Family name: Wally First name: Manuel Joachim Date of birth: 20/11/1967

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  1. Family name: Wally

  2. First name: Manuel Joachim

  3. Date of birth: 20/11/1967

  4. Passport holder: United States, Austria, residence Sénégal

  5. Education:


    Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:


    Salzburg: MA, University of Salzburg, Modern Languages and Social Sciences


    Salzburg: PhD, University of Salzburg, Social Sciences


    New York: Diploma, NYU, New York, Media property rights, dramatic writing


    London: LLB Law (honors) University of London, including EU Law, Public International Law, Constitutional Law, administrative law


    New York: UN HQ DPKO Training Program, 12 Courses in UN Peacekeeping Studies, including International Protection of Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, International Law and UN Conventions


    Milan: EC-UNDP-IDEA, Effective Electoral Assistance


    Brussels: EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Election Assistance on use and on Procurement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


    Brussels: EC–NEEDS Project, Legal Expert Training


    Washington DC: National Democratic Institute, NDI, Seminar on new technologies in observation of Voter Registration and elections


    New York: UNDSS Basic Security in the Field –Staff Safety, Health and Welfare


    New York: UNDSS Advanced Security in the Field


    Washington DC: OAS, Strategies to Improve Voter Registers in the Americas


    Brussels: Deputy-Chief-Observer Training with EC–NEEDS project, 40hs advanced training for the position of DCO of European Union Electoral Observation Missions (EUEOMs)


    Budapest, Central European University: Constitution-Building in Africa

  6. Language skills:





English (native)








German (mother tongue)




Spanish (father tongue)
















  1. Membership of professional bodies:

ACE Electoral Practitioners Network; African Network of Constitutional Lawyers; Writers Guild of Germany; Foreign Policy Association, New York City

  1. Publications:

  • European External Action Service, Study on Observation and Assessment of Voter Registration, Brussels 2015

  • International IDEA, International Obligations for Elections, Guidelines to analyse legal frameworks for elections

Webcast at

  • Democracy Reporting International – DRI, Analysis of the Local Elections Framework for Punjab, Pakistan,

condensed findings at:

  • American Bar Association Rule-of-Law-Initiative (ABA ROLI), Assessment of Decree 4 regulating political parties in Fiji against the international framework for elections.

  • European Parliament: Following-Up on EU EOM Recommendations (substantiating EU recommendations in International and Regional Civil and Political Rights Commitments) DG for External Policies, Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group, November 2012

  • EU EEM Senegal 2012 Final Report on Parliamentary Elections, pioneering the formulation of EU EOM Recommendations along International and Regional Civil and Political Rights Obligations.

  • EC-UNDP-JEAP Joint Electoral Assistance Project, Yemen, 2011, detailed analysis of the implementation of EU EOM Recommendations.

  • EUEOM Uganda, 2011, Interim and Final reports, Preliminary Statement, analysis of Electoral Dispute Resolution.

  • Domestic Observer Forum, European Commission, Brussels, 2010: Final Report, Working Group Report on Observation of Voter Registration and Voter List Auditing.

  • EUEOM Cote d’Ivoire, 2010, Interim and Final Reports, Preliminary Statements. Analysis of the Conseil Constitutionnel’s decision to overturn the election results.

  • The Carter Center, Sudan, 2009-2010: Interim and final report sections on Electoral Dispute Resolution, preliminary statements, constitutional and electoral system analysis, analysis of Disputes and Objections.

  1. Relevant key qualifications:

  • Advanced University Degrees: LLB law, (honors); M.A. and PhD in Social Sciences

  • Author of study on Follow-Up to EU Recommendations for the EU Parliament

  • Co-author of IDEA Handbook on International Obligations on Elections

  • Author of study on EU voter registration observation, assessment and audit methodology

  • Extensive experience in designing constitutional and legal frameworks for elections and political parties

  • 18 years professional experience in governance; civil society; democratic accountability and elections

  • Proven experience in contributing to constitution building and making

  • Proven experience in technical electoral assistance in project formulation, evaluation and execution

  • Excellent communication and analytical skills and ability to interact with high level government officials, international donors, NGOs

