Analyzing the transportation business in bengkalis

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In this proposal we will describe a transportation problem that exists in Bengkalis: the lack of public transportation operating in Bengkalis, Riau. such as school buses, online motorcycle taxis, and other public transportation. We also want to find out how people travel if there is no private transportation and maximize the public transportation business in Bengkalis. Through our existing travel agents, we bring up new marketing that is attractive to the public, such as online motorcycle taxis and online taxis.
Our goal is to develop a public transportation business and examine the reasons why people are less interested in using online motorcycle taxi services and convince people to use public transportation services and online transportation. we are excited to make this project because Indah Karya Company it will greatly help create jobs and public transportation can operate properly and save time.

Bengkalis sub-district is a small town in Riau. there are many students and workers in Bengkalis. even so, not many have private vehicles, especially students studying in Bengkalis. they often have difficulty traveling to campus, school, or other important places. due to the lack of public transportation such as online motorcycle taxis and other public transportation.
This is a problem for several reasons, including:

  • People want to travel fast but don't have a private vehicle "helping people to make transportations easier"

  • Community trips become shorter without any obstacles

  • Increase economic growth in the transportation sector

We plan to conduct this research to find out why the government does not provide public transportation and why people prefer private vehicles over public transportation. if this problem is not addressed will cause pollution and congestion.

The project that we propose targets the community or workers who do not have public transportation, more specifically students who are in Bengkalis.
Many students in Bengkalis Riau do not have private vehicles, therefore we target students as consumers for this transportation business to make it easier for them to travel to campus or places that are very often visited by students.

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