Alberta-Smithsonian Internship Terms of Participation Definitions

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Alberta-Smithsonian Internship Terms of Participation

  1. Definitions

  1. Internship Eligibility

  1. Application Process

  1. Nomination and Acceptance

  1. Course Registration

  1. Program Costs

  1. Pre-departure Preparation

  1. Health Insurance, Safety & Security, Travel Reports & Warnings

  1. Participating on an Internship

  1. Return

  1. Program Withdrawal, Termination or Cancellation


Internship: Refers to the 10-12 week internship offered by the Smithsonian Institution in partnership with the Government of Alberta.
Internship office: Refers to the administrative offices of ASIP. In Alberta, the Internship Abroad office is the Education Abroad Program of the University of Alberta. At the Smithsonian Institution, it is the Office of Internships.
Home Institution: the Alberta University, College or Technical Institute where the student is registered.
Education Abroad Program (EAP): is the administrative unit within University of Alberta International which manages and administers study, work & research abroad programs for the University of Alberta.
Host Organization: the organization at the Smithsonian Institution that hosts the Alberta student for their internship.

Requirements for the Alberta-Smithsonian Internship Program are:

Applicants must meet specific residency as well as academic requirements if they are to be deemed eligible for nomination by the Steering Committee; nominees will then be assessed for personal suitability before they are recommended to the Smithsonian Institution for an internship placement.

a) Residency Requirements

An applicant must be a:

  1. Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident, and an Alberta resident

  2. an Alberta resident is an individual:

    • born in Alberta OR

    • has graduated from a High School in Alberta OR

    • has lived in Alberta for 12 consecutive months without being a student (e.g., working).

b) Academic Requirements

An applicant must:

  1. be currently registered in an approved Doctoral, Master’s, Bachelor’s or an Applied Degree Program at an eligible post-secondary institution in Alberta

  2. have completed at least 60 credits (or equivalent) in a full time academic program (or equivalent) at an eligible post-secondary institution in Alberta

  3. have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 (or B) on all post-secondary work

  4. have a minimum GPA of 3.2 (B+) in the most recently completed term prior to application deadline

Note: Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents from other provinces, who are enrolled in an approved Doctoral, Master's, Bachelor's or an Applied Degree Program at an eligible post-secondary institution in Alberta, may be considered, only in the event that suitable Alberta resident applicants cannot be nominated.

c) Personal Suitability

The suitability of each nominee will be ascertained by way of a telephone interview conducted by the ASIP Coordinator.


Students who wish to earn credit towards their degree program should consult a Faculty or Department advisor. Selection is based on applicants’ letters of intent, application forms, appropriate supporting documents, and a telephone interview. Consult the website for complete information.


Acceptance of nomination does not signify that a work placement will be secured. The internship is considered secured once an offer has been made by the Host Organization and the student has accepted the offer. If a student refuses an offer of internship, there is no guarantee that an alternative placement will be found.


Students may be required to register in a specific course for the duration of their internship. If credit is being sought, course registration for internships will vary by home institution and program of study. Students must consult with their home Faculty or Department advisor for detailed information.


ASIP is designed to provide eligible students enrolled in a degree program at an Alberta post-secondary institution with adequate funding during their internship. See website for most current budget information.


All students participating in the Alberta-Smithsonian Internship are required to attend a Pre-departure Session. Administrative procedures, healthcare issues, travel tips, security issues, adjusting to a new culture, budgets, insurance, and money are some of the topics that will be covered.
The Education Abroad Program reserves the right to withdraw a student’s nomination for participation in any internship where a student does not attend the scheduled Pre-Departure Session.


Travel and Health Insurance

It is mandatory for participating students to obtain health and travel insurance. A completed Confirmation of Health & Travel Insurance Form must be submitted prior to departure. This form is provided by the Education Abroad office or available at Travel and health insurance coverage needs to meet at least the minimum travel and health coverage provided by StudentGuard Insurance ( Students can purchase insurance from any insurance provider so long as it meets similar levels of coverage at StudentGuard. StudentGuard insurance can be purchased from the Education Abroad Program.

