)

    7. Baseball – Matt Cornacchione, (NC) will replace Anthony Fallacarro (Post), and Brian August, (WU) remains.

  1. Ethics Committee – Baseball – Sandy Michael

    1. One case this spring, baseball

      1. Back to back ejections for profanity by the coach

        1. 1 game by coach, 2 game by the committee

  1. CACC Nominating Committee – Elections – Mark Corino

    1. Sheila Wooten, Bloomfield – President

    2. Ben DiNallo, Felician – Vice President

    3. Keith Davie, Nyack – Second Vice President

    4. Joe Clinton, Dominican – Treasurer

  1. Statistical Reporting – Deadlines – Ivan Marquez

    1. Feel that the conference should consider a deadline for host teams to get stats to each other after the

      1. SID’s already have a rule of 24 hrs unless arrangements have been made.

      2. Motion to add to all sport operating codes, "complete statistical summaries shall be submitted to all parties involved within 24 hrs." Seconded and passed unanimously.

  1. Requirements to forward Operational Issues to Presidents Council – Marquez

    1. 2/3 rds agreement from the DC meeting before issues are brought to the presidents attention.

    2. Laura – Can a summary be sent out after an executive session convenes?

      1. Mark – Would this be a constitutional step? Would this be adding a step after the executive committee of directors rules – call for all directors?

    3. Laura/Ben – Should we be taking more time to really figure out what steps should be in place?

    4. Table until tomorrow - unanimously agreed

  1. Field Regulations – Softball/ Soccer – Site Supervisor Duties

    1. Softball - Ivan – Make sure it’s clear in the operating code that it is required that there be a site supervisor available 1 ½ hours ahead of game time to serve as the contact.

      1. Currently part of the Softball code but remind the assignor of the regulations – trainer is not excluded – Mike Covello

        1. Motion by Mark, 2nd by Ivan, Amend 1 hr to the operating code – 13-0

    2. Soccer – Keith pointed out that the new standards state that any field built after 2002 – minimum requirements are 70 yrd wide by 100 yrd long Max is 100 by 130 yrd long.

  1. 7B Golf – Chris Morgan

    1. Coaches – asked for the conference to consider using GolfStat record as the determining All-Conference.

    2. Motion by Ben DiNallo to select the All-Conference Golf Team based on top finishes in Golf Stat for the season. Seconded by Anthony Fallacaro.

      1. Passed with a 7, 5, 2 vote.

    3. Motion to add an all-tournament determined by top five finishers in the championship by Ben DiNallo, 2nd by Joe Clinton.

      1. Passed 11, 1, 2

  1. Silly Olympics – Tom Shirley

    1. Motion to end Silly Olympics, Tom and seconded by Mark

      1. Passed with a 9, 2, 3 vote.

Tuesday – Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM

  • Frank Aiello, Laura Liesman were absent

  1. Championship Enhancement Fund Update - Distributed at the Meeting.

    1. Championships will draft a recommendation for utilization of fund for 2010-2011 at their August meeting.

      1. Coaches of teams inquired about getting polo shirts rather than t-shirts.

      2. Suggestion was made to look at including staff shirts for host school.

  1. Women’s Basketball Assignor – (Supplement #9A-B)

    1. Received three initial inquiries for new assignors for women’s basketball but only one other complete application other than Jim Hollister.

      1. Hollister appears to be the best candidate

        1. Acknowledges his mistakes wants to make it right

          1. Game fees

          2. AD’s would like to see more games being observed

          3. Men have asked for $5 increase

        2. Motion to accept Jim Hollister as assignor for an additional year for $5150 with $175/game for official fee. Seconded by Sheila.

          1. Passes 12, 1, 0

      1. Officials committee will look to schedule a meeting again over the summer to meet with both basketball assignors.

  1. NCAA Non-Championship Season Legislation –

    1. Presidents approved moving forward with finding a second conference to co-sponsor legislation for non-championship segments.

      1. If no other conference, then we would just need one other institution to put it forward.

      2. Sandy is planning on proposing it to the Management Council at the next meeting.

        1. Hoping that this could be the Mang. Councils answer to the Presidents wanting to eliminate all non-championship seasons

    2. Wood bats for DII

      1. Conference call with DII and Dave Brunk from Peach Belt

        1. Racy is convinced that this could go through the sports committee for the change rather than legislative.

  1. Financial Report/Budget Report (Distributed at meeting)

    1. Dr. Spinelli is looking for small risk investments to maximize interest opportunities on cash not needed for operating costs.

    2. Increase in dues for 2010-2011 to $20,000

  1. Sponsorships - Eclaro Sports, Point Forward

    1. Eclaro – Our first sponsorship deal at the spring championships with our East Regional marketing project. MetroPCS attended 2 NE-10 and CACC spring championships.

