Atlantic Seaboard Skirmish Round 3 Sponsored Sports Questions by Jonathan Magin, Jeff Amoros, David Vatz, Mike Bentley, and Casey Retterer In this round we bring

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Atlantic Seaboard Skirmish - Round 3

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Questions by Jonathan Magin, Jeff Amoros, David Vatz, Mike Bentley, and Casey Retterer
In this round we bring the already close world of sports and their corporate partners together in a mash up packet on the two subjects.

1) In 2004 and 2005, this team inexplicably only drafted one offensive lineman, but corrected that oversight in this year’s draft by taking tackles Charles Spencer and Eric Winston in the third round. Although they’ve had little luck with quarterbacks, drafting notables like B. J. Symons, Dave Ragone, Drew Henson, and a 2002 first-round pick from Fresno State, they’ve had better luck with a pair of fourth-round running backs, Jonathan Wells and Domanick Davis, successes that might have dissuaded them from making a high selection of another running back in this year’s draft. FTP, identify this NFL franchise who recently controversially drafted Mario Williams first overall instead of Reggie Bush.

ANSWER: Houston Texans (accept either underlined part)

2) It was established in San Francisco in the early 1970s by Roy Raymond, who wanted to set up a cozy atmosphere similar to a boudoir. The original three stores and catalog business was bought by Limited Brands in 1982, who perpetuated the mistruth that it was of British origin. The Australian Miranda Kerr and Brazilian Izabel Goulart are recent additions to their impressive lineage of models. FTP, identify this lingerie company whose signature collections include Very Sexy Second Skin Satin, Glamour, Pink, Angels and Body. ANSWER: Victoria’s Secret

3) Founded by Reed Hastings in 1997, its IPO in 2002 sold 5.5 million shares of common stock. Frank Chavez launched a class action lawsuit against this company for their alleged practice of throttling, whereby the company would delay sending its products to its more active customers. The company itself launched a lawsuit in April against its major competitor for infringing on its online product selection patent. FTP, identify this company known for its bright red envelopes delivering late fee free movies selected from an online queue to its customers.
ANSWER: Netflix

4) The man who developed this process told ESPN that it merely restores stability instead of increasing velocity. Necessitated by a repeated stressful motion, it consists of removing either the plantaris tendon or the tendon attached to the palmaris longus muscle and attaching it to the humerus and ulna before allowing it to ligamentize. Leaving a four-inch scar on the elbow, this procedure has become increasingly common, and was first performed by Dr. Frank Jobe in 1974. FTP, pitchers Jon Lieber, Eric Gagne, Matt Morris, and Kerry Wood have all undergone what reconstructive surgery?

Answer: Tommy John surgery or Ulnar Collateral Ligment reconstruction

5) He wore a blue polo shirt with a partially popped collar in his mug shot for a June 13th DWI. In his final collegiate game, the stifling defense of freshman Garrett Temple limited him to 11 points, raising questions about his ability to play in the NBA. In the 2006 NBA draft, he stated, “I’m auditioning for the part of Mr. Clutch,” despite shooting a combined 13 for 60 in his 4 NCAA Tournament losses. In the second of those losses, he committed a critical turnover against UCONN in the 2004 Semifinals, while his team, a number one seed in 2005 and 2006, lost to Michigan State and LSU respectively. Drafted 11th by the Orlando Magic, FTP, name this hugely hyped 3-point shooter, a former shooting guard for Duke.

ANSWER: Jonathan Clay “J.J.” Redick

6) According to John Sickels, this team’s top ten prospects include Preston Mattingly, Scott Elbert, and Andy LaRoche. Another of their prospects, James Loney, went 4 for 5 with 9 RBI's against the Colorado Rockies last September, while former prospects like reliever Jonathan Broxton, catcher Russell Martin, and outfielder Andre Ethier also get significant playing time. Last season, they notably beat the San Diego Padres after hitting four consecutive homeruns in the ninth inning. Currently managed by Grady Little, FTP, name this baseball team whose better-known current players include Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent, and Nomar Garciaparra.

