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AGForms – Smart Forms Solution


ransforming Data to a Portable Application


AGForms is a Form solution for giving your user a portable data application with validation tools, calculations, dynamic formatting, digital signature, printing control, attachments and other features all viewed & designed in a familiar web browser environment.

The solution includes server side for managing and extracting form data.

Building forms is done by using any HTML editor

Using forms is one of the most common ways to gather, distribute and process data. Growing out of traditional paper-based communications it has become a challenge to mimic the paper forms and yet leverage the benefits of a computer environment. Transforming the paper to an electronic form must support similar capabilities of printing, signing, saving a copy of the form and managing to easily moving the form between different people in or out of your organization. AGForms has it all !

Using AGForms to creating smart fillable forms available via web or email, you can:

 On the outgoing data flow- Capture data from you back-end systems (BPM/ERP/CRM/PLM) for your user to react or collaborate

 On the Incoming data flow- Automatically extract form data back into your systems

AGForms allow Extend business process beyond your organization boundaries:

AGForms Key Features:

Enable form completion online or offline
User can save the form at any stage, whether he had browsed to view it in a web site, received it by mail or any other digital way. The form can be saved during the filling process and continue transparently to work on the local copy until submitting it back.
Enabling offline form completion is important when people need more time to gather the information needed or they are on the road like sales persons.

Full support of digital signature
Today, many processes require an official identification of the user using PKI signature. Digital signatures can be embedded in the form, displaying all certificates on the computer within one click, using any PKI complaint device.
Several signatures can be used for implementing business flow. The AGForms digital signature holds all form data as signed and can be verified and viewed by the user.
Form source can also be signed and verified by the user, ensuring the user who had created the form.
AGForms toolbar is the key element that allows signing the HTML form within the web browser without the need to save the file and sign it externally.

Internal attachment handling

Attachments can be added to the form in a specific field or generally to the form. Forms designer can control the size and type of the files. Image files can be visually displayed embedded in the form once loaded.
The unique technology of AGForms manages the files in a single HTML form file with no extra folders allowing it to be a portable application.

Printing control
Printable views can be implemented in the form, allowing the user to print the form and FAX it or send it back.

Web service connectivity.
Forms do not always live alone in the system. In many cases data tat is needed in the form is managed in back-end systems. The web service connectivity features allows displaying live data in the form based on a supplied web service. For example, a drop down list displaying cities can be consumed in the form from a web service allowing single point of management of the cities list and many forms using it.
The user has the ability to take the values offline into the form, with not connectivity needed any longer, being aware the data might not be up to date.

Validation rules and dynamic form behavior
AGForms takes advantage of being an electronic form and offers easy to use validation tools, form build in data types like ID number or date through the ability to write custom verification rules with pre-defined error messages.
Using the AGForms attributes, the form designer can build a dynamic form that will change appearance and show different data according to the user entries in the form.
All the above features minimize errors in form filling, maximize data accuracy and give the user an easy to use experience.
Import/export XML
User can export or import form data as standard XML. This feature allows easy external systems integration. For example, a user can create from his billing system the invoice data as XML and then import it into the form.

Form submission via email or server
AGForms is a single HTML file application. Being so, it is easily supports email submission either by opening the client mail application or server sending the form to the appropriate recipient.
Traditional HTTP post is also supported.

AGForms Server key features

  • Dynamically build form based on back-end systems data.

  • Extract from data & attachments

  • Sign form using server certificate

  • Verify signature and validate data

  • Change form behavior lock/release/modify fields

AGForms benefits

  • Extend business process beyond network boundaries.

  • Increase productivity by enabling user to complete form online & offline.

  • Saving external user processes management with the support of sending form by email.

  • Reduce processing time of form

  • Reduce errors by using validations & embedding business logics in forms.

  • Dynamically pre-populate form with back-end systems data.

  • Automatically extract form data into back-end systems.

  • Integrate digital signature to simplify and manage approval process.

  • Improve customer services and experience

  • Reduce effort needed to meet regulations or compliances

  • Eliminate costly paper

AGForms Server Side

For large/sophisticated implementations, server side features are needed.

AGForms server side exposes features that automatically process and manager the form. This for example can help you build once a form template and use many, dynamically building froms based on XML and attachments files. The server also allows server side PKI signing.

Typical AGForms architecture

Architecture description:

Back-end system generate XML file (1) and then AGForms server dynamically creates AGForms (2) available on web site or email (3). User browses to form and can continuously completes form on his offline environment (4). The form is typically submitted or sent by email (5). Optionally it can be printed and faxed back (5a). AGForms server then extracts data and makes it available back to the systems (6).

Designing AGForms

Designing AGForms is done with any HTML editor using AGForms Attributes.

AGForms offers add on to Visual studio and Dreamweaver to accelerate building process.
ADD ON includes:

  • Schema displaying AGForms
    attributes and IntelliSense

  • General settings wizard

  • Templates for new forms

  • Complex function wizard

  • C

    hecker for syntax errors

About AGAT Software solutions

AGAT software solution, founded in 1999, started its way in Microsoft software development consultancy. During the last years, AGAT has developed two lines of products: AGSecurity suite and AGForms.

Quickly, AGAT has identified the growing need for smart fillable forms in a web environment and is investing in developing new features.

Today, as the digital signature and collaboration are becoming very important, the need for a solution like AGForms is very strong.

Among our customers are Government offices, banks and industrial companies.

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