An International Virtual-Data Grid Laboratory for Data Intensive Science

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April 25, 2001

An International Virtual-Data Grid Laboratory
for Data Intensive Science

Submitted to the 2001 NSF Information and Technology Research Program

Proposal #0122557

Bruce Allen University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Paul Avery1 University of Florida

Keith Baker Hampton University

Rich Baker Brookhaven National Lab

Lothar Bauerdick Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

James Branson University of California, San Diego

Julian Bunn California Institute of Technology

Manuela Campanelli University of Texas, Brownsville

L. Samuel Finn The Pennsylvania State University

Ian Fisk University of California, San Diego

Ian Foster2 University of Chicago

Rob GardnerError: Reference source not found Indiana University

Alan George University of Florida

John Huth Harvard University

Stephen Kent Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Carl Kesselman3 University of Southern California

Scott Koranda University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and NCSA

Albert LazzariniError: Reference source not found California Institute of Technology

Miron LivnyError: Reference source not found University of Wisconsin

Reagan Moore San Diego Supercomputing Center

Richard Mount Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Harvey NewmanError: Reference source not found California Institute of Technology

Vivian O’Dell Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Tim Olson Salish Kootenai University

Ruth Pordes Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Lawrence PriceError: Reference source not found Argonne National Lab

Jenny Schopf Northwestern University

Jim Shank Boston University

Alexander SzalayError: Reference source not found The Johns Hopkins University

Valerie Taylor Northwestern University

Torre Wenaus Brookhaven National Lab

Roy Williams California Institute of Technology

Table of Contents

B. Project Summary 2

C. Project Description 3

C.1. Introduction: The International Virtual-Data Grid Laboratory 3

C.2. IVDGL Motivation, Requirements, and Approach 4

C.3. Define a Scalable, Extensible, and Easily Reproducible Laboratory Architecture 6

C.4. Create and Operate a Global-Scale Laboratory 8

C.5. Evaluate and Improve the Laboratory via Sustained, Large-Scale Experimentation 9

C.6. Engage Underrepresented Groups in the Creation and Operation of the Laboratory 14

C.7. Relationship to Other Projects 15

C.8. The Need for a Large, Integrated Project 16

C.9. Schedules and Milestones 16

C.10. Broader Impact of Proposed Research 18

C.11. iVDGL Management Plan 19

D. Results from Prior NSF Support 22

E. International Collaborations 23

E.1. International Collaborators: Programs 23

E.2. International Collaborations: Application Projects 24

E.3. International Collaborations: Management and Oversight 24

E.4. International Synergies and Benefits 24

F. IVDGL Facilities 25

F.1. iVDGL Facilities Overview 25

F.2. iVDGL Facilities Details 25

F.3. iVDGL Deployment Schedule 26

F.4. iVDGL Map (Circa 2002-2003) 29

G. List of Institutions and Personnel 30

H. References 31

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