Adr voice over (animation and video game)

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Cristina Valenzuela

ADR voice over (animation and video game)

You Still Can’t Kenny 11:11 Productions

D.I.V.A Teens Britney Springs 11:11 Productions

Drowtales Ariel Val’Sarghress White Radish Studios

Hare & Guu Rachel Funimation/Bang Zoom

Kannazuki no Miko Misaki Geneon Ent.

Rozen Maiden: Traumend Kanaria Geneon Ent.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Nanoha Takamachi WPG

The Familiar of Zero Louise de la Valliere WPG

Tweeny Witches Melissa Media Blasters

Aika R-16 Aika Media Blasters

Zening (VG) Miri Kongregate

Luminous Arc 2 (VG) Sadie Atlus

Avalon Code (VG) Sylphy Xseed

Rune Factory: Frontier (VG) Cinnamon Xseed

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (VG) Noel Vermillion/V-13 Aksys

adr voice over (live action)

One Missed Call Mimiko, Ritsuko Tokyo Shock

Izo Sato Tokyo Shock
Commercial voice over

Anime USA TV Spot Voice Over White Radish

Sexton Chevy Auto Female Car 1 White Radish

Destination Japan Voice Over HIS Travel

HIS Travel Voice Over HIS Travel

Bang Bang, You’re Dead Emily Patrick McLoy

Everyman at the Speakeasy Beauty Patrick McLoy

The Actor’s Nightmare Meg Patrick McLoy

Naomi in the Living Room Johnna Patrick McLoy

Choose Your Own Adventure Ensemble Steve Sorartbutnark

Life No Life Doll Samantha Richert

The Land of OZ Elphaba Cynthia Sperry

The Little Mermaid Little Mermaid Cynthia Sperry

Peter Pan Wendy/Captain Hook Cynthia Sperry

Hair Tribe Joanne Gordon

The Game Life Sylvester Grimaldo

The Pedestrian Patrol Car (The Voice) William Reed

Not Another Parody Ensemble Jillian Taylor

Chavez Ravine Senora Ruiz/ Drummer Edgar Landa

Adventures in Voice Acting (Doc.) Myself Eric P. Sherman Night Terror Joanna Aaron Jordan

Behind the Scenes: Aika R-16 Myself Robert Napton

Peeping Teddy Female Lead Fredrick Kim

Irresistable You Female Lead Ryan Tilloston

The Crush Laura (“Hot Girl”) Amery Tao

Once Upon a Fairytale Princess Singing Voice Stacie Munoz

Anime TV Fan Reporter Tony Oliver


Voice Over Workshop Crispin Freeman

Character Voice Over Class Pat Fraley

Richard Horvitz’s World of Animation Richard Horvitz

B.A. Theater (in progress) CSU Long Beach
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