Asus holland b. V. Advance replacement rma service policy

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ASUSTeK Computer Inc. 2003/08/22

In order to reduce the lead-time, the RMA (Return Material Authorization) could be alternative for S.I. (System Integrator) and V.A.R. (Value Added Reseller) customers to expedite the process. Unlike the regular RMA procedure, ASUS Holland B.V. offers the ability for S.I. and V.A.R. customers exclusively to arrange for the replacement of defective ASUS server barebone and server motherboard product. In other words, ASUS Holland B.V. will be able to ship the replacement product in advance of receiving defective product from S.I. and V.A.R. customers. ASUS Holland B.V. will advance the replacement product to the customer upon an authorization of customer’s credit card. 

HW = Hardware

ETA = Estimated Arrival Date

CID = Customer-Induced Defect

  1. ASUS Holland B.V. equips prior E-mail and phone line for S.I. and V.A.R. customers to obtain technical support service of ASUS server barebone and server motherboard product. ACH (ASUS Holland B.V.) Server Support Engineer will proceed to verify the case as receiving the request from Customer.

ACH Server Support E-mail:

ACH Server Support Phone Line: +31-591-66 68 55 #6833

  1. If the problem is determined as hardware failure, ACH TSE (Technical Support Engineer) shall look over the availability status of replacement part.

  1. If the replacement part is not in stock or not available, ACH TSE shall inform Customer and provide ETA (Estimated Arrival Date).

  1. Request Customer to fill out ARS Request Form in detail and send back to ASUS Holland B.V. via Fax.

ACH Server Support Fax: +31-591-66 68 53

  1. ACH will issue a RMA number after confirming the receipt of ARS Request Form from Customer. However, NO RMA number shall be given if Customer fails to fill out any of required fields in ARS Request Form.

  1. In normal condition, ASUS shall send the replacement part to Customer in the same day of ARS request if the RMA number is issued before 2PM. If the RMA number is given after 2PM, the shipment will be arranged to the next working day. For Customer within European Union, the replacement part could be expected to arrive in 1 working day after its shipping out from ASUS. If Customer is located outside of European Union, the ETA of part delivery will depend on the circumstance of local transportation.

  1. S.I. and V.A.R. customers shall be responsible to send back the defective part in exchange within 14 days from the date ACH sent the replacement part.

  1. Based on the posting date, if S.I. and V.A.R. customers have not sent out defective product before the 14th day, the customer’s credit card will be charged for the price of that replacement product.  

  1. ACH will examine if the defect is caused by man-made within 3 working days after the receipt of defective part from Customer.

  1. If the defective part is determined as CID (Customer-Induced Defect) after inspection, ACH shall inform Customer within 1 working day with valid evidence. Once Customer agrees with the inspection result, an extra service fee included Repair Charge and Shipping Charge will be billed to Customer.

If the CID part returned from Customer is determined as irreparable, the price of that replacement product shall be also charged.
CID REPAIR CHARGE TABLE (Exclude Shipping Charge)






Complete Server System


Repair / Replacement

Materials Price




Add-On / Riser Card



SCSI Panel Board

Hot-Swap Module






3rd Party Device


Replacement Price

  1. If Customer disagrees with the result of CID inspection, the case will be escalated to customer complaint process.


      1. Excluding Russia, the service policy for ASUS Holland B.V. Advance Replacement RMA Service (hereinafter the “ARS”) will be effective in Europe area.

      1. Among ASUS server motherboard products, all Intel-based/Serverworks-based 533MHz FSB server motherboards or later models are applicable to ARS.

      1. ASUS server barebone products; such as AP130D/D5, AP1700-S4/S5, AP1600R-S4/S5, AP140R, AP160R-S or later models are applicable to ARS.

      1. Only limited server barebone parts; which might influence the system function & operating, will be applicable to ARS: for instance, fans, boards, cards & power supply units.

      1. Three major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and American Express) are accepted for an application of ARS.

      1. ARS functions in the working days ONLY. If Customer applies for ARS 1 day before weekend or national holiday, the shipment of the replacement part shall be postponed until next available working day.

      1. Among ARS-serviceable parts, all bridge boards, riser cards and fans (except fan modules for AP160R/AP1600R-S4/AP1600R-S5) are not required to be returned if being determined as defective by ACH. However, Customer’s providing valid evidences will be absolutely necessary.

      1. Customer shall be advised to place the given RMA number outside of packing material as returning the defective part to ACH.

      1. An unauthorized return, i.e. one for which an RMA number has not been issued, will be returned to the customer at their own expense. Authorized returns are to be shipped pre-paid and insured to the address on the RMA.

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