Afrrev laligens, Vol. 1 (2), April-July, 2012 Copyright iaarr 2012

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AFRREV LALIGENS, Vol (2), April-July, 2012
Copyright © IAARR 2012:

Indexed African Researches Reviews Online
Cradle to Grave an Analysis of Female Oppression in
Nawal El Saadawi‟s Woman at Point Zero
Fwangyil, Gloria Ada Department of English, Faculty of Arts University of Jos, Nigeria Email :
Women are subjected to male oppression and suppression at various stages
of life. Unfortunately, female oppression is deeply ingrained in the culture of
the societies which ensures the continuation of patriarchal control. This
situation makes it impossible for women to seek ways of liberating themselves
because doing so will be tantamount to challenging the age long tradition
and customs of the people. This study is based on the premise that
patriarchal moulded structures ensure that women remain in perpetual
slavery. Thus, this study examines the type of oppression women face from
infancy to adulthood as portrayed in Nawal El Sadaawi's Woman at Point
Zero and the measures taken by the women to free themselves from the
shackles of male domination and oppression. It concludes that female
oppression is at the detriment of women and the society therefore, it should
be discouraged and completely eradicated.
Female oppression is a problem that still exists in present day society. The fact that we live in a modern world with monumental technological

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