  • Field experience in 25 developing countries

  • Comparative institutional experience with OIF, Carter Center, IFES, DRI, IDEA, ABA RoLI, OAS, UNDP

  • Experience in moderating and in organizing stakeholder roundtables

  • Familiarity with EU democracy instruments including EDF, IfS, ENPI and EIDHR

  • Knowledge and experience of the civil society, both on grassroots, as well as on leadership level

  • Outstanding English-language and professional French and Spanish presentation, reporting and drafting skills

  • Gender: Familiar with International and Regional Instruments on civil and political participation of women

  1. Field experience in developing countries:


from - to


from - to







Burkina Faso




Solomon Islands




Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda








04/2011 – 9/2011, 12/2014-1/2015

Central African Republic





01/2011- 03/2011



Côte d’Ivoire







1/2014, 4/2014

North Sudan

03/2010- 06/2010



South Sudan

02/2010-03/2010, 09/2010-10/2010





  1. Professional experience:

Date from-to


Company & reference person (name & contact details)



July-August 2015


Central European University

Markus Boeckenfoerde


Constitution-Building in Africa Seminar

  • Participated in two-week intensive seminar on new ideas about the nature and purpose of constitutions and constitution-making, constitutional solutions to contemporary problems, and the proper role of international actors.

June-July 2015

Central African Republic


Matthew Parry, acting Director Africa

Constitutional adviser

Debating and revising draft constitution

  • Advised the constituent assembly’s Enrichment Atelier on international and regional obligations

  • Advised participating civil society on entrenching of independent administrative agencies

May 2015



Samia Maghoub, Chief-of-Party

Legal Drafter

Electoral Dispute Resolution Manual

  • Collaborated with Libyan election judges on designing manual on EDR procedures

  • Advised EMB on draft referendum and parliamentary election law

April 2015



European External Action Service

Delphine Skowron

Team Leader


Methodological Study

  • Researched critical aspects of voter registration processes and outcomes

  • Drafted methodology on observing voter registration exercises and on analyzing voter registers

Mar 2015



Gilles Saphy, project director


Seminar on International Obligations and Electoral Dispute Resolution

  • Presented modules on the level playing field and on UN HR enforcement mechanisms

  • Moderated discussion and presented UN jurisprudence

Feb 2015

Burkina Faso

Organisation de la Francophonie

Christophe Guilhou, directeur

Electoral Expert

Needs Assessment Mission

  • Assessed needs of, and formulated technical assistance to electoral institutions

  • Drafted proposed amendments to electoral law

Jan 2015

Ivory Coast

IFES, Daniel Laurent, program manager, francophone West Africa

Int’l Legal Adviser

Technical assistance

Dec 2014

Central African Republic

IFES, Matthew Parry, deputy director Africa

Int’l Legal Adviser

Technical Assistance

  • Drafted electoral law amendments

  • Moderated stakeholder forum

  • Presented findings at int’l offsite meeting

  • Formulated TA through operational plan drafting

Jan 2015


DAI-HSTPE for EU Delegation Georgetown

Chloe Messenger

Quality Control Officer

Technical Assistance

  • Revised outputs

  • Provided input on methodology

Dec 2014


Democracy Reporting International DRI

Tim Bittiger

NGO-Political Party Legislations Drafter

Technical Assistance

  • Draft workshop syllabi

  • Analysis of conflicts between draft constitution and 1991 Political Party Law

  • Advised on harmonization measures in line with ICCPR commitments

Nov 2014


Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

Zahra Kamil

Workshop Moderator

Technical Assistance/Stakeholder Information/Training

  • Drafting workshop syllabus

  • Identifying legal framework vulnerabilities

  • Drafting action points of consensus with stakeholders

May 2014

EAC – Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda

EU Delegation Dar-es-Salaam

Serena Bertaina

Technical Assistance CSO/EAC Election Observation Formulator

Technical Assistance Project Formulation Mission

  • Drafted methodology

  • Drafted inception report

  • Translated Identification Fiche into Project Action Fiche for 11th EDF allocation/bridging facility

  • Drafted project budget/evaluation logframe

  • Designed modules to involve civil society in election monitoring and early warning mechanism

July 2014

Solomon Islands

EU Delegation Honiara

Calvin Ziru, Director of Governance, Office of the Prime Minister

Electoral Law Draftsman

Technical Assistance project

  • Drafting of Political Party Finance Regulations and Political Party Integrity Standards

  • Holding of consultations with political parties, women candidates, media and civil society

  • Advising the Office of the Prime Minister on political finance regulation and transparency

  • Drafting Q&As for newspaper publication on the scope and effect of political party regulation.

