Ata loses one of its founding fathers

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Vol. XVII, Issue 6 Official Newsletter of The American Trakehner Association November/December 2004

- A Unification of the NATA and the ATA -


Max von Bluecher

1921 - 2004

By Kim MacMillan and Helen Gibble
ATA Distinguished and Charter Member Max von Bluecher, 83, died on September 11, 2004.
Born in 1921 in Teschow, Mecklenburg, Germany, as the son of a farmer and horse breeder, Max worked with horses all of his life. During World War II he was a captain in the German cavalry, being wounded four times. One of these severe injuries occurred in the battle of Stalingrad. He was evacuated to a hospital in Hannover, where he met Karin von Larisch, a veterinary student, who would become his wife in 1944. They came to the United States in 1952, initially to Illinois and then, in 1958, to Minnesota. He first worked as a riding master at the Wayzata Country Club at Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis, introducing dressage to a strictly hunter/jumper community.
Needing more space when Max and Karin decided to breed horses, they first leased some acreage near the country club and then purchased Fortuna Farm in Long Lake, MN, in 1963, moving there in 1968. At the farm, Max continued to give riding lessons, held annual horse trials and became instrumental in the formation of the Central States Dressage and Combined Training Association (CSDCTA).
Max started breeding with Thoroughbreds and then acquired some Trakehners from Gerda Friedrichs and other sources.
To many ATA members Max was known as the original Chairman of the ATA Inspection Committee. He held this position from the inception of the committee in 1974 until his health prevented him from continuing in 1998. His signature appears as the first of the incorporators on the ATA original formation documents from 1974. He served as one of the initial trustees of the ATA and as Chairman of the ATA Performance Standards Committee. He was also a member of the Registration, Mare and Stallion Approval Committee (later renamed the Registration Committee). He had a standing invitation from the Trakehner Verband to join its inspection commission at the annual stallion markets in Neumünster.
Max was a pioneer in the importation of frozen semen. In the early 70s, he imported straws of frozen Impuls semen which he used to impregnate several of his mares, producing five registered foals.
Max was the breeder of 17 OSB mares, a number of performance horses, and the approved stallions:
Scherzo, foaled 1967, by Antares, out of Stern­loge by Stern xx;

Fasolt, foaled 1972, by Kyrill, out of Forelle by Antares;

Staccato, foaled 1972, by Kyrill, out of Symphony by Antares;

and Adolar, foaled 1973, by Beauté, out of Annemone by Antares.

He is survived by his wife, Karin; his son, Helmuth and his wife, Charlene; daughter, Alexsandra and her husband, Peter von Kiedrowski; granddaughter, Tescha; grandson, Eric; step-grand­children, Marina, Elona, Robyn and Thea, and great-grandchildren, Alex, Austin, Charly and Ethan.
A memorial service for Max was held at the farm on September 18. Notes of sympathy can be sent to the family at: Fortuna Farm, 1425 Tamarack Drive, Long Lake, MN 55356.

ERFURT, foaled March 16, 1980

by Kadyks xx, out of Eri by Borneo

breeder Stud Posadovo, Poland

last owner Laurie Ulrich, South Bend, IN

died July 22, 2004, of a broken femur and severed artery.

HÄNSEL, foaled March 22, 1980

by Merkur *E*, out of Heimische *E* by Gazal

breeder and last owner Gerhard Schicke­danz, Markham, ON,

died of colic in September 2004

Our heartfelt condolences to their owners!

Coopersburg, PA, August 21, 2004, inspector Henry Schurink, Shafts­bury, VT
HELIANTHA, bay, by Bucky Van Locust ox, out of Hope Springs Eternal by Martini *Pg*E*, foaled 5/6/01, owner Donna Bredbenner, Winchester, VA: 8, 7/6, 7/7/6, 7 = 48 — approved for PSB
HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL, bay (gray), by Martini *Pg*E*, out of Herzdame IV by Erzsand *E*, foaled 5/2/97, owner Donna Bredbenner, Winchester, VA: 8, 7/6, 7/7/6, 7 = 48 — approved for OSB
POWER ANGEL xx, bay, by Feel the Power xx, out of Roman Katie xx by Shy Native xx, foaled 4/14/94, owner Donna Bredbenner, Winchester, VA: 7, 7/7, 7/6/6, 7 = 47 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
RIKACHE, brown/black, by Emeer, out of Rafasophia by Espresso, foaled 5/5/01, owner Carol Schuehler, Coopers­burg, PA: 8, 8/7, 8/7/8, 8 = 54 — approved for OSB— High Point Trakehner Mare
The inspector also evaluated one young horse.

Shaftsbury, VT, August 28, 2004, inspector Henry Schurink, Shaftsbury, VT
CARNIVALE, bay, by Pregelstrand *Ps*E*, out of Corbeaux by Saros xx, foaled 5/13/97, owner K. Elaine Neely, Williamstown, MA: 7, 8/7, 7/8/7, 8 = 52 — approved for OSB
DESIRAY, chestnut(gray), by Abdullah *Pg*E*, out of Dynasty by Donetz, foaled 7/2/92, owner Jennifer Sinon, Farmington, NY: 7, 7/6, 6/7/7, 7 = 47 — approved for PSB
GIRLANDE, bay, by Lenzsturm, out of Galentia by Graditz *E*, foaled 4/23/94, owner Michelle Mazzola, Shaftsbury, VT: 8, 7/7, 7/8/7, 7 = 51 — approved for OSB
ITAMIGA, bay, by Kaspareit, out of Itamignon by Avignon II, foaled 7/22/00, owner Linda Grandbois, Sutton, MA: 7, 7/7, 7/8/7, 7 = 50 — approved for OSB
WESLEY, black(gray), by Lenzsturm, out of Weisse Dame by E.H. Vatout, foaled 6/24/96, owner Sue Ann Ryan, Johnsonville, NY: 7, 7/6, 6/6/6, 6 = 44 — approved for OSB