Answer: Los Angelos Dodgers (accept either bolded part)

7) This parent company sells a product called Goodnites that are used to control bed wetting outbreaks. They established the airline now known as Midwest Airlines to facilitate transportation of their executives and engineers from their Appleton, Wisconsin headquarters to their mills. Their logging of Boreal forests for disposable paper products brought complaints from Greenpeace, and popular brands that they own include Cottonelle, Kotex, Huggies, Depends, and Kleenex. FTP, identify this company whose name you will find plastered around bathrooms on napkin and toilet paper containers.

ANSWER: Kimberly Clark

8) One of its most recent commercials plays Royksopp’s song Remind Me in the background as an individual passes by another advertisement for this company, while its advertisements in college newspapers contain Sudoku puzzles on the reverse side. Slate named its commercial previewing a mock reality show called Tiny House the best ad on television. Still other advertisements star Tony Little and Speed Racer, but, FTP, this company is most famous for its talking lizard offering to save customers money on auto insurance.

ANSWER: GEICO (also accept Government Employees Insurance Company)

9) Its first winner, Lem Barney, was a player for the Detroit Lions, while Jim Haslett won it in 1979 while playing for the Buffalo Bills. It was shared one year later by Falcons Buddy Curry and Al Richardson, while only two safeties, Erik McMillan and Mark Carrier, have ever won it. More recently, Shaun Rogers and Anthony Henry finished second and third to Kendrell Bell in 2001, and Dunta Robinson and DJ Williams lost to Jonathan Vilma in 2004. Last year, Odell Thurman, DeMarcus Ware, and Lofa Tatupu were all candidates for it, but lost to San Diego’s Shawne Merriman. FTP, identify this award given to the top first-year defensive player in the NFL.

ANSWER: the defensive rookie of the year award or the DROY (prompt on rookie of the year)

10) One player with this surname was a wide receiver for the Wisconsin Badgers before being a sixth-round draft pick of the Titans in 2006. Another player with this surname batted leadoff for Canada in the World Baseball Classic, and is currently a utility infielder with the Atlanta Braves. Besides Jonathan and Pete, a better known player with this surname was an eight-time winner of the Norris trophy whose 120 points in 1970 made him the only defenseman ever to lead the NHL in scoring. FTP, identify this surname most famously shared by Boston Bruins defenseman Bobby.

Answer: Orr

11) He received his doctorate of economics at the University of Houston in 1970 before going on to work at the Humble Oil & Refining company. George W. Bush considered appointing him Treasury Secretary when he was sort of elected in 2000, and he was personally thanked in the credits of Fun With Dick and Jane. He is most notable, however, for selling some three hundred million dollars in his company’s stock. FTP, identify this man who died of a heart attack in his home in Snowmass, Colorado last July, less than a month after he was convicted of ten counts of accounting fraud and other charges in the Enron scandal.

ANSWER: Kenneth Lee “Ken” Lay

12) This man played for Adolph Rupp at the University of Kentucky, where he led the team to a NCAA Tournament loss to Texas Western in 1966. Drafted in the first round by the San Diego Rockets in 1967, he became an announcer for the Lakers in 1977, before winning an NBA title during his first season as their head coach in the 1981-82 season. After a stint with the Knicks, he joined another Eastern Conference team, and coached them until stepping down and being replaced by Stan Van Gundy in 2003. The winner of four championships during the 1980s with the Lakers, FTP, name this coach who recently won his fifth championship as the coach of the Miami Heat.

ANSWER: Pat Riley

13) This company’s lesser known products include the Ballbarrow, a line of washing machines using two spinning drums, and, most recently, the Airblade, a high-power hand drying system. The idea for the technology behind this company’s most well known product came from a mechanism used to spin up sawdust in a sawmill. That Cyclone technology, underwent five thousand one hundred twenty seven prototypes and uses centrifugal force to create one hundred thousand times the force of gravity. FTP, identify this company best known for its high-end vacuums that allegedly never lose suction.


14) Its creator got the idea for it while serving as a naval engineer, and today they are made in Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania using the same techniques that their inventor, Richard James, used when he first manufactured them in 1945. Current varieties of them include Crazy Eyes and a smaller Junior version. The longest one of these extends 71 feet and is suspended on threads to allow three dimensional motion. FTP, identify this toy, whose rights are currently owned by Poof, that is “fun for a girl and a boy”, originally consisting of steel spirals that is often sent down staircases.