April 2014


EODS Election Observation and Democracy Support-EEAS/FPI


EEAS Brain-storming meeting on the updating of the EU EOM methodology

  • Preliminary statement drafting; core team evaluation; assessment of electoral rights of women and of persons with disabilities.

  • Organization of stakeholder roundtables to launch follow-up on recommendations; and general follow-up methodology on recommendations.

Jan-Feb 2014


European Union Delegation

Anna Constantini, Attachée

Technical Assistance Formulation Expert

Formulation mission for technical assistance project

  • Drafted Instrument for Stability Concept Note for funding of legislative/local elections

Contributed to:

  • Formulation of Logistical and Technical Procurement Needs 2014-2016 under IfS and 11th EDF

  • Designed and held three stakeholder roundtables

  • Drafted new Electoral Code and amendments to Law on the Constitutional Court

Dec 2013-Jan 2013

Central African Republic

IFES, Matt Cohen, project manager

International Civil and Political Rights Adviser

Legal framework Analysis

  • Analysis of the new Code electoral, NGO/Political Party legilslation

  • Assessment of the framework compliance with the ICCPR, the African Charter for Democracy, Elections and Governance, and the African Charter for Human and Peoples’ Rights

Dec 2013


International IDEA, Stockholm

The Carter Center, Atlanta


International expert panel to discuss application of United Nations, African Union, and ECOWAS Treaty Body jurisprudence to electoral processes

  • Redefined international benchmarks for the conduct of democratic elections in line with recent treaty law, including on political rights of civil society organizations, women, minorities, persons with disabilities and migrants.

Nov 2013


European Union Exploratory Mission EU ExM

Team Leader

Electoral/legal expert

EU Exploratory Mission

  • Assessed the framework for Egypt’s draft referendum against international norms, as well as against its predecessors

  • Assessed draft NGO law against international norms

  • Analyzed Egypt’s draft Constitution against international and regional human rights obligations

Sept 2013


EODS-Elections and Democracy Support

Gilles Saphy

Legal/Election Expert

Colloquium on Follow-Up strategies on EU EOM recommendations

  • Discussion with representatives of the EU Parliament, the European External Action Service, Foreign Policy Instrument, DevCo, European Council Regional Working Groups CoLAT and CoEST, as well as the EC’s Election and Democracy Support Project.

Sept-Oct 2013


Democracy Reporting International DRI

Vladimir Pran

Legal/Election Analyst

Analysis of the Punjab Local Elections Act

  • Assessed the Pakistani national framework for elections in terms of harmonization with legal and regulatory competences of Pakistan’s Election Commission, as well as against fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in ICCPR

  • Assessed the Punjab Local Elections Act against Pakistan’s commitments under CEDAW

July-Aug 2013


European Union Delegation Niamey

Enrico Sborgi

Michel Paternotre, Team Leader

Technical Assistance Evaluator

EU Technical Election Assistance Evaluation Mission

  • Evaluated PAPEN, the UNDP electoral assistance project for Niger’s electoral cycle 2011

  • Assessed regularity of the EMB procurement procedures

  • Assessed of reforms to the legal framework against Niger’s constitutional, international and regional commitments, as well as against recommendations issued by international and national election observation missions

  • Drafted proposed amendments to bring in line Niger’s framework for elections with international and regional obligations, specifically under the African Charter for Democracy, Elections and Governance

June 2013


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, EU Delegation Dakar



Stakeholder Roundtable on Electoral reform

  • Drafted working document that recapitulates and compares recommendations issued by civil society stakeholders and international observers in the course of Senegal’s electoral cycle 2012

  • Moderated round table discussion, drafting conclusions for EUD report to COAFR one year following deployment of an EU EOM