Adams, TN, August 28, 2004, inspector Terry Williams, Middleport, NY
FIRE ANGEL, bay, by Emeer, out of Flugleicht (PSB) by Flugwind, foaled 3/27/99, owner Kari Cassel, Little Rock, AK: 7, 7/6, 6/7/7, 7 = 47 — approved for OSB
FLUGLEICHT, bay, by Flugwind, out of Three East xx by John Gaylord xx, foaled 2/5/89, owner Kari Cassel, Little Rock, AK: 7, 7/6, 6/7/6, 7 = 46 — approved for PSB
PERONS PARIS, bay, by Hennessey, out of Perons Toccare (PSB) by Peron *Pg*, foaled 3/28/00, owner Maria Saunders, Summer­town, TN: 6, 7/7, 7/7/6, 8 = 48 — approved for OSB — Reserve High Point Trakehner Mare
ZEITSANGMOND, chestnut (gray), by Polarmond, out of Zeitgeist by Preussengeist *E*, foaled 4/26/98, owner Allison S. Bird, Fort Campbell, KY: 7, 7/7, 7/7/6, 8 = 49 — approved for OSB — High Point Trakehner Mare
ZIERA, brown/black (gray), by Hennessey, out of Zesta by Schönfeld *E*, foaled 3/3/01, owner Lorna C. Thomason, Adams, TN: 7, 7/6, 6/7/7, 8 = 48 — approved for OSB
At this inspection, the full inspection team also inspected the following stallions:
DONNERMOND, bay, by Impressionist, out of Dulcimer by Inspekteur, foaled 3/20/00, owner Nancy Funkhouser, Baldwin City, KS — NOT APPROVED
MAGIC DOMINO AHS ox, gray, by Ludomino ox, out of Harnsfah ox by Hanif ox, foaled 6/1/88, owner Kim Thomason, Cookeville, TN — NOT APPROVED


Valparaiso, IN, September 11, 2004, inspector Neal Westgerdes, Burlington, IN
AMARA MV, gray, by E.H. Herzzauber, out of Amulet by Insterruf, foaled 7/24/98, owner Kathleen R. Hughes, Omaha, NE: 8, 8/7, 8/8/7, 8 = 54 — approved for OSB — High Point Trakehner Mare
AMERICAN BEAUTY, dark bay, by Graditz *E*, out of Arianne by Rüdiger, foaled 5/4/00, owner Allen MacMillan, Huntington, IN: 6, 6/6, 8/8/6, 6 = 46 — approved for OSB
HERA MILLENIA, bay, by Adrian, out of Hera Olympia by Mozart *E*, foaled 6/29/01, owner Cindy Spaeth, Mill Creek, IN: 8, 7/8, 7/7/7, 7 = 51 — approved for OSB — Reserve High Point Trakeh­ner Mare
JUST PERFECT, bay, by Advocate *Ps*, out of Just Stylin xx by Prince Card xx, foaled 4/22/99, owner Shannon Sorenson, Newark, OH: 5, 5/6, 6/5/6, 6 = 39 — Not approved for PSB
KYZYL xx, chestnut, by Turkoman xx, out of Ashbrittle xx by Great Nephew xx, foaled 3/08/90, owner Frank Ryan, South Bend, IN: 7, 7/8, 7/6/6, 6 = 47 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabi­an Pilot Program)
LA FEMME DE NUIT, dark bay/brown, by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, out of La Roche by Schwalbenzug *E*, foaled 6/20/00, owner Toni A. McAlhany, Waterloo, IN: 7, 7/7, 6/7/7, 7 = 48 — approved for OSB
MADRE DIAS, bay, by Onassis, out of Maroni by Polar­mond, foaled 5/10/98, owner Kim MacMillan, Huntington, IN: 7, 6/7, 8/8/6, 7 = 49 — approved for OSB
RISA, dark bay, by Advocate *Ps*, out of Romanze Rhapsody by Pikör, foaled 7/10/97, owner Kristin Crowe, Valparaiso, IN: 7, 6/6, 7/7/7, 7 = 47 — approved for OSB
SUMISIA, bay, by Pennant, out of Sovereign Tina xx by Sovereignty xx, foaled 4/11/01, owner Jean Hagen, New Haven, MI: 6, 6/7, 7/7/6, 6 = 45 — approved for PSB
The inspector also evaluated one yearling colt.


Ashland, OR, September 18, 2004, inspector Neal Westgerdes, Burlington, IN
No results received by press time.


