Assignment 3 Research assistive technology narrow your search to an area that interests you Post at least 5 sites on the Wiki that are related to your search class resources

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Assignment 3
Research assistive technology - narrow your search to an area that interests you -

Post at least 5 sites on the Wiki that are related to your search. class resources



For example: If your topic was technology for those with visual difficulties, you might have sources that include screen readers, talking books, etc. Write a  summary of each source.

Debbie McDonald Ecomp7103

Assistive Technology Portable Communication Tools




Assists …

Pros & Cons


Portable Keyboard


1–29 units $239 each AA149-NEO2SNG

Students who have writing difficulties, visual differences,

Named files for convenient file management

Spell-checking and thesaurus

User dictionary for adding additional words and terms

Linked files for rubrics, homework instructions, or reference materials

Find/replace and word count

Spanish-English word lookup

Built-in help system for quick access to command reference

AlphaQuiz, an integrated classroom quiz solution with quiz design, delivery, automated grading, reporting, and analysis

Beamer, an application for sharing text files wirelessly between other Neos and devices

KeyWords, a complete keyboarding and typing tutor

Calculator with five functions and virtual "paper tape"

NEW! Accelerated Reader*, allows students to take quizzes right at their desks.

NEW! Responder allows instant response to teacher questions. 

No Internet, games, or other distractions

Rechargable batteries, infrared transfer capability

Mercury II Full-featured Computer and Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device

Assistive Technology, Inc.



Depending on the add-ons

Anyone with physical disability that prevents speech or those who need assistance for computer use.

Mercury SGD is our dedicated communication device, approved by Medicare and other insurance programs as a speech-generating device. Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro
· Viking Software Functionally Speaking board sets -over 40 customizable graphical boards for scene-based users over 150 ready-to-use functional boards in 2 levels for younger AAC users over 350 new graphics for easy customization of any board
· Discover Software · Head Pointing Systems & Dwell Utilities -Head-pointing Systems allow you to use head movement to move the cursor on the screen and generate mouse-clicks. A camera sits on top of the device and tracks a tiny reflective dot worn on your forehead or glasses using wireless, infrared technology. As you move your head, the system converts the motions into computer mouse movement.

Picture Schedules & Communication Boards

language images,

Stillwater Speech

Design Your Own from $3.00

Receptive language disorders associated with autism, aphasia, cognitive deficits, fetal alcohol syndrome, dementia, autism, fragile x syndrome, motor speech disorders, dementia, aphasia, and other neurological disorders.

Picture schedules are visual supports for communication that teach new behaviors, preview the steps of upcoming events, or provide checklists for everyday tasks. These Stillwater Speech picture schedules are suitable for children and adults with Stillwater Speech visual supports are designed to be used by children and adults of all races and cultures.

Communication boards are visual supports for communication that give those who cannot speak the ability to make their desires known and to participate in family and community life. Stillwater Speech images include high quality images that are appropriate for mature users.

Assistive Tape Recorder

access ingenuity home


Physical disabilities that prevent use of manual writing or computer

Telex Tutor tape talking book player was designed to mimic the look of consumer players with all the needed features of a smart talking book player

Dolphin Tutor - Single User

access ingenuity home


Dyslexia or difficulty reading, writing and spelling

Computer users can write, read, view and check text with Dolphin Tutor's supporting speech output. Dyslexic computer users, particularly people in school, university, work, work training schemes and at home can all benefit from EasyTutor.

Product Features

Reads aloud and highlights text from Word Documents, Web pages and spreadsheets to help with reading skills. Highlights text and reads words aloud as you type, forming a link between the spoken word and the written word. Predictive text suggests words as you type explaining their meanings as you go helping to develop writing skills and vocabulary. Includes its own high quality synthesiser so no need for additional voice software. Save text as audio files so you can listen to them when and where you want or share them with colleagues.

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