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Alberta Slim. Modern Cowboy Songs. CFQC, Saskatoon, n.d. [c. 1942]

Allen, Ward. Canadian Fiddle Tunes. Book 1. Toronto, 1969

Barbeau, Marius. Alouette! Montreal, 1946

_____________. Folk-Songs of Old Quebec. Ottawa, 1962

_____________. Le rossignol y chante; premiere partie du repertoire de la chanson folklorique francaise au Canada.

Ottawa, 1979 (1962)

_____________. En roulant ma boule: deuxieme partie du repertoire de la chanson folklorique francaise au Canada. Ottawa,


_____________. Jongleur Songs of Old Quebec. New Brunswick, NJ, 1962

_____________. Le roi boit: troisieme partie du repertoire de la chanson folklorique francaise au Canada. Ottawa, 1987

_____________ & Edward Sapir. Folk Songs of French Canada. New Haven, 1925

_____________ et al. Come A Singing!: Canadian Folk-Songs. 1973 (1947)

_________________. Roundelays: Dansons a la Ronde. National Museum of Canada, Bulletin No. 151, 1958

Bartlett, Jon. Indexes to Come All Ye 1972-1977 and Canada Folk Bulletin 1978-1980. [Duotang].

__________ & Rika Ruebsaat. Songs and Stories of Canada. Richmond, 1980

Bauchman, Rosemary (sel., ed.). The Best of Helen Creighton. Hantsport, NS., 1994 (1988)

Bell, Leslie. The Festival Song Book. Book One for Treble Voices. Toronto, 1952

Blurton, H.J. Rhymes of a Mountain Man. Enderby, BC [post 1944]

Bock, W.G. “Billy”. Photostat selections from The Book of Humbug. [Eastend, n.d.: post 1952]

Borlase, Tim (ed., comp.). Songs of Labrador. Labrador East Integrated School Board: Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, 1993

Britannia Heritage Shipyard's Sea Shanty Songbook. 20 unnumbered shanties [drawn from JB's songbook] on single quarto

sheets, cover & stapled. [Britannia Heritage Shipyard, Steveston, 1994].

Byrne, Pat (sel., ed.). The Ryan’s Fancy Song and Other Stuff Book. Portugal Cove, Nfld., 1977

Calderisi, Maria. Music Publishing in the Canadas, 1800-1867. Ottawa, 1981

Canadian Folk Festival Directory 1984. CBC/CFMS, Calgary, 1984

Canadian Folk Song and Handicraft Festival. Chateau Frontenac, Quebec, 20-22 May 1927

The Canadian Pacific Music Industry Directory. Pacific Music Industry Association, Vancouver, 1996.

The Canadian Youth Hymnal. The United Church of Canada. Toronto, 1939

Carlisle, Roxanne. Folk Music in Canada – 1974. Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies, Ottawa, 1974

Carroll, P.J. Ditties of a Dog Musher. Prince George, 2nd ed., n.d.

Cass, Barbara & Helen Freeman (eds.). Awake and Sing! Songs for Singing Democracy. The Fellowship for Christian Social

Order, Toronto, n.d.

Cass-Beggs, Barbara. To Listen, To Like, To Learn. Toronto, 1974

_________________. Canadian Folk Songs for the Young. Vancouver, 1975

_________________. _____________________________. _________, rev. ed.1999 (1997)(1st ed. 1975)

_________________ (coll., prep.). Seven Métis Songs of Saskatchewan. Don Mills, 1967

_________________. Your Baby Needs Music. Vancouver, 1978

_________________ & Edith Fowke. A Reference List on Canadian Folk Music. Canadian Folk Music Society, 1966 (12

pp.), 1973 (12 pp.), 1978 (16 pp.), 1984 (20 pp.)

Caswell, Edward S. Canadian Singers and Their Songs. Toronto, 1919

CCF Song Book. Selected by CCF Song Book Committee. CCF (BC Yukon Section), Vancouver, n.d.

Chansonnier. [duotang of w. for 62 songs]

Chestnut, R.H. Rambling Rhymes of the British Columbia Coast. Vancouver, 1933

Chorfest ‘80. Program for BC Choral federation 2nd Annual Conference, UBC, May 1980

Chroniques. numeros 24-25 (dec-jan 1977), 26 (fev 1977): includes Yves Alix, "chansons de lutte et de turlute"

Clark, Kenneth S. (ed.). The “Everybody Sing” Book. Toronto, n.d. [1932]

Clay Centre Club. Celebration in Song. Eastend, SK, 1997

Cleary, Steve. Songs We Sing When We’re Together... Sometimes. Songbook No. 3, The Vancouver Morris Men, n.p.

