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Talking Books

The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available for loan from the RNIB National Library Talking Book Service.
Don’t forget you are allowed to have up to 6 books on loan. When you return a title, you will then receive another one.
If you would like to read any of these titles then please contact the Customer Services Team on 0303 123 9999 or email
If you would like further information, or help in selecting titles to read, then please contact the Reader Services Team on 01733 37 53 33 or email
You can write to us at RNIB NLS, PO Box 173, Peterborough


Bagley, Desmond

Night of error. 1984. Read by Stanley McGeagh, 10 hours 4 minutes. TB 5300.

Oceanographer Mike Trevelyan's brother, Mark, dies on a remote Pacific island, leaving behind the clue to an immense treasure on the sea bed. Mike sets out to find it with a band of ex-commandos as crew but finds he has more than wind and wave with which to contend. TB 5300.

Bellow, Saul

Henderson the Rain King. 1958. Read by Marvin Kane, 13 hours. TB 1707.

Urged by an inner compulsion to look for some ultimate satisfaction, Henderson goes to Africa, meets up with an unknown tribe, and encounters in their primitive rites and loyalties the experiences he is seeking. TB1707.

Birmingham, George

Spanish Gold. 1908. Read by Stephen Jack, 7 hours 38 minutes. TB 2534.

The story of a search for buried treasure on the Island of Inishgowlan in Moy Bay. TB 2534.

Brink, Andre

An instant in the wind. 1976. Read by Steve Hodson, 13 hours 4 minutes. TB 5440.

In 1749 the Eric Larsson expedition into the South African interior came to a halt along the Great Fish river. The guide had committed suicide, the Hottentot bearers had deserted and all but two of the oxen had been stolen by raiding bushmen. Elizabeth Larsson's husband lay dead in a thicket some miles away. Her fate was decided by the arrival of a runaway slave from the Cape, Adam Mantoor, who for some weeks had been secretly and compulsively tracking the wagons. TB 5440.

Birch, Carol

Jamrach's menagerie. 2011. Read by Steve Hodson, 13 hours 33 minutes. TB 19028.

1857. Jaffy Brown is running along a street in London's East End when he comes face to face with an escaped circus animal. Plucked from the jaws of death by Mr Jamrach - explorer, entrepreneur and collector of the world's strangest creatures - the two strike up a friendship. Before he knows it, Jaffy finds himself on board a ship bound for the Dutch East Indies, on an unusual commission for Mr Jamrach. His journey - if he survives it - will push faith, love and friendship to their utmost limits. Contains strong language. TB 19028.

Brookmyre, Christopher

One fine day in the middle of the night. 1999. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 13 hours 42 minutes. TB 12337.

Gavin is creating a unique "holiday experience" - every facility any tourist who hates "abroad" will ever want is to be available on a converted North Sea oil rig. He hosts a school reunion to test the resort, but a group of terrorists have invited themselves to the party. Contains violence. TB 12337.

Broster, D K

The flight of the heron. 1925. Read by Stanley Pritchard, 13 hours 45 minutes. TB 857.

The flight of the heron trilogy; book 1. This novel is set in Scotland in 1745 and covers Bonnie Prince Charlie's adventures in the Highlands. TB 857.

Buchan, John

Salute to adventurers. 1915. Read by Robert Trotter, 8 hours 23 minutes. TB 9048.

Andrew Garvald is captured by dragoons, and as the son of a Covenanter can expect no mercy, but is released through the intervention of Elspeth Blair. Years later in Virginia he meets her again and falls in love - hopelessly, for he is a despised merchant and she the toast of high society. Secretly involved in organising an army of pirates and rebels to defend Virginia's frontiers, he is trapped by Indians and the fate of the colony and of the woman he loves depends upon him. A warning must be delivered or the invading horde turned aside: either seems impossible. TB 9048.

Buchan, John

The thirty-nine steps. 1915. Read by Andrew Timothy, 3 hours 56 minutes. TB 897.

The first of the famous Richard Hannay spy stories; a web of international intrigue spun in London and Scotland. TB 897.

Buchan, John

Prester John. 1994. Read by Robbie MacNab, 8 hours 55 minutes. TB 10696.

Nineteen year old David Crawfurd sails from Scotland to South Africa to work as a storekeeper, meeting again with John Laputa, the celebrated Zulu minster, of whom he has strange memories. In his remote store, David finds himself with the key to a massive uprising led by the minister, who has taken the title of the mythical priest king, Prester John. David's courage and understanding of this man take him to the heart of the uprising, a secret cave in the Rooirand. TB 10696.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Tarzan of the apes. 1999. Read by Peter Marinker, 9 hours 22 minutes. TB 13488.

When Tarzan is orphaned as a baby, deep in the African jungle, he is saved by a she-ape and raised as one of her own. By the time he has grown into a young man, Tarzan has the strength and courage of ten - but then his jungle domain is disturbed by the arrival of "civilized" men. TB 13488.

Campbell, Fiona

Death of a salaryman. 2007. Read by John Chancer, 13 hours 8 minutes. TB 16602.

The story of a Japanese salaryman who loses his job at a TV corporation, on his 40th birthday, and slips through to a different layer of society, a shadowy world where curious characters show him the way - a travelling salesman with a passion for Elvis, a pachinko pro with dreams of returning to Hawaii, and a TV producer who will stop at nothing to get his big break - and Kenji sets off on a roller-coaster ride of misadventures. TB 16602.

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