Application for Admission to the LL. M. Program in International Law

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Application for Admission to the LL.M. Program in International Law

Stetson University College of Law • 1401 61st Street South • Gulfport, Florida 33707

Please be aware that any false or misleading statements, material omissions, or an otherwise inaccurate application, may be the basis for denying admission, or if admitted, dismissal from the College of Law, revocation of admission, or other discipline. Carefully read the instructions in each section of the application. Failure to completely answer each question could delay the processing and review of your application. Be sure to sign and date where indicated on this application at the end of this application. You must notify the College of Law of any changes of status in any part of this application that may occur after the date of signature on this application, even after you enroll at the College of Law.

TERM: Year 20 ____

_______ - _____ - _______

Social Security Number (optional)

used for identification purposes only

Application for:

❑ Full-Time (at least 12 credits) ❑ Part-Time (Less than 12 credits)


Complete Legal Name

Prefix First Name Middle Last Suffix

If you have been known by any other name(s), indicate all other names(s) used: ___________________

Current Address: (Current Address Valid From: __________ (MM/DD/YYYY) To: __________ (MM/DD/YYYY)

line 13line 14

Street Address

line 15line 16

City State/Province Postal Code Country

Permanent Address:

line 24line 25

Street Address

line 26line 27

City State/Province Postal Code Country

line 7

line 8

Cellular Phone* Telephone at Current Address* Telephone at Permanent Address*

* Include the country code for each phone number
line 21line 22

Email Address (will be used to communicate with applicant) Web page, if any


List all employment (including military service and type of discharge) that you have held in the last 10 years. Applicants are encouraged to submit a resume. For each position, indicate title and length of employment (add extra sheets if needed):



Job Title

Dates Employed





Job Title

Dates of Employment

Nature of position

Reason for Leaving



Job Title

Dates of Employment

Nature of position

Reason for Leaving



Job Title

Dates of Employment

Nature of position

Reason for Leaving



Job Title

Dates of Employment

Nature of position

Reason for Leaving


Number of years practicing international law: _____________

List all International Law courses taken and indicate whether offered by a school or Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider (add extra sheets if needed):

Course Title

Provider (School or CLE Provider Name)

Year Taken


List all jurisdictions (states and countries) where you are or have been licensed to practice law, along with the original date of admission. If you are no longer licensed to practice in a jurisdiction, please state why and give the date your license expired, was terminated, or otherwise ended. Also list any other professional licenses you hold, or have held, along with the jurisdiction, date of original admission, and any ending date (with reason).

List all colleges, universities, graduate, and professional schools attended (even if you did not earn a degree). Please have official transcripts for each sent directly from the institution to the Office of International Programs.


Name of School – LAW

Dates of Attendance

(From - To)

Degree Received

Year graduated

Name of School


Dates of Attendance

(From - To)


Graduate Degree?

Degree received


If no, years completed

Toward what degree?

Name of School(s) PRE-LAW

Dates of Attendance

(From - To)

Degree Received

Date Degree Received or Expected


A. Sex (Optional): ❑ Female ❑ Male Date of Birth (optional): ______/_______/______


B. Race/Ethnicity* (Optional; check all that apply):

❑American Indian/Alaskan Native ❑Hispanic Latino

❑Asian ❑Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

❑Black/African American ❑Puerto Rican

❑Chicano/Mexican American ❑White Caucasian

❑Cuban American ❑Other/Multiracial: _______________________

*Stetson University College of Law receives federal funds and is required by the federal government and our accreditor to solicit certain demographic information to meet reporting requirements. Applicants are requested to provide this information voluntarily. This information will not be used in a discriminatory manner.

C. Citizenship:
❑ US citizen

❑ Florida resident

❑ Permanent Resident (Resident Alien # ___________________)

❑ Country of Citizenship if not US: ___________________

If non-US, what is your current visa type/status? ______________

Country of Birth: ______________ City of Birth: ________________

Are you fluent in English? ❑Yes ❑ No
D. Are you a Veteran? ❑ Yes ❑ No List Branch of Service: _______________________
E. Do you have relatives who have attended or are now attending Stetson University and/or the College of Law? Please provide their name(s), graduation date(s), and relationship to you.

