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Directions: Answer the following questions in the Socratic Seminar Debrief using complete sentences. After the debriefing discussion, answer the Socratic Reflective Writing Questions using complete sentences.

Socratic Seminar Observations

  1. Note from observation:

People seemed to really understand the reading. Some people spoke about the boy and if he was supposed to be someone to change the world or if he has the Fire in him. They also talked about a bunch of other things relating to both the man and the boy. I believe they also talked about our current world and how it relates back to the book.

Socratic Seminar Debrief

  1. How did you feel about the seminar?

I felt as though the first group did really well with few pauses between questions. The second group did not speak as much. I assume it was because the first group used their talking points, or they didnʻt really read the book. I just felt that it went well, but could have been better.

  1. Reflect on your own experience.

I feel I need to speak more. I know that seems kind of bad, but I spoke a few times, but i really need to keep the discussion going when no one is speaking. There should be little to no stopping between questions and what not.

  1. If you changed your opinion during the discussion, what changed it?

I donʻt really thing my opinion changed. I think everyone was really on a similar page when we talked about the man and the boy. I believe that opinions didnʻt really change for many of us.

  1. Using your own knowledge on this topic or issue, create a question to start a seminar.

So after reading the book, who do you think the man and the boy represent in real life.

  1. What was the best part of the seminar? The worst part?

The best part was when we all took turns speaking and there was little buffer time untill the next person spoke. The worst part was when my group had a long pause towards the end of the discussion. I didn;t like that and I know how to change that next time.

  1. What was your overall opinion of the Socratic Seminar?

I think it went well. It wasnʻt as good as our first one we did, but I will say that it wasnʻt the worst one I have attended. It was good and thats my opinion. Also, I think many people spoke which is great because sometimes not a lot of people speak, but I felt like many people spoke again, which I really like about our class.
Download 14.93 Kb.

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