May-June 2013


IFES – International Foundation for Electoral Systems

Abigail Wilson

Amb. Pierre Claver Ndayicariye

Président CENI

Senior Legal/Electoral Expert

Legal Framework Assessment and Amendment

  • Assess pending amendments to the electoral code against electoral frameworks of Burundi’s EAC peer countries and emerging regional commitments for EAC-wide election observation

  • Analyzed the level of compliance with international obligations and develop recommendations for revising the legal and regulatory framework governing NGO and political party registration

  • Assessed the electoral law to determine its effect on gender dynamics in the electoral cycle

April 2013-July2013


International IDEA, Stockholm

Domenico Tuccinardi

Lead Author

Compendium of United Nations Treaty Law and Jurisprudence applicable to elections

  • Lead author of the update of International IDEA’s 2002 Guidelines for the Review of Legal Frameworks for Elections

  • Cross-reference original 2002 assessment checklist with applicable international and regional obligations and commitments, as well as relevant UN Human Rights Committee jurisprudence

  • Research relied on consultations with members and the President of the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva

Feb-March 2013


European Union Exploratory Mission EU ExM

Team Leader

Electoral/Legal expert

EU Exploratory Mission

  • Conducting assessment of the usefulness, advisability, and feasibility of deploying a full-fledged EU Election Observation Mission to the 2013 Parliamentary Elections in Egypt

  • Analysis of the legal framework for elections against international obligations and commitments, EMB preparedness, procurement status, the political environment, and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms necessary for the conduct of democratic elections.

Jan-Feb 2013


American Bar Association Rule-of-Law-Initiative (ABA ROLI), Lynn Sferrazza

International Civil and Political Rights Adviser

Assessment of Fiji’s Decree 4 Regulating Political Parties and NGOs

  • Assessed Decree 4 against the international framework on the freedom of association, including against ILO instruments, and UN Human Rights Committee jurisprudence applicable to the registration and regulation of political parties

Nov-Dec 2012


European Union Election Follow-Up Mission (EU EFM)

Team Leader

First EU Election Follow-Up Mission

  • Held roundtable for national stakeholders to help mobilize preparation for Malawi’s 2014 general elections, which for the first time combine local government elections with presidential and parliamentary elections

  • Assessed current law reform processes against the legacy of EU Commonwealth and EISA recommendations, as well as against Malawi’s international and regional obligations and best practices

  • Advised the EU Delegation on suitable electoral assistance initiatives and programmatic priorities

Aug-Oct 2012

Home base

EU Parliament, Directorate General for External Policies, Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group

Author/ Electoral Expert

EU Parliament Study on EU EOM and EU EEM Recommendations

  • Discussed Recommendation formulation, and follow-up

  • Analyzed of the status of EOM recommendations vis-à-vis the key EU policy documents, including EU Council Conclusions on democracy promotion (2009) and their implementation, review of EU human rights policy (2011), and review of the European Neighborhood Policy (2011); and positions taken by the European Parliament with regard to the follow-up to EOM recommendations

  • Reviewed of EOM and EEM methodology for drafting of recommendations

  • Proposed monitoring and reporting mechanism on EOM recommendations and their implementation

June-July 2012


European Union Election Expert Mission (EEM)

Michal Golabek, EEAS

Xavier Noc, Team Leader

Senior Legal and Civil Rights Expert

European Union Election Expert Mission

  • Analysis of the first application of Senegal’s gender equity law, of its incorporation into the electoral Code, and of its application on the composition of proportional and majoritarian candidate lists.

  • Analysis of Senegal’s legal framework for elections and for political party and NGO registration and finance against UN, AU and ECOWAS obligations and political commitments

May 2012


Follow up seminar on EU EOM recommendations hosted by the EU Delegation Dakar

HE Mme Dominique Dellicour

Head of EUD, Dakar

Project organizer Facilitator Presenter

Election Stakeholder Roundtable

  • Held in the wake of the EUEOM return visit to Dakar

  • Recommendations were aired for discussion and an up-or-down vote by 24 national stakeholders, including representatives of all pertinent institutions involved in the electoral process, as well as civil society and eminent academics

  • Key national electoral actors moderated discussions, while EUEOM electoral and legal experts presented and defended the recommendations

  • Event pioneered stakeholder polling by secret ballot to sound out the acceptance, but also the pertinence of the EUEOM’s recommendations

  • Overall, recommendations met an 85 percent outright acceptance and a 10 percent consideration by debate.