[Vancouver], n.d.[1997]

Clouston, Al. We Rant and We Roar. St. John’s, 1980

Cohen, Leonard. Songs of Leonard Cohen. New York, 1969

Community Song Book. Canadian Pacific, n.p., n.d.

Cooper, Irvin (comp., arr.).. Teen-Age Songs. Toronto, 1942

Cosbey, Robert. All In Together, Girls: Skipping Songs from Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina, 1980

Creighton, Helen. A Life in Folklore. Toronto, 1975

______________. Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia. Toronto, 1966 (1932)

______________ (coll.). Maritime Folk Songs. 1972 (1962).

______________. (coll., ed.). Folksongs from Southern New Brunswick. Ottawa, 1971

______________. Ed. Ronald Labelle. La fleur du rosier: chansons folkloriques d’Acadie. Sydney, N.S., 1988

______________ and Calum MacLeod. Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia. Ottawa, 1979 (1964).

Crossley, Rev. H.T. (ed.). Songs of Salvation. Toronto, 1887

Davenport, Nadine et al: B.C. Folk/Roots Music Directory. The Acoustic Connection, Vancouver, 1992

Davis, Bob (ed.). Singin' About Us. Toronto, 1976

Dibblee, Randall & Dorothy (coll., ed.). Folksongs from Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown, PEI, 1973

Doyle, Gerald S. (comp.). Old-time Songs and Poetry of Newfoundland (1927). St. John's, 1955 (3rd ed.) & 1978 (5th ed.)

The Empire Book of Favourite Songs. Oakville, Ont., n.d.

Evans, Robert. Song to a Seagull. Toronto, 1970

Folk Songs Plus. N.p., n.d. [ditto, stapled]

The Folksinger's Passport to Canada: 39 Favourites. Toronto, 1964

4th Vancouver Folk Song & Dance Festival. Programme, 1936

44 Hootenanny & Folk Songs. New Westminster, 1963

Foresman, Robert (eds.). The High Road of Song. Book 3. Toronto, n.d. [c. 1959]

Fowke, Edith. “Anglo-Canadian Folksong - A Survey”. Ethnomusicology. Vol XVI, No. 3 [2 copies]

__________. “Labor and Industrial Protest Songs in Canada”. Offprint from Journal of American Folklore, Vol 82, No. 323;

January-March 1969

__________. Lumbering Songs from the Northern Woods. Toronto, 1985 (Austin, 1970).

__________ (coll., ed.). Sally Go Round the Sun: 300 Songs, Rhymes and Games of Canadian Children. Toronto, 1969

__________. Traditional Singers and Songs from Ontario. Hatboro, Pa., 1965

__________ (ed.). Sea Songs and Ballads from Nineteenth Century Nova Scotia: The William H. Smith and Fenwick Hatt

Manuscripts. New York, 1981

__________ (sel., ed.). The Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs. Harmondsworth, 1973

__________ et al. Canada’s Story in Song. Toronto, 1965

__________ & Richard Johnston. Chansons de Quebec/Folk Songs of Quebec. Waterloo, 1957

___________________________. Folk Songs of Canada Waterloo, 1954

___________________________. More Folk Songs of Canada. Waterloo, 1967

Frey, Hugo. Canada Sings: Community Song Book. Toronto, 1935

Gagnon, Ernest. Chansons populaires du Canada (1865). Montreal, 1947

Gibbon, John Murray. Northland Songs, No. 1. Toronto, 1936

_________________. Canada in Song. Toronto, 1941

Grierson, Alan. Songs [Duotang containing words to 7 songs]

HEU Songbook. Hospital Employees Union, [Vancouver] 1992 (1991).

Hilliam, B.C. Flotsam’s Follies: The Autobiography of B.C. Hilliam. London, 1948

Hood, Robert Allison. Vignettes of Vancouver and Some Vagrant Verses. Vancouver, 1954

Hopkins, Anthony. Songs from the Front & Rear: Canadian Servicemen's Songs of the Second World War. Edmonton, 1979

Hoskin, Zeke. Songs of a Sidewalk Harper. Vancouver, 1996

Ives, Edward D. Folksongs of New Brunswick. Fredericton, 1989

____________. Larry Gorman: the man who made the songs. Bloomington, 1964

de Jarlis, Andy. Andy de Jarlis' Canadian Fiddle Tunes from the Red River Valley. Toronto; Book 1, 1969; Book 2, 1961

Jarman, Harry E. (comp.). Old Time Fiddlin' Tunes. Scarborough, Ont., 1938

Jewish Songs. [A collection of 20 Jewish songs from various photostated sources]; quarto.

