Accelerated Reader through Renaissance Place The only way to become a better reader is to read!

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Accelerated Reader through Renaissance Place
The only way to become a better reader is to read!
In addition to in-class novel study, the seventh grade ELA classes will be using the Accelerated Reader program to track student progress in independent reading. I have chosen this program because it allows for (almost) unlimited student choice and individualization. It is both motivational and easy to use.

Each book on AR is given a point value based on reading difficulty, number of pages, and interest level. Each quarter, the students are given individualized point goals based upon their interest and ability. Progress toward those goals translates into a grade equal to 10% of the marking period average. After a student has read a book at home or during independent reading time in class, he or she can access Accelerated Reader through the school computers and take a multiple choice, reading practice quiz created by the program on that book. A student must earn at least 70% on the quiz in order to earn any points.

For the past few years, the district has been subscribing to Renaissance Place, which hosts Accelerated Reader. This is an Internet-based system that provides each student with a unique username and password for secure access. Through Renaissance Place, students have access to over 40,000 Accelerated Reader quizzes on nearly every young adult book ever written and then some. We have limited quiz availability to books worth over 1 point and less than 75 points to ensure students are not reading books way below grade level or way above. Students should easily be able to take quizzes on the books they enjoy reading.

Unfortunately we cannot print a quiz list that is so extensive, but both parents and children can access the Renaissance Place program from home in order to browse available quizzes. You can also view your child’s marking period progress and goals. It is easiest to access Renaissance Place through my teacher web page. You can then log in as a student using your child’s user name and password. From there you and your child can check out the various aspects of the site. Please confirm if tests are available for individual titles.

Hopefully this will be a helpful tool for all parties involved in ensuring your child’s literacy remains a priority. Now, you no longer need to rely on your child to tell you if he or she is keeping up with independent reading; you can check his or her progress as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call. Contact information is listed on my teacher web page.

Ms. Ebel

Download 4.41 Kb.

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