Nipomo, CA, September 18, 2004, inspectors Brad Kerbs, Eureka, MO, and Sam Eidt, Toney, AL
ATJ STARGAZER ox, bay, by Carradin ox, out of Sprites Delight ox by Comar Bay Beau ox, foaled 3/28/89, owner David Bishop, Santa Maria, CA: 7, 7/6, 6/7//7, 7 = 47 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabi­an Pilot Program)
FANCYSLIBERTYFIRE ox, chestnut, by Le Fire ox, out of Fancy Byaltair ox by Asil Altair ox, foaled 7/9/88, owner Gretchen Moreno, Los Osos, CA: 8, 8/7, 7/6/6, 7 = 49 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
HIGH JINX, chestnut, by Hadrian, out of High Society by Fabius, foaled 7/31/00, owner Sherry Tourino, Nipomo, CA: 7, 8/6, 7/7/6, 7 = 48 — approved for OSB
JOANNA, bay, by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, out of Javeline by Lolos, foaled 8/19/96, owner Beckie A. Baumgardner, Topanga, CA: 7, 7/7, 7/8/8, 7 = 51 — approved for OSB — High Point Trakehner Mare
JUBILANCE, bay, by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, out of Javeline by Lolos, foaled 8/17/97, owner Beckie A. Baumgardner, Topanga, CA: 8, 8/7, 7/7/6, 7 = 50 — approved for OSB
LILIE, dark brown, by Sieg, out of Lacie by Vincent, foaled 8/2/99, owner Kathie Vigouroux, Woodland Hills, CA: 8, 7/5, 8/8/7, 7 = 50 — approved for OSB
OCEANA, liver chestnut, by Hadrian, out of Only Yesterday xx, by Nostalgia xx, foaled 6/7/00, owner Sherry Tourino, Nipomo, CA: 7, 7/5, 8/8/7, 7 = 49 — approved for PSB
PANDERETA, chestnut(gray), by Graditz *E*, out of Pandorie by Condus *E*, foaled 5/6/95, owner Summer Hensley, Menlo Park, CA: 8, 7/8, 7/7/7, 7 = 51 — approved for OSB — Reserve High Point Trakehner Mare
PRIMADONNA, bay, by Pregelstrand *Ps*E*, out of Polarina by Beauté, foaled 3/28/01, owner Sherry Tourino, Nipomo, CA: 8, 7/6, 6/6/6, 7 = 46 — approved for OSB
WUNSCHIEBE, black(gray), by Hennessey, out of Wonneseele by Saxon, foaled 5/9/00, owner Deborah Sykes Bellingham, Salinas, CA: 7, 7/7, 7/7/7, 7 = 49 — approved for OSB
The inspectors also evaluated six young horses.


Micanopy, FL, September 18, 2004, inspector Rhea Gibble, Middleburg, VA
A ROSE FOR DELAINE xx, bay, by Pistols and Roses xx, out of Stone Harbor Jane xx by Northern Jove xx, foaled 3/29/97, owner Lisa Dworkin, Sumterville, FL: 7, 8/7, 6/7/7, 7 = 49 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
BEACON OF LIGHT xx, gray, by Cee’s Tizzy xx, out of L.A. Ballet xx by Moscow Ballet xx, foaled 2/6/98, owner Christine Miller, Reddick, FL: 8, 6/5, 6/7/7, 7 = 46 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
EXCELS MAGIC ox, bay, by AE Excel ox, out of VF Fire Magic ox by Maligg ox, foaled 2/19/99, owner April Burch, Miami, FL: 7, 7/5, 6/6/6, 6 = 43 — NOT accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
KNEE DEEP ox, chestnut, by Tikisflaming Jet ox, out of Silko Fever ox by FF Silko ox, foaled 6/1/95, owner Laura Wood, Brooksville, FL: 7, 6/6, 7/6/5, 7 = 44 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
LITTLEDRUMMERGIRL xx, gray, by Brogan xx, out of She’s Fab xx by Nostrum xx, foaled 6/8/95, owner Marci Kirkland, Tallahassee, FL: 8, 7/5, 7/6/6, 7 = 46 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
MILIA. dark bay, by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, out of Marlene by Tannenberg *E*, foaled 4/25/00, owner April Burch, Miami, FL: 7, 6/6, 7/7/6, 7 = 46 — approved for OSB — High Point Trakehner Mare
TWIGS OF NORTH xx, gray, by Swelegant xx, out of Follow North xx by Far North xx, foaled 3/29/97, owner Marci Kirkland, Tallahassee, FL: 8, 7/6, 7/5/7, 7 = 47 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
VF FIRE MAGIC ox, bay, by Maligg ox, out of Aerial Fire Sai ox by Traditio ox, foaled 8/15/86, owner April Burch, Miami, FL: 8, 6/6, 7/6/4, 6 = 43 — NOT accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
The inspector also evaluated an Anglo-Trakehner foal and a yearling part-bred Trakehner.


Moorpark, CA, September 19, 2004, inspectors Brad Kerbs, Eureka, MO, and Sam Eidt, Toney, AL
BARD DANCES REGEN, dark bay/brown by Pandan xx, out of Bunika by Fähnrich, foaled 3/5/95, owner Hannah Reid, Reno, NV: 7, 7/6, 7/5/7, 6 = 45 — approved for PSB
DI TANZENLICHT, light chestnut, by Sieg, out of Drop On By by Tropez, foaled 4/12/98, owner Venice Liston, Riverside, CA: 8, 7/7, 7/7/7, 7 = 50 — approved for PSB
GOOD MORNIN, chestnut, by Leonidas *Pg*, out of Guinevere by Nandino xx, foaled 8/21/01, owner Dantia Benson, Somis, CA: 8, 8/7, 7/7/7, 8 = 52 — approved for OSB
HUNTER’S MAGIC, bay, by Hadrian, out of High Hopes by Fabius, foaled 6/8/00, owner Laurelyn Browning, Agua Dulce, CA: 8, 8/8, 9/8/7, 8 = 56 — approved for OSB, now Hunter’s Magic *M* (Model Mare)
LADY SEVEN, brown, by Sieg, out of Lightly Hustled xx by Fiesty Fouts xx, foaled 4/14/00, owner Molly Conway, Camaril­lo, CA: 7, 7/5, 7/7/6, 7 = 46 — approved for PSB
LIVADIA, bay(gray), by Impressionist, out of Lavinia *Pg* by Condus *E*, foaled 7/7/00, owner Mary Contakos, Moorpark, CA: 8, 8/8, 8/9/8, 8 = 57 — approved for OSB — High Point Trakehner Mare, now Livadia *M* (Model Mare)
MARIN, bay(gray), by Leonidas *Pg*, out of Maja by Abdullah *Pg*E*, foaled 4/4/97, owner A. Whit Watkins, Fort Davis, TX: 8, 7/7, 9/9/8, 8 = 56 — approved for OSB — Reserve High Point Trakehner Mare, now Marin *M* (Model Mare)
YVE, daark bay, by Martini *Pg*E*, out of Yours N Mine xx by Galaxy Liba xx, foaled 5/18/00, owner Bridget Melendez, Simi Valley, CA: 8, 8/6, 6/7/7, 7 = 49 — approved for PSB
At this inspection, the full inspection team also inspected the following stallion:
HIGH KNIGHT, black, by Heraldik xx, out of High Day by Amadeus, foaled 5/30/99, owner Christine Williams, Victoria, BC — APPROVED
The approved stallion will be introduced with full pedigree, measurements, official comments and photo in the upcoming Breeding Issue of THE AMERICAN TRAKEHNER.


