Addiction Treatment Centers

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Addiction Treatment Centers





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Amethyst House

Columbus, Ohio


Long-term residential treatment program for women only. Accommodates mothers. Excellent program.

(614) 242-1284

Destiny House

Columbus, Ohio


Christian, 6 month residential treatment program.

(614) 498-0078

Dublin Springs

Dublin, Ohio

Private Insurance

Short-term detox only, or until mental health issues no longer require 24-hour monitoring. Provides substance abuse and mental health treatment.

(614) 717-1800 Jacob Ellzey

Faith Home

Greenwood, South Carolina


Christian, 8-week residential program. Separate facilities for men and women.

(864) 223-0694

Freedom House

Westerville, Ohio

$90 per week, some financial aid available

Christian residential center for men only. Private bedroom. Need to be 21 days clean. Ministry of Redeemers Church in Westerville.

(614) 865-0542

Friend's Ministry

Columbus, Ohio


Half-way house for Christians.

(614) 239-7414


Cleveland, Ohio

Private Insurance

Short-term facility

(800) 234-1001

Hope Ministry

1934 N 4th Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202


Faith-based, bible study recovery meeting that seeks to explore how a personal relationship with God, in the context of Christian community, can meet the underlying needs that are sought out through addiction. Mtg times are Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm, Saturdays 6-7pm. Meeting in the basement.


House of Hope

Columbus, Ohio

Government funded

6 month residential treatment center for men only. Very good program but difficult to get into.

(614) 276-4840


Columbus, Ohio

Medicaid/Government funded insurance

Inpatient and outpatient services. Typically has a long waitlist.

(614) 526-5420


Columbus, Ohio


Crisis center that provides immediate care. Refers people to initial treatment or follow-up treatment.

(866) 724-9203

Rachel's House

Columbus, Ohio


Christian program with transitional housing for women only.

(614) 228-3855

Resoration Ministries

Harvey, IL


Christian. Executive Director Ray C. Banks

(708) 333-3370

Salvation Army Adult Rehab

Columbus, Ohio

Program members work FT for company to receive treatment.

6 month residential treatment program for men only.

(614) 221-4269

Serenity House

Columbus, Ohio

9 months working in "cafe" that supports expenses. Free.

Christian, 1-year program.

(614) 445-1028

Shepherd Hill

Newark, Ohio

Private Insurance

Short-term (28 day) facility

(800) 223-6410

Shining Light Ministries

McDonough, GA


Christian residential recovery for women.

(678) 325-9025

Talbot Hall

Columbus, Ohio

Medicaid/Government funded insurance

Inpatient detox and outpatient treatment. Typically has a waitlist of 1-3 weeks.

(614) 257-3760

The Refuge

Columbus and Vinton County, Ohio


Christian residential program for men only. One month in Columbus, four months in Vinton County, then six months back in Columbus.

Call Bob Holder (614) 991-0131

or Jeff Winters 614-849-0091.

The Woods at Parkside

Gahanna, Ohio

Private Insurance, Medicare

Short-term facility. Often waves deductible required by insurance.

(614) 471-2552

Volunteers of America

Columbus, Ohio


6 months or longer residential program for men only.

(614) 849-0145

Program Manager Wade Jones (ext.1605)


Dayton, Ohio

Medicaid/Government funded insurance

Inpatient and outpatient services. Often has a shorter waiting list than Maryhaven for same type of facility.


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