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Augmented Cognitive Las Vegas
George Edw. Seymour
Augmented” (adjective, first used in English sometime before 1258, having a general meaning of “Added to or made greater in amount or number or strength.”

Cognition” (noun, first used in English sometime before 1602 having a general meaning of “The psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning.”

This brief AugCog Guide to Las Vegas is intended to provide you and your family with selected highlights to Dining, Entertainment, Gambling, and Shopping obtained from several sources. Your judgment is advised.


  • Brunch by Casino:

  • Buffets by Casino:

  • Commander’s Palace (high end):

  • Las Vegas Restaurants & Buffets: 1

  • Trip Advisor (ranked by popularity): 2


  • Choose now: You can’t see or do it all:

  • Massage? Try their aromatherapy or?


  • Best Video Poker:

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  • Current Jackpots:

  • Gambling Guide by AOL:

  • Smokeless Gambling:


  • Boutique: La Belle offers second-hand high fashion if you are interested in up to 75% off. Chic yet affordable. (702) 914-3800.

  • Glitz: Moonbeams has that special and unique look. Tell Donna George sent you. 3 (702) 565-9936.

  • Hot: Lior is the place if you are seeking colors and the hot and sexy look. Think Gucci at $3 K.

  • Rental: Emerson Costume if you need that evening gown to be a queen for one special evening. (702) 386-7999.

  • Vintage: the Attic is the place to go for that timeless look. Be sure to head upstairs. (702) 388-4088.

Las Vegas Resources and Sources:

Caesars Las Vegas 4 (Celine and Elton):

Definition of Augmented:

Definition of Cognition:

Las Vegas Comps:

Las Vegas History: Listen to it:

Las Vegas Insider:

Las Vegas Monorails:

Las Vegas Strip Map:

Las Vegas Visitor:

On The Town with Vegas Vic by: Victor H. Royer:

Shopping Image:

Shopping Sources:

USA Today Vegas Guide: (for James Reza’s Q & A, try: ) or

Video Poker Overview:

Wynn Las Vegas: The most expensive resort in the world cost $2.7 billion. It opened just after midnight on April 28, 2005.


1 Try this link to compare and sort Las Vegas Restaurants:

2 The top ranked 20 popular restaurants (of 681) based on evaluations in guidebooks, articles and user opinions.

3 Okay, I’ve never been there and saw this on TV.

4 A friend who visits often says that, “Caesar’s 24-hour coffee shop is okay, but not as good as the one at the Venetian across the street. In addition, Bradley Ogden (San Francisco fame) has a VERY expensive restaurant.  Mesa Grill (Food TV’s Bobby Flay’s place) is not recommended. In the Forum Shops Restaurants: The Cheesecake Factory:  The same good reliable food that the chain has here. Chinois (Wolfgang Puck’s Asian influenced restaurant) Food was great. Fat Tuesday: A daiquiri bar.  If you buy one of their souvenir glasses, you can get refills at a lesser price.  Recommend the travel mug – it comes with a lid. Planet Hollywood:  Same chain/same food.  Spago: (Also Wolfgang Puck’s) Good menu. Stage Deli:  Excellent menu!  Great Deli Food!! Great Breakfast!! Also, across the street at the Bellagio, all the restaurants here are high end. The buffet is expensive but worth every penny. Battista’s Hole in the Wall has some of the best Italian food I have tasted in years.  It is located a block & a half from Caesar’s off The Strip.    Also close to Caesars is the Venetian, which has the Grand Lux Café: This is the Venetian’s 24-hour café which is excellent.  We’ve eaten there for breakfast & for dinner.  I would highly recommend it.  It is owned by the same company that owns The Cheesecake Factory. Also, Delmonico’s Steakhouse: (Food TV’s Emeril Lagasse’s place) Great food!!!!  I highly recommend it.  It’s like an oasis in the midst of chaos.  Open for lunch & dinner.  Reservations are recommended.  Love it. Postrio: (Another of Wolfgang Puck’s places).”

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