Marine, IL, September 25, 2004, inspector Brad Kerbs, Eureka, MO
DW MYSTIQUE (AA), gray, by Sabiqt ox, out of Choice Call xx, by Call to Combat xx, foaled 5/7/89, owners Henry and Valerie Feltmann, Union, MO: 7, 7/6, 6/6/6, 6 = 44 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabi­an Pilot Program)
HAVANNA’S ORPHAN ANNIE, chestnut, by Amethyst, out of Havanna by Matador, foaled 4/10/01, owner Timothy Holekamp, Columbia, MO: 7, 8/8, 7/7/7, 7 = 51 — approved for OSB
ILMY VOM CASTELL, dark bay/brown, by Advocate *Ps*, out of Irina vom Castell by Avignon II, foaled 2/25/99, owner Gay Anderson, Marine, IL: 9, 9/8, 7/7/7, 8 = 55 — approved for OSB — Reserve High Point Trakehner Mare
INSTERLIESEL VOM CASTELL, brown/black, by Advocate *Ps*, out of Insterlicht by Solist, foaled 8/22/97, owner Marie-Luise Barton, Sorento, IL: 7, 7/6, 6/6/7, 7 = 46 — approved for OSB
PRETEXT xx, bay, by Defensive Play xx, out of Tekakwitha xx by Sham xx, foaled 5/29/98, owner Rodney Hersom, Highland, IL: 7, 7/7, 8/6/6, 7 = 48 — accepted for PSB (TB/Arabian Pilot Program)
SISTINE, dark brown, by Michelangelo, out of Suentellied by Kostolany, foaled 4/17/98, owner Gay Anderson, Marine, IL: 9, 8/8, 8/8/8, 8 = 57 — approved for OSB — High Point Trakeh­ner Mare — now Sistine *M* (Model Mare)
TAHARANI VOM CASTELL, bay, by Avignon II, out of Tarabia *E* by Maharadscha, foaled 6/9/94, owner Ricarda Barton, Sorento, IL: 8, 8/6, 8/7/7, 7 = 51 — approved for OSB
TÄNZERIN VOM CASTELL, bay, by Avignon II, out of The Princess Condé by Ricardo, foaled 5/21/91, owner Angela Sellitto, Alton, IL: 7, 8/7, 7/7/7, 7 = 50 — approved for OSB
TSCHADINA VOM CASTELL, brown/black, by Enrico Caruso *Ps*E*, out of The Princess Condé by Ricardo, foaled 9/10/97, owner Barbara Holliday, Troy, IL: 8, 8/7, 7/7/7, 7 = 51 — approved for OSB
VANNA, bay, by Hennessey, out of Vesta by Erzsand *E*, foaled 3/8/01, owner Barbara Holliday, Troy, IL: 7, 7/6, 7/7/7, 7 = 48 — approved for OSB
It pleases us to report that the following stallions have completed their performance requirement and are now fully approved:

foaled 5/15/1998

by Martini *Pg*E*, out of Henna by Hilarius

bred and owned by Lincoln Case, Covington, LA

on October 26-27, 2002, by completing the Novice Horse Division at the Canterbury Horse Trials, Newberry, FL

foaled 5/4/2000

by Domritter, out of Tiered Response by Rombus

bred and owned by Kelley Willemze, Orangeville, ON

on July 3, 2004, by placing first of 30 in the Pre-Training Division (Can.) at the Headwaters Horse Trials in Orton, ON

foaled 5/13/1999

by E.H. Caprimond, out of Tapferkeit by Avignon II

bred and owned by Bonnie Brabbs, Grass Valley, CA

on September 10-12, 2004, by placing 3rd of 19 in the Open Novice Division at the MEC Fall Horse Trials, Rancho Murieta, CA

foaled 5/22/2000

by Abdullah *Pg*E*, out of Manette by Samurai II

bred and owned by Leo H. Whinery, Noble, OK

on September 11-12, 2004, by placing 4th of 19 in the Open Novice Division at the Crosstar Horse Trials, Verden, OK

foaled 4/29/2000

by E.H. Sixtus, out of Flotte II by Istanbul

bred by Petra Renate Rebhau, Nordhastedt, FRG

owned by Sherry Tourino, Nipomo, CA

on October 3, 2004, by finishing 7th of 40 in the Open Novice Division at the Twin Rivers Fall Horse Trials, Paso Robles, CA

Congratulations to all involved in bringing about these accomplishments!

As of October 1, 2004, the owners of the following 24 horses have returned their “Intent To Compete” notices for the 2005 Futurity. If your horse is not on this list and you believe it is eligible, contact the Futurity office immediately. Your scores will count only if your horse is on this list, as these are the horses that we will record from the USDF scores at the end of the competition year. If your horse is entered, please send a photo for the magazine before February 1, 2005, to:

2005 Futurity

2782 So. Oakland Circle. E.

Aurora, CO 80014.