ANSWER: Slinky

15) He played under Sid Gillman and Woody Hayes at Miami University of Ohio, a school he later coached to two Mid-American Conference Titles. After replacing Bump Elliott, this coach went 7 and 2 in his first season and won the 1969 “Bear” Bryant Award while upsetting the defending national champions by a score of 24 to 12. Although he achieved a lifetime record of 234 wins, 65 losses, and 8 ties, as well as 13 Big Ten championships, he struggled to win bowl games, finishing his career with a record of 5 wins and 12 losses in them. Known for his longtime rivalry with Hayes’s Ohio State squads, FTP, name this former Wolverines coach, who died of heart disease on November 17th of last year, the day before the Michigan-Ohio State game.

ANSWER: Glenn Edward “Bo” Schembechler

16) This company’s booth was unmanned at this year’s Detroit Auto Show as a sign of CEO Ulrich Bez’s displeasure for how their sale is being handled. Some of their pre-war models included the Ulster and International cars. They plan to introduce a four seated model called the Rapide later this year to go along with their established high performance Vantage line and convertible Volante line. FTP, identify this luxury automaker that is part of Ford’s Premiere Automotive Group, recognizable for their winged logo and for being the traditional car driven by James Bond.

ANSWER: Aston Martin Lagonda Limited

17) It was banned during World War II because it was thought to perish faster than its unprocessed form. Either Battle Creek, Michigan or Chillicothe, Missouri was the first city whose retailers sold this product, and W.E. Long of the Holsum Company was the first man to market it nationwide to retailers. Its inventor, Otto Frederick Rohwedder, originally sought to hold it together using metal pins before coming up with the idea to wrap it. Its success took off thanks to the promotion of it by the Wonder Company in the 1930s. FTP, identify this invention that is often compared to the latest and greatest new product.

ANSWER: Sliced Bread

18) The first man to win this award played for the St. Louis Hawks, while players for the Cincinnati Royals and the Buffalo Braves respectively won it in 1964 and 1975. Dave Cowens won it in 1973, one of four Boston players to receive it, while it has only been awarded once to a player for New York, that player being Willis Reed. More recently, a graduate of Wake Forest won it in 2002 and 2003. Also known as the Maurice Podoloff trophy, it was twice awarded to Moses Malone, once to Kevin Garnett, and most recently to a Canadian point guard for the Suns. FTP, name this award won the last two years by Steve Nash, given to the best player in the NBA.

ANSWER: the NBA Most Valuable Player Award

19) In December, he was fined a thousand dollars for his controversial hit on Daniel Briere. During the 2006 Winter Olympics, he was the only player who didn't play for Finland or Sweden to make the all-tournament team. During the off season, his team signed Donald Brashear to protect him, while the arrival of Alexander Semin gave his team a second scoring threat. Last season, he scored a highlight-reel no-look goal against Phoenix after being dragged to the ice by Paul Mara, one of his 425 shots, an NHL rookie record. The first overall draft pick in 2004, he was the first rookie since Teemu Selanne to score 50 goals and 100 points. FTP, name this winner of the 2006 Calder Trophy, a left-winger for the Washington Capitals.

Answer: Alexander Ovechkin

20) First Move and Wild Card are the only brands of this product not to come in a smaller container. This product’s website contains a field test facility where you can view the repercussions of this product in action, like the test subject being abducted by a construction worker or almost crushed by a giant red heel. That website also contains games like Hide the Hotties and can be found at the address consider yourself warned dot com. FTP, identify this brand of cologne heavily targeted at teenage boys, notable for their commercials warning potential consumers of its aphrodisiac effect.

ANSWER: TAG Body Spray

21) An early version of this device, developed by Eugene Polley, operated by using a highly directional flashlight. That device was known as the Flashmatic, but the first commercially successful one would appear in the following year without batteries because the sales department felt it would lead to confusion. That device operated through ultrasound which irritated young women and dogs, but eventually went on to great success under the name of the Zenith Space Command. FTP, name this device that generally usually uses infrared waves to send a signal to a television set to change the channel.