The Education Abroad Program reserves the right to terminate a student’s program should they fail to submit this form. Trip cancellation and personal effects insurance are not mandatory.
Travel Reports are also available at and offer information on safety and security, local laws and customs, entry requirements, health conditions and other important travel issues.
Travel Warnings provide the Government of Canada’s official travel advice, recommending that Canadians postpone or avoid travel to a country, or specific region(s) of a country, when credible information suggests that it is not safe to travel.


All students are subject to their home institution’s Code of Student Behaviour, which includes descriptions of unacceptable behaviour for Students, the sanctions for commission of the offences, and explanations of the complete discipline and appeal processes.
We are able to provide internship opportunities as a result of special agreements and relationships with Host organizations and the Internship office at the Smithsonian. Students need to be aware that they may often be required to work with two very different administrative systems – with different perspectives and styles of management within different cultural contexts. By agreeing to participate in an internship, students agree to not engage in behaviour viewed as inappropriate or unacceptable or that contravenes the ‘Ambassador Role’ they assume by applying to participate in a Program. Serious infractions can constitute grounds for termination of a student’s internship or academic program. While on an internship, students must obey the rules and regulations of the Host Institution, and/or organization.
In addition to being bound by the rules and regulations of the Host organization and the laws of their host country, students are expected to demonstrate sensitivity to the local cultural and societal norms. Students are considered representatives of Alberta, and as such students are expected to behave in a manner that reflects positively on their Home institution and the province of Alberta. While the office will work closely with all students to ensure that they are treated fairly while on their internship, students need to be aware that the issue of ‘fair treatment’ is often defined culturally in different and complex manners.
Any communication from a Host organization regarding a student’s behaviour will be communicated to the student and their home institution. A major infraction, as defined by the Host organization, or repeated incidents of inappropriate behaviour, may result in the termination of the internship. In this situation, students will be responsible for any additional expenses associated with the termination of their program.
If at any point there is a concern with any aspect of the internship, students are advised to first share this concern with the internship office at Smithsonian. If the concern has not been addressed students should then contact the Education Abroad office in Alberta. If the issue is still not resolved, students are advised to communicate with their Home institution.
Extension beyond the approved internship period requires written consent from the host organization, Education office in Alberta and the students’ home institution.


The Education Abroad Office, Home Institutions, Host Institutions, and Host Organizations reserve the right to terminate the internship if the student:

  • Does not adhere to program procedures

  • Does not complete or submit required documents by deadlines

  • Does not follow the student code of conduct of their home or host institution

  • Does not make required payments

  • Does not attend the Pre-Departure Session

  • Contravenes official and legal rules and regulations

  • Has a significant negative change in their situation in an area(s) of relevance to the program (e.g., a significant drop in academic performance after nomination; engaging in activities that put themselves or others at risk; engaging in activities or behaviours that compromise the ability of the Program Administrators to ensure the success of the program)

  • Demonstrates behaviour, prior to commencing or during the internship,that damages the special relationship between Alberta and the Smithsonian in the opinion of the Consortium Partners and Internship offices.

Program Cancellation or Termination Due to Issues of Safety and Security
When deemed appropriate, the Education Abroad Office reserves the right to cancel or modify its internships where there is an unmanageable risk to students.
This is guided by the four risk levels outlined by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Students participating on internships when an “Avoid All Travel” designation is reached will be required to return to Canada. The decision to cancel an internship will be made collaboratively with all stakeholders.
The Education Abroad Office will not accept responsibility for refunds on any costs paid to third parties by the student participating on an internship.


Students are not normally required to submit an application for re-admission at their home institution as long as registration takes place within six months of the internship. Students are encouraged to confirm this with their home institution prior to their internship.
Internship Evaluation

To help improve the internship program, it is mandatory for returning students to complete an Internship Abroad Evaluation. The information provided in the Evaluation is shared with other students who are interested in working abroad.

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