Mark the back of the photo with your name, the horse’s name, sire and rider. If the photo was taken by a profes­sional, we will need written permission from the photographer (an e-mail from the photographer is fine).
In the listing on the right, PENDING means there is something missing in your eligibility record, i.e., papers (trans­fer of ownership, copy of papers), membership (owner is not a member or hasn’t been a member every year since purchasing or foaling), payment (one more payment is due January 2, 2005). If you have something (except payment due Jan. 2) under PENDING, take care of it immediately. If your ATA member­ship expires before the end of the competition year, be sure to renew it with the ATA Office in Ohio. Call 303-841-4323, FAX 303-755-0344 or e-mail if you have questions.

* = Payment horses.

Name/Sire Owner, State Pend­ing

DONAUSTERN/Bütow Stacey Bechard, IL

FAITHKEEPER/Martini Jean Brinkman, FL Papers

GALAHAD/Leonidas Brenna/Deanna McHugh, CA

HAFFLICHT/Amethyst Cheryl/Tim Holekamp, MO

HIKU/Pregelstrand Laurel Ritter/CA

HOVEN/Hailo Jean Brinkman, FL Papers

KONCERTINA/Meistersinger Suzette Bernhold, IL Papers

*LIEBERWALZER/Windwalzer Flora Jean Weiss, CA Papers

*LIEBESFURST/Veneziano Deborah Bly, MD Payment

*LIVADIA/Impressionist Hilda Guerney/Mary Contakos, CA Payment

*LOUKAS/Rüdiger Kathi Chipman, NY Mem­bership

*LYRICOL/Leonidas Barbara Filkins, CA Papers/Paymt

*MARGENTA/Martini Diane Hallstrom, OR

*MICIAH/Leonidas A. Whit Watkins, TX

*MUSTAFA/Martini Judith Riba, CO Payment

PARIS v. RAPPENHOF/ Annie Richard, QC Papers/Carino Membership

POLARBEHR/Leonidas Cathie Textor, NY

POLAR’S PEARL/Horizon Gretchen Lasater, CA

RD WALZING POETRY/Windwalzer Flora Jean Weiss, CA

*REALIST/Impressionist Linda Boyles, FL Payment

*SPYDER/Ibsen Michelle Calareso, CO Membership Payment

*TEMPERANCE/Martini Sanford Crane, NC Payment 10+11

TORCATO v. CASTELL/Kaspareit Gay Anderson Membership

TARIKA/Kaspareit Susan Carter, VA

If you plan to compete in the first USDF/DSHB In-Hand portion of the ATA Futurity with your American Trakehner Association registered three-year-old born in 2002, contact Vanda Werner at or call 303-841-4323. Put “2005 Futurity” on the “Subject” and I will retrieve it from the spam blocker. Your third payment card is your “Intent To Compete” card, but because of poor planning on my part, I will not get them before the competition year starts, so please e-mail me of your intentions. Be sure to include your name, horse’s name, sire and birth date. Remember, for our purposes, the USDF In-Hand Competition year is January 1 to September 30. Before competing, you must join the USDF and register your horse, your ATA membership must be up-to-date and the “BY 3rd BIRTHDAY” payment must be made.
For the regulations, go to Awards/Awardsforhorses.pdf. The scores from geldings, mares and stallions will be combined to determine the three winners.

You DON’T have to be a

dressage rider

to compete in the



show your three-year-old

in-hand only


before 1 or 2 years of age


The following mares have qualified for the ATA Honor Roll (10 ATA or Trakehner Verband registered foals).

Aida *E* (Händel - Maharadscha) — Gerhard Schickedanz, ON

Eschilein (Merkur *E* - Händel) — Gerhard Schicke­danz, ON

Kleeblatt (Falke - Ibikus) — Lyman Taylor, NE

Kupferschwalbe (Schwalbenzug *E* - Kampfgeist) Donna Miller, MS

Mistel (Graditz *E* - Amagun) — Salem Meadow Farm, GA

Mon Amour (Damaskus - Amateur I) — Jeff Groth, WI

Silja (Magnet - Carajan) — Doreen Daigle, KY

Vivante (Pregelstrand *Ps*E* - Polarwind) — Diane Roberts, TN

Zeitgeist (Preussengeist *E* - Ortelsburg) — Nancy Funkhouser, KS

Zutaten (Prälat - Magnet) — Nancy Funkhouser, KS

If any of their owners wish to have their mares highlighted in an upcoming issue of THE AMERICAN TRAKEH­NER, please contact Kim MacMillan at 260-468-2392 or

