Application form for Admission in lea (legal organization)

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Application form for Admission

in LEA (legal organization)

Rīga Date: ___/___/2011

* this information will be reflected on the website of LEA, please fill out the set!

If you want to show in website some other information than mark it with an asterisk (*).

We hereby apply for membership (congregation, association, foundation etc.) of LEA title*:

Registration number:

Registered office:

Actual address*:





Authorized representative (full name)*:


Cell phone:

Personal e-mail:

Brief description of organization (vision, goals). If you have this in website of organization than we will take it from there.* ___________________________________________________________________

We aggree to the LEA Creed (look on YES/ NO (circle one)
We agree to the LEA Doctrine (look on YES/ NO (circle one)
We agree to pay entrance fee _____Ls: YES / NO) (recommended fee 20Ls,

circle one)

We agree to pay an annual member fee _____Ls: (YES / NO) (recommended fee 30Ls,

circle one)
Signature: _____________________

Rīga, date ____/____/2011

A.Kalniņa 8-8, Rīga, LV-1050; Tel. +371 7284487; Fakss +371 7284452


Download 88.6 Kb.

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