❑ Yes ❑ No

F. Who or what prompted you to apply to Stetson University College of Law?
❑ Alumnus/a _____________________


❑ CRS E-mail

❑ Family

❑ Friend

❑ Pre-law Advisor

❑ Stetson website

❑Stetson Representative at a Law Forum or Law Fair

❑Other (please describe)___________________________________________________

G. Have you previously applied for admission to Stetson University College of Law?

Yes No

Date(s) (MM/YY) __________________________________________________________

What action was taken (admission, denial, cancellation, wait list, etc.)? _______________
H. Please indicate other law schools to which you are applying: ________________________


I. List any college or graduate co-curricular, school extracurricular, or volunteer activities, and

any professional, community, or civic organizations, in which you have participated:
___________________________________ __________________________________
___________________________________ __________________________________
___________________________________ __________________________________
J. List any awards, honors, scholarships, or other recognitions that you received in or since


K. Please answer the following questions YES or NO. If your answer to the four questions below is YES, submit a full statement of relevant facts on a separate sheet of paper or electronic attachment. Your application will remain incomplete until we receive your explanation and relevant documentation. Failure to answer any of these questions may result in the application either being returned to you or declined for further processing. PLEASE READ INFORMATION IN THE “CERTIFICATION ” BOX ON PAGE 8 OF THIS APPLICATION BEFORE ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS.

    1. Have you ever been accused of violating the honor code, or student conduct code, or other disciplinary code; warned, placed on probation for academic or disciplinary reasons; suspended, requested or advised to discontinue studies; dropped, expelled, or requested to withdraw; or otherwise been subjected to discipline for academic or conduct reasons by any post-secondary school, college, university, professional school, or law school?

Yes No

If answered yes, please submit dates and details in a separate statement.

    1. Have you ever been arrested, detained, or restrained, taken into custody, or

accused formally or informally of a violation of law or ordinance? You should

disclose each instance even though the charges may have been dismissed, or

you were acquitted, or adjudication was withheld, or a conviction was reversed,

set aside, or vacated. This question includes periods before you turned 18. If

your records were expunged pursuant to applicable law, you may not be required

to answer yes, but you should carefully read the Certification on page 8 of this application. In addition, you may omit minor traffic violations that did not result in a jail sentence, suspension, or revocation of driver’s license, or a fine of more than $200.00. Any arrest, charge or conviction of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol must be disclosed, regardless of sanctions or outcome. If you are unsure whether to answer “yes,” we strongly recommend answering “yes” and fully disclosing all incidents.

Yes No

If answered yes, you must arrange for a copy of the final court documentation

(disposition, DMV record) to be forwarded to the Office of International Programs.

    1. Have you ever been subject to military disciplinary action, including non-judicial punishment or involvement in a formal court martial proceeding, as part of any military service or disciplinary action with respect to any processional license you hold or have held?

Yes No

If answered yes, you must submit dates and details in a separate statement or

electronic attachment.

    1. Have you ever been subject to discipline with regard to your law or other professional license, or have you ever been denied admission to practice law in any jurisdiction? Or have you ever been denied admission to practice law in any jurisdiction?

Yes No

If answered yes, please submit dates and details in a separate statement or

electronic attachment, and arrange for a copy of the disposition of the matter to be

sent to The Office of International Programs.


Please prepare a separate Personal Statement of up to five pages single-spaced addressing your reasons for wishing to pursue the LL.M. in International Law. The admissions committee is particularly interested in reading about your special accomplishments; personal, professional or academic achievements; or any other information that may help us evaluate your application and understand your interest in earning this degree. The personal statement may also be used to bring to our attention any information you believe necessary to evaluate your candidacy but not otherwise reflected in your application. Beyond your transcripts and recommendations, the personal statement is a way for us to get to know you; please take advantage of it! Please be sure to include your name on your personal statement. Because of the limited number of seats in the program, our goal is to admit students who have some experience in international law, or can identify how this program would advance their career. Essays addressing these points are particularly helpful to the admissions committee.


For Foreign and Foreign-Educated Applicants Only
Foreign students are encouraged to enroll in the fall semester. By doing so, foreign and foreign-trained attorneys benefit from the special orientation program and is designed to acquaint them with the U.S. legal system and graduate law study and the exclusive, mandatory, courses taught only during the fall.
The completion of an LL.M degree will not qualify you to sit for the Bar Examination in most states in the United States. To be admitted to the Florida Bar it is necessary to earn a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. Typically, there is a three-year course of study. Stetson does offer an Accelerated J.D. Program in which a qualified foreign educated lawyer, or foreign law school graduate may earn a J.D. degree in less time. Information about this program can be founds at:

Transcripts/Evaluations: All transcripts must be in English. Foreign candidates must have one of the following agencies evaluate their transcripts:

World Education Services

P.O. Box 745

Old Chelsea Station

New York, NY 10113-0745

Tel: (212) 966-6311

Fax: (212) 739-6139/6100


Wed site:

Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.