BARITONE, ORB-C-G107 (Schubert - Makoma ox) — 67.129%, First Level 3, Shelly Seigel Memorial Dressage Show, CA, June 1, 2004, owner Marlane Brendemuehl, Clements, CA
CANTE WIANNA, ORB-D-M1045 (Luneur - The Rustler (AQHA) — 65.185%, First Level 1, Tri-State Dressage, WY, June 26-27, 2004, rider/owner Diane Wenzel, Cheyenne, WY
DONAUKÖNIG, ORB-A-S1311G (Bütow *E* - Avignon II) — 65.750%, Prix St. Georges, Pendragon Stud Dressage #1, CO, July 31, 2004, rider/owner Suzanne M. Zimmer, Golden, CO
ELEMENTARY, ORB-A-S1491 (Pajou - Graditz *E*) — 61.481%, First Level 1, Mid-Ohio Classic, OH, July 9-11, 2004, rider/owner Sallee Diagonne-Miller, Belmont, OH
EMERALD IMPRESSIONS, ORB-D-S803 (Impressionist - grade) — 70.3%, Yearling Colts, DSHB Goodhorse­man’s Show, GA, June 12, 2004, owner Anissa Cottongim, Panama City, FL
ESPIRIT, OSB-A-M1867 (Sieg - Schwalbenzug *E*) — 62.384%, Third Level 2, Pendragon Stud Dressage #2, CO, August 1, 2004, rider/owner Patricia Long, Colorado Springs, CO
FALCA, ORB-A-S1848, (Martini *Pg*E* - Erzsand *E*) — 70.385%, Training Level 4, Kansas Dressage & Eventing Association Show, KS, June 5-6, 2004, Rider Claudia Springer-Misner, owner Laura Alms, Vernon, MO
FLÜGELGEIST, ORB-B-S610 (Rombus - Preussen­geist *E*) — 68.462%, Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern, GA, May 22-23, 2004: rider/owner Blanche Costa, Tryon, NC
GLENN LIVIT, OSB-E-S377, (Polarpunkt - Mohammed) — 67.222%, First Level 4, Dressage Among Friends, CA, June 12-13, 2004, rider Lisa Halterman, owner Jennifer Grubb, Walnut Creek, CA
KAPONE, ORB-D-G408 (Kaspaareit - Adler) — 63.11%, First Level 4, Dressage at Delaware I, OH, July 31, 2004; 66.11%, First Level 4, Dressage at Delaware II, OH, August 1, 2004, rider/owner Nathan Slovis, George­town, KY
KRONJUWEL’S KEEGAN, (reg. KEEGAN) ORB-B-S847 (Kronjuwel II - Karat) — 65.00%, First Level 4, Dressage Derby of Ohio, OH, June 19-20, 2004, rider Karen Zimmerman, owner Cathy Grdina, Chagrin Falls, OH
KYLE, GRB-5S-1094 (Kasztelan - Brookmore xx) — 61.538%. Training Level 4, Dallas Dressage Club Spring I, TX, May 15, 2004; 66.538%, Training Level 4, Dallas Dressage Club Spring II, May 16, 2004: rider/owner Donna Claunch, Arlington, TX
LODACIUS, ORB-D-S806 (Leonidas Pg* - Bo Alia ox) — 83.5%, Yearling Colts, Virginia Dressage Association, VA, June 10, 2004, owner Anita Scruggs, Jackson, VA
MUSKAT, ORB-A-G358. (Schönfeld *E* - Flugwind) — 61.628%, Fourth Level 1, Dres­sage at Grand Haven, OH, June 12-13, 2004, rider/owner Lynn Fry, Garrettsville, OH
PAPAW, ORB-A-S1898 (Impressionist - Schubert) — 75.40%, Colts & Geldings of 2001, Creek Hollow July Jubilee Under Cover #2, CA, July 24, 2004, handler/owner Gretchen Lasater, Pauma Valley, CA
POLAR’S PEARL *M*, OSB-A-M2021 (Horizon - Schubert) — 75.25%, Mares 4 & Older, Creek Hollow Fall Undercover, CA, September 11, 2004, handler/owner Gretchen Lasater, Pauma Valley, CA
R BLUE MOON, ORB-A-M2241 (Kaspareit - Condus *E*) — 69.230%, Training Level 2, Dressage Derby #1, CA, May 29, 2004; 65.00%, Training Level 2, Dressage Derby #2, CA, June 26-27, 2004, owner/rider Justine Sanger, Sheridan, CA
REICHER, ORB-A-S1737 (Leonidas *Pg* - Schubert) — 67.692%, Training Level 4, Flying Cloud Dressage Show, CA, July 3, 2004, rider Yves Savignon, owner Valerie Mackey, Vacaville, CA
SPINNAKER, ORB-A-S1437G (Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* - Falke) — 63.00%, Intermediaire I, Lake Oswego Dressage Show, ID, June 8, 2004, rider/owner Ernst Hermann, Eagle, CO
TROPICAL REIGN, GRB-5M-1438-SB (Talon DF - Bold Tropic xx) — 68.80%, Broodmares 4 & Over, Creek Hollow July Jubilee Under Cover #1, CA, July 23, 2004, handler/owner Jayme Grant, Alpine, CA
TROPICAL WIND, ORB-A-S1966 (Arlington II - Talon DF) — 74.4%, Suckling/Weanling Colts, Dressage Among Friends In-Hand, CA, June 12-13, 2004, owner/handler Jayme Grant, Alpine, CA
ZEJALUNA, OAB-D-M380 (Palmenhain - Ziad xx) — 75.00%, Mares 4 & Older, Sunshine Classic, FL, September 19, 2004, handler/owner Lisa Dworkin, Sumterville, FL


In order to assist the Inspection Committee and the ATA Central Office in organizing next year’s inspections, owners wishing to have mares or stallions inspected in 2005 must nominate them by March 1, 2005, or pay an additional fee. Please note that mares or foals nominated for a 2004 or earlier inspection and not presented must be nominated again for 2005.
The enclosed NOMINATION FORM should be completed and sent to the ATA Central Office by March 1, 2005. (No acknowledgments of receipt of these nominations will be sent.)
Members who wish to host an inspection are requested to complete the enclosed INSPECTION HOST APPLICATION also by March 1, 2005, and submit it to the Central Office to allow advance planning. Sites submitted after March 1, 2005, will be considered for 2006.
There is no cost to nominate a horse; however, any horse that is not nominated by March 1, 2005, although still eligible for inspec­tion in 2005, will be assessed a fee of $75 in addition to the published inspection fee. The only exception to this are new members joining the association after January 1, 2005, and members who purchase and transfer a horse after March 1, 2005. Applications that arrive after the deadline date stated in the Inspection Schedule also incur a $75 late fee.
The inspection host site information will be cross-tabulated by ZIP or Postal code to determine the inspection sites that are most accessible to most of the nominated horses. Please note that a lot of checking back and forth regarding dates and inspectors’ schedules is necessary and a final schedule of the 2005 inspection sites will not be available until after April 15.
After you see the list of inspection sites and dates in the May/June 2005 Trakehner Times or on the ATA web site at, please carefully observe the closing date for entries for the inspection you wish to attend and request an inspection application. If the Central Office does not receive enough entry fees accom­panied by registration certificates by the respective deadline, that site will be canceled. Furthermore, if you have not submitted your inspection application with appropriate fees and your horse’s registration certificate by that date, the office staff will not know to notify you of the cancella­tion. Please respect the deadlines for the individual sites. They are very important in the inspection planning process.


