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…and this is one of the less complex setups! If you want to have a shot at doing this with drop-down menus, feel free.

5: Exercises from Pallant 2005 (and one from 2001)

(for RECODE, COMPUTE and CORRELATIONS using questionnaire42 and data set as supplied.)
Facsimile of Optimism-Pessimism scale

Open the file survey.sav as supplied by double-clicking the icon:

Adjust the window to contain only variables of interest:

Note the lack of labels: this may be OK for a lone researcher working on her own material for a PhD, but pity anyone else trying to use the data set. I know psychologists dislike single item measures and like to go straight to scale scores derived from items surviving from someone else’s factor analysis (usually with researcher administered pencil and and paper schedules on captive subjects in an office or classroom rather than interviewer administered or self-completed questionnaires to respondents from general populations in their own homes) but my advice is always to check your data first with an initial frequency count. . .

[NB: On 18 Oct 2006 I found another way of doing this via drop-down menus (which I wouldn’t otherwise have found) but I couldn’t find a way of displaying the variable names for each column, so they were inserted manually.]

Download 5.5 Mb.

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