Architectural & Engineering Specification

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EC-8 Consolidator

Architectural & Engineering Specification


    1. The unit shall be a Consolidator, model EC-8, no substitutions. The Consolidator shall allow up to 8 Talk-A-Phone Emergency Phones to utilize one phone line without reduction in volume. Consolidator shall have line seizure capability to allow phone line to be shared. Emergency Phones shall be individually addressable.

    1. Unit shall create an internal communication system without need for phone lines by using a standard analog phone. The unit shall provide visual indication of calling location and auxiliary outputs to allow for activating devices when a call is received. Unit shall function as an internal system with external calling capability as an automatic back up.


    1. The Consolidator shall measure approximately 11.63" W x 7.75" H x 2.0" D.

    1. The Consolidator shall weight approximately 6 lbs.

    1. Unit shall have 11 RJ11 modular phone ports for connecting 8 ARA stations, a local phone, a telco line in and a telco line out.


    1. When call button is pushed on an Emergency Phone, Consolidator shall automatically give the line to that Emergency Phone.

    1. When call button is pushed on second Emergency Phone while first is active, second shall be queued and call shall be placed as soon as first call is completed.

    1. Unit shall permit phone line to be shared with another device. Line seizure capability shall allow unit to give line to an Emergency Phone when phone is activated.

    1. Unit shall have built-in LEDs to indicate identity of calling Emergency Phone.

    1. Consolidator shall permit selective calling of all Emergency Phones.

    1. Unit shall allow connection of a standard telephone to create an internal communication system. No phone lines shall be needed for on-site calling.

    1. Unit shall also be capable of routing emergency calls to local phone and telco line alternately until call is connected. Primary method (local or telco) and number of rings before switching to alternate calling method shall be determined by software programming.

    1. Consolidator shall be remotely programmable through telco line and also programmable on-site through local phone. Programming shall be stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory.

    1. Unit shall have two built-in auxiliary outputs: one for activating devices when Consolidator receives call and when for when call is answered.


    1. Unit shall have one LED for each of 8 Emergency Phone ports. When an Emergency Phone call is in progress but not connected the LED shall blink. When the Emergency Phone call has been connected, the LED shall light solidly. When one Emergency Phone is active and secondary Emergency Phones are activated, the LEDs for those secondary Emergency Phones shall blink.

    1. Unit shall have four separate LEDs to indicate: system power, telco line in use, telco line ringing, and local phone off-hook.


    1. Consolidator shall utlilize a UL Listed power supply requiring 0.8 Amps, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz with an output of 1.0 Amps at 24VDC.

    1. Resistance of wire connecting Emergency Phone and Consolidator should not exceed 25 ohms.


    1. The Consolidator shall include keyhole slots to mount to a wall or may sit on a desktop.


    1. Uninterruptible Power Supply, model ETP-UPS, shall provide battery back up for at least 4 hours of active use of Consolidator in the event of a power outage.

    1. Punch Down Block, model ETP-DMRK, shall provide easy connection of Emergency Phones, local phone and telco line. Unit shall have an RJ11 port for each port on Consolidator and include patch cords for connecting these ports.


    1. Equipment shall be warrantied against any defects in material and workmanship, under normal use, for a period of twenty-four months from date of installation. In the event system is found by manufacturer to be defective within the warranty period, manufacturer shall repair and/or replace any defective parts, provided the equipment is returned to manufacturer.


    1. The Manufacturer shall be Talk-A-Phone Co. (773) 539-1100, 7530 N. Natchez Ave, Niles, Illinois 60714-3804, THERE ARE NO EQUIVALENTS.

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