The Public Relations Committee needs your help in promoting Trakehners in your community! We would like to expand the Public Relations Committee to have a PR representative at every mare/stallion inspection, booth commitment and major Event/Horse Show. Please let PR Chairman Julie Baxley know if you would like to join us in promoting our Trakeh­ners. Julie can be reached by E-mail at


Beginning with the 2004 Breeding Issue, THE AMERICAN TRAKEHNER will highlight stallions that were due to complete their performance requirement in 2004 or later and have done so.

If you wish your stallion to be included in this feature and have sent in your paperwork regarding the completed test, please contact Kim Hunter at as soon as possible. We will need a photo of your stallion, preferably under saddle, with the following information:


Sire, dam, dam’s sire

age of stallion at time of performance

date, name and location of the event

level performed (Novice or Training, Pre-Training in Canada)

name of owner

name of breeder

name of rider

name of photographer and signed release if he/she is a profes­sional

Kim’s mailing address is: 1662 W. Jeter Road, Bartonville, TX 76226.


Please bring your donations to the Silent Auction fund raiser with you to the Annual Meeting in Toronto. Once at the meeting site, give the items to Silent Auction Chairman Ruthanne Gardner. If you have questions, contact Ruthanne at 850 929 4991.

Important: Alcoholic beverages and fresh agricultural produce cannot be taken across the border from the U.S. to Canada or vice versa, so please refrain from donating such items.


If you are an USEF (formerly AHSA) member and do a lot of shipping by Federal Express (stallion owners this may be you!), you can get a significant discount on your FedEx shipping costs through the USEF. Contact the USEF for a discount code and details. This discount applies to overnight, two-day and three-day economy packages and runs between 10% to 15%. Once you sign up, the discount continues from year to year, unless you cancel it or do not keep up your USEF membership.


The next issue of Trakeh­ner Times is scheduled for January/February 2005. It will be mailed out in the middle of December. Dead­line for classified ads and editorial material is December 1, 2004.


The following have joined or rejoined the ATA since our last newsletter. We bid them a hearty welcome and hope they enjoy their membership.

