Atlanta technical college bmw student scholarship fund criteria and application

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The purpose of the BMW scholarship fund is to reward academic excellence and encourage students to pursue an automotive technician career with BMW.

A total of four (4) scholarships ($10,000) of $2,500 each will be awarded. The scholarship funds will be disbursed for tuition, fees, tools, books, and program specific supplies. The student will receive $2500 to be used for educational purposes.

The Atlanta Technical College Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization, administers the scholarship fund.


1. Applicants must be enrolled as a full-time (12 hours or more) student in the automotive program seeking a career opportunity with BMW. Applicants must be in their program of study for at least two (2) semesters, and must have taken AUT 120, AUT 122, and AUT 124 prior to making application for the scholarship

2. Applicants must possess a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (based on a four-point system).

3. Applicants must provide an official copy of transcripts and grade report from the most current semester.

4. Applicants must apply for financial aid within the college. If awarded, the scholarship will supplement any financial aid a student receives.

6. Applicants must submit a typed, double-spaced, one-page essay on why they should receive the scholarship and how it will aid them in completing their technical education.

7. A recommendation form (included in application packet) must be completed by an instructor in the applicant’s program of study. The instructor should be familiar with the applicant’s academic achievement and work ethics. The form MUST be submitted in a sealed envelope along with the student’s application form.


1. The amount of each scholarship awarded shall be $2,500 per academic year to each student.

2. The scholarship is for tuition, fees, tools, books, and program specific supplies. All tools will be the property of Atlanta Technical College until the student completes his/her program of study while maintaining a 3.0 GPA and registered as a full-time student.

3. The scholarship will be rescinded in the following cases:

A.Student’s GPA falls below 3.0

  • Student will receive a one-time probationary semester if his/her GPA drops below 3.0. The student will forfeit the tools and remaining portion of his/her scholarship if his/her GPA is not a 3.0 or above at the beginning of the semester following the probationary semester. Tools will become the property of the automotive program at this point. The scholarship will not be renewed if the student’s GPA drops for a second time.

  1. Student’s course load falls below 12 hours for the semester

  • To qualify for the scholarship, a student must be registered for a minimum of 12 semester hours (full-time study). The student must maintain a full-time course of study during the awarding period. A student may enroll in an elective course if a required course is not available to ensure full-time study status is maintained.

  1. Student withdraws from Atlanta Technical College

  • A student may reapply for scholarship consideration in the next funding cycle if his/her scholarship is rescinded for any of the reasons listed above.

  1. Student enrollment at Atlanta Technical College

  • A student MUST be enrolled at the college at least two (2) semesters prior to receiving the scholarship. Applicants must be in their program of study for at least two semesters, and must have taken AUT 120, AUT 122, and AUT 124 prior to applying for the scholarship.

Alternate scholarship recipients will also be chosen to receive an award if a scholarship is rescinded due to ineligibility or graduation of the scholarship recipients. The alternate recipients will receive notification of their status as alternates and be contacted if monies become available.

5. Scholarships are not transferable between divisions; if a student changes his/her major from one division to another, the student forfeits his/her scholarship. The student may apply in the next funding cycle to receive a scholarship award in the new division.


The availability of scholarship funding will be advertised when available for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  1. Students will be informed via monitors, announcements in classes, student email, and website of the availability of the divisional scholarships.

  1. Completed applications will be submitted to room C2107 in the Academic building by 10:00am, August 4, 2017.

  1. Incomplete application packets will not be eligible for consideration. All applicants will be contacted and informed of the status of their application via letter. Additionally, the staff of the Office of Institutional Advancement will contact via email eligible students chosen for further consideration.

Incomplete application packets WILL NOT be eligible for consideration. Applicants will be contacted and informed of the status of their application via email from the Office of Institutional Advancement.

For further information, please contact the Atlanta Technical College Foundation (404) 225-4674 or

Submit completed application to:

Building C, Room 2107
Atlanta Technical College BMW Scholarship Fund

Top of Form

Section I - Personal Information - To be completed by student (Please Type)

Name ___________________________________________________________________

Student ID No.____________________________________________________________
Current Address ___________________________________________________________________


Permanent Address (if different) ___________________________________________________________________


Home phone   ___________________________________________________
Alternate contact phone _______________________________________________
Are you enrolled for at least 12 hours for the semester? ___ Yes ___ No
In which program of study are you enrolled? _____________________________
How many semesters have you completed? _______________________________
How many semesters do you have until completion of program of study? ________

Describe your participation in extracurricular or volunteer activities in the community.

Attach a typed one-page essay (200 - 250 words, 12 pt font) on why you should be considered for this scholarship. You may include information on why you have chosen your program of study as your career goal, or background on your personal circumstances that is relevant to the selection process.

I authorize the Registrar’s Office and the Office of Institutional Advancement to release information to the Student Scholarship committee as needed to determine my eligibility for the scholarship award.

_____________________________ ______________________________

Signature Date

Atlanta Technical College Scholarship

Instructor Recommendation Form For BMW Scholarship

(Please return in a sealed envelope with completed application)

Student: ___________________________________________
Instructor: __________________________________________
Division/Program of Study: _____________________________
Please complete the following information concerning the student:

ATC Scholarship Instructor Recommendation Form

Please note: Use whole numbers only in evaluating the applicant.





Below Average

1. Academic Progress or Personal Achievement
(grades and/or quality of work)






2. Attendance/Reliability (class attendance and/or dependability)






3. Attitude/Cooperation
(relationship with others)






4. Communication Skills
(ability to express ideas)






5. Leadership
(judgment and ability to lead and influence)






6. Motivation
(initiative, resourcefulness, self-starter)






7. Potential for Success (ability to set and achieve goals)






8. Work Habits/Organizational Skills (ability to plan, manage, and execute)






Total Points (For Office Use Only)


Additional Comments:

_______________________________________ __________________________

Instructor’s Signature Date
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