ANSWER: Remote Control

22) In the 1980 Holiday Bowl, one of these gave BYU a 46-45 victory over SMU. Warren Holloway scored one of these to give Iowa a 30-25 victory over LSU in the 2005 Capitol One Bowl, while in 1994, Colorado beat Michigan when Michael Westbrook scored one called "Rocket Left". In 2002, Kentucky fans tore down the goalposts before Devery Henderson scored on a 75-yard one known as the "Bluegrass Miracle". The game that included the most notable one saw Melvin Bratton run for four touchdowns, including one with 28 seconds remaining, before Gerald Phelan caught a 48-yard pass to give Boston College a victory over Miami. Most famously thrown by Doug Flutie, FTP, name this last-second desperation throw into the end zone named because it causes teams to pray it will be caught.

ANSWER: Hail Mary

23) It includes a scene where a general manager throws a chair after his team drafts Jeremy Bonderman. That same team in it also drafts such notables as Steve Obenchain, John McCurdy, and Brant Colamarino, as well as more well-known players like Mark Teahen and Jeremy Brown. Written by the author of Liar's Poker, it details the success of players like Nick Swisher, Chad Bradford, and Scott Hatteberg, who all fit the central team's organizational philosophy. That philosophy is based on the interchangeability of relief pitchers, prioritizing groundouts over strikeouts, and valuing on-base percentage and slugging percentage over stolen bases, RBIs, and batting average. Subtitled "the art of winning an unfair game," FTP, name this 2003 Michael Lewis book about the success of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane.

Answer: Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

1) The 2006 Baseball Hall of Fame inductions focused on the Negro Leagues. Five, ten, fifteen, name these famous players from that league.

[5] This slugger, the last Negro Leagues player to play in the majors, played for the Indianapolis Clowns in 1952 before becoming a Hall of Fame outfielder for the Braves and Brewers.
ANSWER: Henry “Hank” Aaron
[10] This slugging catcher was second only to Satchel Paige in fame during the heyday of the Negro Leagues. He purportedly hit a home run out of Yankee Stadium, and finished with approximately 800 home runs.
ANSWER: Josh Gibson
[15] Though he was an all-star player and title-winning manager in the Negro Leagues, this former scout and posthumous recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom made his mark as an interview subject and champion of the history of the Negro Leagues.
ANSWER: John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil

2) Have you ever been awake at 3 AM and thought you were fat? If so, then you’ve probably had to watch some information commercials about the following; FTPE:

[10] Spokespeople for this Nautilus Inc, workout device have included Christy Brinkley and Chuck Norris.
ANSWER: Bowflex
[10] Designed by someone who decided to call himself a “fitness celebrity,” John Basedow is the brawn behind this workout series, neck workouts are apparently not included.
ANSWER: Fitness Made Simple
[10] As if working on your abdominal muscles wasn’t painful enough, this Fitness Quest device looks more like an S&M device than an Abdominal Exercise Machine that lets you do jackknife.
ANSWER: Ab Lounge

3) Name these kickers of notable game-winning field goals FTPE.

[10] This kicker for the Indianapolis Colts is probably more famous for his two Super Bowl winning field goals for the New England Patriots.
ANSWER: Adam Vinatieri
[10] After Brian Westbrook scored a 52-yard touchdown with less than a minute remaining, this Tampa Bay kicker made a 62-yard field goal to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 7 of the 2006 season.
ANSWER: Matt Bryant
[10] This Tennessee Titans kicker made a 60-yard field goal to defeat the Colts during Week 13.
ANSWER: Rob Bironas

4) With the popularity of giving gift cards in place of actual gifts, the Christmas season for many retailers is now extending all the way to Valentines Day. Since we’re still in the thick of it, answer some questions about these popular Christmas gifts of years past, FTPE.

[10] This must have toy of 1982 came in a variety of different stuffed bug forms. Later versions would be made of hard plastic.
ANSWER: Glo Worm
[10] These toys enjoyed several bouts of popularity since their creation by Thomas Dam in the 1950s. Knock offs of these include Wishniks and Norfins.
ANSWER: Troll Dolls (accept equivalents)
[10] One of this year’s most popular toys was this new version of an old Christmas favorite who rolls around on the ground, pounding his fist in a fit of laughter.
ANSWER: TMX Emlo or Tickle Me Elmo 10 or Tickle Me Elmo eXtreme

5) Name these teams that won notable upset victories in the 2006 NCAA tournament FTSNOP.