Danette Ball, Abbotsford, BC

Dantia Benson, Somis, CA

Lynda Blankenship, Knoxville, TN

Debbie Brown, Sunderland, ON

Sandra B Brown, Cumberland, RI

Katherine Bruce, Springfield, VT

April Burch, Miami, FL

Susan Carlson, Arlington, WA

Arthur V Carpenter, Ashland, WI

Sanford Crane, Midland, NC

Elizabeth Curlin, Versailles, KY

Vas Devan, Philomont, VA

Mary Dezelski, Demotte, IN

Kaeinda Dickens, Houston, TX

Kathleen Goldsmith Ferguson, Pittsford, NY

Cecilia Gordon, Sugar Hill, NH

Holger Hoetzel, Agoura, CA

Jennifer James, Edmonton, AB

Jennifer Kay, Aurora, ON

Julia Lord, North Liberty, IN

Christina Marazzo, Sewell, NJ

Christopher McQuade, Bradford, MA

Erika Millspaugh, Pittsford, NY

Donna Neill, Absecon, NJ

Jenny Prahl, Kingsley, MI

Barbara Reis, Ortonville, MI

Kathleen Sadler, Troy, MI

Louise Stanek, Dayton, OH

Karen R Tucker, Beecher, IL

Susan Wren, Galt, CA

(Sire in parentheses where known)
1. Fleur Rouge (foaled 2001 by Waitaki) — 75.00%
2. Ultimately (foaled 1998 by Hailo *Pg*E*) — 71.7%
3. Emerald Impressions (foaled 2003 by Impression­ist) — 68.5%
4. Remeer (foaled 2002 by Emeer) — 65.9%
5. Hour’s Golden Charm — 65.6%
6. Excellent Adventure (foaled 2003 by Hailo *Pg*E*) — 64.2%
7. Adonis — 63.5%
8. Golden Hour (foaled 2003 by Happy Hour) — 63.3%
This column is intended to advise members of upcoming events that give an opportunity to showcase the Trakehner or provide educational benefits. We will not list regular shows, recognized or not, (unless the ATA will have a booth there) only those that have scheduled breed classes or exhibitions, as well as seminars and clinics. If you have an event you would like included, please send it to the ATA office by the stated deadline and include a contact phone number.
November 10-14, 2004: ATA Annual Membership Meeting and stallion/mare inspection, Toronto, ON
November 11-14, 2004: Equine Affaire, Springfield, MA, There will be an ATA booth and breed demonstration, jointly managed by Dawn Cabral-Quimby and Suzie Kent. Interested in helping? Contact Dawn at dawn_m_cabral@
Nov. 30 - Dec. 5, 2004: USDF National Convention & Symposi­um, Lexington, KY. Chairperson of the ATA booth is Jane Volberding. Please contact her at 773-775-7156 if you are interested in volunteering in the booth.
December 3-5, 2004: 2004 USDF National Symposium “The Development of the Dressage Horse” with Christoph Hess, Steffen Peters, Anne Gribbons, Scott Hassler. To be held at the 2004 USDF National Convention in Lexington, KY. For registration information and details, see or E-mail to
January 22, 2005: Indiana Horseman’s Conference, Marten House, Indianapolis, IN, 7 a.m. Speakers from Purdue University and the State Veterinarian’s Office. Educational topics include Health Care, Disaster Planning, National Animal ID System, Feeding and Equine Dentistry. For more information, call 765-494-8433.
February 3-6, 2005: Equine Affaire at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. For information, call Jean Wilson at 740-845-0085 or visit their Web site at
April 1-3, 2005: Hoosier Horse Fair, Indiana State Fair­grounds, Indianapolis, IN. For more information, call the Indiana Horse Council at 317-692-7116 or go to
April 7-10, 2005: Equine Affaire Ohio at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, OH. For information, call Jean Wilson at 740-845-0085 or visit their Web site at To volunteer to help with ATA activities, please contacct Kim MacMillan at 260-468-2392 or E-mail to
April 28 - May 1, 2005: Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event****, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY. For tickets or more information, call 859-233-2362 or visit their website at To volunteer to work in the ATA booth, contact ATA PR Chairman, Julie Baxley at 706-581-3584 or E-mail to
June 10-12, 2005: Western States Horse Expo, Cal Expo Center, Sacramento, CA. For tickets or more information, call 1-800-352-2411 or go to If anyone would like to chair ATA activities, please contact ATA PR Chairman Julie Baxley at 706-581-3584 or E-mail to
September 16-18, 2005: Equine Affaire, Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, Louisville, KY. For information, call Jean Wilson at 740-845-0085 or visit their Web site at


Please submit classified ads to the ATA office in Newark and enclose 30 cents per word, mini­mum $6 (telephone number = 1 word; Anglo-Trakehner = 2 words; 3-year-old = 3 words; 16.2 h. = 2 words). Only prepaid ads are accepted and will be printed in the next scheduled newsletter if received by the stated deadline. Please include your state or province with your telephone number so callers can adjust to your time zone.

If the ad is for a horse for sale, the horse must be ATA regis­tered and at least its sire given. Foals less than one year old must be eligible for regis­tration.

Information included in ads was submitted by the advertiser. All statements, com­ments, claims, statistics, etc., are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

Outstanding 2-year-old filly by Windfall x Abdullah mare; very athletic with superb movement. She has been started slowly and correctly, ready to be backed.

Excellent 2-year-old gelding by Insterfürst x champion Amateur Owner Hunter mare by Abdullah; has excellent dressage movement and athletic ability.
3-year-old very fancy, black gelding by Sir Chamberlain x Abdullah mare; working well under saddle; wonderful, quiet temperament.
These youngsters are top quality, bred for performance, easy to work with and will do well in any discipline. Located in Western Pennsylvania.

Burnt Tree Farm, 724-587-3936; e-mail:

Spanish Ginger, 10-year-old PSB registered Trakehner mare by Adlatus. Trained to Second Level. She is my personal horse, a great pleasure and very willing to learn. She needs someone who has the time to spend with her. She also will make a great broodmare. She has great conformation according to her inspection report. You will love this mare. Priced to sell at $14,000. 360-250-0879 (WA)
For Sale:

Bargain warmblood! 3-year-old Trakehner/Hanoverian cross by Gaellant. Registered part-Trakehner. Beautiful chestnut with a large star and hind sock. 16 hands. “Grady” has a lovely disposition and is a terrific mover. He is most likely a crypt­orchid, which means that he is still producing testosterone despite being gelded. Experienced handler preferred, as he will need to be kept away from mares. Easy keeper, loves attention, solid build. Suitable for trails, pleasure, etc. Unbroken. Good home a must. Make an offer! 262-679-8220 (WI)

1992 Proven Broodmare by Ith, out of Adel Andante. Adel Annick is a gorgeous mare with wonderful lineage — dam and sire can be found under past approved stallions and exceptional mares. Full sisters are also exceptional mares. Annick throws foals as big and beautiful as she is and can be sold with a breeding to Donaufürst since we are retiring from breeding. Price is $3,000.00 without Donaufürst breeding and $5,000.00 with. Please call Maria at 914-645-1779 (cell)

Reserve Champion Filly in May AND September 2004 Cosequin Breeder’s Classic. Anglo/Trakehner 2½ years old, 16 h., chestnut w/3 white socks. Just started under saddle. Sire: Hennessey. Photos/video available. Priced reasonably to sell now. $10,000. Call 1-859-264-1392 or 1-859-576-2729 (KY)

Embryo Transfer available for 2005 from Liebesfürstin (OSB-A-M1641) by Insterfürst, out of Liebeslust. Limited Bookings. Winning Third Level in high 60s, training Fourth Level and above. See scores on ATA website. Will receive *Pb* soon. Contact Debbi at: or see for pictures and more info.

FURTHER INFORMATION: 780-987-4394 (AB) or E-Mail:

For Sale: Jazz by Advocate *Ps*, out of Jetta Regala (AQHA) by Regal Jet. Registered Part-Trakehner, 16.0 h., 1999 dark bay gelding. Showing in Dressage at Training Level. Qualified for GAIC/USDF Region 9 Training Level Open Championship. Has been started over fences. Nice prospect for adult amateur or youth in Dressage or Hunter. $10,000.

Contact Gia Dawn Madole at 405-454-6886 (OK).

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