Apricot'99 Call for Participation

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Call for Participation

Suntec City, Singapore

1-5 March, 1999

The Asia Pacific Internet Festival of 1999
Being a non-marketing and vendor neutral forum, APRICOT is committed to establishing an honest platform for discussion on the skills and technologies with the objectives of spreading and sharing the knowledge required for operational stability and development of the Internet within the Asia Pacific region as well as developing affinity groups that foster mutual support throughout the year.
APRICOT draws together technology leaders, opinion setters, movers and shakers from the region to exchange knowledge and technical know-how as well as provides human network points for professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers to brainstorm and engage in stimulating discussions through which they would impart and acquire critical information.
APRICOT‘99 comprises 2 days of tutorials (1-2 Mar ‘99) followed by a 3-day conference consisting of concurrent Technical, Business, Education, Policy and other tracks (3-5 Mar ‘99). The participation of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN, in the APRICOT ‘99 exemplifies the key role APRICOT plays in the growth and deployment of the Internet in this region. All key Asia Pacific Internet organisations (APNG, APNIC, APIA, APTLD and APPLe) will also be co-locating their meetings at the same venue to facilitate maximum interaction with the common goal of shaping the advance of Internet in Asia Pacific region.
APRICOT’99 aims to cover various important topics during the intense week-long summit (See next page). It has also lined up many well-known international speakers to share their knowledge and expertise. These eminent speakers include :
David J. Farber - He is often regarded as the ‘grandfather’ of the Internet. He was responsible for the design of the Distributed Computer System (DCS) and was one of the authors of the SNOBOL programming language. He was also one of the principals in the creation and implementation of CSNet, NSFNet, and NREN. He was instrumental in the creation of the NSF/DARPA-funded Gigabit Network Testbed Initiative and served as the Chairman of the Gigabit Testbed Coordinating Committee.
Eric Allman - He was the original author of sendmail and the chief programmer on the INGRES database management project. He is also an early contributer to the UNIX effort at Berkeley, authoring syslog, tset, the -me troff macros, and trek.
Scott Bradner - He has been involved in the design, operation and use of data networks at Harvard University since the early days of the ARPANET. He was involved in the design of the Harvard High-Speed Data Network (HSDN), the Longwood Medical Area network (LMAnet) and NEARNET. He is currently chair of the technical committees of LMAnet, NEARNET and CoREN.
Randy Bush - He is an ex-compiler writer, realtime kernel hacker and a software engineering manager who has spent over 30 years in the computer industry. He has been a user and occasional implementor of networking in the US from the ARPANET to the current day Internet, UUCP, and FidoNet. He is currently Director of Network Engineering at Verio, a US national backbone provider.
APRICOT’99 is inevitably a unique and critical platform for all Internet builders to learn from their peers and other leaders in the Internet community from around the world. Come to APRICOT’99 and become a mover and shaker as well !
Participants wishing to join APRICOT’99 can register by completing the registration form attached or via online registration at http://www.apricot.net. Fuller and latest details on all aspects of the various tracks, plenaries and sponsorship opportunities are available at APRICOT website.

APRICOT TUTORIAL (1-2 March 1999)

Mon 1 March - Tutorial Day 1

Tue 2 March – Tutorial Day 2


Title / Instructor


Title / Instructor


ISP System Administration

Barbara L. Dijker & Evi Nemeth


Managing Acceptable Use

Barbara L. Dijker


Sendmail Configuration & Operation

(Updated for Sendmail 8.9)

Eric Allman


Promoting Routability

Philip Smith


Internet QoS & Traffic Mgt; Internet Exchanges

Geoff Huston & Bill Manning


Voice and Telephony over IP

Drew Freyman


Designing Scaleable IP Networks

Justin W. Newton


IPv6: The New Version of the Internet Protocol

Steve Deering


Optical Internetworking

Marty Schulman


Tools used at Digex and Verio to Manage their Networks

Randy Bush & Ed Kern


VoIP Standards Efforts & Impacts

Scott Bradner


Security in All Seven Layers and Safeguarding the Business Process: E-Commerce Security

Gene Deutsch & Dr Kelly Jones


Routing Policy Specification Languages & Analysis Tools

David Kessens & Cengiz Alaettinoglu


Broadband Wireless Local Loop; Cable Modem Protocols & Technology

Dewyane Hendricks & Mark Laubach


Deploying VPN’s & Secure Extranets

Bruce Perlmutter


APNIC Memeber Training: Address Policy & Administration

Anne Lord & Paul Wilson


Wed 3 March

Thu 4 March

Fri 5 March


Code Title / Speaker

Code Title / Speaker

Code Title / Speaker





The Last Mile

Cable Modem Networks & Technology; Broadband in Asia Pacific; Wireless Local Loop; Cellular Telephone IP Based Svs

Customer Management

Zero Defections; Billing for New & Existing Services; Measuring Internet Performance



Network Security

Latest Development in Public Key Infrastructures; Web Based Security Scanner; Email Operational Issues: Spamming; Free IPSEC S/SWAN for Linux

DNS: The Next Generation

Domain Name and IP Management; iDNS






Next Generation Backbone Infrastructure

OC-48 IP; Cable & Wireless Network; Level 3’s Int’l Plans

IP Telephony I

VoIP; IP Fax Services; International Internet Telephony Clearing & Settlements



International Alternatives

International Backbone; Submarine Cable & QoS; Satellites Access

Virtual Private Networks

VPN Revolution; Security; Strong Encryption; VPN: Overview & Future for Bandwidth Growth



QoS & Directory Enabled Networks

Policy Based Mgt; Multicast & QoS Industry Forums

Scalable App & Multimedia Hosting & Collocation

E-Commerce at an ISP; Pricing for Internet Services





Next Generation Backbone Infrastructure

UUNET Architecture in Asia; Global IP Backbone Plans of AT&T

IP Telephony I

VoIP; Assuring Long-Term Success with Enhanced Services


Cacheing & Beyond

International Web Content Distribution: Streaming Media Caching; Global Infrastructure for E-Commerce

Email & Unified Messaging

Universal Messaging: Seamless Integration of Voice; Clustering & SAN for Robust Unified Messaging & Email Scaling



The Future of Internet Exchanges

Trends in IXs; Update on JPIX Services & Environment, Peering Point Planning & Implementation

Scalable Backbone Hardware

IP Backbone Routing & Management; Multi-service/ Packet Networks

P/s: APRICOT organiser reserves the right to make changes to speakers and topics of APRICOT’99.

Programme for Business (3 March), Educational (4 March) and Policy (5 March) Tracks are not ready as at 25 Jan ’99.

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