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M.P. 1314 AK HWY

P.O. BOX 207

TOK, AK 99780-0207

(907) 883-5101


September 19, 2013




Tetlin Village Council

P.O. Box 797

Tok, AK 99780


Re: Proposed Meteorological Tower

Chisana Mountain


Dear Tetlin Village Council: 

Alaska Power Company (APC), a subsidiary of Alaska Power & Telephone Company, continues to investigate renewable energy potential for the Tok area, which includes Tetlin, Tanacross, and Dot Lake.  In order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel generation we have looked at hydropower and biomass, both of which could be a partial solution to the area’s energy needs.  We have been testing the 7-Mile Ridge with a meteorological tower, or met tower, over the last two years to determine if sufficient wind exists there for wind turbines. However, although that site appears feasible, it is remote and therefore expensive to get the energy out. 
Another potential wind site that has interested us is Chisana Mountain.  We propose to install a met tower on Chisana Mountain to determine if there is sufficient and consistent wind there to potentially place 1-3 wind turbines if the site proves feasible.  This site is easily accessed because of the all-weather road and it also has the buried transmission line running along the road to intertie with should this proposal go to the final stage of operations.


The met tower would consist of a single 50-meter tall aluminum pole that would have up to 10 guy-wires supporting it that would be anchored to surface bedrock; a profile diagram of the tower is enclosed.  The met tower would have instrumentation on it to record wind speeds, humidity and temperature. A minimum of ground disturbance would occur, i.e. some brushing, to place the met tower near the road.  The met tower would remain in place for a minimum of one year and unless this site proves it has potential (it needs to have Class 4 wind speeds over long periods of time) the tower would be removed.  The guy-wires would have flagging on them to let birds know of their location.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would be informed of its location because of the Tetlin Airport four miles south of the mountain top.  Maintenance would occur as needed, but we anticipate only a couple trips to the site during the year.  Since we are applying for an AEA grant, funding and therefore activity would not occur until July 2014.


We respectfully request your support for this project, but also request authorization to use your land on Chisana Mountain to place this single tower in order to determine if sufficient wind energy exists there that may, if feasible, provide a renewable energy resource to reduce the area’s electric rates, and provide cleaner air.  Your support would provide significant interest by AEA in this project and greatly enhance the potential for funding.






John Harvey

Power Manager, Interior Division

(907) 883-5101

Figure 1: Proposed Met Tower Location at Chisana Mountain

Figure 2: Met Tower Profile
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