Acquisition Forecast Database Internet User Guide to Locate Procurement Opportunities at epa

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Acquisition Forecast Database
Internet User Guide

to Locate Procurement Opportunities at EPA

Welcome to EPA’s Acquisition Forecast Database
This database is part of EPA's initiative to enhance our electronic communication with the business community and to provide "real time" information about procurement opportunities and allow companies to spend more time bidding and less time searching for opportunities.
The information in the database is based on the best information available at the time of posting and is intended for PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY and does not constitute a commitment by EPA to buy the described supplies or services.
Internet Address
The Forecast Database is free and available to anyone interested in doing business with EPA and is located at: and click on “EPA’s Acquisition Forecast Database”
To navigate in the database use the “twisties” shown below:

<-- Click this image to expand data.

<-- Click this image to collapse data.

Procurement Data

The following is a list of the data available in each of the individual records in the Forecast Database.

Procurement Title: Title of the Project or Procurement.
Description of the Acquisition: The supply or service the agency will be buying.
Procurement Office: EPA’s Procurement Division or Region issuing the procurement.
End User by AAship or Region: The end user’s main EPA Program Office or Region(s) the procurement supports.
End User by Program Office, Division or Laboratory: The name of the Program Office that the procurement will directly support.
NAICS Code: The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code that sets the small business size standard to the procurement. For more information on NAICS Codes, visit the Internet at:
NAICS Code Title: The Title of the NAICS Code.
NAICS Code Size Standard: The NAICS Code size standard that sets the small business standard for the procurement.
Contract Type: The type of contract anticipated to be awarded.
Procurement Method: The anticipated method for conducting the procurement. Please note that market research will determine the actual method of procurement, so this can change during the procurement process.
Estimated Dollar Range: The estimated value of the contract for its entire period of performance including options, if applicable.
Place of Performance: For on-site contracts, this is the location where the contract work will be performed. If no specified place of performance is listed, the work may be performed at the “Contractor’s Facility.”
Solicitation Issue Date: The estimated date when the solicitation will be issued.
Target Award Date: The estimated target award date.
EPA Contact: The contracting person responsible for the procurement action.
Other Procurement Information: This information is critical to increase competition. Check here for Conflict of Interest or Limitation of Future Contracting information.
Status: Check here for the current status of the procurement action.
Award Information: Upon award, the Contractor and the Award date will be added.
Attachments or Internet Link: The attachments may include, if it is a follow-on requirement, the current contract number and the former or current SOW, or the Internet link for the SOW.

Updated Records in the Forecast Database
The Forecast Database will reflect the “real time” status of each procurement opportunity and be dated to reflect the latest revision. We encourage frequent visits to check the status of procurement opportunities and find new procurement opportunities added throughout the year.
We are striving to keep the data on EPA procurement opportunities current, accurate, and complete to increase competition through improved communication with the Contractor community.
Acronym, Initials and Abbreviation List for Acquisition Forecast Database


EPA Environmental Protection Agency

OAM Office of Acquisition Management

SIC Standard Industrial Classification

NAICS North American Industry Classification System

FY Fiscal Year

Q1 1st Quarter

Q2 2nd Quarter

Q3 3rd Quarter

Q4 4th Quarter

EPA AAships

OA Office of the Administrator

OARM Office of Administration and Resources Management

OAR Office of Air and Radiation

OECA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

OEI Office of Environmental Information

OCFO Office of the Chief Financial Officer

OGC Office of General Counsel

OIG Office of the Inspector General

OIA Office of International Activities

OP Office of Policy

OPPTS Office of Prevention Pesticides and Toxic Substances

ORD Office of Research and Development

OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

OW Office of Water

Contract Types

CPAF Cost Plus Award Fee

CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee

CPIF Cost Plus Incentive Fee

FFP Firm Fixed Price

FPAF Fixed Price Award Fee

FPIF Fixed Price Incentive Fee

IDIQ Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity

LOE Level of Effort
Location of EPA’s Regional Offices

I - Boston VI - Dallas

II - New York VII - Kansas City

III - Philadelphia VIII- Denver

IV - Atlanta IX - San Francisco

V - Chicago X - Seattle

Procurement Method

Competitive Full and Open Competition

8(a) Competitive Competition Restricted to 8(a) Certified Companies

SB Set-Aside Competition will be restricted to Small Businesses

FSS Federal Supply Schedule or Non-MOBIS

GWAC Government-Wide Area Contract

JWOD Javits - Wagner O'Day Act, procurement from NIB or NISH

MAS Multiple Award Schedule and it is Non-FSS or GWAC

MOBIS Management, Organization and Business Improvement Services Contract

NISH National Industries for the Severely Handicapped

NIB National Industries for the Blind

Questions? Please contact EPA’s Office of Acquisition Management (OAM)

Attention: Competition Advocate, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Mail Code 3801R

Washington, D.C. 20460, Business Phone Number: (202) 564-4321, Fax: (202) 565-2473

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