May 2012


NEEDS DCO (Deputy Chief Observer)Training

Domenico Tuccinardi, project director

DCO trainee

EU EOM Deputy Chief Observer Training

  • Capacity of balanced judgment, ability to work in teams, ability to cope with difficult situations, respect for local attitudes, good communication skills, readiness to work in a multicultural environment, leadership capacity)

  • Ability to maintain professional independence and strict impartiality in the conduct of duties in the host country; Knowledge of human rights and democratization issues; good knowledge of institutional aspects of the EU

April-June 2012

Washington DC

OAS, Strategies to Improve Voter Registers in the Americas, 9 week course

Dennis Drakes, instructor

Voter Registration Expert Trainee

Technical Voter Registration Training

  • Examination the fundamental features of a registration system, whether it is periodic, continuous or derived from a civil registry; or whether registration is automatic or self-initiated

  • Constitutional, legislative, and regulatory provisions that must be in place to form a legal basis for voter eligibility with its rights and responsibilities

  • Planning, budgeting, organizational structures and staffing necessary to conduct and maintain a voter registration system

  • Registration of marginalized electorates, voter registration technologies, including biometrics, and monitoring and observation of voter registration

  • The course concluded with the participant drafting a strategic and operational plan for the conduct of a voter registration process.

Jan-April 2012


Mission d’observation électorale de l’Union européenne au Sénégal

Tommaso Caprioglio, DCO

Legal/Gender Analyst

European Union Election Observation Mission

  • Analysis of the Conseil constitutionnel’s decision to accept the outgoing President’s bid for a third term, despite the two-term-limit introduced by the constitutional reform in 2001

  • Detailed analysis of the Conseil constitutionnel’s decision to reject Youssou N’Dour’s candidacy

  • Drafting of detailed recommendations to harmonize the Code electoral, which has been revised 40 times since 1992, with the Constitution, which was amended 37 times since 1963

April-July 2011


EC-UNDP Joint Electoral Assistance Project

Vahram Abadjian, Chief-Technical Advisor (CTA)

Technical Assistance Legal Adviser

EC-UNDP Joint Electoral Assistance Project

  • Analysed recent electoral law reform, specifically provisions governing Voter Registration Procedures, issued by the 2006 EUEOM, as well as political party and NGO legislation

  • Prepared curricula for the training of judges in electoral dispute resolution mechanisms

  • Analyzed constitutional mandates on the relationship of census data, boundary delimitation and voter registration

July 2011


NEEDS Deputy Chief Observer Methodology Seminar

Guest Speaker

EEAS Methodology Seminar

  • Presented case study on the effectiveness of EUEOM Recommendations, issued by the 2006 EUEOM, on the Yemeni electoral reform process to the NEEDS Deputy Chief Observer Training on EUEOM Methodology, specifically arguing for uniform standards of EUEOM Recommendations to facilitate meaningful and effective implementation

Jan-April 2011


European Union Election Observation Mission

Mark Gallagher, EEAS

Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu, Chairperson, UEC

Legal/Human Rights Expert

European Union Election Observation Mission

  • Analysis of the legal framework, of civic and political rights, including freedom of expression, of movement, and of association

  • Analysis of the complaints and appeals procedures, building case tracking databases, drafting the electoral dispute resolution section of the final statement

  • Providing legal analysis of electoral disputes to the EU Delegation and to the EU HoMs. Analysing Uganda’s Supreme Court decision to dismiss a challenge to the integrity of the Voter Register.

Oct – Dec 2010

Ivory Coast

European Union Election Observation Mission

Mats Liljefeld, Desk Officer

M Antoine Adou, executive director CEI, Commission electorale independante, Abidjan

Legal Expert

European Union Election Observation Mission

  • Tracking complaints and appeals, prosecution of electoral offences. Assessing the capacity of the EMB and of the judiciary

  • On behalf of the European Commission External Services (DG Relex), drafting of bi-lingual analysis of the Ivorian Constitutional Council’s decision, which reversed the results announced by the CEI.