Johnson, Richard. Folk Songs North America Sings: A source book for all teachers. Toronto, 1984

Kallmann, Helmut. A History of Music in Canada 1534-1914. Toronto, 1969 (1st ed. 1960)

Kane, Alice. Songs and Sayings of an Ulster Childhood. Ed., Edith Fowke. Toronto, 1983

Kehoe, John. Tales of the Long Logger. Osoyoos, BC 1962

King, Lance. Cradle Songs with Nursery Rhymes and Verse. Vancouver, 1988

Lacourciere, Luc. Receuil de Folklore Canadien: Cours d’ete de francais. Les Archives de Folklore, Université Laval, Juillet,


Laforte, Conrad. Le Catalogue de la Chanson Folklorique Française. Vol I: Chansons en laisse. Québec, 1977

A List of Music Consultants, Music Directors, Music Supervisors in Canada. CMEA Resource Centre, 1974

Lobban, Christopher S. Fragmented Lobster Pot. New York, 1979

Lowther, Roy (comp.). Songs of Labour Old and New and Other Songs. Vol I, Vancouver, 1975

Luccock, Norma A. "Canada’s Music for Canadian Children: The use of ethnic folk song in the elementary school classroom".

[Vancouver]., n.d. (c. 1976). quarto ms, 17pp + vi

MacEachern, Ron (ed.). Songs and Stories from Deep Cove, Cape Breton Sydney, 1979

Mackenzie, W. Roy (coll.). Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia. Foreword G. Malcolm Laws, Jr. Hatboro, PA, 1963

Macmillan, Ernest. A Canadian Song Book. London,1929 [in signatures]

_______________ (ed.). Music in Canada. Toronto, 1955. (includes "Folk Song" by Marius Barbeau)

Magillivray, Allister. Song for the Mira and Other Compositions. Sydney, 1979

Mandala Song Circle. Quarto photostat, 30 pp.

Manny, Louise & J.R. Wilson. Songs of Miramichi (1968). Fredericton, 1970

McLaren, Jean & Heide Brown (eds.). The Raging Grannies Songbook. Gabriola Island, Philadephia PA, 1993 (1st ed. 1989)

The McGill University Song Book. Montreal, 1921

McGregor, Arthur (ed.). Coast to Coast Fever. Ottawa, 1981

McGregor, Robert N. Songs Everyone Can Sing. Toronto, n.d. [c. 1950][Photostat from Lib/Cong]

Mercer, Paul. Newfoundland Songs and Ballads in Print 1842 - 1974: A title and first-line index. St. John's, 1979

Messer, Don. Don Messer’s Barn Dance Breakdowns. Toronto, 1954

__________. Don Messer's Canadian Hoedowns. Toronto, 1957

__________. Don Messer's Folio 'Centennial Edition'. Toronto, 1967

__________. Fiddlin' Favorites with Don Messer and his Islanders. Toronto, 1963

__________. Original Old Tyme Music by Don Messer and his Islanders. Toronto, 1942

Mills, Alan. The Alan Mills Book of Folk Songs and Ballads. Montreal, 1949

_________ (sel., trans.). Chantons un peu (“Sing a little”): Thirty French Folk Songs. Toronto, 1961

_________ (sel., ed.). Favourite Songs of New foundland. Scarborough, 1958

_________ (______). Folk Songs for Young Folk. Toronto, 1957

The More We Are Together. Mutual Life of Canada. Np., n.d.

Occasional Papers:

18 Various Term Papers submitted to Dr. Malcolm Page, English 377, SFU (in Occasional Papers)

Norie, Susan. “Historical Influences on the Distribution and Character of the Folk-Songs of Newfoundland.” Unpublished

paper. SFU: Burnaby, November 1994 (in Occasional Papers binder)

Ruebsaat, Ulrika. “Creation and Re-Creation in Traditional Song: A Personal Case Study.” Unpublished paper. SFU:

Burnaby, December 1995 (in Occasional Papers binder)

Volante, Maura. “Women of the Folk: An Oral History of Women's Involvement with the Vancouver Folk Song Society.”

Unpublished paper. SFU: Burnaby, March 1994 (in Occasional Papers binder)

O’Donnell, John. The Men of the Deeps. Waterloo, 1975: melody ed.

