American Foreign Policy (pol 1305) Fall 2020 t th 1: 30-2: 15

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AFP YC Fall 2020 syllabus revised

American Foreign Policy (POL 1305)

Fall 2020

T TH 1:30-2:15 (live Zoom sessions)

Professor Maria N. Zaitseva

Office Hours: by appointment

Course Description and Objectives:

The course examines the sources and conduct of U.S. foreign policy in both historical and theoretical perspectives. The first part of the course explores the domestic and international sources of American foreign policy. In particular, it looks at the roles of international system, ideas, government agencies, and public opinion, as they relate to various issues of U.S. foreign policy in the post-1945 period. The second half of the course examines several key issues of American policy-making, including U.S.-Soviet relations during the Cold War, globalization, nuclear proliferation, the Arab Spring, humanitarian intervention, among others. The course aims to introduce students to theories behind the conduct of US foreign policy and to apply those theories to various issues in the practice of US foreign policy in the post WWII period. The course also aims to strengthen students’ analytical and writing skills.

Download 23.05 Kb.

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