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Augme Technologies - Mobile Marketing Company


tock Data

Price: $3.92

52-week range: $.81 to $4.77

Market Cap: $237M

Ticker: AUGT.OB

Mobile Marketing Pure Play

Ranked #9 Top 40. 32 private / 6 division larger company. Augme 1 of 2 public

Augme’s AD Life mobile marketing platform.

  • Real time consumer engagement and interaction via internet connected devices based on known behavioral patterns

  • Works with all devices regardless of operating system for maximum reach

  • Provides brand managers w/ real time consumer analytics

2010 - Foundation Strategy:

  1. Web site mobilization and content rendering

  2. Install Ad Life mobile marketing platform in EPR/CRM systems

  3. Add brands for mobile campaigns; predictable revenue/scalable.

  4. Mobile campaign management, content distribution

  5. Upside: track and monetize consumer analytics.

Relationships with 25 Fortune 500 companies/over 3000 brands. Examples:
Consumer Products:

  • Kellogg’s – 64 brands

  • Clorox – 43 brands

  • Kraft – 54 brands

  • Kimberly Clark – 27 brands

Health Care:

  • Johnson & Johnson – 31 brands

  • Pfizer – 21 brands

  • Boehringer Ingelheim $12B sales; Human Pharma/Animal Health


  • HBO

  • Lions Gate

  • THQ and other gaming companies

Advertising Agencies:

  • Omnicom. $35B, phD division

  • Arc/Leo Burnett. Published white paper Jan 2011

  • Launch Creative Marketing

Coupon Distributors: News America (Smart Source) and Inmar
Graphic Packaging Intl: consumer products packaging company
IP Infringement

  • 4 patents, originally filed in 1999, first issued 2003. Method and systems for targeted customized content and mobile advertising delivery.

    • Jan 2011: Don Stout (won RIM $612M law suit 2006) joined Augme’s board

    • Feb 2011: Retained Goodwin Proctor, one of top IP law firms in US on hybrid contingency basis

    • Mobile explosion = IP value explosion

    • $15B M&A last 3 years internet mobile ad space

    • Existing law suits:

          • AOL (Bgt Tacoda $275M) – filed October 2007

          • Yahoo (Bgt Blue Lithium $300M) - filed June 2009

Augme Technologies Mobile Marketing Services
Augme's patented online targeted response delivery process sends targeted content to end-users based on certain stored packets of information deciphered and retained by Augme's technology platform.
Augme has database of 120M consumer records to develop a detailed end user behavioral profile. Allows companies to interact with and engage consumers on a real-time basis.
Allows marketers/brands/advertising agencies to develop, track, and manage interactive mobile marketing campaigns delivered to any mobile device:

    • Consumer response: allows for creating of customer response tags which enables consumers to access on-demand digital content through SMS, 2D codes, logo and audio recognition

    • Content formatting: the device recognition technology of Ad Life renders traditional digital assets into formats capable of being viewed on virtually any mobile device regardless of operating system or network provider

    • Consumer relationship management (CRM): Augme provides key metrics and campaign results based on information gathered during the campaign

    • Promotional partnerships: allows clients access to readily available branded content including rebates coupons.

    • AD SERVE: Augme provides a full suite of ad network provisioning and servicing capabilities to clients including the hosting and storage of rich media and integration into any ad delivery or reporting system

Phase 1 – 2010 Foundation Strategy

  • In-Retail Coupon/On-Pack display media

  • Brand Campaigns

  • Campaigned appointment and strategy

    • Execute multiple end-to-end mobile campaigns for all brands

    • Begin building key consumer database and key learnings

    • Develop internal workflows to champion mobile integration

    • Gain key competitive advantage in mobile adaptation

    • Gain key advantage with consumers demanding this technology

Phase 2 – 2011/12 Aggressive Growth Strategy
Ad Life CRM Integration

  • Integrate Ad Life tracking and analytics platform into core reporting systems

  • Scope, execute mobile programs and key segments to feed CRM system to gain and communicate targeted content and offers

  • Augme’s platform integrates into brands CRM and ERP systems:

          • Enables them to remarket to individuals on a highly personalized basis

          • Allows for more efficient marketing programs

          • Drives higher ROI

          • One stop, turnkey mobile archiving solution

          • Quick turnaround time (weeks) for average campaign runs; key differentiator. Allows companies to manage marketing efforts on a real-time basis from beginning to end

          • Augme can run national mobile campaigns

          • Augme can increase total number of campaigns running at any time

          • New brands and campaigns can be easily added to the platform; incremental recurring revenue and scale via SaaS model

          • Track consumer response

          • Promotional partnerships - rebates, coupons

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