  • The European Parliament formulated its position drawing on this legal opinion, which led the EP to pass its unanimous resolution:

Feb – July 2010


The Carter Center, Election Mission

Owen McDougall, Programme Manager

David Carroll, Program Director

Electoral/Legal Expert

Field Observer

Carter Center Election Observation Mission

  • Analysis of the electoral and legal framework

  • Analysis of the complaints and appeals procedures, building case tracking databases

  • Analysis of disputes and objections on the integrity of the Voter Register

  • One week field training on Carter Center methodology for observing voter registration, as well as tracking challenges to the voter register

July 2010


European Commission, EuropeAid

Franck Balme

Training facilitator, Reporting officer

European Commission/AidCo/Domestic Observer Forum

  • Facilitated, moderated and reported on the Election Domestic Observer Forum organised by the EC, with participation of more than 80 representatives of civil society organisations from Africa, Asia and Latin America

  • Co-moderated the working group on “Observing Voter Registration and Empowering Civil Society to Conduct Independent Audits of Voter registers.”

June-Aug 2009


Shiriki, CSO, Joyce Bayoma, Chairperson,


Civil Society Project Proposal

  • Drafting funding proposal for start-up civil society organization in the field of civic education, political advocacy, and developing tools for political accountability of local and regional governance

Oct 2007-Oct 2008


Lawyers for Obama, Jennifer Hill,

Campaign worker, Voter Registration Coordinator

Presidential Election Campaign

  • Developing strategies to promote voter registration, educating voters about the deceptive interface of the Deneher voting machine, monitoring accuracy of the voter lists, engaging voters door-to-door. GOTV (Getting-Out-The-Vote)

  • Relaying claims of voter disenfranchisement to DNC legal counsel

June-Sept 2007

New York City

Amnesty International, Corporate Action Network, Nikos Valence

Political Rights Analyst, Advocate


  • Compiling mailing list of EU and US legislators for targeted lobbying and mailing campaigns to compel Dow Chemical to compensate victims of the Bhopal toxic spill. Drafting advocacy letters.

July 2007


Right-to-Play Sekela Mwambuli,


NGO Project

  • Planning, organizing and implementing programs in support of urban teenagers, in collaboration with local CSOs

Oct-Nov 2006

New York City

Hillary Clinton for Senate, Eric Avram

Election campaign volunteer

Senatorial Election Campaign

  • Organizing call-parties, bring-out-the-vote drives, analyzing voter lists for late turn-out mobilization, fund-raising

  • Door-to-door voter registration drives, on-and-off-college campuses. Extrapolating potential abstentionists from Voter Registers for mobilization through GOTV. Hosted call banks

Aug 2003 –Feb 2010

Washington DC, Civil Society Organization

David Braun,

National Leadership Candidate

Civil Society Leadership Training

  • Political advocacy, formulating legal strategies to amend the US Constitution to limit the influence of money in politics

  • Developing strategies to promote voter registration for first time voters.

  • Establishing call-banks to mobilize voter turn-out

  • Lobby Congress against authorizing the Iraq Invasion in 2003

Sept 2001-Oct 2005

New York City

Midtown West PTA Association, Tisa Farley


Steering Committee Member

Civil Society Advocacy

  • Coordinating civic education in public elementary schools

  • Conceiving discussion fora with public school teachers and students in the aftermath of 9/11

Jan 1999-Feb 2010

New York City

Brooklyn Live/Work Coalition Maria Nazor, Chairperson,

Steering Committee Member

Civil Society Advocacy

  • Accountable governance, including an expansion of New York City tenant protection for artists. The law was finally amended in 2010 after 11 years of intense lobbying effort, design of an online portal page that drew 5000 members.

Aug 1994-May 2009

New York, Frankfurt, Los Angeles

Other Productions LLC Jon Furay

Legal Analyst

Private Sector Legal Consulting

  • Analyst for international translation and film rights, editing and drafting reports, narrative statements, analysis of intellectual property rights, ancillary and subsidiary licensing, compilation and analysis of corporate intelligence in publishing and entertainment. Attended international conventions.

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