      1. Last minute spring deal should yield $15K per conference.

    2. PointForward – Working with the DII CCA – they came out and did an inventory of the conference assets. Based on those results, they have identified eight strong target areas of our market.

        1. Goal is to have first deal in place by Nov.

        2. We have our awards programs, presences at our championships and naming rights.

  1. Spring Championships Review – Golf, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Lacrosse, Softball, Baseball

    1. Golf

      1. Researching additional greens fees purchased on practice rounds.

      2. Conference office will draft and send a letter of reprimand Wilmington Coach for situation that occurred. In the future, issue would go to ethics immediately.

    2. Men’s Tennis

      1. Tournament went well, coaches discussed the importance of a “uniform” uniform for teams.

        1. Tournament recommendation – water at each court

      2. Season note – should have score cards at each court

        1. All-Conference – With the elimination of the individual tournament Lynn makes a motion that an eight member all conference teams for men’s and women’s tournaments – 4 on 1st team, 4 on 2nd, in addition retaining POY, ROY, COY and sportsmanship

          1. Will need to add a conference call to do the voting

            1. 2nd by Tom

              1. Passed 11, 0 , 2

    1. Wlax –

      1. Tournament went very well, small problem with parents not wanting to pay but they were GCU parents, it was dealt with.

        1. GCU Wlax coach will also receive a letter of reprimand for the team's unfortunate actions during the championship game. The feeling was that it was un-sportsman like.

    1. Softball –

      1. Tournament went very well, had a little of everything. Atmosphere and tournament were competitive and everything went smoothly. Dan was able to make it back and forth for both tournaments, handed out awards at both.

    2. Baseball –

      1. On day one we had some coaches tossed and fans, but no issues after that.

      2. Have to applaud Post for the way they handled themselves very well after a tough loss in the Championship game.

    3. We are working on manuals for all tournaments for 2010-2011 to provide more consistency and information through all sports.

  1. Membership Committee Report – Tom Shirley

    1. One inquiry from Monroe College – They are re-applying for membership.

      1. Heather McCullough of Monroe has worked previously at two different CACC schools and feels that we would be a better fit if they were to get in to DII, location wise, the obviously fit into the ECC footprint.

  1. 2011-12 CACC Schedule Discussion – Parameters

    1. Start with preliminaries to sports chairs

      1. Draft with dates listed on the bottom of the schedule

      2. ITA Tennis included– 9/18-19-20- Philadelphia Un.

        1. ITA Small college – 14-17 October

  1. Restaino Cup – Results – Kirk Reed ( Supplement #10)

    1. Wilm – Men Philadelphia - Women

  1. Lacrosse Defensive Player Award – Tom Shirley (Supplement #12)

    1. Parent sent out a request for the conference to consider adding a defensive player of the week in wlax – DI does it….

      1. Would have to open that up in every sport

      2. Motion to consider adding a defensive player of the week in wlax. 2nd by Ivan Defeated – 0,11,2

    2. Sandy – can we add a piece at the coaches education session about voting?

  1. BookMyGroup Proposal ( Supplement #11)

  1. Make-A-Wish – Tally forms and submission info was sent out by NCAA, will be sent out this week by CACC as well.

  1. Intra-Conference Transfer policy

    1. Motion and 2nd to not recognize the one time transfer exception for in-conference transfers by Keith.

      1. This would force all in conference transfers to sit a year before being allowed to play.

      2. Passes with a 7/6 vote

      3. Vote to reconsider – 10/3

      4. On reconsideration passes again 7/6

    2. Group discusses the ability to bring it back up at the next meeting.

    3. Motion to change the effective date to 8/1/11 seconded and passed 12, 1.

  1. In 09-10 grant funding for needy student-athlete and summer funding/degree completion – is expended – need to reallocate money from another area –

    1. Motion that the commissioner review the applications remaining to decide whether specific cases warranted additional funds be shifted from other areas in the grant by Tom and seconded. Passed 12, 1

  1. Old/New Business

    1. Ivan’s motion from yesterday discussed requiring a 2/3 vote from the group of directors before an issues is taken to the presidents.

      1. Issue presented to commissioner then AD’s, then AD’s vote.

    2. Motion by Tom and seconded by Sandy that the institution involved be included in a call with the AD Executive committee to discuss situation(s), if needed, a summary would be sent out to AD’s and they would be asked to vote if event should be elevated to the Presidents Council. Approval from AD’s would need to be 2/3. Passed 13, 0.

  1. Date for Next Meeting – August 16-17 9 am. Holy Family University

  1. Adjourn

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