Okanagan Historical Society. Songs of the Okanagan. Vernon, 1944

Paul, Ann Casselman. Legends of the Pioneers and Other Poems. Keremeos, 1977

Peacock, Kenneth. The Native Songs of Newfoundland. From National Museum of Canada Bulletin 190, 1963

______________. Songs of the Newfoundland Outports. 3 vols., Ottawa, 1965

______________. Twenty Ethnic Songs from Western Canada. Ottawa, 1966

Pearl, Bert. The Happy Gang Book of Comic Songs. Toronto, nm.d. [post 1947]

Proceedings of the Centennial Workshop on Ethnomusicology. UBC, June 1967. Aural History, Provincial Archives, Victoria,


Programme and Song Book, Miners' Memorial Day, Princeton. CAW, 1992

Roberts, Helen H. & D[iamond] Jenness. Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Southern Party 1913-16. Vol

XV: Eskimo Songs: Songs of the Copper Eskimos. Ottawa, 1925

Rosenberg, Neil V. Country Music in the Maritimes. St. John's, 1976

Roy, Raoul. Le Chant de L'alouette. Quebec, 1969

Ruebsaat, Ulrika Hedwig. What the Songs Say: An Examination of the Role of Song in the BC Music Curricula and their

Required Song Books, 1919-1995. Unpublished Master’s thesis, SFU, 1999

Ryan, Shannon and Larry Small. Haulin' Rope and Gaff: Songs and Poetry in the History of the Newfoundland Seal Fishery.

St John's, 1978

Scammell, A.R. My Newfoundland: Stories/Poems/Songs. Montreal, 1966

Seeing the World of Sound: The Cover Art of Folkways Records. Exhibition catalog, Nov-Dec 2005. U of Alberta, Edmonton

Service, Robert W. Yukon Poems of Robert W. Service. Palmer Lake, Co., 1967

Sing I. Joint Committee on the Preparation of the Hymn Book, Anglican Church of Canada & United Church of Canada. N.p.,


Singalong. Vancouver. Vol 1, No. 1. Spring, 1957; Vol 2 No 1 July 1958

Sing Out! Student Guide. N.p., n.d. [1982]

Sociability Songs. Toronto, 1937

Society for Ethnomusicology. Program & Abstracts. Toronto, 1996

Song Book. Student Christian Movement of BC, n.p., n.d. [c. early ‘30’s]

[songster 4” x 7”, coverless, possibly SCM as above: np., nd]

Songbook. Language Institute, Centre for Continuing Education. Quarto photostat , 17 pp. Vancouver, n.d.

Songbook 1977. Language Institute, Centre for Continuing Education. Quarto photostat , 25 pp. Vancouver, 1977

Songbook: English Language Program. Language Institute, Centre for Continuing Education. Quarto photostat , 15 pp.

Vancouver, n.d.

Songs for Canadian Boys. Quebec Provincial Council of Boy Scouts Association. Toronto, 1932

[Songs from Camp Galilee]. Handwritten, 15 pp.

Songs That Never Die. Toronto, n.d.

Song Time and Music and Things 1959-60. Teacher’s ed. of songbook for primary children. N.p., [Canadian] nd. [c. 1960]

Sullivan, Maireid. Celtic Women in Music: A Celebration of Beauty and Sovereignty. Kingston, 1999

Swanson, Robert E. Bunkhouse Ballads: A Third Book of Verse. Toronto, 1945

_______________. Rhymes of a Lumberjack. A Second Book of Verse. Toronto, 3rd ed., 1943

_______________. Rhymes of a Western Logger. Vancouver, 4th ed., 1943

Taft, Michael. A Regional Discography of Newfoundland and Labrador 1904 - 1972. St. John's, 1975

Thomas, Gerald. Songs Sung by French Newfoundlanders. St. John's, 1978

Thomas, Philip J. Songs of the Pacific Northwest. Saanichton, 1979 [2 copies]; also 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. Ed. Jon

Bartlett. Surrey, 2006

_____________. Twenty-Five Songs for Vancouver 1886-1986. Vancouver, 1986

Tremblay, Roger. Visages de la chanson quebecoise. Montreal, 1976

The University of Toronto Song Book. Toronto, 1887 [coverless, in process of being rebound]

Trail-Rossland District Songbook: commemorating 75 years of Scouting, 1907-1982. 42pp, typewritten and photostat

Usher, Bill and Linda Page-Harpa. "For What Time I am in this World": Stories from Mariposa. Toronto, 1977

Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Festival Records 1991 Catalogue

Verrier, Hugh (ed.). The Songs of Wade Hemsworth. Illustrations by Thoreau Macdonald. Waterloo, 1990

Wates, Cyril G. (ed.). Songs of Canadian Climbers. Edmonton, n.d.

Wells, R.E. The Loss of the Janet Cowan. Sooke, 1989

Willan, Healey (arr.). Chansons Canadiennes. Vol 2. Oakville, 1929

Wright, Richard Thomas & Cathryn Wellner. Castles in the Air: Music & Stories of British Columbia’s 1860s gold rush.

Williams Lake, BC, 2000

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