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September 11, 2007

Members present: Wayne Stevens, Susan Mayer, Larry Quinn, CeCe Tesky.

Others present: Betty Sheehy, Sandy Miller, Bob Miller, Al Sorenson, Paul McEathron

Susan Mayer nominated Wayne Stevens for temporary chairman in Don Christopherson’s absence. CeCe Tesky seconded. Motion carried.
Wayne Stevens called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
CeCe Tesky made a motion to accept August meeting minutes. Larry Quinn seconded. Motion carried.
Because of the number of people interested in the re-zoning of Blueberry Lane, that topic was discussed first. Al Sorenson explained that he believed Blueberry Lane was zoned residential. He had 2 adjacent lots there and had sold a portion of one of the lots to Gunn Taxidermy on land contract. He had a survey completed on the land he had sold and then found that Blueberry Lane was zoned forestry. Residential zoning requires at least a 100 foot wide frontage on the road. Forestry zoning requires at least 200 feet wide frontage on the road. The lot Al Sorenson had sold met all other requirements for Forestry zoning except the frontage width. There followed a discussion:

  • Note that Blueberry Lane is not blacktopped.

  • You can have a business located in Forestry or a Residential zoned area.

  • Zoning doesn’t affect taxes.

  • If the lot was not rectangular but the frontage moved to 200 feet and the back of the lot moved in to have a more triangular lot, it would then meet all Forestry Zoning requirements.

  • Could Al Sorenson’s 2 lots be rezoned Residential and leave the rest of Blueberry Lane zoned Forestry. That could be considered “spot rezoning” which is illegal.

  • The people attending the meeting liked having larger lots and were not in favor of rezoning. They preferred the peace and quiet of fewer people.

CeCe Tesky removed herself from voting since she is now the county Zoning Administrator. Therefore there were not enough members present to vote on a recommendation to the town board. However, a poll of the 3 other board members were: Wayne Stevens – not in favor, Susan Mayer – not in favor, Larry Quinn – not in favor. Wayne Stevens said he would let the town board know the feeling of the members present.

Discussion on the Landfill Ordinance was centered on the Town of Stubbs Ordinance as an example. Discussion followed:

  • No mention of nuclear waste. Does it need to be specifically mentioned?

  • Don’t specify where in the township the land fills can be placed. Unsuitable areas will not be able to pass DNR requirements anyway.

  • In the document Section 6, #6 – change the statement of affecting people within one mile of the landfill –to- affecting anyone within the township.

  • Tipping amount is in the contract and not the ordinance.

  • Larry Quinn had found other landfill information which he had given to Don Christopherson.

  • Believe the bonds and application fees in Section 8, 9, and 15 should be higher. Susan Mayer is to contact Tom Harnish for recommendations.

  • DNR might also have some ideas on how the ordinance should be written.

  • Statue references need to be checked.

Because there were only 4 members present for this meeting and there was more information to gather, further action on this ordinance was tabled for the next meeting.

CeCe Tesky made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Susan Mayer seconded. Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Susan Mayer

Download 8.87 Kb.

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