[5] This 11 seed from the Colonial Athletic Association reached the Final Four after defeating Michigan State, North Carolina, Wichita State, and Connecticut.
ANSWER: George Mason Patriots (accept either)
[5] Coached by John Thompson III, this other DC-area school beat 2-seed Ohio State by 18 points to reach the Sweet Sixteen.
ANSWER: Georgetown Hoyas (accept either)
[10] This 13 seed from the Missouri Valley Conference defeated Kansas and Pittsburgh to reach the Sweet Sixteen.
ANSWER: Bradley Braves (accept either)
[10] Jermaine Wallace made a fadeaway three at the buzzer to give this Louisiana school a stunning 64-63 first-round victory over 3-seed Iowa.
ANSWER: Northwestern State Demons (accept either)

6) Name some of these different examples of viral marketing and then pass along your answers to a friend, FTPE.

[10] One of the pioneers of viral marketing, this company’s namesake parties were conceived by Brownie Wise and spurred its popularity in the 1950s.
ANSWER: Tupperware
[10] A campaign for this movie sequel distributed blank tapes to customers that would flash the message of a website called at the end.
ANSWER: The Ring Two
[10] Viral marketing can also fail spectacularly, such as in the case of a website advertising this product where two “hip” kids bemoan that it is all they want for xmas.
ANSWER: PSP or Playstation Portable

7) Avid Price is Right fans will know that you have plenty of choices if you suffer from limited mobility. Answer some questions about these different types of vehicles to help you get around your house and enjoy life with your grandkids, FTPE.

[10] This company’s inventor Tom Kruse can’t sing, but he sure can tell you how much people love the scooters that he’s created, notable for their circular shape that makes them easy to navigate through tight spaces.
ANSWER: Hoveround
[10] This company with an alliterative name claims to be America’s leading supplier of power chairs. Their Mobility Managers come to your home and teach you how to operate your new product.
ANSWER: The Scooter Store
[10] The first scooter was built by Allan R. Thieme for a sufferer of this disease that also afflicted Jed Bartlet on the West Wing.
ANSWER: Multiple Sclerosis or Disseminated Sclerosis or Encephalomyelitis Disseminata

8) Identify these current baseball players and managers from their nicknames FTPE. You'll get 5 if you need a description.

[10] "Pronk"
[5] Despite leading the AL in both on-base percentage and slugging percentage before the All-Star break, this Cleveland Indians DH was not selected to the All-Star game.
ANSWER: Travis Lee Hafner
[10] "The Human Rain Delay"
[5] This Seattle Mariners manager led the Indians to the World Series in 1995 and 1997.
ANSWER: Dudley Michael “Mike” Hargrove
[10] "El Caballo"
[5] This Brewers outfielder was traded to the Texas Rangers for Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, and Francisco Cordero.
ANSWER: Carlos Noriel Lee

9) Some of the most famous tennis players in the world have graduated from Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida. FTSNP, name the tennis player from the clue.

[5] Perhaps the most famous graduate, this man won eight Grand Slam titles, the Tennis Masters Cup, the Davis Cup and an Olympic gold medal, the only player in the Open era to accomplish the feat.
ANSWER: Andre Kirk Agassi
[10] Known as the “Swiss Miss,” she has won five Grand Slam titles, including the Australian Open at the age of 16 years and 3 months.
ANSWER: Martina Hingis
[15] Though he has never won a Grand Slam, this player of Greek and Australian heritage is widely regarded as one of the hardest hitters in the history of the game, earning the nickname “Scud.”
ANSWER: Mark Anthony Philippoussis

10) Perpetuate the Quiz Bowl stereotype by showing how knowledgeable you are about discount department stores, FTPE.

[10] This discount department store claims to be the country’s second biggest off-price company. This philosophy is reflected in their slogan, “Dress For Less”.
ANSWER: Ross Stores, Inc.
[10] Ross trails this largest off-price department store, owned by a Massachusetts based company that also owns A.J. Wright and Marshall’s.
[10] This chain with a Jewish sounding name is popular in the South, and it markets itself as a more affordable specialty shop.
ANSWER: Stein Mart

11) Answer the following about Edutainment, FTPE.