Int’l Education Consultants

7101 S.W. 102nd Avenue

Miami, FL 33173

Tel: (305) 273-1616

Fax: (305) 273-1338


Web site:
International Education Research Foundation

Credentials Evaluation Service

Post Office Box 3665

Culver City, CA 90231-3665

Tel: (310) 258-9451

Fax: (310) 342-7086

Web site:
Visa Information/The I-20 Form
Foreign students must obtain an F-1 student visa, and will be required to enroll on a full-time basis. International students must gain admission to Stetson University College of Law before a Form I-20 can be issued. The Form I-20 allows you to apply for an F-1 visa from the embassy or consulate closest to your home. For more information visit:

PRE-departure Planning & Information
SEVIS I-901 Fee
ARRIVING at a U.S. Port of Entry…What An international visitor Can Expect

Stetson University College of Law is required by U.S. government regulations to check the availability of adequate funding for foreign applicants for tuition, fees and living expenses. We will be unable to provide you with the documents necessary to obtain your visa without verification of adequate funding. Stetson’s Financial Declaration Form can be downloaded from the “Financial Declaration Form (PDF)” found at:
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required of applicants whose native language is not English, unless the applicant has taken substantial college work in the United States or another English-speaking country.
To be eligible for Stetson’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) program in International Law, you must

achieve a TOEFL total score of at least 213 (computer-based); 550 (paper-based); or 79-

80 (internet-based).
To register for the TOEFL exam, write to: Test of English as a Foreign Language

Box 6151, Princeton

New Jersey 08541-6151 USA

Tel: (609) 771-7100

Fax (609) 771-7500

Please request that your official TOEFL score be sent directly to Stetson College of Law, using the institution and department codes shown below:
Stetson College of Law “Institution Code”: 5630

Stetson College of Law “Department Code”: 03
If you are from a non-English speaking country, when did you take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)? _________________


What was your score? _____________ If you have not taken the TOEFL, when do you

plan to take it? _____________




I understand that by applying to Stetson University College of Law, I am subject to the College’s Academic Honor Code and the Code of Student Professional Responsibility and Conduct, which are located at

I authorize Stetson University College of Law to conduct a criminal background check and other investigation as the College deems appropriate to verify information contained in my application and in connection with my enrollment at the College. I also agree to obtain a background check from an approved vendor, if requested. I also agree to obtain a background check from an approved vender, if requested. The background check may include contacting and seeking information from schools attended, employers, and references; it also may involve reviewing publicly available material, such as websites. I release the College from any liability that may result from these checks.
I agree to communicate promptly to the College of Law any changes of information contained in my application and related materials, even if the changes occur after I have been admitted or have enrolled as a student. Before enrollment, please submit changes to the Office of International Programs. After enrollment, please submit changes to the Associate Dean for International Programs. If the College of Law either discovers information or discovers that you have provided inaccurate or incomplete information, which if known, would have resulted in a denial of admission to the College, you may be subjected to discipline, including revocation of admission, suspension or expulsion after matriculation, withdrawal of graduation certificate to bar authorities, or revocation of a degree.
If admitted, I agree to abide by all policies, rules, and regulations of Stetson University College of Law.
By electronically transmitting or printing this application, or signing and mailing the Certification Letter, I certify that I have read and understand this application, and that the information I have submitted is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

__________ ______

Date Signature


Type or Print Full Legal Name


Students requesting admission should submit to the Office of International Programs at least two (2) letters of recommendation. Most helpful to the committee are letters from those individuals who can discuss your interests in international law, a recommendation from a professor who knows your work or someone who can discuss your professional success, skills, interests, ethics and professionalism. It is most helpful to the admissions committee if your recommendation letters are written specifically with regard to your candidacy for this program. You may waive your right of access to confidential recommendations in the area of admissions. The College of Law does not require such waivers as a condition for considering this application or for providing any other service or benefit. Such materials will be used only for the purposes for which they were specifically intended. A waiver may be revoked in writing at any time. However, the revocation will apply to all subsequent recommendations, but not to recommendations received while the waiver was in effect. Please indicate below whether you waive your right of access.

________ Waive access to letters of recommendation

________ Do not waive access to letters of recommendation

Date Signature

Type or Print Full Legal Name

Application Checklist:

► Complete application form (with signature).

► Personal statement.

► Complete official transcripts from all colleges, universities and graduate

or professional schools attended (sent directly from the institution).

► Two letters of recommendation.

Additional Documents for Foreign Applicants:

►TOEFL score results sent directly to Stetson College of Law from

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

►Evaluation of Transcripts

►Financial Declaration
Stetson University College of Law


1401 61ST Street South • Gulfport, Florida 33707

(727) 562-7849 • Fax: (727) 231-0723

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