Čapek’s robots will occupy Forum Karlín

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Čapek’s robots will occupy Forum Karlín

On 23 July 2015, the unique multipurpose space in Karlín will witness robotic apocalypse in form of opera, performed by an international team of artists and directed by Tomer Zvulun from the Atlanta Opera. The music has been composed by Jan Jirásek, a successful Czech composer who has been awarded the Český Lev award for music of the films Kytice (Wild Flowers) and Nejasná zpráva o konci světa (An Ambiguous Report about the End of the World). The set was designed by Vita Tzykun who has participated on numerous opera projects and who has also designed sets for concerts of the extravagant Lady Gaga.

The backbone of the R. U. R. opera is the Czech team of creators. There are two librettists: Jan Schmid, founder of the Studio Ypsilon theatre, and Jan Kolář, script editor and author of radio drama. “R. U. R. is a modern opera extending to other music genres including jazz and rock,” describes Jirásek the conception of putting one of the most famous Czech works of literature on scene. The whole team benefits from Jirásek’s musical sense and modern approach to opera. Their aim was to transfer Čapek’s work to our overly technological times. This task was performed by director Tomer Zulun who is known for his visually significant style. His distinct and remarkable “handwriting” brought him to the post of general and artistic director of The Atlanta Opera.

The music for R. U. R. was directed by Andrew Bisantz, one of the most talented young conductors of the current young generation, whose energetic and precise style is appreciated by critics and spectators “at home” in the Eugene Opera in Oregon as well as around the world. He will conduct members of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the current best solo singers. Štefan Kocán who is currently often performing in Wiener Staatsoper, in La Scala in Milan or in the Metropolitan Opera in New York, will sing the role of Radius the Robot. The role of Helena will be performed by Adriana Kučerová, who has been many times awarded, for example at International Hans Gabor Belvedere in Vienna where she won the main prize. American baritone Lucas Meachem (Metropolitan Opera) will play the part of Harry Domin, the role of Alquist will be played by Matthew Best, a significant British soloist from the English National Opera. The other roles will be performed by Pavol Remenár, Nikola Uramová, Petr Nekoranec, Nikolay Didenko and others. “The spectators will have a unique opportunity to see a number of current most remarkable soloists. For Prague it will be the first time to see so many world-renowned opera artists together,” said Eliška Nováková, the Production Coordinator of the opera company.

The unique design of the project was created by Vita Tzkykun, a stage designer who worked for opera houses in Europe as well as in the USA, for ABC or for Lady Gaga. Costumes which should express the atmosphere of Čapek’s play, were created by theatre and film costume designer Mattie Ulrich. Both Tzykun and Ulrich are known for their spirited and extravagant style which they want to also apply to R. U. R. The unconventional visual form of the opera is interestingly supported by setting it to Forum Karlín which became an important partner of the project. “Performing Čapek’s R. U. R. in the very heart of Forum Karlín will emphasize the atmosphere of the play. Not only the industrial past of the building, but especially the variability of the space enables really creative approach to opera,” concludes Eliška Nováková.

Apart from the premiere in Prague on 23 July, Czech spectators can see two reprises. Tickets will be available from Ticketportal and at www.ruropera.cz.



The main partner of R. U. R. opera


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