[10] This multimedia company founded by Julie Aigner-Clark specializes in selling crap to children aged between six months and three years old. The TV show produced by them focuses on the ramblings of Leo, June, Quincy and Annie.
ANSWER: Baby Einstein Company (not Little Einsteins)
[10] This Australian band specializes in children’s entertainment and was the highest grossing entertainer from Down Under in 2005. Greg Page left the group in 2006 because of orthostatic intolerance.
ANSWER: The Wiggles
[10] Founded by Michael Wood in 1995, this company is best known for its paper-based electronic reading toy. In 2005, they introduced the pentop computer known as the Fly.
ANSWER: LeapFrog Enterprises

12) FTSNOP, name these McDonald’s All-Americans who found success in the NBA.

[5] Nicknamed “The Human Highlight Film,” this two-time Slam Dunk Contest winner with the Atlanta Hawks starred for Washington High School in North Carolina.
ANSWER: Jacques Dominique Wilkins
[5] This 1995 All-American played for UNC before achieving stardom with the Toronto Raptors. He is now a co-captain of the Nets.
ANSWER: Vince Carter
[10] This player scored a then-record 28 points in 1991 while flanked by fellow Fab-Five Michigan teammates Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Jalen Rose.
ANSWER: Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III
[10] In a game stacked with future pros, this future University of Kansas and Boston Celtics standout led the way for the West team with 28 points in 1995.
ANSWER: Paul Anthony Pierce

13) FTPE, name these Kansas City Chiefs players.

[10] This graduate of Penn State ran for almost 1800 yards and 17 touchdowns this season. However, he also set the NFL record for carries in a season with 416, causing critics to castigate Herman Edwards for overusing him.
ANSWER: Larry Alphonso Johnson, Jr.
[10] This five-time Pro Bowl cornerback and former Patriot and Jet struggled this season, but still intercepted Peyton Manning twice in the Chiefs' playoff loss to the Colts.
ANSWER: Tajuan “Ty” Law
[10] This Iowa graduate recently concluded his sixth season as the Chiefs starting center.
ANSWER: Casey Wiegmann

14) Sure, everyone takes Visa and lots of places take American Express, but how much do you know about some of these cards accepted at far fewer places, FTPE.

[10] Appropriately, this first independent credit card in the United States was originally accepted by fourteen New York City restaurants, the same number as the number of digits on its card.
ANSWER: Diner’s Club
[10] This type of credit card scheme is associated with non-bank institutions like sports teams and universities that are awarded a small percentage of the transaction fee on each purchase.
ANSWER: Affinity Credit Card Scheme
[10] Sears sold this credit card company in 1993 to recoup losses it was facing from competing retail chains. It is now owned by Morgan Stanley.
ANSWER: Discover Card

15) Answer these questions about the 2007 NHL All-star game FTPE:

[10] Three of the six starters for the Eastern Conference come from this Northeast Division team currently second in the NHL in points.
ANSWER: Buffalo Sabres (accept either)
[10] This 23-year old Vancouver goalie will start for the Western all-stars.
ANSWER: Roberto Luongo
[10] Although he is a career backup, this Vancouver defenseman finished third in the fan voting, receiving 550,177 votes, after a groundswell of fans launched an Internet campaign to vote him onto the All-star team.
ANSWER: Rory Fitzpatrick

16) Identify the company from the 2006 Nextel Cup driver that they are the primary sponsor of, FTPE. If you need an addition clue, you will only receive five points.

[10] Jimmie Johnson’s #48 car.
[5] This hardware chain based out of Mooresville, North Carolina recently started opening stores with its large blue facade in Canada.
ANSWER: Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse
[10] Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s #8 car.
[5] This specific beer brand retained its title as both president and king of beers after Miller was ruled ineligible for not being a United States owned beer.
ANSWER: Budweiser (prompt on Anheuser-Busch)
[10] Denny Hamlin’s #11 car.
[5] Quizbowl players may be most familiar with this company as being the other name on the Kinko’s sign during their late night packet printing sprees.
ANSWER: FedEx (do not accept Federal Express)

17) Apply this bonus directly to the forehead. Apply this bonus directly to the forehead. Apply this bonus directly to the forehead. FTPE:

[10] Identify this product from Miralus Inc. that the Better Business Bureau claims does not actually treat aches in the noggin.
[10] Also from the makers of HeadOn, the commercial for this product advises users to apply this product directly where it hurts. In this case, it’s around the knee.
[10] Miralus Inc.’s lesser known product is this medicine that allegedly provides a “unique process of adsorption”. Its name comes from its ability to liberate a certain condition from one’s anus.
ANSWER: FREEdHEM Hemorrhoid Cream

18) The Fiesta Bowl was the best college football game of the year. FTSNOP:

[5] This team defeated Oklahoma in overtime to win the Fiesta Bowl.
ANSWER: Boise State Broncos (prompt on Broncos)
[5,5,5] Boise State defeated Oklahoma on the basis of three trick plays. Name them for five points each.
ANSWER: a hook and ladder or hook and lateral, a halfback pass, and a Statue of Liberty play
[10] This head coach for Boise State gained national attention for his imaginative play calling after the Fiesta Bowl.
ANSWER: Chris Petersen

19) Name these NBA rookies taken in the 2006 NBA Draft, FTPE.

[10] This University of Washington guard was taken sixth overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves and was traded to the Portland Trailblazers.
ANSWER: Brandon Roy
[10] This forward made a name for himself in the NCAA Tournament with LSU. He was taken fourth by Portland before being traded to the Chicago Bulls.
ANSWER: Tyrus Thomas
[10] A small forward out of South Carolina, his name was met with boos after he was taken 20th by the New York Knicks, as fans instead wanted UConn point guard Marcus Williams.
ANSWER: Renaldo Balkman

20) Name these college basketball teams FTPE.

[10] In November, the grandson of Louis Farrakhan committed to this ACC school, who is currently coached by Dave Leitao. They opened their new John Paul Jones arena with a victory over tenth-ranked Arizona.
ANSWER: University of Virginia Cavaliers (accept either)
[10] Despite setbacks like 2007 recruit Eric Gordon decommiting to sign with Indiana, this Bruce Weber-coached Big Ten school did make the final game of the 2005 NCAA tournament due to the strong play of guards Luther Head, Dee Brown, and Deron Williams. However, they still lost to UNC.
ANSWER: University of Illinois Fighting Illini (accept either)
[10] This preseason top 25 team from the WAC is coached by Mark Fox and led by star senior Nick Fazekas. In 2005, they beat Texas in the first round of the NCAA tournament.
ANSWER: University of Nevada Wolf Pack (accept either)

21) You’ll need to close out this match soon, but for now name these 2006 NL East closers FTP.

[10] This New York Mets closer earned 40 saves in 2006, including his 300th career save in July.
ANSWER: William Edward “Billy” Wagner
[10] This Florida Marlins closer earned 36 saves in 2006, but will pitch for the Cleveland Indians in 2007.
ANSWER: Joseph P. “Joe” Borowski
[10] This Philadelphia Phillies closer earned 34 saves in 2006, and is a three time All-Star. ANSWER: Tom “Flash” Gordon

22) The website ranked him as "the most FreeDarko player in the NBA". FTSNOP:

[5] Name this high-scoring, eccentric point guard for the Washington Wizards known for tossing his jersey into the crowd after every game.
ANSWER: Gilbert Arenas or Agent Zero or The East Coast Assassin (Note: the latter two are nicknames Arenas has given himself)
[10] This franchise drafted Arenas with the 31st overall draft pick in 2001. With them, he briefly played with future Wizards Larry Hughes and Antawn Jamison; now, their players include Adonal Foyle and 2006 first round pick Patrick O'Bryant.
ANSWER: Golden State Warriors (accept either)
[5] Last season, Arenas set the NBA record for most points scored in 30 or fewer minutes when he poured in 46 against this hapless team, who signed Jared Jeffries over the offs eason. Their long string of incompetent moves include trading their 2006 first-round pick for Eddy Curry.
ANSWER: New York Knicks (accept either)
[10] After a victory over Dallas, Arenas revealed that he began shouting this word every time he made a basket. After Kobe Bryant criticized Arenas' shot selection, Arenas began yelling "quality shots" instead.
ANSWER: Hibachi!

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