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Math 1 Midterm Review

1. 2.

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3. 4.

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5. 6.

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  1. A ball is thrown into the air with an initial upward velocity of 30 ft/s. Its height h in feet after t seconds is given by the function

  1. What was the initial height of the ball?

  1. What is the height of the ball after 0.5 seconds?

  1. After how many seconds will the ball hit the ground (round to the nearest


  1. In a professional fireworks display, aerial fireworks carry “stars” upward, ignite them, and project them into the air. Suppose a particular star is projected from an aerial firework at a starting height of 520 feet with an upward velocity of 72 ft/sec. The equation gives the star’s height h at time t in seconds.

  1. What is the maximum height that the firework reaches? _______________feet

  1. How long does it take for the firework to reach that height? _______________seconds

  1. Write an example of a quadratic equation:

Write an example of a linear equation:

Write an example of an exponential equation:

  1. If the vertex of a parabola is (-2, 8), what is the equation of the axis of symmetry?

  1. Which graph is the widest? Which is the narrowest?

y = x2, y = -x2 - 7, y = , y = -4x2 + 2

  1. Solve the quadratic equations

(3x - 2)(x + 5) = 0

x2 – 3x = 54

13. Given the function y = -x2 - 4 describe the transformation from the parent function y = x2?

14. The function y = 3x2 is an example of which transformation?

15. Find the next three terms in the geometric sequence 5, 10, 20, 40…

What is the 7th term in the sequence?

16. Find the common ratio of the sequence -164, -82, -41, -20.5…

  1. Using the quadratic function as represented in the graph below, identify the axis of symmetry, vertex of the parabola, whether it is a minimum or maximum, and the roots of the quadratic equation related to the function.






  1. For the quadratic function below, write the equation for the axis of symmetry and find the coordinates of the vertex BY HAND. Then identify the vertex as either a maximum or minimum.

Axis of Symmetry:


Maximum OR Minimum

What is the max/min value? _______

  1. In 1969 the Antique Automobile club of America had 23,000 members. It grew an average of 5% per year. Assuming this rate of growth continued, what would the membership be 35 years later in 2004?

  1. The value of an antique car is modeled by the function V(x) = 107,000(1.009)(x) where x is the number of years since 2005. By what approximate percent rate is the value of the car increasing per year?

A. .9% B. 1009 % C. 0.19% D. 9%

  1. If the equation for a set of population data over x years is y = 3(0.96)x, what does the value 0.96 in the equation indicate about the population?

A. The population is growing by 4% per year.

B. The population is declining by 4% per year.

C. The population is growing by 9.6% per year.

D. The population is declining by 9.6% per year.

  1. A model car is constructed with a scale of 1in: 15ft. If the actual car is 12 feet long, write a proportion that represents the length x of the model car?

  1. Solve the proportion =


Sketch an example of what a linear, quadratic and exponential equation looks like. What does an equation look like for each type of function?

Linear Quadratic Exponential

Y =

Y =

Y =

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