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7700 ARLINGTON BOULEVARD, SUITE 5101 FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 22042-5101 15 January 2020 HM Frederick Turner USS Harry S. Truman (CVN Medical Box FPO, AE HM Turner, Congratulations, you are hereby appointed as the Basic Life Support (BLS) Program Director (PD) for your facility by the Military Training Network (MTN). As the BLS PD at your facility, you are responsible for all BLS training. Your responsibilities as a PD is outlined in the MTN Administrative Handbook. Submit your Instructor Trainer (IT) appointment form every two years for renewal to your MTN Program Manager. Your status as the PD is effective immediately and with the duration contingent upon your Commander’s discretion, continued IT certification, and your continued assignment at this unit. For any questions, please contact your respective MTN Program Manager or via email at JON A. SINCLAIR, Lt Col, USAF, NC Director, Military Training Network
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SINCLAIR.JON.A.109594 8355 Date 2020.01.15 11:13:18 -06'00'

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SINCLAIR.JON.A.1095948355 Date 2020.01.15 11:12:35

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